Who Is She

Chapter 41

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Jace's POV (I tried to do some back story here, if the tenses seem slightly messed up I apologize)

Once the school's entrance door clicks shut behind Clary and the new guy we all turn to each other. From the looks on all their faces it wasn't a prank they were planning without me, Jon is staring at the spot where she was mumbling something I can't hear pale faced shaking his head so little nobody but me and the guys would even notice.

I walk over to him putting my hand on his shoulder feeling the need to comfort him for some reason, the last time I had to comfort him was a long time ago on a day we would all rather not think about. Jon was a five four young boy, usually with so much spirit and always up for anything that even hinted at a good time. Always said hello to anyone we met on our travels, never without a smile and kind word.

Not that day though. That day his apple green eyes usually so full of life and light were a void of black, never looking at anyone when they offered their condolences even old or young, neighbour of the local butcher's wife. No that day for the first time in the twelve years that I have known Jonathan Morgenstern there was as much life as the person we were all their to say goodbye to.

Alice Morgenstern was a lovely women, she was into law and chemistry always trying to get Jon and I to listen to some new theory some famous chemist found and trying to convince us how interesting it was, while all the pair of us wanted to do was go outside and play football. She was a strict parent though, coming down on us if we broke something in the house when we weren't allowed to play indoor rounders. Yet if either of us fell and hurt ourselves she would be the one we'd go to, she'd put us on a big stool kiss it better before putting a Batman plaster on it and give us a lollipop for our bravery.

The day Jon's mum died he was at my house playing PlayStation with me, I remember because I had just got the new Simpson's hit and run game and I begged Amatis to let me buy it with my birthday money. We were in the middle of a really hard level which looking back on it was pretty easy, we had started shouting at each other because one of us crashed our car and lost the level again. Neither of us were taking the blame so we continued to shout at each other until Amatis came into the room looking like Jon does now, pale faced eyes wide. She pulled us apart from scuffing on the floor her grip firmly on each of our shoulders, she asked what was wrong and we both started to shout how the other person wrecked the game.

Shaking her head she said; "That's not important right now, no matter who did it" answering my glare towards Jon who glowered back at me. She then turned to Jon and said; "Jon honey, there's a man at the door coming to bring you home. Don't worry he's a nice man and he'll explain what's going on when he sees you just-"she cuts herself off hugging him tightly making his eyes bulge slightly. I throw my controller on the ground and storm out of the room leaving Amatis to hug who I thought at the time was the son she wanted more.

After that I slammed my door refusing to say goodbye to him, just continued to yell at him until he left. Amatis left me to sulk for a few hours until the street lamps outside started to come on and you could hear music thumping from a party a couple houses down, then with a soft knock she came into my room holding a tray of something steaming, my stomach gave me away and I sat up with a sigh, Amatis sat down beside me with a little smile; "Is my favourite boy done sulking now?" I laughed tracing patterns on my duvet saying; "I don't know, Jon isn't here so you can't ask him"

Amati's burrows her eyebrows in confusion then realization washes over her; "Jace, honey you'll always be my favourite boy. Jon is…. Honey there's something I have to tell you, and I need you to try and be a big boy here ok?" I look up at her fear clouding my vision, I remember thinking she was going to tell me she couldn't mind me anymore, no matter what she just said to me. Gulping I say; "What is it?"

Amatis shakes her head before saying; "Honey, you know Jonathan's mother Alice" I look at her like she's dumb, it's obvious I know who she is what was Amatis trying to get at here. She grabs my hand gripping it tightly before saying words I never wanted or want anyone to have to hear; "She- she, she was at the bank taking out some money when a man came in with a gun. The customers and staff were being held hostage and were unable to call for help, they think Alice was hiding behind the desk calling 9-9-9 trying to get them to come when the man heard her whispering and found her on the phone. He- he- he" Amatis shakes her head trying not to cry but failing, while I sit there feeling numb, I screamed at him earlier for losing us the level while his mum was out trying to be a real hero.

The funeral was three days later, there was a mass for everyone who had been killed on what most called a "terrible accident" all talking about how grateful they were and still are that Alice risked her life trying to save them. Mr. Morgenstern even said in part of his little speech; "She was always trying to be a hero" I remember sitting there holding Amatis's hand never letting go until Jon got up halfway through some old man's speech and ran out the doors refusing to listen to anyone telling him to come back, I looked at Amatis who just smiled a watery smile then let go off my hand and off I went.

I found him at her newly buried grave and I sat down beside him not saying anything, what was I supposed to say? That it would be ok? Because how are you supposed to tell someone who lost just lost their mother and has to sit and listen to people who, though they don't say it are thankful that it was her and not them. Ok is not enough, so instead I just put my hand on his shoulder and we looked at her grave in silence.

That was nearly five years ago, and yet sometimes when I look at Jon I just feel he's not over it and it kills me. I'm his best friend and if there was any way I could change it I would. So when I go over to him and place my hand on his shoulder I'm reminding him I'll always be there for him. He seems to relax a little and stop mumbling to himself enough to say; "I don't know what that was before anyone asks, but if it's ok with you guys I'm going to skip asking her why and pissing her off even more"

We all nod agreement. We walk in and I head towards my locker telling the others I'll see them at lunch or Spanish in Jon's case. As I'm heading towards my locker I see Clary talking to the new guy laughing at something then coming towards me not even noticing me, now's my chance, get her alone and try talk some sense into her. If she'll listen.

So she gets closer and closer to me until she's so close I can smell her, she smells of coffee and mint a weird combination but there you go. She's obviously not paying attention because she runs right into me and I have to grab her shoulder to stop her totally falling on her ass. She mumbles an apology and I can't help but think you won't be when you look up.

Ah there's the look. She sighs quietly as I glare at her and drag her over to a set of lockers and I can't help but lose it growling;What the hell was that?" continuing to glare at her ignoring everyone around us, just needing her to answer, she smile sweetly up at me but not fooling me for a second while saying; "Why Jace I'm sure I don't know what you mean." While she open her locker that I seemed to have dragged her to and begins to swap books in for ones that she apparently needs.

"You know fine well what I'm talking about, why the hell did you ride in on the new guy's, who is clearly just using you for you know what, skateboard? You could've been hurt or a car could've crashed into you." I growl, knowing I should calm down and loosen my grip on her wrist but I can't. She shakes her head going to say something then changes her mind grabbing something from her locker saying; "So what if I want to do the do with the new guy, I'm sure as hell he wouldn't hurt me as much as you have or would if I ever in my worst nightmare decided to go out with you. So get your hand off of me before I make you regret it" she growls equally scary to mine never letting up with the glaring at him, the comment about hurting her makes me flinch letting go of her hand.

She miles sweetly again; "Now if you would be so kind as to feck off that would be lovely, you've already annoyed me enough for one day thank you very much" I nod and walk away in a daze, I would never hurt Clary, never. Yet you know you already have don't you a little voice in my head saying. I shake my head trying to get rid of those thoughts, but not before I promise myself I'll figure this whole thing out before the guy hurts her anymore then he already has, unrequited love or not.

Clary's POV

I look up ready to kill whoever this is who seems to believe can just stroll right on in here and annoy me and Fletcher just as we're about to relax. The voice sounds familiar though and it takes me a while to put a name to the face, when I do though I groan and wonder if I have any more tolerance left to deal with the assholes in front of me. I put my drink down and stand up glaring at Raphael and his stupid little gang.

"What do you think lads, aren't they just adorable? The school freak and the mysterious new kid, whatever she said mate it's a lie. Save yourself the trouble and leave her and come inside with us and nobody will get hurt" Raphael smirks looking at Fletcher who is looking worriedly at me.

I stand up fists curled into fits laughing humour devoid from my laugh; "Raphael I've been waiting for a while to do this" and I rush him and swing connecting with his nose hearing a satisfactory crunch and a yelp telling me I broke something. I edge back seeing blood pouring from out of one of Raphael's cronies. Swearing I go again to swing at his face but get blocked.

Turning I glare at the hand and then at its owner who doesn't even look at me. Just keeps hold of my hand and looks up at Raphael and his friend's one who is trying not to look in pain as he wipes the blood off his face while glaring at me. Just be glad that's all I gave you asshole. Raphael just laughs shaking his head coming out from behind one of his friends; "Clary, Clary, Clary when will you learn sweetheart. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me and that honey, isn't going to happen, now if you'd calmly sit your stupid ass down the non-freaks would like to have a conversation"

"Fuck you!" I snarl again ripping my hand out of Fletcher's grip charging at Raphael who just laughs and lets me come at him and I don't realise me mistake until it's too late. One of his cronies jump in front of him and swings at me, I try to duck and so but get what should have been for my nose on my jaw which bursts into million colours worth of pain and I'm left falling on my ass wondering dazed if I'll ever be able to eat again.

What I'm not expecting next is Fletcher leaping forward punching the guy who got me good, kicking the other guy in the shin and throwing him to the ground to grab Raphael by the collar of his immaculate shirt, all traces of the earlier smirk gone, Fletcher lifts him up with more force then I even knew he had and shoves him up against the closest tree.

"Under no circumstances do you ever raise your hand to any girl, provoked or otherwise. Now I don't know what happened before I came along, but I do know that the rule about feeling a pupil feel threatened and or bullied is not acceptable anywhere. Now swallow the fact that you got beaten by the new mysterious new guy and probably that girl over there and apologize, also know that if you come near her not only do you have to deal with her, who could probably kick your ass ten times over I'll be right beside her to make sure it's painful. Do you understand?" he growls continuing to shove him deeper into the bark of the tree ignoring his yelps of pain.

I jump up all thoughts of pain gone, just the fear for a new friend in trouble. Raphael could report us both for bullying and get us expelled, I don't want that to happen to either of us so I run over ignoring the throbbing in my jaw as I say; "Fletch leave it, please" grabbing his hand tugging at his sleeve trying to get his attention. Raphael sneers; "Yeah Fletch listen to your girlfriend, what's the name everyone seems to be quietly calling you all again? Oh yeah Fairy!"

Raphael continued to laugh while I continue to try to tug him away; "can you believe that Fletcher, you're paired with this freak! You even have a ship name how cute is that, am I right?" neither Fletcher nor Raphael have time to react before I have moved and punched him in the stomach making him slouch and wheeze falling down the tree Fletcher finally letting go of him turning to me as I stand there breathing hard wincing at the pain in my jaw.

Fletcher throws me a small smile then turns back to Raphael who is wheezing on the floor plucking him up again standing him on his feet but not holding onto him in anyway, he simply says; "I told you, now go" shoving him towards the school, Raphael must know he's outnumbered because he runs straight into the school his cronies following close behind. Fletcher turns to me and really smiles now coming towards me now.

He gently grabs my waits and then my chin turning it towards him, he whistles softly as I stand there wondering if why my heart is skipping a beat and my palms which are firmly held by my side are becoming sweaty? I shift slightly to lock eyes with him; "Is it bad doctor? Will I be ok soon" Fletcher looks at me and something shifts within me which I can't identify and an emotion flickers across Fletcher's eyes too quick for me to name.

His hand on my waist moves up to cup my face and his hands are nice and cool which shouldn't be the thing I'm thinking about right now, Fletcher leans in slightly and I can't help but think Oh my god is he going to kiss me?

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