Who Is She

Beginning of something new....?

Ok so this chapter is long, but it needed to be so I can get on with the plot, so mistakes are mine, thanks to all who have followed, Favorited, reviewed etc, means a lot seriously guys, thank you :3

Lastly, just a heads up, there is a new character in this chapter who is totally a figure of my imagination, not in TMI or TID Also so is Liza :)

Disclaimer: Do I need to do these? Cassandra Clare made this series not me.

Clary's POV

To say I'm angry is the understatement of the year. Seriously if you looked up angry in the dictionary my face is at the bottom planning my brother's best friend's demise. Continuing back towards the school takes all of my will not to turn around and punch Jace until he's on the floor beaten to a pulp.

You need to calm down, you didn't even ask him what happened. For all you know Kalie forced it out of him. I snort shaking my head, Jace is a big boy now I think he knows how to say no if he doesn't want to say something. No he told her from free will and I wasn't expecting it, I continue to walk up to the school when screams my name forcing me to turn around.

"You bitch!" Kalie screams standing beside Jace who looks guiltier then hurt, that's not going to stop Kalie from laying one on me though. I plaster a smile on my face and say; "Takes one to know one, doesn't it Kalie." Making her eyes widen and the hatred on her face become even more exposed.

I don't give her a chance to say anything else, instead I just say; "Don't expect me to apologise to you because I won't, it's a matter of principle you see. I don't apologise to those who brought what happened to themselves onto themselves, and sadly your little boy toy there did exactly that. Now if you don't mind I'm going to be late for class"

I turn back towards the school with a little salute but the sound of a shrill laugh stops me in my tracks, I don't turn around though when Kalie continues to laugh with no humour in her voice; "What so you decided to hit your brother's best friend because I innocently told the school that our little golden girl cut herself last night."

I stay where I am fists clenched refusing to go down to her level, instead I turn and smile sympathetically at Kalie and say; "Aw honey I'm nobody's golden girl." Before really walking into the school leaving them all behind and feeling somewhat victorious as I head towards my tree outside to read before I have to listen to the whispers of the whole school again.

Fletcher's POV

New school new rules. A new beginning as my mother has pointed out to me thousands of times these past few weeks since I got accepted into this stupid community school after I got expelled from my old school, apparently I beat up Matthew Jackson from sixth year to the point of hospitalization. I couldn't stand the look on my mother's face when she was dragged into the principal's office the next day.

I couldn't tell my mother that I was protecting Liza Briggs a third year from being physically abused by her boyfriend who, always seemed to be high or drunk could I? Neither my mother nor the principal would believe that type of bullying goes on in this school of "Highly mature and well educated girls and boys". Well I and the rest of the school knew that Liza was past breaking point with injuries none of us could even imagine, all from her boyfriend she refused to leave and the entire school body refused to ever confront him about it.

After three months of watching from the side lines wishing I could do something for this girl who always seemed so happy, constantly smiling constantly helping those younger than her with their problems I snapped one day. She came out of the bathroom puffy red eyes a bright red mark on her cheek and bruises old and new along her arms which have been covered with bottles of concealer.

I don't know why this of all the things made me snap but it did, I slammed my locker door shut my fists clenched at me side and went outside the back of the school where the druggies all hang out. I remember every single moment and word uttered when I went out there, how he laughed when I said to leave Liza alone when cooed with his friends when they realised I apparently had a crush on her.

I didn't, but I've seen some things when I was younger that made me determined to never let a girl get abused by any guy if I could help it. After trying to calm the growing angry Jackson he swung at me and then, well you know the rest. So here I am entering this stupid school with my mother's hope that I fit in weighing down on my shoulders.

Running my hand through my hair I continue to direct my skateboard into the school entrance listening to the good We The Kings- Check yes Juliet my new favourite band as I ignore the hustle of a school car park, people running over to each other hugging like they've been parted for years and not a mere hours.

Smiling politely I pass a red ford focus where a bunch of girls in short shorts are standing around gossiping and laughing artificially at whatever the girl with brown wavy hair that probably took her hours to perfect and then there's the tonne of makeup they all seem unable to part without. They notice me looking at them and they all collectively gasp making me cringe, the last thing I need starting off in this new school is one of them attaching themselves to my arm, the main girl winks at me though giving me a flirtatious smile, I wave awkwardly at her then quicken my strides until I'm cruising towards the entrance steps.

Getting up to them I jump off the board and pick it up just as somebody comes charging down the stairs causing me to fall onto my ass looking like an idiot and receiving snickers from a few people around me. Angry I look to the person who I realise is a girl, around 5'6 skinny and red flaming hair that would outlast any fire built, and I can't help but say; "I'm fine, don't worry about me" before jumping up and going up the steps as some sort of commotion starts behind me.

I stop and turn around to see the girl who knocked me down walk over to a jeep and smack a guy with what is obviously dyed blonde hair tall somewhat muscular guy hard in the face, wow forget I said anything to you then I think as three guys hold her back as she screams something to him making him cringe away. I turn to somebody beside me and ask what's going on.

"The girl's Clary Fray, apparently she's been to a juvenile centre twice already, she's the school freak. Seriously she got beat up Raphael Santiago first day she came here, she even beat up some innocent girl because a prank was played on her, if you want to survive in this school keep away from her" they say then open the school door's and walks in, and after a few minutes more I walk in as well a nagging feeling that I've seen her before in the pit of my stomach.

Clary's POV

Lying against the tree helps me calm down and by the time the first bell rings or class I'm not fully better but ok enough to walk back into the school with my head held high and music blaring from my IPod. My detention is over but I still smile and say good morning to Ben whenever I see him. Seeing him I grin and say hello, he turns and says; "Hello young lady, keeping out of trouble I hope" winking sweetly at me.

Laughing feeling at ease with him I say; "I am indeed sir, promise sir" Ben just huffs good heartedly shaking his head continuing to brush the floor; "Dang, anyway you could get back into trouble dear, the floors have never looked so clean and this old geezer misses having somebody so young to talk to". I laugh and say; "No promises sir, but I'll try my best to get into trouble" hugging him before leaving him to his work as the last bell rings, signalling the start of class. Biology, ugh.

Fletcher's POV

Glancing nervously down at my timetable again, I see have Biology with a Mr. Blackthorn. Making sure I have all the books and my hair is semi presentable I take a deep breath in and walk into the classroom where everyone is laughing and talking with their friends before the teacher comes in.

When I come in most people ignore me but some stare at me including the girl who winked at me earlier, she pats the seat next to her smiling flirtatiously again and winking. I smile politely but make a beeline to an empty table in the middle of the classroom. The last bell rings and the teacher enters just as one last straggler, as my mother calls them, enters the room behind him.

It's her, the girl from the gym the other day. The girl who beat up Chuck, I knew I knew her. She walks in IPod still playing not caring that the teacher has begun to teach, I should be paying attention to him, because they obviously teach things differently here. Yet I can't take my eyes off of the girl who beat up the strongest guy I know and didn't come out with so much as a scratch.

Yes she did, look at her hand. I see a bandage covering it and wonder what happened because it definitely didn't happen in the gym when Ethan, Sam and I were there with her. She takes her seat in the left hand corner too far away from me to see her, and yet I can't stop thinking about how smooth she was in the fight, not giving Sam an inch.

"Mr. Fitzpatrick, Mr Fitzpatrick are you listening to me?" breaks me out of my thoughts with a "What?" causing the whole room to snicker and me to turn red. Mr. Blackthorn frowns then says; "I'll excuse you this time, you're new here and getting your bearings. Come tomorrow though you won't be so lucky" I thank him embarrassment colouring my cheeks and I block her from my thoughts for the rest of class taking down notes.

When the bell rings for the end of class everyone starts to pack up but Clary is out of her seat bag slung over her shoulder out the door before the second bell even starts to ring, I take my time as well and follow everybody else out cheeking my timetable trying to figure out where I'm going next. I look up to try find the room when I see the guy from earlier sauntering down the halls with his friends in tow, his cheek is still tinged with red from where she hit him and I can't help but grin she did a good job"

Unfortunately the smile isn't private as the golden boy sees and comes near me. I stand up straight ready for him then remember my mother's words please try Fletch, please. Still I clench my fits ready if I need to protect myself as he stands in front of me; "Something funny new kid?" he snarls golden eyes flashing. I just smile at him and say; "No just trying to find my way around your lovely school, now if you don't mind I don't want to be late on my first day"

I walk away laughing internally, Clary got him good and I just one upped him, this school is starting to get better and better.

Clary's POV

I get changed into my P.E things quickly before the majority of girls come in, whipping off my shirt I dive into my white collared shirt only used for P.E and tracksuit bottoms before tying my hair up and entering the gym to get a shock. There setting up cones is Luke, my Luke who I haven't seen in a few days.

I walk out saying; "You know this isn't your gym right?" though can't help the little smile play on my lips as he looks up and breaks out into a grin. "Clary" he says coming forward and quickly hugging me, "I wondered if I would see you here, your principal wants me to teach you all the basics of self-defence, not that you need it" he winks at the end causing me to blush out of praise.

We break apart as others start to come out of the changing rooms. "I'll see you later" I mutter before taking a seat on the benches waiting for coach to come out and explain what we're doing, I'm vibrating with excitement, finally I can use my skills in school without getting detention, then I remember where we are and my excitement bursts like a bubble.

We're in school, with girls who have never down this, which means we'll be doing baby moves like blocking opponents, and anyway who'll pair up with me the maniac ginger girl. Sighing I know this is going to be boring and is confirmed when coach says; "It's just the basics, which means nobody injure anybody else. Got that!" and somebody shouts; "You here that ginger! Don't hulk out on us!" I turn and flip the person off before coach starts shouting for silence.

He turns to Luke whispers something then leaves for his office leaving him on his own with thirty or so kids. He looks at all of us then says; "Ok, I know this is a double, so before going into no doubt your most anticipated part the actual defence, we're going to warm up." This is meet with groans and "Can we not just get to the good stuff" but I'm just on my feet going to the first cone knowing already what we're going to do.

Some guy follows my lead but I just ignore him, there's no way I'm letting anyone ruin Luke's teaching just because they aren't bothered to warm up, also I ignore Jace and Kalie who is whispering furiously at Jace who isn't paying any attention. Luke comes to the front and smiles at me before saying; "Three laps of the whole gym, don't cut corners and when I say; one touch the ground with right hand, two left hand, three both hands, five jump and clap the air and six change direction. Come on, everybody in one straight line and follow Clary and myself."

I grin at Luke, it's a running competition between me and him to see how long we can do this for, and right now my record is seven. His is unknown because he won't tell me but I'm guessing it's somewhere in the late teens early twenties. He just grins back then blows the whistle and off we go. Everyone bar myself Luke and another lad are still going after two and a half, the lad runs up to run beside me as Luke stops and shouts commands.

"Hi" he says to me trying to strike up conversation, I just ignore him concentrating on running and listening for commands. He tries again saying; "We've meet before you know" jumping in the air as Luke shouts four and we come closer to the finish line. I just continue to ignore him, he just laughs and says; "Have it your way honey, just wanted to tell you that the guy you beat up in the gym is out for revenge"

I can't help but laugh at this which gets a smile from him, "I know who you are now" I say remembering the guy he's on about. "That was fun, that'll teach him not to mess with any girl again." The guy just chuckles touching the floor with his right hand a millisecond before me. "If you mean he's been going back to the gym everyday looking for the ginger who screwed him over then yes, you did teach him something."

I glance at him from the corner of my eye, black shaggy hair just covering his eyes which are a mixture of green and blue, he looks around 6'2 with broad shoulders and broad chest. "See something you like?" he whispers and I blush quickening my pace so I beat him to the finish. Luke claps his hands and the students clap half-heartedly still dying from the warm up.

"Well done the both of you, that was very well done" he smiles at me and then the other guy who I am NOT thinking about, he turns to the rest of the class and simply says; "Pair up, one girl with one boy, no you cannot go with your friends that defeats the purpose of the whole thing" he answers somebody's unasked question.

I look at the guy who looks somewhat awkward and in the middle as everybody grabs somebody, sighing I say; "Do you want to be a pair, promise I won't hurt you…. Much" earning a grin from this guy who nods saying; "You're on, it's Fletcher if you were wondering" I grin and say; "I wasn't but hey thanks" before going on the line behind one of many mats waiting for the first demonstration. Luke explains we'll be doing a simple punch block first.

I zone out until he calls my name, I look up and he asks could I help demonstrate. Nodding suddenly self-conscious I walk up to where Luke is waiting a mat in between us, grinning Luke says; "Don't worry Clary will be alright afterwards" which is received by badly hidden snickers. I look at Luke then say; "But your teacher wont" before going onto the defence.

Luke just grins then explains the stances we're both standing in and how he's going to do it before he swings for my face, my hand swings out as well but instead of going for his face I grab his wrist and twist it causing him to turn and bend having no way to punch me now. The others gasp but Luke smiles tapping the floor and I release him as he says; "Well done, that's what we're going to focus on today, though unlike Clary we're going to just be grabbing the wrist or slapping it away, round of applause for Clary everyone" he says and gets a half scared half shocked clap as I go back to my place.

Fletcher looks at me as I come back and simply says; "Impressive" I shake my head and say; "That was easy, prefer the one where we can flip each other hopefully we can get onto that" before going into a defensive stance again. Fletcher just laughs and says; "You're just a girl with simple pleasures aren't you?" grinning at me, I smile saying yes.

We spend the rest of the class practising this drill until we both get so bored we start to add more onto it, like what I did with Luke I try to do to Fletcher and Fletcher trying to hit me. Others are looking at us with barely concealed disgust as we outrank them, Luke just ignores our laughs sometimes telling us to tone it down, but not really doing anything to stop it.

By the end I've defeated Fletcher three times and he's hit me at least once, after warming down and saying goodbye to Luke we both walk into the changing rooms smiling at each other before going in though.

Jace's POV

He's done something to Clary that I couldn't, where I've made her cry he's made her laugh. What is it about him that makes her like him, it's obviously not his looks because I've seen much better, if I do say so myself. So why was it that when we were doing that she didn't once frown like she normally does, or how in the name of god did that new kid get her to talk first day he got here, and Jon and I have been trying for nearly a month now.

Something doesn't make sense and I plan to find out before the end of the day.

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