Who Is She

Blood is thicker than water.....

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Jonathan's POV

The second Fletcher leaves the room you could hear a pin drop in here, instead of a pin though you can hear the fans in their constant turn and Kyle's slightly wheezing breath that he's had since he was twelve and was told he was asthmatic.

I look at my friend's bewilderment on all our faces but one. Jace's face is screwed up with a mixture of anger and hatred while he stands there staring at the door, I never thought I'd see those emotions on my best friend's face, his whole body is stiff with obvious anger but it's his fists that are beginning to scare me.

His hands are clenching and unclenching by his side and he hasn't said anything yet which scares me even more because Jace always has something to say about everything, and this was about him so he should be raving right now. Yet he's dead silent just glaring at the door clenching and unclenching his fists.

"I think I need to sit down" I mumble collapsing onto one of the benches relishing the ice cold feeling of the metal under me suddenly feeling hot and cold all over, I put my head between my knees feeling nauseous running my hand through my hair mumbling "Unrequited love" over and over again trying to process what the hell that even means and its relevance to the conversation we were having, because it feels like it was just sprung upon us.

Kyle and Sebastian come over and sit beside me muttering things like "It'll be alright" and "I don't know what that guy was on about" I don't have the heart right now to tell them that all their doing is freaking me out even more, because what is there to be alright about? And if they don't know what that guy was on about then how would I. Kyle, Sebastian and Jace are some of the smartest people I know, so it scares me when they have no idea.

I look up suddenly to see Jace looking worriedly at me from a few feet away; "I don't know what that guy was on about Jon, honestly I don't. I don't like Clary like that, never had and never will she's your half-sister and your family is like my second family. That'd be like dating my younger sister which would be incest and weird."

I nod looking down at the floor, it makes sense. I've known Jace since junior infants and he's practically my brother so whatever he says I'm going to believe it no matter what. Yet something feels wrong about it, like a pit in my stomach saying that I'm missing something and I won't feel right until I get to the bottom of it. So I look back up at Jace and say; "Is there anything you want to tell me about yourself and Clary, or what that guy said before we leave and I find out about it later?"

It's Jace's turn to sit down and I start to panic again, I was expecting a shake of the head maybe a joke but from the look on his face there's something he hasn't told us. I sit down again never taking my eyes off of Jace who seems to be thinking something through thoroughly weighing everything out.

"Well?" I ask after another few minutes of intense suffocating silence. Jace looks up with a blank face but a hint of sadness in his eyes which I can't figure out, then shakes his head; "I don't like your sister like that. Never have never will" he mumbles out looking at his shoes which are scuffing the floor.

"Bullshit" a voice beside me says and I turn startled towards Sebastian who is glaring at Jace in disbelief who just frowns slightly then looks back at the floor fiddling with his shirt now as well as scuffing his shoes. I look between Sebastian who is glaring at Jace like he expected better of him and Kyle who has a look of panic on his face, like he's like to flee the room if he got the chance.

"Well?" growls Sebastian and Kyle tugs his shirt telling him he should calm down, Sebastian just brushes his hand off his shoulder still glaring at Jace who is doing everything but looking at any of us right now. "Now would be the time to confess Jace, Jon's giving you a chance here!" he says his voice getting louder and louder.

I get up and turn Sebastian around to me; "Seb mate, calm down I'm sure Jace will tell me whatever you're hinting at isn't that right Jace?" I say turning on Jace who still isn't looking at me or the other two. Jace just shakes his head still not looking up mumbling; "I don't know what he's on about Jon. I don't I really don't."

I look back at Sebastian who has a look of disbelief on his face and I know full well now that something is wrong and he's hiding something from me. I grab him and shove him against the wall causing everyone to gasp and Jace to huff as he gets shoved hard into one of the back walls me holding him there fire burning in my eyes.

"Well?" I growl waiting for him to come out and say it but he just shakes his head closing his eyes, frustrated I toss him back his shirt and he falls back onto the bench with a yelp. He scrambles up and grabs my shoulder turning me around worry set in his face; "Jon mate, calm down. That guys just trying to cause trouble between all of us, don't listen to him. Listen to your best friend's listen to me, I don't and will never like Clary like that, you're family is my family dude, she's in your family now so she's practically my sister, I do anything for her." Pleading me with his eyes, I glance at Sebastian who just shakes his head in defeat.

Sighing I let the tension in my shoulders relax and manage a smile, I pat Jace's back which makes him smile a little to. I sit down on the bench again and run my hand through my hair messing it up then fixing it to start the cycle all over again. " Jace I'm sorry mate, it's just can't stand the thought that he's using her for something or leading her on, she's my sister and yet I can't talk to her about it."

Jace sits down beside me not touching me but close enough that I can smell his aftershave and says; "I could try to talk to her, you know because she doesn't know either of these two" he points at Kyle and Sebastian who have gone a little away to whisper about god knows what. "I know what you're thinking though she's hardly going to want to talk to me right now. Yet it's our only option because we need answers here"

I have to think about it, and I tell Jace so. He smiles and nods getting up to go talk to Sebastian who frowns when he comes over. After weighing up all options I grudgingly accept the fact that he's the only one who might get answers, he grins grabs his bag and goes to leave but I stop him, and tell him to be careful. Jace shakes off my concern and leaves to go after Clary, leaving me with an even worse feeling.

Clary's POV:

I'm leaning against the Jeep earphones in humming along to my favourite song waiting for the lads to come out so I can get the world's most awkward ride home over with get in dump my stuff and hopefully get a session in the gym.

I close my eyes as the sun comes back out again shining down on me it's warm and I have to admit eve with all the crap going on right now the feel of the sun on her face is nice, I'm just starting to relax against the Jeep door when I get that feeling of somebody staring at me, admittedly I should be used to it by now being the school freak. This felt different though, like they weren't going to take pictures of me and post them on the school website with the caption "FREAK".

Not wanting to but doing it anyway I open them and finds Fletcher staring at me, he blushes slightly then winks at me before skating off. I should feel creped out but don't , instead I end up smiling thanking the lord that he left before he saw the blush crawling up my face as I close my eyes again.

Not for very long though because a shadow covers me and the smile I was wearing turns quickly turns into a frown while I open my eyes again. I wish is didn't opened them though because there is the man of the moment Jace standing with his arms crossed a frown on his face is Jace.

She closes her eyes again and says; "What do you want? Here to get more gossip to tell your girlfriend, I'm afraid you'll have to tell her I'm all out at the moment, we might have an order in on Tuesday" I go to move away but he just grabs my wrist.

"What did that asshole want" he growled not letting me go no matter how hard I tug on my wrist. "He wanted to know how much kegs of beer he should bring later when we "hook up" I say smiling sweetly grounding my teeth as his grip on my hand tightens to breaking point.

"You're not hooking up with him. Not tonight not tomorrow, do you understand me?" Jace growls eyes flashing with anger, I laugh to cover up my growing panic and say; "And pray tell me, how exactly are you going to stop me if I did want to hook up with him. It's not like you've still got your V card or anything with your blonde bimbo"

Jace is stunned then growls; "Don't talk about Kalie like that, she's smart and pretty. You're just angry that the whole school found out about your "accident" which was all my fault not hers, I never meant to tell Kalie Clary, and seriously you have to believe me. Honestly what gain do you think I'd get on telling the whole school that you tried to out yourself because things got a little difficult!" he growls.

I gasp all the air going through my teeth making it sound like I'm hissing. I yank my hand out of his grip rubbing it slightly. I look down at the ground clenching my fists aching to punch Jace into the next century but instead I growl out;

"I wasn't trying to as you so delicately put it 'out myself' because things were getting difficult. I was trying to end all the freaking pain I've had to endure since I got to this useless freaking town. You know since my mum and I came here the only friend I've made is the janitor who I can't exactly invite over for a milkshake and an avengers marathon, all the students here think I'm either some delinquent who was sent here from prison or some axe murderer waiting to happen. So tell me what part of that makes you think that getting up in the morning is easy, because I sure as hell would like to know!" I turn away from him and start walking away noticing I wasn't crying. Maybe I was finally getting tougher.

Jace comes towards me and turns me around sympathy set in his eyes making me even angrier, what's worse is him saying; "I know and I should've been there to help you and I'm sorry". I've had enough of his crap so I turn and slaps him across the check, he falls against the hood of the jeep holding his face shock and badly contained sympathy.

I'm flexing my fingers her back turned away from Jace trying to conceal the pain that comes with punching someone full force. After an eternity of what feels like my body trying to calm itself down I feel like I'm somewhat in control again she I turn and say quietly; "I don't want your contaminated sympathy do you understand me. I don't know why I ever believed you were a good guy that I could trust, I guess I was just being naïve because I was starting fresh here, with the intent of hopefully making as good friends as I had back home, where I could be myself and not worry about defending myself."

I scoff and turns around facing Jace again who is stunned into silence "You know what though I must have been the biggest idiot on the planet because I was obviously wrong, for the second I tried being myself everyone judged me wrong and kicked me to the curb. Then you came along and I was tricked into thinking I finally had someone who I could maybe finally talk to" I laugh no humour in my voice turning away from Jace who is still leaning on the hood of the jeep stunned silent.

"But no you went and blabbed my mistakes to your pea sized brain of a girlfriend who is the biggest gossip ever. So don't tell me you're sorry with the belief of forgiveness because I'm no saint and I hold grudges" I growl and then without turning back his way I walk away. I think I'm free from him and his prosthetic truths but obviously not because he runs in front of me.

You can trust me. I just made a mistake, just like you Clary and I'm only human for Christ sake. Just please listen to me for just a second!" he pleads and I'm beginning to get really angry now but I just say; I don't have to do anything, not when it includes you. Now get out of my way or I swear to god I'll-"

Jace cuts me off though with an artificial laugh; "You'll do what, go off with that Fletcher guy? Clary you barely know him, he just moved here, you don't even know his last name or why he moved here, and yet you're already siding with him instead of your brother. What ever happened to blood is thicker than water?" he shouts at me eyes blazing his breath coming out in pants.

I curl my fists ready to punch him again, I don't mind my half-brother but how he's said it is covered in thorns that are out to kill so I just say; "My half-brother and I don't share the same blood and I rather like water if you must know, so when you have a better excuse come back to me, also I do know Fletcher's last name it's Fitzgerald which you would know if you ever paid any attention, but that isn't your style is it." I sneer at the end taunting him.

Jace is quiet for a second and I take this chance to shove past him making sure I hit him on the shoulder hard. I keep walking relieved that he isn't following me anymore and I'm nearly out of the school when he yells; ""Where are you going?". I don't answer him but whisper "Anywhere where I can't see your face" silently to myself.

I walk home barely containing my anger, why right does that asshole have making assumptions about me and Fetcher when all he has done is let me get close to him then shut me completely out like I'm just some puppet he can come back and play with whenever it suits him.

Sighing I run the rest of the way back my school bag hitting the small of my back as I run not thinking about any of the things happened just getting back and out to the gym before my brother and the idiots come home avoiding a whole big fiasco over who said what and who hit who.

Getting to the door I yank the door open and slam it closed making a figure appear in the kitchen doorway, it's Valentine with a kiss the chef apron wooden spoon in hand. He smiles nervously and I make an effort to smile back even though all I want to do is sprint upstairs; "How was school kidd- Clary?" He asks quickly correcting his mistake looking even more nervous

I keep the smile plastered on my face nodding; "I was fine" then on an afterthought; "Have you been in the bathroom upstairs today?" Valentine suddenly goes serious nodding; "Yes I have, do you know what happened?"

I nods scuffing my shoe on the floor not looking up wishing I hadn't asked but I say; "I was in there brushing my teeth when it happened, there was a spider and I don't know what came over me I just panicked and punched it hoping to kill the spider. I guess I didn't know my own strength because the glass shattered all around me with a dead spider. Which was gross" * she really hoped that Valentine was buying this lie because she couldn't think of anything else to say and this sounded really bad even to her own ears.

Valentine just nods then gasps seeing my bandaged hand; "What the hell happened there, do you need to go to the hospital, does it hurt?" I shake my head smiling slightly; "I picked up all of the pieces, accidentally stabbed myself with a big piece, I'm fine" as Valentine comes forward to inspect it. "I cleaned and bandaged my hand up, and by the time I was done that it hurt too much to keep cleaning up, so I left it but I was going to go up and finish cleaning it. You haven't told my mum have you?" I ask nervously

Valentine shakes his head; "I cleaned it up this morning don't worry kidd- Clary, your mum won't know a thing about it, I went out and bought a similar one so she wouldn't freak out. It'll be our little secret" I grin at the first of good news I've heard all day, then I do something neither were expecting and I go over and hug him mumbling a thank you.

Valentine is shocked but ruffles her already messy hair. "It's alright Clary, no harm done" I shake my head smiling into his apron the smell of cooking coming off of his clothes; "You can call me kiddo when it's just the two of us, got a reputation to keep up though so only when we're alone" Valentine chuckles but agrees; "Now go upstairs and do your homework" he says

I laughs saluting but does what I'm told a small smile on my lips. I've done two hours of homework and some study when the idiots come upstairs, I scramble over and press play on my stereo beside my bed and I turn it up making it obvious that if they disturb me it's to their own peril. Going back to my desk I hear a sigh but I decide to ignore it on the grounds that nobody called me before I turned on the stereo.

When my homework is done and I have had a quick shower I decide to log into Facebook to see if one of my favourite pages has uploaded another video blog. When I log on I make a point of ignoring the messages from Simon my heart feeling heavy from the loss of my supposedly bestfriend's.

I flick through her feed trying to find the page when another message pops up, this time from Izzy and after hesitating for a minute I begrudgingly opens it; Clary I know you're online and can see this, come on you can't keep ignoring me honey what happened to being blood sisters? I thought you loved me? Why can't you just be happy for Simon and me? He and I love each other but it's tearing us apart that our best friend can't be happy for us.

If it comes down to you talking to us again or being together and losing you I'll break up with him right now. Izzy

I sigh and click the message button. I have to think about how to say what I want to say nicely; Dear Isabelle, I don't care that you guys are in a relationship ok, that's wonderful for you guys tequila for all. What annoys me in all of this is my best friend, who I told everything and knew fine well how I felt about one Simon Lewis, went behind my back when I was already down from the confirmation of a move I didn't want to do and the still coming to terms with my father's death and starting dating the only guy I liked when he rejected me.

Do you remember when we had a marathon of The Hills on MTV and Heidi and Lauren went through the same thing and we swore we'd never let that happen between us? Well it now has and like Lauren said in that episode;" I want to forgive you but I want to forget you" and that's the moral of this story. So goodnight and enjoy your life with Simon. Clary

I wipe my eyes quickly refusing to cry over something so mundane. I'm about to log off when a friend request pops up. Sighing I clicks on it and can't help smiling and accepting. Quickly I open a message and says

(Clary bold Fletcher italics)

Nice profile picture there new kid.

An answer comes back quickly as well saying: yours too Clare ;)

Laughing Clary writes; looking at the picture I assume you can skateboard then?

The answer is sarcastic; Wow very observant Miss Watson

Clary scoffs; excuse me but if anyone's Watson it's you, I'd make an amazing Sherlock thank you very much, also if Jace looks at you badly tomorrow it's because I told him we were hooking up later

WHAT!? Did you really, wow thanks new girl he's going to kill me now, this definitely makes you Watson ;)

Stop with the winky face dude, its creepy -_- and no he won't I'll kick him where the sun don't shine first: D

Afraid I can't Watson, too easy to get under your skin with it ;) also remind me never to get on your bad side


"Love you too Watson. ;)

How long have you been skateboarding then, I tried to learn when I was younger but it was a total disaster

I don't doubt that Clare ;) –

You're a jerk you know that-

The jerk that you've been talking to for the last twenty minutes ;)

Twenty minutes I'll never get back jerk -_-

Keep telling yourself that you hate talking to me new girl but you know you love it ;)

Just as I'm about to reply Valentine calls up for dinner and my stomach starts to growls. There's something I have to do first, clicking onto Izzy's profile I see her profile picture of her when we went to the beach together a few weeks before my dad went missing.

Under it is her information and she has 'In a relationship' filled in, sighing I scroll up to confirmed friends and unclick it, it asks me if I'm sure and I wonder if I am. This was the girl who has been beside me through everything up till now, should I really give up on her now?

I go to change my mind when a message comes through and it simply says fine, enjoy your life without me. And I know for sure now that she never really wanted to be friends, "Clary food!" yells up Valentine, I say I'm coming and click confirm action before clicking back to my own timeline.

I click onto Fletcher's message and say; Well new guy my step father is rescuing me from you (halleluiah) I'll see you tomorrow. With that I leave the room before I can see the message: Bye new girl, sweet dreams

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