Who Is She

Chapter 4

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Johnathan is normal ;)

She looks pale. That's the first thing I notice when she comes down the stairs like she didn't sleep a wink last night, I want to ask about it but I'm scared how she`d take it so I don't. Instead I go back to joking over Jace`s English essay about who inspires him, "He`s gonna fail you." I say grabbing my empty cereal bowl and bring it to the sink just as Clary goes into the living room with her food.

"No I won`t I`ll be grand, I put some pretty convincing stuff in here" he says winking at me which just means he bribed people to do it for him. I tell him so and he just shakes his head "Use what you have as my father always says" with a little frown on his face that only I can see before he`s back to being his perky self. I glance at the clock and sigh, "Time to go" I say taking my bag from the chair and grabbing my car keys.

We head to the door and I call on Clary, she comes out looking more worried than she did coming downstairs this morning, she doesn't say anything though just plugs her iPod into her ears and goes out to the jeep. Sending a little prayer up for her to be ok before getting into the driver's seat and we make our way to school. As we enter I steal a glance at her in the backseat and she has gone as pale as a ghost, I can`t help this time and say "You got everything?" she tears herself away from looking out the window just for a quick nod then goes back to looking at the kids going up to the school.

"If you need anything just come find one of us" I say freaked out at how pale she looks, she shakes her head though and just says; "I`ll be grand" she says before jumping out of the car and walking towards the entrance ignoring all the people around her. Sighing when the door slams shut I turn off the ignition and pocket the keys, "Come on man she`ll be fine, loosen up we`re going to make sure she`s fine" says Jace who punches my shoulder lightly then hops out of the car smiling flirtatiously at the cheerleaders waiting for us to get out of the car. Running my hand through my hair to mess it up as the others leave I get out of the car and grin at Aline.

"Hey" she says in the voice that makes my knees wobble and that smile could make me rob a bank. "Hey" I breathe back grabbing her hand making her smile even more and right then I'm just content with holding her hand while we make our way towards the school. That doesn't happen though because Aline stops and gasps and I look up to freeze.

Clary has Sebastian Verlarc in a death grip her red hair flying around with the wind and her eyes are green icy eyes look like flames as she death glares Sebastian, I'm frozen to the spot though as she says something to him to get a whimper in return. That`s not good enough for her and she twists his hand again and he shouts out "I promise I won't touch you as long you`re in the school!" grimacing in pain from whatever she`s doing to him, this acceptable to her though and she smiles a dangerous sweet smile and she lets go of him dropping her arms, Seeing his chance Verlarc swings a punch at her and before I can even shout a warning he`s already swung but somehow she`s ready and she dodges it perfectly with a smile still on her face. This enrages Verlarc but before he can swing one of his friends drag him away.

Clary just waves goodbye as he`s dragged away and then stops, everyone has stopped to watch the commotion going down, she looks up and looks me straight in the eyes with a look of regret and sorrow in her eyes before she wipes emotions from her face and runs into the school ignoring all the stares. Jace comes over and says jokingly; "Remind me never to piss her off" patting me on the shoulder. "Yeah" I say numbly as Aline squeezes my hand in reassurance as we make our way in to the school.

Awesome, Just freaking awesome, not five minutes into this school and not only am I the talk of the school but now I'm wanted number one by whoever that was, I want to scream but don't just quickly make my way to the reception where a frail skinny old lady is sitting in her chair reading a Readers Digest beneath her big round glasses, I cough to get her attention trying not to scare her anymore than possible. She jumps a little then arches her glasses higher up her nose taking me in.

I shift from foot to foot while she does wishing I could just get my timetable and locker number and go, instead I have her giving me her biggest smile and she even comes out of the room to give me a bone crushing hug while the intoxicating smell of too much perfume clogs up my nose all the while this too big smile all the while. "You must be Clary Fray? It`s a pleasure to meet you at last, I hope you`ve been enjoying your first few days here. Anyway enough with my babbling I'm Mrs. Smith and I'm the one you come to if you forget homework or if you need to go home ok sweetie?" I smile and nod along trying my hardest not to start tapping my foot in impatience.

"Here I am babbling again, I'm sure you just want your timetable and locker key." She says getting off her chair and going to the little cabinet behind her, "Here is your timetable and your locker key, ten euro to replace either so be careful with them" she says giving me a little wink at the end of it. I smile weakly says thanks then walk as fast as I can out of there gulping down fresh air trying to rid myself of the horrible smell of her perfume.

After I'm sure I won't die of inhalation of toxic substances I start looking for my locker, no doubt, when I get back into the hallway the student population is staring and I really wish Izzy was here because she'd strut down the corridor feeding off the stares pretending she was on a red carpet. I smile at the thought and for about five seconds I'm happy but then I remember where I am and the frown comes back onto my face all over again. Sighing I keep looking for number 394 which I was told is on this floor. After another five minutes of pointless looking I finally find it and look shocked at it.

It looks big, big enough that it might fit all my books and my coat. In my old school you`d be lucky to get all your books neatly in your locker minus your coat, here it looks you`ve got enough space for everything. "Wow" I whisper to myself opening it and looking inside there`s two shelves for all my books and a little coat hanger on the door for a coat.

"Wow" I say again then get to work putting books onto the shelves and making sure I have the books for my first six classes up until lunch then shut my locker and looks around the hall, most are still looking sneakily at me but I don't mind they won`t come near me after what happened in the car park, they`d be silly to. Just then a bell starts ringing and people start making their way into classrooms, I quickly look down at mine and it just says tutor room eight, I look at the door in front of me and it says thirty, "Shit" I curse under my breath then start running towards the stairs to find room eight.

I arrive just as the last bell goes and I'm a little out of breath but not that much after all the training my dad used to do with me in self defence. Panting I stumble into the room where thirty eyes turn and stare directly at me. I resist the urge to curtsey at them instead I walk to the back of the class and take a seat besides a window. A few late stragglers stumble into the room and one of Jon's friend saunters in and takes the seat at the back with me but on the other side of the classroom beside some brunette cheerleader. I scoff silently shaking my head I wonder why I didn't see this coming, why would he even acknowledge you after what you did to that guy outside, he`s probably too scared to come over here or even recognise you because you beat up that guy, who cares I thinking shaking my head and looking out of the window looking at part of the field instead, the teacher walks in and starts talking about something they had done last week or something. "Also we have a new pupil starting today in our good school... Clary Fray why don't you stand up and tell us a bit about yourself" says the teacher who's dressed in a summer sun dress and is smiling way too enthusiastically for a Monday morning.

Sighing I get up and look at the teacher who smiles back encouragingly then at the pupils who don't really look like they care but really are interested, running my hand through my hair I say bluntly; "My mum moved in with a new guy I was dragged here because of it, you can see what I can so for the benefit of all of us just leave me alone." Then I sit down and continue looking outside the window while everybody frantically whispers and texts their friends what I said.

The teacher struggles to keep on her happy face as she sits down and opens her notebook no doubt reminding herself to get a guidance counsellor to try talk to me. Excellent just what I need, I can`t help but think of Izzy`s reaction to this she`d probably end up on the floor laughing over the very thought of me in counselling talking to some middle aged guy. "She's as awkward as a baby panda; it took her nearly three months to truest me properly even after I sat with her in most of her classes and ate with her. No way in Hades burning underground would she willingly talk to some stranger."

I can't help but smile at the thought and it brings a smile to my face as the bell rings for next class, the smile is short lived though as I go out into the corridor and everyone is staring at me from their lockers in groups and passing me by, yet again I resist the urge to curtsey to them instead just smile and walk off to find my next class. I sit in the back again and thankfully the teacher doesn't even bothering to say hello to me just keeps going on with class which I'm thankful for.

The bell for break goes off, I sit there for a second waiting for the mass to scramble out of the class before I pack up and make my way to the door, the teacher coughs though and I turn around where the guy is peering at me over his round spectacles "Welcome to the school MsFray" before going back to correcting homework. I stand frozen for a second, then nod and scramble out of the room to go to my locker and dump books into it.

As I'm at my locker people are still staring at me then one takes it a step too far and shouts over the noise "Go back to Scotland you freak!" I turn around about to correct them, that actually I'm from Ireland and that they had better not be doing geography as an exam subject or they`re definitely failing that one. Instead I text Izzy again; Hey Iz, I'm in my new school. It`s awful, you think your mam would like to adopt me? ;) I send it grab my homemade sandwich then quickly as five minutes later the warning bell rings, Wow you don't get any time to eat before classes do you?

I quickly check my phone to see if Iz has answered but she hasn't yet and I frown, usually in the first five minutes of me sending it to her. I shrug it off and go to my next class willing the day to go faster so I can go home and pretend this whole stupid day didn't even happen.

The next few classes went the same way as the last; I sit at the back the class with people throwing worried or grudgingly impressed looks at me which just annoys me even more, either come up and say something or just don't do anything that wastes either of our time.

"Ok class I'm going to the staff room, I`ll be back in a few minutes please continue with the worksheet in complete silence while I go photocopy tonight`s homework" Ms Whatever her name is. I don't even look up just keep looking out of the window to get outside and away from all these staring people. Obviously someone upstairs must have missed my plea to be left alone because the moment the teacher leaves the majority of the class's eyes turn and look at me like twenty eight laser beams glaring at me.

Sighing I say; "Take a picture it`ll last longer" without even looking up just know that everyone is looking at me, this gets a few snickers but from the corner of my eyes I see one girl who seems like somebody you should avoid showing your new boyfriend to, just huffs and flicks her hair pursing her lips then turns and stares at me. "Why are you even here? You look like you`ve been dragged through a bush backwards and honey have you ever heard of the word concealer?"

I can`t help but start laughing, the laugh that fills you up and makes it impossible to breath at all. "Oh wow, needed that, concealer" I gasp out then burst out laughing again while some people chuckle along but most are staring at me like I've gone mad which I probably already have being stuck in here for however long it's been. The girl just huffs again and says; "Yeah you know concealer, the miracle worker that covers all spots so guys might actually want to date you, instead of whatever you call the display outside that no young lady should ever do" while glaring at me.

I just smirk. "Oh honey you have loads to learn about me before you can assume anything about my young lady status; I call the "scene" as you call it outside self- defense and every smart girl should know and use it whenever needed. Just because you prefer to be your boyfriends pet and be dolled up just to go tampon shopping doesn't mean I or anybody else has to be. So you can take your young lady status and shove it" I say smiling at her outraged face just as the lunch bell rings. I quickly grab my bag and get out before she tries to start a bitch fight which wouldn't be good which wouldn't be good after this morning.

I cautiously walk into the cafeteria and instantly know that I'm never going to eat here. I turn around and go to walk out of the cafeteria but end up walking straight into somebody who huffs stumbles but stays on his feet unlike me who gets to land flat on her ass which is just perfect in front of everybody. A hand comes down to help me up but I'm already jumping up brushing off the invisible dust and walking out of the room before anybody has a chance to take photos or start laughing.

I sprint once of the room not even caring where the hell I'm going as long as I can be as far away from the barely minimum clothes on high pitched giggles and one inch make up girls and all the others staring at me like I'm the incredible hulk just waiting for me to get angry again. When I stop running gasping for breath I'm at some old oak tree that when you look around reflects my situation, yeah I know sounds weird but there was something about this tree.

This tree was stark of any leaves to protect it, there wasn't any other trees anywhere near it and above all it looked lonely. Sighing I dump my bag on the floor and open my lunchbox opening the container with my grapes in it plopping it in loving the sweet taste and being on my own for five minutes of this hell. Just then a cough interrupts my peaceful thoughts and I'm brought back with a frown on my face, "Hi. I'm Matt I'm from the morning news webcast, I was wondering if I could get a segment about you?"

Instantly I raise my eyebrow and snort. "Hahaha, No. I'm good thanks just go do it on some cheerleader who wants to be behind the camera and stop annoying me at lunch" I say packing up my bags and heading inside while the Matt guy looks disappointed which makes me feel guilty.

Who cares? I'm not getting filmed so the whole school can know my sob story, no it`s for me to know and for nobody else to find out. With that I storm back into the school a black mood taking me into its clutches...

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