Who Is She

Chapter 37

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Fletcher's POV

I'm freaking out. What the hell possessed me to firstly come outside in the first place, and secondly why in the hell did I decide to go over and see if I could befriend the lion in its cave? There must be seriously something wrong with me because here I am, standing here trying not to turn the other way screaming.

"Is there room for two?" I ask, again why I don't know. I'm starting to believe she didn't hear me again and I'm about to leave because let's face the obvious here she could do so much better than some new kid like me. I'm about to apologize and sprint away when she look up for the first time, surprise is clear on her face for a few seconds then she wipes away and is back to being indifferent.

Sighing, which just panics me eve more, I'm probably interrupting her alone time. I'm such an idiot Jesus. Sighing she takes out her earphones which instantly explains why she couldn't hear me when I first asked if there was room for two.

She frowns slightly squinting up and I can't help but grin; "I'm not that tall" which leads to her recognising who I am. Shaking her head she turns off her IPod wrapping the earphones around her IPod she places it into her bag beside a book I'm a little too far away to catch the title, she then looks up at me properly.

"Don't get me wrong here, it was fun beating the hell out of you, but are you that lonely you're out here with me? Did you not make new friends, friends who are currently spending this and every lunchtime inside talking about classes or how annoying their girlfriends are?" she says a grin on her face that's sticking there after the beating up comment. I can't help but think her grin is pretty and have to clamp down on my tongue in case I accidentally blurt it.

When I think I'm ok to speak without making an absolute fool of myself I laugh shaking my head about to sit down then remember who I'm with and point to a spot not too close to Clary and ask if I can sit down. A flurry of emotions flood through her eyes too quickly for me to register, the lasting emotion is worry and I can't help but wonder why.

Though before I can even ask her about it her face has gone back to her blank "I don't care what you do" face which confuses me even more, one second ago she was all smiles and now she's scared, scared of what though, I haven't done anything to offend her yet.

I decide to try lighten the mood because it's clear something is on her mind, and maybe she'll talk to me about it or maybe she won't, either way I don't want to be the reason she's suddenly uncomfortable. So I sit down while saying; "Actually nobody seems to be looking for a new friend, unfortunately. Also you didn't beat the hell out of me, I remember hitting a certain girl a few times" grinning cunningly at her at the end of it.

I'm awarded with a laugh, she tilts her head back and laughs out loud causing me to laugh as well. She shakes her head coming back to face me her attention fully on me now and she has brightened considerably a light seems to be burning in her green eyes again, which not to sound too cocky I put there, so I'm feeling slightly less anxious around her now.

Still slightly laughing Clary says; "Well this girl doesn't remember it going quiet like that, but seeing as how a certain lad is new, a certain girl will pretend she didn't hear such lies" doing the motion of zipping her mouth shut and throwing away the key, this is funny so I laugh, because she does in such an over dramatic way I can't help but laugh.

Following her dramatic actions using the back of my hand I wipe away imaginary sweat while saying "There's a weight off of my mind. Can a certain lad ask a certain girl a question?" because something has been bothering me from the moment we started talking to each other.

I can't help but panic though because this feels like I'm crossing some hidden boundary that I along with all the men in the world didn't know existed until it was too late to jump back and save their valuables. I look down at the grass underneath us too nervous to say anything in case that really oversteps it. When I look up again a certain girl is fiddling with a loose piece of thread unravelling from the inside lining of coat she's wearing which is a nice denim one with red tartan on the inside.

Unlike this time though only one emotion is running through her eyes, and I know I've made her panic again. Smooth. I'm planning two things, an escape plan to Canada where my new name will be Bruce Jones, a homeless teenager where I'll work in one of the many Starbucks to keep my stingy one room apartment where me and my dog Lassie stay. Or apologize profoundly and then run to Canada.

After what feels like forever though a certain girl finally speaks up uncertainty clear in her voice which makes me want to apologize even more, she shuffles around on the tree she's leaning on and without looking up from the piece of thread she has between her finger and thumb she says; "You might as well, but fair warning you saw what I can do to people who anger me, so think carefully before asking me anything"

I laugh hesitantly wondering why the hell I put us both in such an awkward position, I mean it's not like I couldn't have kept my big mouth shut or anything. Running my hand through my hair again I say; "Don't worry, I won't be forgetting the girl who beat up a guy I thought was as strong as strong can be" trying out some repetition to get a smile out of her.

It works only lightly as a small smile plays on her lips. She sits up straighter and simply says; "He was strong, I was just stronger, and what can I say I'm just too amazing for this city" sarcasm dripping from her voice. I laugh causing her to chuckle relieving some of the tension between us. I look down at the grass again trying to decide what to ask her, there's two things that have been bothering me, one: What happened to your arm or: What's up with herself and the blonde guy.

A cough interrupts my deep thinking, I look up slightly startled to Clary just sitting there grinning like she's played the biggest joke ever. "What?" I ask curiously glancing around quickly making sure there wasn't anybody around us. She laughs and says; "I thought you had fallen asleep with your eyes open. Any day now for that question new kid, not getting any younger here"

I breathe out a breath of relief I didn't know I was holding until just now in a little laugh, then the serious matter of what to ask her comes back and I'm stuck again, I'm about to look back at the grass for hopes of inspiration or a sign. Before that can happen though I see from the corner of my eye Clary grabbing a piece of her sandwich wincing slightly with her bandaged hand, which decides it for me. I'm about to ask her when another thought comes into my head and I just blurt it out. Who are you calling new kid, from what I've heard you haven't even been here a month and already causing havoc"

Clary gets up and bows, hair flying everywhere grin on her lips. "Well what can I say, fake tan just isn't me." We both laugh then everything turns serious and in a split second I ask; "What happened to your hand, that wasn't there when you punched Sam. So most likely it happened recently, quiet recently because the bandages are still fresh and you winced when opening the door to the corridors, when we were walking earlier and just now picking up that sandwich"

Clary instantly stops laughing and goes deathly silent, she looks down at her bandage hand like she's never seen it before and she's always had it like a birth mark and just wants to get rid of it and the ridicule that comes with it. She still doesn't say anything and I wonder if I've stepped over the line now.

Clary's POV:

I continue to look down at my hand, the hand that has caused so much trouble and yet has been one of the few good things to happen to me so far since moving to this stupid town. So I avoid looking in his eyes, not because if I saw his eyes I'd want to spill my every little secret, no, because I've never been a good liar and I doubt today is the day God or whoever is in the sky will grant me that piece of gold, so I continue to look at my hand with the crazy thought that maybe if I stay silent he'll leave or ask something easier.

I know I can't tell him though. Even though I'm a horrible liar, I know if I told him he'd take one look at me and laugh walking away thanking every god he dodge the bullet of the maniac that is me. Yet for some reason I don't believe he would, though I'm not going to test it out.

I've been stupid enough to last me a lifetime with one Jace Herondale, and though this guy might take it to his grave I'm not taking the risk of another guy who happens to talk to me.

When it becomes clear he isn't going anywhere until he gets an answer I come up with something and run with it. "I cut it with a piece of glass yesterday, a mirror we had in our upstairs bathroom somehow broke and I was picking up the bigger pieces because my mother was out, and one of them just sliced my palm before I could do anything about it."

I shrug like it's no deal when it really caused a whole ordeal, but there isn't any way I'm telling the new guy any of that. Thankfully before either of us can say any more the first bell rings and I'm up grabbing my stuff shoving it into my bag as quickly as possible as the new guy just gets up slowly, never taking his eyes off of me.

He's about to say something so I cut him off with a blunt; "I'd better get to class. See you later" before practically sprinting to the doors and into the school right past, yes you guessed it Jon and his cronies who shout my name but I just ignore it and run to my next class.

Fletcher's POV:

I know she's lying, you don't grow up with sisters without learning the tricks, the way she purposely avoided eye contact and her foot started tapping the grass quickly were obvious signs, no doubt about it. I can't help but wonder what actually happened, and why she thought it necessary to lie to me.

Maybe, just maybe, it's because this is only your first day at school. Just because you've seen each other before doesn't guarantee that she' just going to gush all her hard kept secrets to you. Sighing he gets up and makes his way slowly to the school fuming silently with himself "Should've gone with the second question".

On second thought you chose the right one, from this morning just bringing up that asshole's name would've earned me a broken nose and bruises. My curiosity is burning though, I want to find out what happened, what really happened not some silly little lie.

I take my time walking in, in no rush to get to class my brain churning through ideas that go from plausible to just silly make believe. I humour each of them though and by the time I get to the entrance a smile is on my lips again. Not the best time though as soon as I'm in the door hands have grabbed me and pulled me into changing rooms.

I kick at the nearest thing possible, which is what any smart person would do. A huff of pain comes from my left and whoever had me in their grip loosens it to the point where I can see my attackers. I sigh shaking my head, there standing is the group of lads from this morning and Jace who is rubbing his knee discreetly.

"Seriously, if this is how you guys make friends I'd hate to be your girlfriends." I say smirking at them then sitting down on one of the benches. "Now what can I do for you fellows that is so important you had to drag me in here, without may I add my consent" Jace just growls coming towards me making me laugh but his friend from earlier grabs him and holds him back.

The guy from earlier looks at the two people beside him who nod slightly then turns back to me. "We want to know how you know Clary. Just tell us and we can all be done with this whole thing" he asks pleading with his eyes. Jace on the other hand has anger in his and says; "Not before I punch him we won't"

I laugh not even bothering to take him up on the offer, instead I go to the guy who looks most uncomfortable with this. He has silver white hair and blue eyes and is looking between Jace and me with worried eyes. I latch onto that and say; "What do you think about all this, because it sure as hell looks like you don't give as much a crap as this guy" I point at Jace who has his hands clenched so much they've turned white at the knuckles.

Jon scratches his neck trying to buy himself time. Eventually he says; "Look, she's my half -sister. She's not my blood or anything, yet I can tell you with certainty that if you so much as brush her hand without her consent I'll make your time here a living nightmare."

I just grins, "As heart-warming as that sounds, which it does. I'd be an idiot to say you guys scare me, when if I as you put it, so much as brush against her without her consent she'd have me pinned to the floor bones broken before I could say Wingardium Leviosa. And there's one thing for sure, I'd look much worse than your pal over here" again I point at Jace who is being held back by the guy from earlier.

"What I want to know, and I mean no offence when I say this." The guy says "I want to know how you got Clary to talk to you so quickly. You've seen her, she…. Different." I shakes my head a small smile playing on my lips; "I have no idea, I'd like to say it's my amazing personality but I can't be sure yet". Jace snarls "There will be no yet. You're bad news, she's our friend, so go back to your little cave and leave her alone or we'll make you."

I turn back to the half- brother and say; "You seriously need to sit down and talk to your friend over there, I think he's experiencing something quite common. Unrequited love." With that I walk away before one of them (guess which one) can get to me.

It's last class of the day and I'm tired. That changes the second I walk in because there at the back is Clary and I take this opportunity to nab the seat next to her. She jumps and turns around when I sit down, I just grin and wink once at her.

She just shakes her head and continues to look out the window as the teacher comes in and starts the class. I'm bored so I rip out a piece of paper from my copy and say;

(A/N: Clary is bold. Fletcher Italic))

So I met your friends.

I don't have any

Well these people seem insistent that they are

Well whoever they are seriously need to re think their criteria of friends.

That's harsh, I'm sure you're a lovely person to hang out with I can't help but cringe inside, why'd did I say that?

Clary chuckles quietly then scribbles down: Thanks, don't think that's going to get you anywhere though

I'm sure I don't know what you mean new girl ;)

Clary snorts shaking her head: Don't winky face me new guy, also use my name not that

Whatever you want Clare ;)


No what Clare?

Don't call me Clare, go back to new girl, and stop with the winky face.

I laugh quietly glancing at her who is glaring at me: I'm afraid I can't Clare. Sorry ;)

She sighs shaking her head writing: I hate you.

Love you too Clare ;)

Ugh, you're annoying. Has anyone ever told you that?

Ignoring her glare I quickly write: Nobody as special as you Clare ;)

Clary snorts shaking her head attracting some attention she quickly stomps out with a glare before writing: That was a horrible pick up line new boy, step up your game next time.

I grin widely: There's going to be a next time Clare?

Shut up.

The rest of the day goes by in a blur, in the parking lot I'm getting ready to leave on the only transportation available to me home, unless I want my mother picking me up. My skateboard, and just as I'm about to take off Clary comes down the entrance stairs. She passes me and I can't help but says; "See you later Clare" and Clary just shakes her head muttering "idiot" not turning around to see the grin on my face.

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