Who Is She

Chapter 33

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Clary's POV

To say thing were awkward between us would be the understatement of the year, seriously if there was an award going for how long somebody could stare at you yet not say anything Jace Herondale would win that award hands down.

So I sit there, wondering if I should apologize for all the trouble I've caused or start off slowly with a simply "Hi, dream about anything special before I came crashing into your house bleeding on the floor" but from the look on his face that doesn't seem like the smart move to make. I look down at the bed and can't help but wonder who placed me in here, wherever here actually here is.

Well we can assume one thing, this isn't Jace's room. Too many flowers on the duvet to suit his macho ego. No, he'd probably die of embarrassment before even lying on this bed. A mental image of Jace sprawled out on this purple sewed on flower duvet makes a smirk spread across my face. Not the thing to do because the guy at the door finally breaks his oath of silence to growl "You think this is funny!"

I look up from the duvet then look straight back down tracing the flower thread, the smirk falling from my face replaced with a frown and slight embarrassment, I was only trying to lighten the mood. This sparks anger within me like Jesus Christ forgive me for smiling when it feels like I'm under house arrest by somebody who doesn't even give a shit.

I look back up this time angry trying to evaporate the idiot in front of me with his arms folded glaring at me with just a look. Getting off the bed I make my way towards the door intending to leave and let him sulk on his own. He goes and stands in front of me barring the exit though making me back up slightly, sighing I look up at him and say; "Aw honey didn't your mum ever tell you, you should hold the door open for a lady, not block it." I try to exit again but he just blocks my way again.

Gritting my teeth I move back and say; "Move, I'm not going to beg. I'm better than that and you know it." He doesn't move and I have to sigh; "Now you're my in my way so we can do this two ways, one: you let me go and we both get on with our lives without any more injury, or two: I can break your nose and then leave. Both are grand with me." I smile sweetly at the end expecting him to move, instead he just snorts shaking his head.

"You don't get it do you?" he asks anger obvious in his voice and I have to admit I'm slightly startled at his question, not startled enough though to miss a beat saying; "What that I'm obviously prettier, smarter and overall just more awesome at everything than you?" sarcasm dripping from my voice as I smile at him as his jaw clenches and his eyes flash in anger.

He gets up from his spot at the door and comes closer making me, to my distaste, take a few steps back. "If you're so much smarter than me, which you seem convinced to be, then why are we in this situation? Because any smart person wouldn't put all their loved ones in something as damaging as this. Hell a smart person would know that this kind of thing is harmful and is dangerous towards their life and those that care for them."

I know this isn't the time to snort but I do anyways, "Right, let's make a list of people that really care about me. There's you... Oh wait you got bored of somebody who can challenge you on topics and hell could probably injure you better than any guy in this town. Who else? Oh yes my mother, my mother who decided her hubby and engagement party was better than keeping in her only daughter's life so she's out, Jon only cares about me because he knows he'll be killed by Jocelyn and even his father if I'm hurt, so he pretends to be the big brother little me would ever want. So don't you dare come to me and fantasise up a whole list of people who care because there isn't and I don't care! Got that!" I scream at him who just stands there unimpressed at my outburst which just makes me madder.

I head towards the door again but he stops me, unable to take anymore I swing at his face but he grabs my hand and I yelp in pain as he squeezes my hand so much I can feel my blood pumping a mile a minute. Jace just keeps hold of my hand and stares at me straight in the eyes as I try not to cry in pain as the sting becomes worse and worse, so much so I want to pass out again. "Let me go" I say trying to keep my voice steady but failing miserably.

Jace just keeps glaring at me and I have to look away for a second to stop from breaking down and admitting my every sin to the guy who is glaring daggers into the back of my head. "That's what you don't get, you think this whole thing is a joke, "Oh well so I cut myself, probably won't happen again and nobody else was hurt". You don't know what it was like while you had the luxury of being passed out. Did you know my aunt nearly had to call an ambulance you were bleeding that bad, I had to console Jon for twenty minutes promising him you'd wake up, when I didn't even know if you would! So don't you freaking dare think for a second that nobody needs you. For if your brother is anything to go from you're definitely needed." He finishes in a monotone still gripping my hand.

I blink then can't help the hysterical laughter rise up in my throat and burst out of me. Jace lets me go surprise on his face and the ever underlying anger, still there as I move away from him holding my side as the laughter keeps pouring out of me. "That was a nice speech you made just there, how long did it take to make it up, see parts of it from a sappy movie Kalie has forced you to watch?"

Jace just looks at me as I continue to laugh; "Did you practice in front of the mirror making sure you got the facial expressions right for the next time you break up with Kalie after an all so dramatic episode? Nice try but it's not going to work on me, really nice try but hard luck. You know what I think? I think you're trying to make me feel bad because I made a mistake that affects nobody but myself, so cram your "everybody cares" speech until somebody actually needs it, because I'm not the one you need to be saying this stuff to. I'm fine and I don't need you or anybody else's help"

Jace just stands there as I calm down enough to finish my laughing fit. He raises an eyebrow and asks in a clipped voice; "Done now?" and I have to mimic him with my folded arms and macho stance of "I'm dealing with a four year old" before smiling sweetly saying; "I'm sorry was I interrupting your speech? Please, if there's more keep going. I've got loads of time because apparently I'm not going anywhere any time soon." Jace just sighs all fight going out of his stance, a little hope creeps in as he runs his hand through his hair.

I think he's about to move so I can finally leave my solitary confinement, no chance though as Jace just sits down in a chair right beside the door leaving me standing between him who is blocking the door or the bed, which seems like defeat if I sit down on it. Wanting to scream I throw my hands in the air and shout; "What the hell will it take so I can leave this stupid room and go home?" Jace just looks up weariness etched onto his face.

Looking down at the floor and with a heavy sigh Jace runs his hand through his hair making it messier than before and then without looking up he asks something I wasn't expecting him to ask, sure when I next saw Jon I was pretty much expecting that to be the only question he could think of, but not Jace. "What made you do it, I mean are things here so bad you have to head down the cutting road? Why couldn't you just come and talk somebody, hell your brother, no matter how much he finds this whole situation awkward would've helped you. So tell me, and be honest why?"

I look at him sitting there, he looks worn down and dead on his feet, his hair is messed beyond belief, his stance is weathered like he went twelve round with Mike Tyson and Katie Tyler and is only back now, I don't know what his face looks like but I can tell it's not good. I feel the starting edges of guiltiness start to creep in, identifying I crush it down. It wasn't his fault and I haven't got a reason to feel guilty it just felt like the thing to do.

Sighing I say in as nice a voice as possible; "Look, it's not your fault ok. You haven't failed Jon, hell he probably owes you a free dinner at least. You know something though? What has me really confused, why you of all people care because, and you'll forgive me for asking but why bother

I move towards the door but Jace just shakes his head, "That's not an answer, you just avoided answering it with talking about something we've both already come to know. Answer the question and I'll let you leave no more questions, just please explain to me what the hell possessed you to do something so damaging" he looks up for the first time pleading in his eyes.

I nearly tell him. I nearly tell him how out of place this whole town is making me feel, how my only wish is to leave this place and go back home where I knew people who wouldn't judge me, but just as I'm about to speak again a knock comes from the door and we break eye contact as Johnathan walks into the room throwing worrying glances to both me and Jace as he comes in carrying a tray of something, steam rising up to the ceiling.

"Am I interrupting something, cause I can come back later" he says glancing between Jace and me again, Jace goes to say something but I cut him off. Going towards John I say I have to get out of here and back to the house, I'll see him later and don't worry I'll be fine. I walk out of the room ignoring Jon's demands for me to get back there right now.

Sprinting down the stairs I shout a thank you to Amatis and then I'm out the door running down the driveway into the cold morning air, but I don't get any father because here's Jace again tightening his grip on my arm growling out; "You're not going anywhere, you understand" and I kick him. I kick him in the shin only hard enough so he let's go. He let's go of my arm but still doesn't let me leave the driveway. Instead he just glares at me until John gets outside panting and now I know the escape was a fail and I'll have to go back inside and suffer through breakfast with these two.

Walking back inside Jace slams the front door closed never taking his eyes off of me as I grudgingly follow Jon into a small kitchen where Amatis is sitting at a breakfast table sipping a cup of tea and reading the newspaper. Hearing the noise she looks back up over her glasses at the three of us coming back in, mostly in pyjamas.

"You've decided to stay a while longer then" she states but it's obvious it's directed towards me. Quickly glancing at the Jace who is just standing there trying not to rub his shin I sigh and say; "Yes apparently I am. Thank you for having me" before following Jon over to the table. Amatis just smiles politely and says; "You're very welcome, but I'm afraid you won't like me after I tell you the next thing." I frown knowing already I won't.

I bite the inside of my check instead of wincing as Amatis undoes the bandage covering my hand. She starts talking to herself as she holds my hand up to the light muttering things that I can barely hear, after a while she pats my hand and puts it back onto the table. I look between my hand and Amatis; "Was that it?" thinking how easy it way. She laughs and says; "No honey afraid not. I'm going to have to take out the stitches and put another longer lasting ones in"

I pale slightly and from the look of Jace and Jon neither would be taking my place right now. So I set my teeth and nod not trusting my voice in case it squeaks. Amatis nods and says; "Ok unfortunately I can't go giving you alcohol because you're under age and I'd rather not be arrested, unless you want to go to the hospital?"

I shake my head, too many questions. Amatis sighs; "I thought so, ok so he only answer left is we do this the old fashioned way. Jace honey go grab me a dish towel from inside that drawer, then you and Jon go upstairs and play video games or something until I'm done. I'll send Clary up and you can give her some of your clothes to lend until she gets home"

I'm too scared to thank her so just keep my eyes trained on a little dog jar beside the oven instead of thinking about what's going to happen, Jace hands over the towel not looking at me while Amatis takes out the thread and needle. She shows me both of them saying; "I've cleaned them earlier knowing I'd have to do this. I've got some thread from the medical kit I always used when I was a nurse. Don't worry you'll be fine" she says gently at the look of my face.

I just nod again and throw Jon a weak smile as Amatis asks them to "leave us girls alone so we can get down to business" I stuff the towel into my mouth clamping down onto it as Amatis starts the whole gruesome thing. Amatis is really good through the whole thing telling me usual stuff like "You're doing great" but she also tells me stories about when she was a nurse that I don't realise she's already at stitches.

By the time she's done the sun has risen properly and it's nearly tie for us to head to school, I'm dead tired but thankful I'll never have to do that again. Using my good hand I take out the tea towel and loom at the new bandage on my hand. Amatis has gotten up from the table and moved to the oven; "Do you want something to eat" she asks kindly.

I shake my head knowing she's already done too much for me, "Can I go home now, I mean not that your house isn't beautiful because it is. Just I want to get my books and everything and change out of these clothes…" I trail off looking at my bloody shirt and baggy trousers. Amatis nods smiling; "I'll call the boys down and you can put your shoes on, they're at the door."

I smile again and go get them, testing out my hand I pick my shoe up and wince slightly but know it could be much, much worse than it is right now. The boys come charging down the stairs laughing about something that happened so I just pretend to be engrossed in tying my shoelaces so they don't stop smiling because after all of this it's nice to see Jon look happy again.

They walk into the kitchen just as the front doorbell rings and they tell me to open it so they can eat. I nod and get up from the little chair beside the door where I was tying my laces, taking a breath in even though it's probably just the mail man I make sure I look as presentable as I can. And hey if they ask, you had a ketchup mishap in the kitchen, nothing to worry about.

I open the door open with a smile that is wiped instantly away when I see who it is I'm answering to. There standing in a red button downed shirt with a little white kami shirt under it, black skinny jeans and heels I wouldn't walk in unless you paid me a million euro was Kalie.

She had a smile on her face as well until she saw me. Her mouth which is covered in blood red lipstick turns to a frown. "What are you doing here, where's Jace. JACE!" she yells barging past me and storming faster than I thought possible in those heels into the kitchen. I close the door muttering "Hello Kalie, lovely weather we're having. Nice to see you too" before following her into the kitchen.

The kitchen is in a flurry of noise, that's mainly coming from Kalie screaming at the top of her lungs at Jace who look, hilariously stuck for words. "Why is she here, explain right now or so help me god." She yells again pointing at me and I can't help but say; "Kalie didn't your mother ever tell you it's rude to point" which gets a snicker out of Amatis who has her head stuck in a newspaper.

She turns around and death glares me; "Shut up you little boyfriend stealing whore!" she hisses. This snaps Jace out of his trance as he grabs Kalie by the shoulders as I reel slightly at what she says muttering; "Wow she has balls as well" Kalie hears and turns to say something else but Jace is holding her back while looking at me with a "Would you shut up" face.

Sighing I nod and Jace turns to Kalie saying; "Clary had an accident last night, she's fine now but Am had to take care of her, then she fell asleep and now here you are. Seriously nothing happened" keeping his grip on her shoulders.

It's too good a chance to pass up so I pause for a second then say; "Well…. There was me sleeping in his bed. Don't forget that part Jace" winking at Jace's devastated face and the look of fury on Kalie. She tears out of Jace's grip and comes towards me as I laugh while she hisses all the things she's going to do to end my life.

"Enough" says a voice to my left, I turn and see Amatis looking up from her newspaper finally. "Clary apologize to Kalie for lying and winding her up" she says staring at e making me feel four again. "But-"I say but she just raises an eyebrow in response. Sighing I turn to Kalie who is grinning ear to ear in her victory; "I'm sorry for winding you up, you just make it too easy" I add quickly then dodge her nails.

"Kalie stop!" Amatis yells getting up and yanking Kalie off of me as she tries to claw my eyes out. "Clary apologize properly!" she says holding her back. "Yeah you whore!" she yells trying to get out of Amatis's death grip. I jump back up my hand hurting something nasty. Looking at Amatis who just nods I sigh and say; "I'm sorry for winding you up, probably won't happen again today"

Amatis nods knowing that's all she's going to get out of me. Not loosening her grip on Kalie she says; "Now you young lady have to apologize to Clary and I. Clary for calling those names and trying to injure her when she's already hurt. You apologize to me because you don't come into somebody's house for the first time and start screaming profound things at my son or his guests. On you go young lady"

She hisses one last thing to me then turns her sweet face on for Amatis; "I'm so sorry we had to meet like this, I just didn't know she would be here" pointing at me. Amatis just raises an eyebrow at this and she sighs; "Clary. Didn't know that Clary was going to be here, I'm usually a very nice person just sometimes my anger gets the better of me. Isn't that right Jay?" she says sweetly turning to Jace who has to nod.

"Alright" Amatis says not believing her for a moment but doesn't want to make us late for school. "Jace honey go get your bag and then all of you get to school before I make you wash this whole house with a toothbrush" we all nod and Kalie has the nerve to thank her for having her before flouncing out of the room. I linger for a moment before saying; "Thanks for fixing me up Amatis, I don't know how to repay you." She just looks up from her newspaper and simply says; "Be safe"

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