Who Is She

Chapter 27

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I sit under the tree wondering how much trouble my mother would give me if I skipped school while trying in vain to get bits of alarmingly fast drying goo out of my hair. I should be furious and enraged with everybody inside, yet I'm just tired and want this whole thing to end, from the word go everybody has been hostile towards me and I'm sick to death of it.

Sighing I give up trying to get it out of my hair and am about to grab my book out of my bag when a cough interrupts me. I already know who it is and to be frank I'm surprised it took him this long to realise what I did, looking up is Jace standing there hostility evident in his folded arms and raised eyebrows.

"What is it? Following me from afar wasn't enough so you thought you'd just come right up and have a wonderful conversation with me?" I ask sarcastically never taking my eyes off of him the entire time. He flinches slightly then shakes his head probably arguing with himself, "Why'd you quit track? You know what coach said. Is detention really the better option than tolerating me and helping the school finally win an overdue trophy that should've been ours years ago."

I snort shaking my head looking down at the grass not believing this is the reason he's annoyed. "I quit because I didn't want to do it anymore, so you and your suffocating ego can piss off and leave me alone. I've better things to do then running with your crappy team of male egos, got that? So go and tell your team that they'll have to find someone who actually cares. Because it certainly isn't me"

His eyes widen in surprise, then there's an awkward moment silence where I'm internally begging him to leave me alone and he seems to be too caught up debating something in his head to notice things have gone silent. Then just like that he's back and asking; "You're too busy with what exactly? Because it definitely isn't making friends that's something we all know for sure"

It's now my turn to flinch, he has no right to say this to me and yet what he says is true. From the moment I stepped into this school I knew I was going to be on my own, yet I didn't even attempt to make at least one acquaintance in this place. Instead I isolated myself out here reading and sulking about my problems rather than make friends who would probably invite me to parties, be there if I needed to cry or talk about my "feelings".

A sob is clawing out of my throat choking me making it hard to breathe as it tries to make me feel all the hurt that simple statement has reviled. I swallow it down as best as I can my hands shaking eyes burning with unshed tears as I look at Jace who is wearing a look of both pride and guilt. I want to jump up and punch him so hard he can't talk for a week and even then has a lisp.

I don't, instead I look him straight in the eye and say; "And you wonder why, you come out here and claim it's all my fault but is it, because from the minute I came into this school everyone has been anti- Clary. They've been so anti-Clary the only relief I get in this goddamn hell is sitting out here come rain or shine so I don't have to listen to crap they all made up about me." My voice is getting louder and louder as I try contain the tears threating to spill down my checks and ruin everything.

"I don't want your sympathy" I say as I see a look of sympathy cross his face. "You'll forgive me if I just don't feel the urge to go "hang out" with people who claim I went to prison because I murdered somebody, or because I've red hair and can actually defend myself against you, I'm some freaking heretic daughter of the devil"

Jace just stands there gobsmacked as I start shaking, I take a deep breath in and say as calmly as possible; "Now, if you don't mind that's the warning bell and I don't need another reason to get a detention." I get up grab my bag and walk away from him too many emotions flying around in my head for me to pinpoint one.

Shaking my head I walk into my first class of the day and take a seat at the back as last minute stragglers jump into the room walking over to their friends grinning, I flinch slightly Jace's words flying into my mind "it definitely isn't making friends that's something we all know for sure" why the hell did he have to say that, and why the hell is it bothering me so much?

Asshole I think as the teacher comes in and starts class and I continue looking out the window as my emotions battle for dominance over my body, sighing quietly to myself I know this is going to be a long day. Just as I'm settling into the class listening to the teacher drone on about something I couldn't give two hoots about a knock on the door comes, and I instantly know this is going to be the teacher serving me a detention.

I'm right because in comes some fifty year old sap who looks like Miss Trunchbull from Matilda comes into the room her greying hair in what looks like a painfully tight bun and her face getting on the baggy side. She coughs getting the teacher's attention. "Sorry Mister Blackthorn, I don't mean to interrupt but is Ms Fray in this class by any chance?"

Everyone turns to stare me and I have to resist the urge to get up and bow to everybody like at the Oscars or something, instead I pack my bag quickly knowing I won't be back for this class, or the next few because from the looks of it I'm going to be serving a lot of detention.

I get up and make my way towards the door thanking the teacher quietly before following Miss Trunchbull out the room into a deserted corridor the only noise is the soles of my sneakers rubbing against the floor as I follow her towards the principal's office, to face the music as my mother always says.

I wonder what my mother will say when they phone her, I know I'm screwed but I wonder if she'll ground me even though I pretty much all my time in my room anyway. Grinning I continue to follow this teacher until we arrive at the office. She points at a pair of battered chairs that have really seen better days and tells me to sit down and wait until the principal is ready for me.

Muttering an "Awesome" I sit down on the chair and start reading one of the magazine's left out on the table about this lady who ran twenty eight marathons in ten weeks. I'm so engrossed into this article I don't hear the cough of the receptionist slash teacher telling me I have to go in.

"Ms Fray the principal is waiting for you, best not to keep him waiting" the receptionist says with pursed up lips and a raised eyebrow. I don't apologize to her, instead I just stand up take a deep breath in hold my head high and walk into the office to face my punishment.

After nearly an hour in there listening to the principal rant about how he won't tolerate bullying, which I have to admit is a bit ironic, or tolerate physical abuse I've had enough and ask to be told my punishment, because it's quiet obvious I'm getting some sort of punishment so could we just skip to it.

Needless to say he wasn't very happy with my attitude and decided to take a look in my file. He took notice that I was a B grade student so it obviously wasn't that that was triggering my behaviour, I sat there fidgeting in the overstuffed chair waiting for him to notice everything about my dad. He takes his time which makes me even more irritated.

It's clear when he does though, he becomes silent and his eyes have softened when he looks back up at me. "Ms Fray I couldn't help but notice your father was in the army? Let me express my sincere apologies for his passing. Yet the question still remains, did your father teach you all the combat you know, that you used on Miss Waters?" I stay seated my hands gripping the arm rests trying not to get angry with him, he's done nothing yet to severely provoke me. Not trusting my voice I nod and he sighs as if that confirms something he's just thought of.

He leans forward hands clasped before saying; "Miss Fray, I'm sure your father was an excellent soldier and father, yet I'm still puzzled why he showed a young lady how to fight. I have a daughter around your age, maybe a little younger and I know as her father I'd do anything to protect her. Yet your father teaching you how to fight like a soldier was a mistake on his part, you are a young lady not some soldier off in Afghanistan. That type of fighting is only acceptable there and will not be tolerated here."

I'm gripping the chair even harder now digging my nails in to stop myself leaping over the desk and punching him for insulting my dad. There's a silence and I know he's expecting me to agree with what he's saying but I won't and can't. Instead I just take a deep breath and say; "My father was the best man I ever knew. He taught me everything I know, he was the one who taught me that to only use my fits in self -defence. Now I'm not going to pretend that what I did to Miss Waters was self-defence but can I tell you something, as a pupil to a teacher?"

The principal just raises an eyebrow and leans back in his chair which I take as a prompt. "From the moment I got into your establishment I've been bullied, my locker has been sprayed on to the point that it probably won't come off. I was beat up not last week by a group of your students to the point of me collapsing in the car park. Not to mention the names I've been called behind my back and to my face, so you see I feel what I did to be an act of self- defence, for as you said my dad taught me everything I know and you know what he always told me; "Oppression only stops when the oppressor stops oppressing" so consider me trying to break the oppression"

I go quiet again and let the principal digest what I just said before saying because I forgot to add it in; "I don't want sympathy, I still want to be punished for what I did. Just thought I should inform you that though you claim that you don't tolerate bullying and will put the blame on my father who I'll be proud to be related until the day I die, people out there in the corridor have been bullying and injured without fighting back or telling. So forgive me when I don't let anybody hurt me and get away with it"

With that I get up and leave knowing he will take a while to digest it all and come up with a more suitable punishment for me. I open the door and close it softly behind me walking away not looking back just continuing until I get to my next class which when I realize contains Jace.

Keeping my head up I walk over to room twenty four and open the door cutting the teacher off mid-sentence as everybody looks up at me. Ignoring them I just keep my eyes on the teacher saying; "I was with the principal, I haven't got a note but you can ask him at lunch if you want" She just nods and I sit down as the whispers start up wondering what punishment I got and for how long.

Freaking leeches I think as the teacher tries to quieten them down again. It only works or another ten minutes until she has to run and get our worksheet from her locker in the staff room, the minute the door closes shut behind her everybody turns and looks expectantly at me. Squirming under their gazes I sigh then say; "You might as well just ask, no need for the constant glaring"

"So what did you get then?" some brunette girl asks eyes wide, I just keep my eyes down at the page we're on while I shrug my shoulders saying; "I don't know, I left before he could give me one" and there's audible gasps from throughout the room. The same brunette girl just snorts and says sarcastically; "Yeah and Justin Bieber is proposing to me tonight under the fountain" shaking her head.

I don't retaliate just shrug my shoulders saying; "You're the one who asked, I told you truth it's up to you if you want to believe it or not. Makes no difference to me." Just as the teacher comes back into the room. I can't help but wishing that he'd hurry up and tell me though because the longer he takes the more nervous I get, and I don't handle nerves very well.

The next two classes goes the same, just people whispering to each other and throwing me glances when they don't think I'm looking. Which is stupid because I do but pretend not to notice, to entertain myself I try to think of ways that Sam and Dean from Supernatural could whisk me away from here, obviously not going to happen but it keeps me amused until lunch.

As I make my way towards my tree a younger student runs up to me calling my name. I stop and let her catch up with me her pigtails coming loose and her checks tinged red from all the excursion. "Hi" I say smiling at her which is thrown back at me with a lopsided grin. She holds out a piece of paper and gasps out; "From the principal's receptionist, the scary looking one. She said to tell you that it starts tomorrow, whatever that means."

Yeah, I know what it means and half of me wants to rip it up and run but I can't, so I smile at the girl who smiles again then runs off back towards her friends her One Direction bag banging against her back as she goes. Sighing I look down at the page and open it.

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