Who Is She

Chapter 3

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Ok Clary is BOLD Johnathan is nothing.

I don't know if I can do this. How am I supposed to act from now on? I mean this is my house and yet I feel so new and awkward here. Should I just keep on being my normal self when the girls are around or should I be all polite and helpful, Jeez this hard and this is my own house.

Running my hand through my hair I pick up my phone and text Jace my best friend since primary school when he took the blame for spilling the teachers coffee all over her table when it was really me and my eagerness to get to the play pen before the others. A guy doesn't just take the blame and not expect anything back, so after that it was me and him causing mischief whenever possible.

New people here, already awkward: \ I send to him and open my computer and clicking into iTunes playing one of my playlists waiting for his reply which comes moments later. Is she cute? And I groan shaking my head typing No! Just no you`re not going near my half- sister however horny you are! Sending it on trying to get that image out of my head when Spoil sport comes in and I can`t help but laugh. Jace is the comedian of our group always there to cheer us up but when he needs to be cheered up then it`s not easy.

I close the phone up and go downstairs to stop, Jocelyn and my dad are putting their coats on smiling together, dad looks up at me and says; "I'm taking Joce to dinner, I know it was supposed to be our first dinner together but there`s this new Italian restaurant down the street and we decided that we`d go and celebrate. You don't mind do you?" he asks worriedly at me. I shake my head then say; "Go, enjoy yourself but is it ok if Jace and a few others come over for a while?" which is received with a warning not to break anything and make sure Clary eats something.

That`ll be fun. I think texting Jace to get the others and come over for food, which as always is received happily.

I'm watching Supernatural when my stomach decides it`s waited long enough for food, sighing I pause the video take out my earphones and head downstairs. I get to the door and stop, behind that door is voices I've never heard before, I'm crap at meeting new people so instead I tug my grey beanie down then look down walking into the kitchen and instantly the talking has stopped, I look at the counter tops which have slices of pepperoni pizza on it and silently curse my mum for forgetting to tell them I am a vegetarian.

"Uh" somebody says and I look up to see a group of six, seventeen year old guys staring at me and I resist the urge to curtsey sarcastically to them, I turn away before I do though and go to the bread bin where I know my mum hides croissants and grab two of them and my half drunken Seven Up from the fridge before keeping my head down and walking out of the kitchen just catching one of them saying; "That`s your half-sister" before the door slams shut behind me leaving me in the vacant hall trying not to resist temptation to sucker punch the idiot who said that. If I wasn't why would I be here idiot?

Sighing I go upstairs and finish eating my dinner trying to forget the fact that I'm going to have to see them again in school in a bit and day instead revel on the fact that there is a gym here and I can probably get into there.

You never said she was hot. You never said she was hot. I turn and glare at Jace, "You know for the smartest person in your class you really are an idiot when you want to be, that`s the first time in the last nearly five hours she`s been downstairs and you go and probably went and drove her even farther away, smooth" I snarl at him. I stop though when she comes in with her head down all over again looking at some interesting spot on the floor, she walks to the sink dumps the plate in washes it then walks out again without saying anything just looking at the floor.

Even Jace looks sheepish at that and is first out the door when my parents come home apologizing about her telling me he would text me later, I sigh and nod knowing I can`t stay mad at him for very long no matter what the consequences. Once out the door Jocelyn turns worriedly towards me and yet I can see she`s so happy it`s hard for her to contain it. "What`s he apologizing about Clare for?" she says placing her purse on the counter.

"Uh . . ." I say stupidly looking for something to distract them but coming up blank, Jocelyn just keeps staring at me and I say without anything better to say; "My friend might have called your daughter hot..." I didn't expect what happened next. One minute I was on my own and the next I'm wrapped in a bear hug getting jostled up and down with squealing involved, "Oh my gosh. Was it that very handsome boy who just left? Aw that`s adorable we must meet him see if he`s a suitable candidate for my Clare bear" she says gushing god knows what in women language. How does Clary survive all this? This is probably why she`s always hiding in her room, to avoid all this overly girly stuff. I pull out of the hug shaking my head in disagreement thinking up an excuse so they couldn't go out with each other thinking how awkward it`d be for him just sitting there waiting for her to say something. "Jace doesn't really date girls; he likes to string them along and then leave them. Not a suitable for Clare" I say nodding my head trying to convince them that that`s the real reason it`s not right.

Jocelyn frowns "That`s not very good, he just needs to meet the right girl who will make him settle down. Now I'm going to say hi to Clare and wash my hair it`s getting icky." She smiles at me and dad then walks out of the kitchen her brown hair swishing as she leaves. I turn to my dad who has this love sick face on staring at Jocelyn`s back. Traitor! I think walking out of the kitchen and going upstairs.

I don't think I can do this. What if nobody likes me? What if they laugh because I'm from a different place then everyone? It`s half five in the morning on the Monday I'm supposed to start school and I can`t sleep anymore, my brains too active to even think about going back to sleep. So instead I take out my old battered copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and read it like my dad used to every night. Not a day goes by when I don't miss my dad; he was fighting the war in Afghanistan as a soldier fighting for peace. He had left for his last for his last commission before he could have come back for a whole three months. I remember being really excited the day he left, for the sooner he left the sooner he`d come back and me and him could go shopping to the old second hand bookstore and try find the stupidest book we could, while mum goes clothes shopping.

That was just nearly a year ago and yet it felt like it was decades ago things have changed that quickly. My father went M.I.A ten weeks into his time out there, I remember just feeling numb, like nothing was ever going to be better and to be honest it hasn't it`s just been getting worse and worse. I sigh tossing the book down running my hand through my tangled hair trying to distract myself from thinking about that not wanting to start the day in a foul mood.

I get up stiffly and go towards the bathroom shuffling dodging all the boxes I still need to unpack. I get to the bathroom and turn the shower waiting it to warm up before I strip down and hop in relishing in the heat that washes away the last of the sleep I had and soon I'm wide awake and clean. I wrap myself in a fluffy towel and go into my room to get dressed into black jeggings and a band tee that Isabelle and I like.

After brushing my hair I yank on a hat plug out my iPod from the wall grab my bag and head downstairs the butterflies churning my stomach already and I haven't even set out yet. I go into the kitchen and Jonathan and his stupid friends are there already laughing over something I really don't want to know about, I plaster a smile on my face and go to the cereal grabbing the Weetabix and placing one in the bowl and adding milk, I then go to the fruit bowl and grab an apple which I cut up and have besides the bowl. I smile again at the guys then go into the living room to watch some T.V until we can go.

"Clare we`re going" shouts Jon from the front door, I jump up quickly say bye to my mum then run out to the car where everybody else is getting in, I open the boot and jump into the back seat that has now become my designated seat. I strap up and try ignoring the butterflies that are turning to wasps the closer we get to school. My stomach gets tighter and tighter as we get to the school and by the time we do I feel like I'm going to vomit my insides.

John just parks the car then says; "You got everything?" I just nod knowing I might start crying if I speak just looking out to the masses of pupils entering the school grounds. "Anything you need just call on one of us ok?" at this I shake my head "I'll be grand." I say before grabbing my bag and leaving the car without trying to cause a scene. I do though because the minute I come into people`s views I'm getting stared at, self-consciously I look down and blare my iPod hoping that no one will try talk to me. No such luck cause some beefy looking guy comes over and tries to put his arm around my waist grinning like he`s just won the lottery , he grins and says "Hey honey, you must be new here? Let me give you a real Cougar welcome behind the bleachers" finishing with a wink. I grab his wrist twist and as suddenly as he came he`s bent over face to the floor with his arm pinned behind his back and me glaring at him.

"Just because I'm new here doesn't mean I want what you give out like it`s on sale. Got that?" I hiss to him where he nods and I twist it again "Say it out loud, you won`t come near me again as long as I'm here." This gets him shouting it out quickly "I promise I won't touch you as long you`re in the school!" I smile and let him go where he turns and tries to swing at me which I dodge easily. Yet before he can swing again one of his friends grabs him and drags him off red and angry. I just smile and wave goodbye then turn to the whole school who are looking terrified at me and John wide eyes shocked at me.

I turn away and run into the school before anything else stupid happens before I even start school.

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