Who Is She

Chapter 40

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Jace's POV:

I don't know what has gotten into Clary the last few days but I know without a doubt that it has something to do with that new guy. Though saying that this morning probably didn't help on my part, why Kalie couldn't have just seen reason and not taken it upon herself to demand a lift to school in the jeep is beyond me.

When she came into my drive this morning I had to resist the temptation to run back indoors slam the door shut and lock every lock there is in the whole house, we had an argument last night as we always do about transportation. Kalie continued to complain that it was silly that I wanted to keep getting a lift with the "Not as excelling, boring boys in that filthy old car" only mentioning Clary as "The other passenger" never actually saying her name.

Angry with how she was treating my friends I wrote quickly; "Yeah Kalie because you're definitely going places and entertain me intellectually all the time. Also just because Jon can't bat his eyes at daddy for the latest model of whatever car she picks doesn't mean his car is inferior to the piece of metal you're driving around, which I don't even think you know how to use except to put the roof down and turn the radio up. They're my friends who I've ridden with from the age one of us could drive, so yes I'm riding with them."

Needless to say that I got a few angry words back, some I was expecting and then some that I wasn't, so when she showed up this morning not a hair out of place I had to suppress a sigh obviously my rant didn't get through to her at all and we were back at square one again. Getting up slowly from my seat on the front step of my house I ponder if I shouted at her enough would she leave me alone? Glancing at her face as she walks up the drive I have to admit defeat, there's a look of; "You're mine, don't even bother trying to cause a fight" on her face as she stops just in front of me.

"Well" she says putting her hands on her hips lips pursed eyebrows raised. I should probably tell her she looks as terrifying as a shopping bag drifting in the wind but I keep my mouth shut liking the silence between us which is extremely awkward, but there's no way in hell I'm making the first move. She says well again and this time she begins to tap her foot getting more and more impatient. Raising my own eyebrow I pick up my schoolbag from beside me and say stubbornly; "Well what, use your words Kalie"

She huffs her lips puckered into a thin line of perfectly applied light pink lip gloss hands still on her hips foot tapping louder now. She looks up at me expectantly and I know what I should say but don't, I was speaking the truth and there's no way I'm going back on my word now. Kalie grits her teeth and then plasters a fake happy smile on her face saying; "Shouldn't you be apologizing to me sweetheart. Those were some very mean words you said to me last night"

I laugh shaking my head walking past her towards her car making her turn around; "Where are you going, get your butt back here and apologize right now. I'm serious!" she yells as I make my way towards the entrance. With a huff she starts trying to catch up to me but it isn't going well in her heels as she swears and then cries out, hearing her cry out I reluctantly turn around but don't move forward to help her, she's laying on the floor lying on her stomach suddenly silent.

Then she does something I wasn't expecting, without getting up she starts to sob, sobbing into the ground in a chocked blubbering mess mumbling something I can't hear. If it was up to me I'd run as fast as I could the other way so she'd finally realise I didn't like her, but I was raised by a lady who ironed the importance of being a gentleman into me from a young age. Sighing rolling my eyes I jog over to where she's still lying mumbling something incoherently, gently grabbing her by her armpits I lift her up to see all her makeup has been ruined from her tears, her mascara making her look like a panda and concealer reviling some freckles that apparently "Aren't allowed to be seen"

I look her over quickly, none of her clothes are ripped dirty yes but not damaged. I look at her shoes and ask if she hurt her ankle on the fall, she shakes her head unshed tears still making her eyes water she sobs again and this time I pull her into a hug; "You're ok, it's ok don't worry I'm here shush don't cry". She looks up from having her face buried in my chest and says quietly; "My hero" before hugging me again, now I really know I'm never getting out of this and I wish I had just ran when I had the chance.

After a while when her sobs have stopped she picks up herself but not before grabbing my hand in her death grip. "Let me just re-do my makeup and then we get to school yeah?" she grins hopefully up at me making me sigh and her to frown slightly. I rub the back of my neck and say; "Kalie you falling over doesn't change the fact that I still want to ride with my mates, I'm sorry that you hurt yourself but that doesn't change my decision" Kalie stamps her foot all pain forgotten about while she hisses; "But that bitch is there every day telling you god knows what to try pin you against me Jay, why can't you see that!"

I look at her in disbelief, did she really think that that was what we talked about in the jeep every day? I shake my head; "Jesus Kalie you really don't understand Clary if you think that that's what we talk about, hell if we can get her to talk. She generally just stares out the window listening to her IPod until we get to school, and then she gets out and you and the rest of the school know what she's doing from there, so don't you dare think for a minute she wastes her time plotting against you or any of your idiotic friends, because she has better things to do like avoid the person who has made her life here a misery from the word go" anger seeping into my words as I finish.

"Why are you defending her!" she screams back at me all tears gone anger replacing it and I laugh turning shaking my head before turning back to her and say; "I'm defending her because no one else will, and you seem hell bent on making her a life a misery which by the way is pretty petty of you but heck who am I to judge?" Kalie is seething and I'm breathless chest heaving as I try to calm down as she glares at me waiting for her to slap me, instead she turns and walks to the car simply saying; "get into the car"

I laugh no humour in my voice as I say; "You must be joking, I'm not getting into the car with you. I'm going to walk to my bestfriend's house and get a lift with them like I always do, now if you don't mind I don't want to be late." I turn to leave again when the sobbing starts up again and I stand there eyes closed praying to whoever is in the sky to shut her up, instead of doing as I plead it continues to get louder until it's a shriek, wanting to strangle her I turn around and open the passenger door getting in saying; "You're going to drive me to their house, drop me off there and the instant I get out don't start this pathetic crying ordeal understand."

Kalie just smirks at me and says; "Oh I'll drive you to Morgenstern's and I'll drop you, but if you don't want me to cry again and believe me I can cry on demand, you'll let me catch a ride as well" she smirks like she just won a Grammy or whatever it's called that all the girls seem to be obsessed with. I look at her like she's mental, which I've discovered she is; "What's wrong with you going in this car and me going with the guys?" she shakes her head and simply says; "Crying" before turning the keys in the emission on before pulling out of the drive and heading towards Jon's with me silently apologizing to them all.

We pull up and there they all are heading towards the jeep when Kalie decides now is the time to remove the roof and blast some crappy new song Taylor Swift decided to write after another heartbreak. Sighing I shake my head and look out the window trying to not notice the shocked looks of my friends and Clary who is scowling saying something before going out of my view, Kalie parks the car and gets out strutting up the drive all hints of crying gone after her pit stop over here to reapply her makeup.

The lad's just stare at me mouths open like fish out of water as I'm forced to carry her books from the car up to the other wishing she would just leave us alone. Tossing the books onto the dashboard which gets a glare from Kalie and a questioning frown from Jon who starts the car as I take my seat up beside me and the others hope in letting Kalie go in the middle which doesn't go unnoticed by Clary, oh god Clary please don't start anything I beg silently.

I should've guessed that it wouldn't be Clary that started it but Kalie, as I'm putting my seatbelt on not paying that much attention my stupid girlfriend decides to prod the lioness in her cave by saying; Morning Clary, love your outfit where did you get it?" everyone tenses knowing Clary will say something back, I glance at Jon who has his eyes closed knuckles stark white on the steering wheel waiting for the blow.

Not turning around to see her face all I hear is; "Your boyfriend's wardrobe" before going silent again and I cringe, why does she have to bring me into this, now Kalie will never let me out of her sights. I hear Kalie turn and just know she's about to drag me into this and I cringe when she says in a whiny voice; "Jay Clary is being rude to me. Make her apologize" this time I turn to look at Kalie in disbelief who just raises an eyebrow in response, sighing I turn to Clary who is glaring daggers at me from the back seat while Jon is still gripping the wheel tightly.

Hating having to do it but know the consequences that will happen if I don't I say; "Clary apologize to Kalie she was only making conversation." Before turning around refusing to see the look on her face, we all hear the click of her seatbelt though and the humourless laugh she gives out she says in a deathly calm voice; "Yeah and I was only telling her where she can shove her conversation. Also why is the bitch even here in the first place, she has a car let her use it"

Before I can even open my mouth Jon has opened his eyes turned around and is saying; "Clary!" turning to me for help but before I can say anything Kalie opens her big gob again and says; "I just wanted to see what the big deal is, I mean my Jay is forever wanting to ride in this car than mine so I just wanted to see what was special about it. It's obviously not your conversation skills" smirking at how smart she sounds.

We all hear the door swing open and someone shuffle to the edge before saying; "Yeah because you're such a ray of sunshine in the morning, your people skills consist of blackmail and petty seductive skills. I'll see you later guys, Kalie I must not tell lies it was as horrible as ever seeing you" before she slams the door causing Jon and I to flinch and Kalie huff in disbelief saying; "Wow, angry one isn't she?" to which none of us answer.

The drive is quiet even though Kalie continues to try start conversations about anything and everything from the way teachers teach to how the president isn't doing his job right. We all ignore her though and eventually she shuts up with a frown on her face the entire time, that is until we turn onto the next road and see Clary walking down the road tapping something on her thigh, Jon slows the jeep down slightly then shakes his head and drives past muttering; "She'd never get in anyway".

We finally arrive to school the silence in the jeep suffocating all of making me want to open my door and run screaming for the hills, as soon as we park we're all out grabbing our stuff slamming doors shut as Kalie takes her sweet time coming out holding out her hand so Kyle can help her out the three inches she is from the ground. Sighing I shove her books in her hand when she's standing on her own two feet then ignore her calls as I walk towards Jon the other side of the jeep.

She flounces off to her friends who come towards us nose held high and I can't help but think ding dong the bitch is gone. Running my hand through my hair I turn to see all the guys glaring at me waiting for an answer; "S-s-she made me do it, I swear I didn't want her to come with us but you know what she's like!" Jon is about to say something when somebody comes in yelling at the top of their voices making us all turn and look.

"What the hell?" Kyle says as we all stare at the scene in front of us, there wobbling on a skateboard she got god knows where Clary who is pointing at some random pupils and is singing; "Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you. That is how I know you go on" to which she points at the entrance to the school, I'm about to ask what the hell is going on when I see the new guy behind her filming all of this and I ball my fists as she gets closer.

She sings the next few lines at people standing by their cars in clusters, some laugh and beep encouragement at her which has her smiling, some shake their head in disgust. She must see the jeep and our opened mouth faces because as she comes up to us she sings, and I note it's mainly for the others not me; "Near far wherever you are... I believe that the heart does, go on" dramatizing the line by holding her hand to her heart as she slides away.

We all turn towards the entrance where she stops hops off and turn to Fletcher who is laughing so much his hands are shaking and sings; "Near, far wherever you are I believe that the heart goes on" and then as an improve because it's not in this song she belts out "And I will always love you!" She quickly do a little bow blushing slightly then runs into the school leaving us all with the thought what the hell was that?

Clary's POV:

Still slightly dizzy from riding on the skateboard I grab my hair shaking my head laughing saying to Fletcher who is wiping a tear from the side of his eye; "Well that was different. Well done new guy I think we can say with some confidence we've now become the school freak show. Fletcher just laughs and says; "Ah new girl we were always going to be the weird ones weren't we?"

I scoff smiling shoving him lightly; "Says you, I could've been popular if you didn't need me so much" Fletcher just shoves me playfully back and says in a fake serious fake voice; "I'm sorry to have deprived you of popularity Ms. Fray, please forgive me" bowing in front of me. I pretend to think about it and then grin saying; "I shall forgive you for you owe me a sandwich and a coffee if I'm not mistaken"

Fletcher stands up towering over me nodding; "The mistress shall get her reward at lunch, if she would like to collect it from a mere peasant like me at her locker that would be acceptable" I frown slightly looking at him as we make our way further into the school towards our locker while saying; "And why won't you be giving it to me outside?" fletcher looks startled and turns to me worry set in his eyes though he tries to act cool while asking; "Are you sure new girl, I don't want to intrude anything"

I raise an eyebrow at that and say; "All you'll be intruding is the tree and I new guy, and anyway I want to eat my reward outside so yeah you can intrude." Fletcher smiles saying he'll see her outside at lunch then before running towards his own locker leaving me here wondering why this left me feeling so relaxed, like this was supposed to happen. Before anyone says anything about fate I'm just going to stop you there, life is all about choices do I go down this road or this one. Whichever you choose is your choice which leads to things happening that you made happen, not fate pure and simple choice.

So this felt weird to me as I walked towards my locker, people shouted to one another across the hall about anything and some pointed at me telling their friend's what just happened outside and how much of a freak I am. Shaking my head I continue to walk to my locker not paying attention to where I'm going until I run straight into someone's shoulder and staggering back slightly I mumble an apology looking up to see who it was I ran into and have to suppress a sigh.

There glaring at me is Jace who looks slightly confused but extremely pissed off. He grabs my hand and drags me over to my locker growling; "What the hell was that?" continuing to glare at me like there was nobody watching this little fiasco. I smile sweetly up at him and say; "Why Jace I'm sure I don't know what you mean." While I open my locker and begin to swap books in for ones that I need.

"You know fine well what I'm talking about, why the hell did you ride in on the new guy's, who is clearly just using you for you know what, skateboard? You could've been hurt or a car could've crashed into you." He growled never taking his hand off my wrist. Is not shaking my head before turning to Jace and saying; "So what if I want to do the do with the new guy, I'm sure as hell he wouldn't hurt me as much as you have or would if I ever in my worst nightmare decided to go out with you. So get your hand off of me before I make you regret it" I growl glaring at him scaring him enough to let go of me.

"Now if you would be so kind as to feck off that would be lovely, you've already annoyed me enough for one day thank you very much" I say slamming my locker door shut and walking away not letting him say anything else to wreck my day. Getting outside I see Fletcher is already there and I speed up a little to get there a smile on my face.

He grins back at me when he sees me saying; "I thought you'd stand me up new girl" sitting down on the left hand side of the dry patch of the tree giving me the right hand side, the side I always sat on. Grinning I say; "I still could you know" which has him putting his hand to his heart in mock hurt saying; "You cruel lady, you'd do no such thing to a poor broken man like myself" I snort and tell him to keep telling himself that.

I'm just getting comfortable leaning against the tree and my new friend when someone interrupts clapping their hands together saying; "Now isn't this just an adorable sight to the eyes" and I look up to swear softly.

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