Who Is She

Chapter 39

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All Clary's POV this time....

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Waking up this morning I feel a strange feeling of freedom washing over my whole body, it takes me a while to figure out why though and when I do I sit up in bed eyes wide trying to get over the shock of this realization.

Now that Izzy and Simon have made their choices and gotten out of my life I don't have that pit in my stomach and the little voice in my head telling me that they still love me and could come back, because they won't and I knew that all along but couldn't face the thought that my best friends could just up and abandon me like that. In a strange way I can finally move on with my life without them.

Running my hand through my hair I get up slowly out of bed still reeling from that realization. Going over to my desk chair I grab the duffel bag and start shoving things into it deciding today I'd go to the gym and start really hitting the bags before my first match in a few days.

Grabbing a shirt and shorts I toss them in and go looking for my shoes which always seem to going missing no matter how careful I am with them. I wince slightly as I put all my weight on my bad hand, but it was worth it after finally locating my left runner that somehow got stuck under my bed. Tossing them in I zip it up and get dressed in jeans and a hoodie before grabbing my IPod and going downstairs.

When I get downstairs I hear unknown voices coming from the kitchen and stop, did mum tell us she was having people over for coffee this morning? I don't think so, so who are these people and why are they invading my kitchen. They're hardly invading your kitchen, get a hold of yourself they're probably just here for some business meeting with mum about college.

Taking a deep breath I enter the kitchen head down heading straight towards the coffee pot beside the sink hoping and praying they don't look up and notice me. Somebody upstairs must hate me because a: blonde haired, blue eyes, curvy eyebrows shaved off and delicately pencilled on women looks up for a fraction of a second to see me at the pot and squeals; "This must be your daughter Jocelyn, oh my gosh she looks just like you. Come here sweetheart let me see you." She opens up her arms expecting me to run into her but I stay where I am raising an eyebrow.

"As nice as that sounds I'm going to pass, this sweetheart is seventeen and is going to miss her ride to school if she's too busy getting pinched and receiving money to buy Barbie's she grew out of when she was eight. If you'll excuse me" I say walking towards the door smiling at the lady who looks shell shocked but not before stopping to kiss my mum's head who just pats my shoulder.

I walk out of the room with my coffee to see Jon sitting on the stairs twiddling his fingers nervously. I go to sit beside him which surprises both of us, putting my coffee down beside me I turn to Jon and say; "Spill. What's wrong?" surprised at the concern in my voice. Jon laughs quietly shaking his head insisting it's nothing.

"Nothing wouldn't have the both of us sitting on the stairs would it?" I ask nudging him on the shoulder playfully, this time he manages a little smile; "It's just I haven't meet any of the women in there before, what if I say something wrong? I mean my aunt is in there and I know her well enough but what if I make an ass out of myself and embarrass Jocelyn. I don't want to disappoint her."

I look at him shock clear on my face, he looks extremely uncomfortable sitting here expressing his inner thoughts to me and I have to take a bit of pity on him; "You can't disappoint my mum, hell our mum. You know when I was twelve in my old school there was this girl, her name was Sandra and she was like the queen bee all the other kids wanted to be friends with her, including me if you can believe" Jon laughs shaking his head; "I can't, you're too independent"

I nudge him playfully again; "Thanks, but not back then, my dad had just come back from one of his calls and I was on cloud nine, because he had brought me back these too big for me see in the dark goggles he couldn't use anymore. So I brought them into school one day to parade around expecting everyone to crowd around me wanting to touch it or try be my friend, it didn't happen though as everyone still crowded around Sandra."

"I got so angry that nobody was paying attention to her and not me that I did something I regret up till now" I say shuddering at the memory. Jon looks sideways at me and asks what happened, I sigh and say; "I remember the night before my mum and dad talking in the kitchen when I should've been asleep, but I was too excited that my dad was home so I crept downstairs and sat on the stairs listening to what they were talking about. I sat on the stairs and ended up listening to their conversation about some family with the second name Anderson and wondering why that seemed so familiar"

"The next day during lunch when I was angry the name finally clicked, so I stormed over to where Sandra was standing showing off this new flip phone her dad had bought her two days ago. I shoved my way to the top of the crowd and said; "She's only getting this stuff because her dad is screwing the gardener"

Jon bursts out laughing and I manage a laugh as well. "You didn't" he says shock all over his face, I shrug my shoulders blushing slightly; "I did, Sandra started crying her eyes out and a teacher came running over to see what happened. Sandra told them what I said and I was dragged to the office to wait for my mother to pick me up, you should've seen her when she walked in it was the angriest I'd ever seen her, also the most disappointed I'd seen her. So the moral of the story is you've got to do something big to really disappoint our mother, so get your ass in there say hello then let's get to school because I think I offended your aunt."

Jon shakes his head again chuckling; "Blonde hair, pencilled eyebrows treats you like you're four?" I nod and he gets up helping me up in the process; "Yup that's her, don't expect any Christmas gift from her now" then leaves me in the hall with a little smile on my face as I go out to the jeep to await his return.

After twenty minutes of leaning against the car humming along to my music two figures walk up my little drive hand in their pockets talking about something on the Xbox that's coming out soon. They walk right past me and goes to ring the doorbell, staying where I am I take out one earphone and say; "I wouldn't do that, I mean unless you want the smell of fake tan and perfume on you from my new aunt. If you do go right ahead."

They jump slightly then look at me like startled deer, I throw them a little wave then pick up my earphone and place it back in my ear as they make their way to the Jeep just as Jon opens the door looking between me and the lads for a minute trying to figure out what happened while he was inside. Shaking it off he closes the door behind him coming down the path saying; "Do you guys know if Jace is getting a lift or is he going with Kalie?"

Just as Kyle or Sebastian is about to answer a red Ford Focus comes cruising into our drive with the music blaring hood down even though it's somewhat overcast weather. Kalie jumps out sunglasses on high heels clip clopping as she makes her way up the drive with Jace carrying her bag and his behind a look of pure shame on his face. I turn to Jon who has his mouth open and say; "There's your answer" before going around the back and sitting in my chair.

The lads hope in, Jace and Jon in the front as always Kyle and Sebastian letting Kalie into the middle, you're kidding me, seriously what's wrong with your own car? I think as she gracefully gets in and buckles up her seatbelt then turns to me; "Morning Clary, love your outfit where did you get it?" I just turn to her raise my eyebrow and say; "Your boyfriend's wardrobe" then turn back to looking out the window.

Kalie pouts whining to Jace up the front; "Jay Clary is being rude to me. Make her apologize" I look up and make eye contact with Jace challenging him to even try, he sighs and says; "Clary apologize to Kalie she was only making conversation." I laugh harshly shaking my head unbuckling my seatbelt; "Yeah and I was only telling her where she can shove her conversation. Also why is the bitch even here in the first place, she has a car let her use it" I exclaim.

"Clary!" Jon says turning to look at me about to say something but the bitch herself gets there before him saying; "I just wanted to see what the big deal is, I mean my Jay is forever wanting to ride in this car than mine so I just wanted to see what was special about it. It's obviously not your conversation skills"

By now I've opened the door and about to get out when I turn and say; "Yeah because you're such a ray of sunshine in the morning, your people skills consist of blackmail and petty seductive skills. I'll see you later guys, Kalie I must not tell lies it was as horrible as ever seeing you" before slamming the door closed and walking off down the road.

I ignore the Jeep passing me out at the traffic lights by taping out the drum line from the song on my right leg as they drive past ignoring the look from Jon as he drives past me. I realize that this could be a good thing as they'll either all be around the jeep when I get there which means I just have to walk by all of them once, or they'll be inside which means I can avoid them altogether.

Smiling I fix my bag strap and continue to walk the short distance towards the school through a housing estate, hoping that for the my sake and the sake of the public that Kalie decides not to make a scene of me walking in on my own, because I'm in no mood to take her crap after this morning. I look around where I am then start singing along to my music full pelt off tune along with really bad dance moves, because let's be honest here when else am I able to do this unless I'm on my own?

Yet I'm not because the next minute a voice is singing along with me waving his hands in the air as well. I jump back mouth wide open a blush creeping up my face as the guy laughs his head off clutching his ribs gasping for air. "I hate you!" I scream hitting him with my bag a smile on my face as Fletcher cowers trying to avoid my flying bag still laughing. "What are you doing here new girl?"

I stop hitting him long enough to pick up my gym bag that's fallen on the floor beside me. "I'm walking to school new guy, you know putting one foot in front of the other. What are you doing here?" Fletcher just laughs; "I'm doing the same thing as you but using my skateboard, you know that piece of wood that has four wheels and gets you places much quicker than walking" he winks at the end picking up his bag and board in the process.

"What are you doing?" I ask in confusion as he picks it up, "I thought that was your means of transport, you're using it wrong you know" pointing at the wheels I say; "See those are supposed to go on the floor and then you push off the floor and the wood magically moves you because of the wheels" Fletcher laughs nodding his head; "Wow new girl, didn't know you knew about skateboarding so much, could've told me so I didn't look like an idiot"

I pat his shoulder starting to walk away and say; "Aw new guy you were always an idiot I'm just pointing it out to the public" then continue to walk waiting for Fletcher to skate ahead leaving me to die of mortification. He doesn't though just grabs his bag and catches up to me saying; "You're not getting off that easy new girl, you gave me head injures so now you have to walk with me"

I look sideways at him wondering if I should ask if he's sure he wants to, because I won't be offended if he doesn't. After a few awkward moments of silence I speak up and ask making him laugh and me glare at him, he shakes his head saying; "I honestly want to walk into school with you new girl, also why wouldn't I want to walk in with you? It's not like I've anyone better to walk in with. Anyway now people will think twice about asking me or homework" he says winking at me as I shove him again.

"I'm not your personal bodyguard new guy, you don't even pay me" I say walking beside him making him smile. After that we talk about random stuff just getting to know each other. I learn he has two sister's Ally and Nora, his dad moved out when he was three and now it's just him his mum and Ally still living at home Nora moved in with her boyfriend a year ago. His mum works for social services so is out of the house every day before their up so that's why he has the skateboard. "That and it makes me look cool" he says grinning at me.

I laugh and tell him to keep telling himself that to which Fletcher puts a hand on his heart and says; "Ouch, that hurt new girl" making us both laugh as we get closer and closer to the school. Just before the entrance Fletcher turns to me and says; "Do you want to do something stupid?" now usually when somebody says that I should be backing away quickly looking for something to hit them over the head. This time though I can't help but grin, I'm nervous of the people in there and I need something to take my mind off of it so I grin; "What do you have in mind?"

Grinning Fletcher grabs his board and says; "I dare you to using my skateboard skate in there and belt out "My heart will go on" by Celine Dion" until you get to the steps." I laugh at the stupidity of the dare; "And pray tell me what I get if I do this stupid dare of yours?" Fletcher who is still grinning hands me over his board and says; "I'll buy you lunch and you'll have my utter respect"

Shaking my head but grabbing the board I say; "I want a toasted ciabatta sandwich with mozzarella cheese onion and a bit of salad in it, none at the side. Also a Mocha, all of which can be found across the street in that bistro. Accept?" Fletcher just laughs nodding his head; "I can't believe you're going to do this."

I look at him and smile; "Neither can I" then jump onto the board which wobbles slightly then take off into the entrance. Seeing random people entering the school I point to them which causes people to look over and stare as I sing; "Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you. That is how I know you go on" and point towards the entrance as they stand there in shock with Fletcher running behind me filming everything.

I sing the next few lines at people standing by their cars in clusters, some laugh and beep encouragement, some shake their head in disgust. I see the Jeep up ahead and push myself towards it looking solely at Jon Kyle and Sebastian who all have their mouths open and I sing; "Near far wherever you are... I believe that the heart does, go on" and at the on in the verse I over dramatize it holding my hand to my heart as I move on and they disappear.

Getting to the steps I hop off and turn to Fletcher who has tears running down his face from laughing so much and sing; "Near, far wherever you are I believe that the heart goes on" and then just for a funny finale I belt out "And I will always love you!" I quickly do a little bow then run into the school with the thought I've never done that before.

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