Who Is She

Chapter 36

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Jace's POV

I keep telling myself I'm not jealous. I'm not jealous of this new guy who has just come in here and already he has one upped me, which I don't take lightly in the best times.

"You're not jealous" I mutter to myself as I throw my trousers in my gym bag and leave the changing rooms hoping to avoid the unavoidable person, I quickly say goodbye to the lads who smile back at me then walk outside the door and there is the unavoidable.

Eternally sighing I plaster a smile on my voice as the unavoidable squeals like she hasn't seen me in years even though we just had P.E and the drive over here together. "Jay!" she squeals latching herself onto me as we follow a group of fellow students out into reception, "Keep your voice down" I mutter to her as we leave. No way in hell do I want people knowing the idiotic name she's decided to call me.

"But Jay, you're my Jay Jay" she whines digging her nails into my arm causing me to flinch, any guy who doesn't think a girl's fake nails can hurt have obviously never seen Kalie when she's on the rampage. This time I can't help but sigh out loud causing a few glances making Kalie dig her nails in even deeper, "Please don't cause a scene babes, don't want to give people the wrong idea" Kalie says her voice laces in hidden venom just waiting to bite my head off.

Shaking my head I don't answer her, instead I look ahead of us trying to distract myself with anything that isn't the girl beside me voice. I think it's starting to work because we get outside and I have blanked out anything that Kalie has been saying for the last few minutes. A laugh breaks all my hard work and I snap my head around to glare at whoever broke my concentration.

My heart falls as I realise that the person who is laughing is Clary with the new guy walking dangerously close to her, anger flares up in me and it takes all my effort not to go right over here and smack his stupid face. Yeah totally not jealous, you're just protecting your best friend's little sister to whoever this new guy is. For all we know he could be some druggie doesn't look a druggie to me. A little voice in my head points out; I growl and mutter "I'm not jealous, now shut up"

Kalie looks up from whatever she was saying startled, "Did you just tell me to shut up?" she puts her hands on her hips and raises an eyebrow. Now would be the perfect time to tell her I did and I don't like her, we'd break up and everything would be fine, but knowing Kalie it wouldn't be as easy as that so I just run my hand through my hair saying; "No Kalie I didn't tell you to shut up, I just love the sound of your voice" and from the ecstatic look on her face she didn't hear the obvious sarcasm. My talent is totally wasted on her I think as we start walking again Kalie talking more and more.

I can't help but look at Clary and this new guy, who overtook us without even a glance. I look at them as they continue to talk about something I'm too far away to hear, a pang of something not totally unlike jealousy burns the back of my throat but I swallow it down telling myself one thing again and Again I'm not jealous.

When I finally unhook Kalie from my arm I walk into Religion where, you guessed it, the new guy was. Groaning to myself I take my seat at the back with Seb who always gets here before me when I finally unhook Kalie from my arm I walk into Religion where, you guessed it, the new guy was. Groaning to myself I take my seat at the back with Seb who always gets here before me no thanks to Kalie. He grins when I sit down and I begin to feel suspicious until he says; "Hey Jay, how was P.E?" before breaking into hysterical laughter partially covered with his hand as I try to hit him.

"Shut up!" I growl hitting him on the shoulder causing him to yelp in pain but continue to laugh at one look at my face. "Oh lord I'm sorry mate but Jay, oh it's too good an opportunity to pass up I'm afraid" I growl and threaten to punch him again but he's not having any of it and continues to laugh until the teacher comes in, and even then I can hear him mumble it under his voice and snicker every few minutes.

Finishing my work that the teacher gave us I go back to looking at the person I'm definitely not jealous of, he sits not too far from Seb and me writing answers for the worksheet casually tapping his pen on his cheek. I take this opportunity to get a proper look at him since he came into this school god knows when.

From the back and from what I saw earlier when he was running with Clary, he looks a little taller than me which somehow ends up annoying me, even though there's no way it was his fault how tall he is. Sighing I realise something else that makes my mood lighten just slightly, he may be an athlete as well, which means he could have just talked to Clary once and not thought anything about it and will want one of the cheerleaders. Fingers crossed right?

How did he get her to talk to him so quickly anyway? He just flounces into here and he's got her talking and laughing with him. It took her ages to talk to me and the others and even now she hardly talks to us. Though in after thought she's hardly going to talk to you after this morning is she, I'd be shocked if she even acknowledges you ever again.

Shaking my head I remember how angry she looked this morning, the fire in her eyes when she slapped me "HOW COULD YOU TELL HER, NOW THE WHOLE BLOODY SCHOOL KNOWS!" and the look of horror in Jon's eyes when he realised his best friend told the secret he swore not too, a wave of defeat comes over me but before I can dig deeper into it someone has shaken me hard enough to fall on the floor with a huff.

"Shit sorry" a voice says extending a hand as I rub my shoulder after I hit it off a table as I fell. I look up to lay into the person who had the nerve to push me down, I stop myself though because there is the man of the moment is just standing there hand outstretched. I have to grudgingly admit there isn't anything obviously wrong with his face, he has a fine nose, eyes a relatively normal colour and hair is like the girls all like, messy.

That doesn't mean I have to take his hand, huffing I place my hands on the floor and lift myself messing up my hair as this guy retreats his hand with a little exhaled air that only him and I can hear. He goes to say something then shakes his head and goes to walk out the door. Something about that makes me say; "How do you know Clary?" and as I say it I try to keep the authority out of my voice, but we both know how badly I failed.

He turns with a tiny grin on his face which I don't take well to, he looks me straight in the eyes and says; "Why who wants to know?" I move towards him ready to knock his lights out but Seb just pulls me back with a muttered "Don't do it". Still keeping a firm grip on my shirt as I try kill him with my glare he asks again; "We're just curious how you know Clary, she's practically like a sister to us"

This is received by a snort and raised eyebrows by this asshole, "What's so funny asshole, can't stand the fact that she likes us?" I sneer at him as he just stands there eyebrows still raised. He laughs this time and I try wiggle out of Seb's death grip but fail miserably; "What's so funny asshole?" I growl making him raise his hands in mock defeat.

"All I'm saying is that you guys didn't look like such good friends this morning, she looked like she was going to tear you a new one without batting an eyelid. Your definition of friendship must be drastically different than mine if that's what you consider being friends, now I must go before you guys take up all of my lunch. I'd say it was nice meeting but let's be honest we don't like each other" he throws a small smile to Seb who I can't see because my eyes are locked on him the whole time one thing running through my head. He's not going anywhere near Clary.

Clary's POV

I don't know why all of a sudden I'm so smug, sure it could be because I made a fool of Luke in class and proved a point to the class, but that doesn't feel exactly right and whatever it is I can't put my finger on it which is frustrating as hell.

I walk into English and take my usual seat in the back some of the smugness already washing away as people whisper about what Luke and I demonstrated. I try to blank them out and focus on anything else but the blithering bimbos around me, and it works until somebody says; "And what about that teacher, he looks like he was dragged through a bush backwards and decided that was what was suitable for coming into school to teach us. And don't even get me started on his teaching, he expects us girls to punch each other like animals, it preposterous"

I turn my fist curled already to see one of Kalie's bimbo's yacking on to anybody who will listen. Some people are nodding pissing me off even more, trying to keep my cool I turn to her and say; "Hey Becky, do you ever think that some of us girls would rather be their own saviours then waiting for some prince charming? who is either a blithering idiot stuck up a tree, or will try take advantage of you? Also the teacher who you says "looks like he's been dragged through a bush backwards" runs a successful gym and doesn't always have the time to wear a suit and tie when there's classes to teach and meeting to get to"

Becky just snorts and says; "Yeah you would know that, wouldn't you teacher's pet." Which gets some snickers from the people around us, I nod and look down at my desk making it look like I'm defeated which makes Becky huff in victory. "Like Kalie says, she just needs to learn her place. Teacher's pet" I look up at the clock and see there's only a minute left of class so I pack up my stuff then turn to Becky and her group and says sweetly; "I may be the teacher's pet, but I'd take that any day then being the teacher's slut"

The bell rings and I smile sweetly at them before shouldering my bag and walking out feeling the sweet feelings of victory. I'm three quarters down the corridor swarmed with people when Becky comes out and screams; "I'm not the slut, you are you…. You teacher's pet!" I just salute her never turning around shouting; "Whatever helps you sleep sweetheart!"

With that I continue to walk towards my locker where I grab my next three classes worth of books and then head outside where maybe just maybe I can get some peace and quiet.

Fletcher's POV

I shouldn't have been so mean to that guy, but god did it feel good to finally lay one into the assholes of the school who believe because they can bang every girl in the school and kick a ball around they deserve to stand on the little people like me and those who can't stand sports.

My sports, well my sports pretty much consists of anything on the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo 64. To say I like games is the understatement of the year I pretty much spend all my free time either playing one of them or with my skateboard. I used to move around a lot so I became shy meeting new people after being teased for not having the right hairstyle or liking the "cutest" girl in the class.

So I pretty much spent all my free time battling out Bowser in Super Mario Brother's and perfecting my stealth skills in COD, not that I'd tell anybody that they'd just laugh at me and call me loser and I've honestly had enough of that nickname to last me a lifetime. So when I walked out of the room I couldn't help but feel like he would've been the type of guy to start calling me that.

I go towards my locker and there she is again walking down the hall with a, wait why is she smirking like Christmas has come early? She walks past me without even glancing up and I can't help but turn and watch her walk away until somebody back down the other side of the corridor screams; "I'm not the slut you are… you teacher's pet!"

I raise my eyebrows in shock, there isn't a chance in hell that from what I've seen of this girl that is anywhere near a teacher's pet. Far from it in fact as she continues to walk but salutes this girl and say; "Whatever helps you sleep at night sweetheart" "Yeah definitely not a teacher's pet" I say grinning at the girl who it seems has more balls than a lot of the guys here.

Laughing to myself at the stupidity and bravery of this girl I walk over to my locker and start swapping books in and out while everyone gossips around me. A bang on the locker beside me freaks me out to the point of dropping a book on the floor with a curse. A sugary sweet voice says; "Oops, here let me get that for you" bends down picks it up and hands it to me with an artificial giggle calling me a clumsy boy.

Looking at them I realise it's the girls from this morning, the girl holding the book is the girl that was screaming at Clary this morning. She's batting her eyelids at me and putting on a fifty watt smile that could blind a moose on the road, her teeth are extremely white, her brown hair comes down in waves that probably took hours to style into and her makeup is prestige to the point you don't recognise it, but I come from a family of girls so I know this stuff.

I grab the book from her and shove it into my locker with a forced thank you. She slaps my shoulder laughing like I just told the funniest joke on earth when all I did was use common manners, I look around nervously wondering how the hell one gets out of these things alive. Apparently you don't because now she's grabbing my hand and saying; "You just have to have lunch with us, we won't take no for an answer will we girls?"

All the girls chant out the appropriate answer then start heading towards the cafeteria with the main girl pulling me along with her, she has a death grip I must admit is hard to get out of, and when I do it's too late to even bother because we're sitting in a really long table covered with faces I don't know. Except for one, awesome it's the guy I mouthed off not ten minutes ago, awesome, just freaking awesome.

"Everyone this is" the death grip girl states then looks at me somewhat confused, sighing I say; "I'm Fletcher, Fletcher Fitzpatrick. Uh I was actually going to go catch up on some homework in the library, but you guys enjoy your lunch" I say trying to get up but get pulled back down again by death grip girl.

"Don't go, we want to learn all about you, right guys?" she says looking at everybody. Some seem genuinely interested but the blonde guy just continues to look at his lunch then shoves it away and walks away. Some other guys jump up and follow him. Sorry mate, I'd rather not be here as much as you wish I wasn't here, believe me I'm trying to leave" looking back down at my lunch I can't help but wonder where Clary is eating, she doesn't seem the type of girl to eat in here. Looking around I see all the norm groups scattered around the place but no Clary, I'm about to ask when I remember that blonde guy is here so I shut up and eat my apple in peace letting the voices wash over me.

After making up a lie of feeling a little queasy they finally let me go, but not before demanding I come eat with them tomorrow. Fat chance that's going to happen I think grabbing my bag and then lightly jogging out the cafeteria. Now where do I go, Library is closed, don't want to go eat in a classroom all alone like a sap I look around where I am and realise I'm near the exit to the fields. Hey it's as good as anything, just find a tree with some shade.

I push the door open waiting for the door to trigger some alarm but it doesn't, so I walk out and start looking around looking for somewhere close enough to the school that I can hear the bell but far enough away people don't see where I am.

Walking around the back of the school I begin to lose hope of ever finding a place to stay I come across a tree not too far away already inhabited by someone, I start to walk over with the intent of asking if they can tell me if there is anywhere else to sit. I stop though as the figure comes into focus and I realise why I didn't see Clary inside the cafeteria, here she is propped up against an old oak earphones in book in her hands and an untouched sandwich on the floor beside her.

Then something happens to me that I never knew could happen to me, I start to chicken out and yet my feet are carrying me closer and closer to her until I'm close enough to say; "Is there room for two?"

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