Who Is She

Chapter Thirty :)

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Clary's POV

I wake up with a weird calmness washing over me which only meant one thing. Today was my first boxing match, I should be freaking out going through every little thing that my dad used to tell me. Instead here I am lying in bed staring at my white slightly pink ceiling not even batting an eyelid over who it may be.

Sighing I curl up even more in my duvet covers, not allowing any cold morning air into my little fortress of myself wrapping myself into my duvets and not moving for a serious amount of time. I grab my clock from my bedside table poking the little button at the top which illuminates the time.

Groaning I turn my head away from the light and close my eyes again. It's only half five in the morning, why am I awake so early? Now I'll never get back to sleep, huffing I reluctantly rip of the bed covers and pad towards the bathroom sleep still in my eyes and my hair probably looking like a hornet's nest, sticking up at weird angles.

Yawning rubbing my eyes I grab the handle and turn padding as quietly as a seventeen year old sleep deprived teen can, which probably isn't that quiet. Turning on the little mirror lamp I start blinking furiously trying to get my eyes to wake up and accept the fact that sleep won't be returning any time soon.

I start by brushing my teeth the way I was taught which by now has become such a habit I don't even think about it just get on with it, after doing the alphabet each side of my teeth and then repeating this on the top and bottom I'm convinced my teeth are clean.

Then I go to my hair, I grab my old purple hairbrush and start the ultimate battle between me and the tangles in my hair. After a ten minute battle where it's obvious that my hair is the superior I give up and look at the little digital clock built into the mirror. The little neon green clock displays the time of 05:15am and I make an impulse decision to go on a run before I wake everybody up just for something to do.

Tiptoeing back into my room I strip off my pyjamas and get changed into running shorts and a baggy top which I think my mother bought me for my last birthday. Grabbing a hair bobbin and my IPod I make my way down to the cold dark kitchen. Going over to the kettle I grab a sticky note and quickly scribble out if anyone wakes up (though why you would is beyond me) before I'm back, I've gone for a run. I'll be back before anybody actually does just thought you'd like to know. Don't worry I'll be fine.

I leave it on the table and grab my keys before making my way out into the cool crisp damp morning weather. I shiver slightly my breath coming out in a puff of smoke before I quickly stretch then start off slowly going out of the estate before picking up speed as I get away from the residential area and going out towards the local fields.

I pass early morning risers who tip their hats and smile towards me, as I make my way through back roads with little paths that I found after get lost many times on the way home. I smile back ignoring my heavy breathing just focus on my music and the noise of my feet eating up the miles as I get closer and closer to more estates that I've never bothered to learn but just know where and when to run through them.

So I turn left and run through the estates and, though I'd never say this aloud, I have to admit that the neighbourhood looks really nice this early in the morning when it's just me and the ancient houses that people have moved into, refusing to fall into the whole "It's old so we have to fix it" clique everyone seems to do nowadays.

As I run I can't help but look at the old houses and be slightly jealous. When I was growing up and was reading old classics like Pride and Prejudice I always wanted to live in a big manor house that all these houses look loosely based off of.

As I'm running a door in front of me opens and I have to stop. Coming out of the door is yes you guessed it Jace, in a blue and black checked shirt black jeans and his book bag slung lazily over his shoulder as he makes his way down the driveway, no doubt on the way to my house.

Thankfully he hadn't seen me yet, so I started running thinking that if I ran as fast as I could then maybe just maybe he wouldn't see me. So I took off and started full pelt running strands of hair flying into my face, breath coming in short hallow gasps feet barely hitting the ground as I made my way down the street, constantly keeping my eyes fixed on the little stop sign at the end of the road where I would again turn left and make the ten minute run back to my house.

It worked for the most part I think, there wasn't a way in hell I was stopping for that asshole. No way in hell was I going to stop just so he could string me along and then drop me when I becoming boring, so I kept running ignoring his shouts of "Clary" and "Wait up!" as I continued my way to the little stop sign not stopping just turning and heading on.

I realised I'm being petty but I couldn't really care to be totally honest. So what pissed me even more was when a hot red ford focus came roaring past me blaring some cool new music and I don't even need to turn to see who is in it and the passenger's seat. I just keep running keeping my eyes on the road in front of me, why am I not surprised.

I get back just as Jace and surprise surprise Kalie are knocking on the door. I take my time walking up to the door ignoring the glare sent my way from the other girl who seems to be glaring at me for having the nerve to enter my own house. I just stick the key in the lock and turn opening the door wide open, and without saying a word I walk into the kitchen leaving them to follow me inside.

I walk in and there eating his toast bleary eyed is John who looks up when I come in a question forming on his tongue but is quickly dissolved when Kalie and Jace come in after me. He looks from me to Jace but goes towards Jace with his hand raised in a high five. Shaking my head I grab the unmoved note from beside the kettle and head upstairs for a shower.

I take my time in there letting my body soak up all of the hot water as I wash my body until it's squeaky clean and my fingers are puckering at the top. Only then do I hop out and wrap a big towel around myself as I put moisturiser onto my knees and elbows, then walking into my room I change into a shirt and jeans and throw a hoodie on making sure I remembered my gym bag so I don't have to come back with the others.

Others, does that now include Kalie or is this just another spur of the moment thing. Shaking my head I tie my hair back before going downstairs to grab my flask of coffee and maybe an apple. When I get downstairs I can hear Kalie giggling high pitched before I even enter and I pray I have the strength to not slap her and tell her to shut up.

Taking a deep breath I enter the kitchen again heading straight towards the coffee machine wondering if there was any way I could feign being sick and just not have to go into school listening to her horrible voice. I pick up the coffee pot to find it empty.

"Who took my coffee" I growled glaring at the little group at the table, Johnathan looks startled and I know that the other two don't even drink coffee from the little conversation we've had. I glare at Jace who is looking down at the table. Got you now you asshole. I think.

"Oh sweetie was that your coffee? I didn't see your name on it and there was only a little left so I just took it. Sorry honey" Kalie looks up at me and smiles her sweet little smile that says she won and there's nothing that I can do it about it.

So I smile sweetly too never breaking eye contact with her while saying; "its fine, just didn't know you liked coffee. Should've told me so I didn't put as much cinnamon in it, you know with you obviously trying to keep watch of your figure and all that"

I turn and grin as Kalie quickly checks her waist line as I make more coffee before we have to leave. When it's time to go Kalie grabs Jace's hand as we go out, "Clingy much" I mutter to myself quietly but obviously not quite enough so Kyle and Sebastian snicker throwing me a grin. I manage a small smile back before following John out to the Jeep.

Kalie shouts that she and Jay will meet us in the car park before dragging him back towards the ford with a flick of her hand which is somehow supposed to be a wave. The guys stand there watching Jace getting dragged away as I dump my bags into the back beside my chair. Getting in John asks the question on everybody's mind.

"When did the ford fiesta come back into things?" he asked stunned. I can't help but pipe up because nobody seems to be answering the question. "I saw them this morning when I was out running, so it seems it's been for at least a few days. Now hurry up and start the bloody car so I don't have to hear her complain that we were leaving her waiting."

John just snorts but starts the car and we're off as I stare out of the window Jon concentrating on the road and the other two mumbling about something in the front. I look out of the window listening to music ignoring the little butterflies in my stomach. The only good thing to come out of this is that I don't have to actually do any school stuff today I'm playing janitor again with Ben.

When we drive into the school and start going towards the parking space we always use, close to the exit but not too far away from the school if ever we're running late. Just as Johnathan is about to turn in a blare of another horn distracts John, causing him and all of us to look at the noise.

I can't help but groan and say; "Seriously, she wants us to park there!" and from the open mouth faces around me I'm not the only one who is seriously second thinking acknowledging the noise. Johnathan whose eyes are wide and mouth still wide open closes his mouth with a slightly embarrassed cough saying; "Let's go over there then, no point causing more of an uproar than we already have" he turns off the indicator and starts moving forward.

"Are you serious?" I yell looking back at John who has a defeated look on his face, I turn back and look at Kalie and her posse standing around her Ford Focus right outside the school in some stupid reserved parking spaces. No doubt they're gossiping away while Jace stands there looking like an awkward penguin. A wave of hatred towards Jace washes over me, just because he has some new girlfriend who likes to show off doesn't mean he has to drag me and the others into it.

"Stop the car" I say which is received badly as he just keeps crawling towards the car. "Jon stop the freaking car NOW! I shout and he finally does looking at me through the driver's mirror, I grab my bag off the seat and shoulder it before saying; "You can park there for all I care, just don't think for a minute I'm letting myself be ruled by little miss perfect over there and her stupid posse. Jace is your friend fine, just don't expect me to bow down to them. I liked where we parked, I don't see why you can't just tell her where to shove it and turn around"

Johnathan just shakes his head looking down at the steering wheel; "Jace is my best friend and from what we've seen this morning, Kalie is his girlfriend. That means she's one of us now parking and all. It's just how it is Clary I'm sorry". I snort opening the door but just before I get out I say; "That's a stupid rule, if he was really your friend he'd tell his girlfriend that you've always parked there and that you're not changing just for her" with that I jump out of the car and start walking up to the school.

I keep my head up listening to music as people start gossiping about what just happened. I have to walk past little miss perfect and Jace before entering though and I know what I'm going to see before I even get there. As I walk past all the girls glare at me like I took the last Prada bag and are planning my "accidental" death, Jace on the other hand tries to catch my eyes which sure as hell isn't going to happen.

So I keep my eyes trained on the ground as I pass him refusing to acknowledge his existence, because what would be in his eyes if I did look up? Would there be regret? Would there a bit of him that wishes things were different between the both of us? Or would he have a victorious glint in his eyes because he got a girl and doesn't even care about me any more best friend's sister or not. I can't deal with any of this so I keep my eyes on the ground passing him thinking about my match tonight and how I might have a chance to beat the crap out of somebody and not get a detention.

I climb the three little steps and yank the school doors open stalking through the crowds silently fuming, there isn't a chance that I'm parking beside that girl if it was the last parking space on earth. I bump into somebody but keep walking ignoring their "Watch it" too annoyed to even try be polite. Getting up to my locker I yank it open consciously getting ready to duck if they've booby trapped it again.

Thankfully they're not that stupid so I can just dump my books into my locker and close it my IPod still in my pocket as I go outside to calm down before I have to go to Ben's office to report for duty. Sighing with relief I sit down under the tree and take out my book a smile already playing on my lips.

School is long and torturous. I still have people calling me janitor every time they see me, which is quite a lot seeing as how I'm always somewhere around the school which has classrooms. I bear it though biting the inside of my check to stop myself answering back and not hurting anybody.

So when lunch come I can't help but feel relieved, a half hour of just sitting outside eating my apple in hard earned peace and quiet. I grab my apple and coffee and make my way outside to freeze. There pacing beside the tree is Jace who looks guilty and annoyed at the same time, which I didn't know could even happen. I consider walking back inside and holing up in the library, but as I turn he sees me and comes striding over determination set on his face.

He walks over and now I have to look up slightly because he's a good three inches taller than me. I smile sweetly even though I want to slap him and run the other way, I don't and keep my smile plastered on my face when I say; "What's up? You do realise that the cafeteria is inside don't you?" I go to move around him but he moves in front of me simply saying "We have to talk"

I raise an eyebrow at him "Talk, about what exactly?" and try to side step him but he walks in front of me again spiking my annoyance. "If you don't mind I'd rather sit down and eat in peace. Why don't you just run along and go make out with your girlfriend who is a real treasure by the way" Jace just sighs but stays where he is.

"That's what we have to talk about" he says trying to catch my eyes but I don't let him keeping my attention on the tree. "What exactly do we have to talk about it? No seriously what, because it's got nothing to do with me so I don't see what I need to know?" I say in answer to Jace's raised eyebrows.

"Clary…" he tries to say but I cut him off. "Look I don't know why you feel like you have to have to explain yourself to me, so you fell asleep with me once, but that is it. No love at first sleep together, because it's obvious that after that we we're too different. So you moved on and found somebody you like, well done you. Just don't pretend you have to explain yourself to me because you don't. I don't care, I don't and that's what you have to get through your thick head" I end up shouting the last bit my chest rising and falling rapidly.

Jace just stands there and wearily says; "You done now?" and anger boils up threatening to spill. "No!" I scream, "I hate you, I hate the fact that you believe that you're the only one I can talk to because you're wrong I don't need you. Never have never will." I stand there as tears threaten to fall wishing I was anywhere but here.

Jace just sighs tiredly and then says; "I know you don't need me. That's the thing that kills me every time I see you, you pretend you don't need anybody but you do and it kills me a little every time I see you knowing what I know. Knowing that I could've been the one you turned to through all this, instead I screwed up horribly and now you can't even look at me any more."

He takes a second to compose himself then says; "I just want-"but I don't know what he just wants because his phone starts to ring and I sigh. He looks hopelessly at me and then at his phone. I sigh saying; "You better get that, might be your girlfriend, wouldn't want to keep her waiting." Before side stepping him and making my way towards the tree.

Jace curses ignoring the phone runs in front of me and says; "I just wanted to say-"but his phone starts to ring again. Cursing out loud again he grabs the phone and whips it open then closes it again, by now I'm nearly in tears though why is beyond me. "Call her back" I state and Jace looks at me startled.

"I'm serious. Call her back because I'm not waiting for you to spring me along and dump me whenever it please you, you're not worth it. Also whatever you wanted to say to me say it now, for the second you turn your back on me I don't know you." I growl the first tear falling. Cursing I wipe it away totally not in the mood to cry in front of him.

Jace comes forward arms open but I move away from him. He stops and from where he is he whispers an "I'm sorry" which though whispered is heard loud and clear, the hidden meaning and all. I shake my head sitting down saying; "Sure you are, now go back to your girlfriend, she obviously misses you greatly"

He stands there in a limbo for a few seconds probably debating whether he should say anything or not. He turns and slowly makes his way slowly back into the school probably hoping I'll stop him and forgive him, but I can't and won't not when he's made me feel so crap. So I sit there trying to calm down my breathing and stop the stupid tears that are falling as I sit here alone.

When the bell rings for the end of lunch rings far too quickly for my liking I sigh brushing away any last tears and make my way slowly back into school throwing my only once bitten apple to the birds circling around the building. Once in I just ignore everyone until I see the girl I punched causing me to be where I am right now. So on a spur of the moment I walk over to her friends talking at the lockers.

One of the girls gasp and grab the girls hand when I reach them, I hold my hands up in surrender looking directly at the victim here, she's trying to act brave staring at me back straight but visibly shaking. "Hi" I say which sounds phoney even to my own ears.

Her friend walks in front of her eyes flashing with anger and protectiveness and says; "Piss off you freak. Just go back to whatever sad little corner you were brought up in and leave us all alone, you've done enough damage here" I take a step back hands still raised slightly hurt over what she said but not giving up.

"Look I will, as you so kindly put it "Piss off" as soon as I can apologize to your friend here, I never meant to do what I did. I should've had more control but I didn't and she suffered from it ok, I just want to say sorry. I'll leave now" I say quietly even though everyone around us has stopped what they're doing to watch.

I anticipate what she's going to say and butt in saying; "I know, I know, "too little too late" but I just felt like I should say it anyway, I'm going now" and with that I turn and walk away not coming up with a reason I did that as I push my way through the crowd towards Ben's office to grab a mop and bucket for one of the classrooms.

The rest of the day goes by quickly enough with everybody staying out my way but whispering about what happened at my little confrontation. I just concentrate on the tasks at hand never stopping to think just going onto the next job given to me, people point and stare as I mop up one of the classrooms some kid vomited in over a dissection.

When the last bell rings I can't help but be relieved. Now all I have to do is grab my gym stuff and go meet the person I'm fighting against, the butterflies in my stomach start up again and I revel in them letting them take over as I change out of the dungarees and make my way outside to the Jeep. I tie my hair back as I go out intent of just grabbing my bag and leaving not stopping for conversation, but who I'd talk to I don't know.

When I get outside I see a big group in front of the Jeep, sighing I jog down the steps and make my way over to the Jeep. When people see me coming they move away never taking their eyes off of me which is thrilling and creepy at the same time. I get up to the Jeep where John and Aline are holding hands talking only to each other, which though I'd never admit it out loud is nice to see. At least one of us are happy.

When John sees me he blushes slightly and let's go of Aline's hand. I smile at Aline who turns a little red too; "Don't stop because I'm here, seriously I only need to swap my bag and then I'm out of your hair. Can I have the keys though, I left the bag in the boot." John gets the keys and gives them to me asking where I'm going. I just tell him that I'll be back no later than half seven and to tell Jocelyn to start dinner without me.

Grabbing the keys I go round the back where I see something I really didn't want to see, Kalie has her tongue down Jace's throat and Jace's hands are somewhere I don't even want to mention, I cough and they turn to stare at me. "Sorry to disturb…. Whatever it is you call that. Just need to get to the boot." I make my way there as Jace looks sheepish and Kalie looks ready to murder me. I open the boot grab my gym bag and toss my school bag in. Smiling I turn to them and say sweetly; "You can continue now, sorry for disturbing"

With that I leave them alone not being able to prevent the thought "You can see how sorry he is right there can't you" popping into my head as I move away from the jeep and the crowd. Sighing I just make my way out of the school and head towards the gym the butterflies in my stomach growing and growing. When I get to the gym the nerves have turned from butterflies to wasps, so when Mia smiles at me all I can do is attempt a small smile back before going into the changing rooms and getting ready for the session, just as I'm getting changed though a text on my phone comes through.

Picking it up I open it and it says Hey Clary, Luke here. Match has been cancelled until this Saturday because opponent is ill. Sorry about this L. Disappointment washes over me but now that I'm here I might as well get some practice in. So I get changed and make my way towards one of boxing rooms. As I get closer to the room I hear voices and I can't help but groan. Is it so hard to get ten minutes to myself I wonder as I walk in.

Despite people being in there I decide to walk in anyway, in there are three guys messing around throwing punches at each other not even noticing me walking into the room which is totally fine with me. I go over to one of the boxes on the door and gab some protective tape for my hands.

While getting it out of the box the room suddenly goes quiet and I know they've seen me. Not wanting to give anything away I take my time wrapping my hands before turning and facing the three guys who have stopped what they're doing and are looking at me.

"Aw look here guys" the tallest of the three says coming towards me a grin on his face. "She wants to do boxing, how cute" he says while the two behind him laugh appropriately, he comes closer and closer and I have to take a step back before he towers over me. "Gymnastics is in the other room honey, this is where the guy training is done." He says in a baby voice.

I smile up at him saying; "I know, you might want to hurry though. Gymnastics starts in five minutes, I'd hate to make you late" then duck around him and make my way to one of the boxing bags. The guy just huffs and comes towards me again. Grabbing my shoulder he turns me around saying; "That wasn't very nice to say, you should apologize now and save yourself an injury"

I snort, "I'll apologize when there's a good reason to. Now if you don't mind I'm kind of busy" I try to turn around but his grip is too strong and he says with a sneer; "Now you're in for it" and swings at my face. Adrenaline kicks in and I duck kicking him in the shin loosening his grip on my shoulder.

I back away quickly as the guy gets back up laughing, "Lucky hit I'll give you that. That's not going to happen again though" and again he comes towards me fist swinging down towards my stomach and at the last second I connect with his hand causing him to howl, using this to my advantage I kick him in the stomach causing him to fall to his knees.

By now his friends have backed up to the wall shock on their faces as their friend wither's on the ground before them. I bend down and pick him up by the shirt and say; "I've had a really long day, so how about I let you up and you and your fiends leave me alone? Deal?" the guy mummers something inaudible and I have to bend down more to hear it.

That was a mistake because he swings and I have only got time to jerk my head back before he's connecting with my nose, it's not broken, though I can feel blood dripping from it. Snarling I draw my foot back and kick him hard in the stomach, letting him crumple before me. The two beef head friends gasp and run to their friend. I get up wiping some blood off of my face.

Not in the mood to train any more I tear the wrapping off of my hands as I make my way to the door. Before leaving, though not turning around to face them I say; "Nice meeting you guys" before heading to the changing rooms.

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