Who Is She

Chapter 43

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Disclaimer: All Cassandra Clare's characters except Fletcher and Dan. All mistakes are mine because my Beta's message tool is broken :(

It's the end of the day. I should be grateful, relieved that all I have to do is walk outside into a crowded car park that badly needs more spaces and find the jeep. Not today though, not the day that all I want to do is find the jeep get in and blank all the feelings raging inside of me.

No, instead after school for the next god knows how long, three weeks minimum apparently coach "brilliantly" come up with a training regime that will "have the fellow runners eating you dust while we take gold" which sounds appealing but come on, when all you want to do is collapse in a dark room running lap after lap with added crunches and burpies doesn't sound so appealing.

Yet here I am, in the changing rooms surrounded by burly guys of all shapes and sizes laughing at each other throwing sweaty socks around or doing some pre stretching, all while I'm standing here facing my locker pretending everything is all right when it's clearly not. A thump on the back causes me to jump and turn making the person take two paces back hands held in the air.

Grinning slightly is Eric standing there his training gear already on looking at me a nervous yet slightly hopeful look on his face while he taps his fingers against his thigh, without actually turning around I glance around and notice people trying very hard not to make it obvious that they're looking this way as well. Sighing I turn to Eric wondering what he can want, I mean we're friends but not close enough to have locker room chats.

Running my hand through my hair I lock eyes with Eric trying not to let the aspiration form its ugly head while asking the obvious question; "What's up Eric?" because though I'm fighting for cool and collected all I want to do is leave this room and all the eyes that come with it. Eric rubs the back of his neck the grin on his face all but a shadow as he quickly glances over at another guy in the corner, who opens his eyes wide having some telepathic argument with Eric who sighs and turns back to me.

Eric looks guiltily up at me not meeting my eyes properly his fingers quickening their pace on his leg as he whispers out an apology. Startled I look at him utterly confused, like I said we're not exactly bosom buddies which insinuates no need for an apology from either of us, so why is he apologizing? Thrown off my game for a few seconds I nod; "Whatever you're apologizing for I forgive you, now why did burly over there make you come over here?"

Burly guy is only three metres away from where Eric and I are standing and can tell I'm directing my question towards him and not Eric who is now backing away slightly looking between me and burly guy his head moving between us like a freaking tennis match. Burly guy turns around his hands curled in fists and a sneer on his face. He throws his bag down on one of the wooden benches and starts to stalk towards me, anyone near the door runs out avoiding the war that, from the look on this asshole's face is about to happen.

"The 'Burly guy' as you say needs to talk to the captain' he sneers the words like they're poison on his tongue "about how you've absolutely screwed over this team, and not because you made an honest to god mistake which ok, hands down I think we could all forgive you for. But this, what you've done is just downright idiotic and selfish." He growls out the last bit pushing me causing me to stumble back a bit.

I move forward seeing red, but before I even get close to him so I can knock his effing lights out Eric is there holding me back frantically saying; "He's not worth it, Jace just listen to what he has to say and then I'll happily let you knock Dan's lights out. Just please listen to him!" I continue to struggle against him but let up a little to glare at this Dan guy.

Dan just smirks at me making it very hard not to punch him until I can never see that irritating smirk ever again. "Listen to the little baby Jace, you need to hear what I'm about to tell you. What did mummy never teach you manners?" I lose it, no one knows about my mum except for the guys so whatever and however much this asshole knows is a lie and I'm not going to let it go unpunished.

Eric tries to hold me back but doesn't really have the upper body strength of a guy who for summer had to play rugby with his friends to see if they liked it enough to try out for the school team. When you play as a half forward six weeks in a row in four on four (some kids from other neighbourhoods tagged along) you built upper arm muscles and the knowledge when to run away from someone, so Eric was utterly overwhelmed when I pushed too hard against him and broke free of his arms.

Breaking from my prison I grab this Dan guy who has the nerve to laugh when I grab him by the collar and shove him into the wall, with my teeth bared and every cell in my body screaming to break every bone in his body and leave him as an example. Dan starts laughing again and says still with his signature sneer on his face; "I knew you were too chicken to actually hurt me Jacey boy, though Eric on the other hand…." Trailing off as turn towards where Eric should be.

Sitting up on his ass is a bemused Eric whose holding his head and hissing in pain, my eyes widen and the need to hurt this guy diminishes like a candle being blown out at the end of a night, letting go of this guy I dart over to Eric who just looks up at me gratitude and pain written on his face. "Jesus I'm sorry" I choke out looking him over for any obvious damage. Dan just snorts shaking his head; "He's weak, stop babying him he needs to deal with pain himself."

I look back at him anger boiling over again, but this time I keep it at bay as much as I possibly can as I stand up and look at Dan a five nine all muscle blue eyes sandy blonde hair and ask allowing a snarl to enter my voice; "What is it that you wanted to talk to me about, and let's just be clear on one thing before you open your fat mouth. One thing comes out that I don't like you'll be pinned to the door outside by your underwear, so think before you speak."

Dan just snorts shaking his head; "This is probably why she left" turning around to the wall shaking his head, not expecting that a confused what to come out of my mouth before I clamp it shut racking my brain trying to figure what the hell he's on about. He turns around and repeats "What" back with a sneer on his face. "What, you complete and utter asshole I'm on about is her." At my utterly confused voice he sighs rolling his eyes up to heaven and says; "Clary. Why did the best chance we had on actually winning at regionals did a runner after only her first day, what I and the rest of the team want to know" and is cut off by a mumbled "Not me" from Eric.

"You saint" he sneers breaking eye contact with me to look at him, but as soon as he's finished undermining Eric he's right back on me glaring at me expecting an answer. I open my mouth to answer but come up with nothing better than because, I mean how are you supposed to explain to an asshole, you barely know that you were the reason that she quit? So I lie like I always do when Clary is involved with it.

"She left because she didn't want to do it anymore, and anyway I don't think she'll have time you know with classes and a boyfriend" a twinge of something that I refuse to call love pops up in my stomach and I repress it, squash it until it can't pop up anytime soon then look back at Dan the asshole whose just smirking back at me in a disconcerting kind of way making me uneasy just standing a mere inches away from him.

He continues to smirk and says; "Well then you wouldn't mind finding her and convincing her that she should come back and join our team, at least until nationals once we get our trophy and the school stops taking the track team as a piss poor excuse of a team you can go back to denying your obvious love for her and be your usual pulling self." I kick him in the shins causing him to howl in pain grasping them and sliding onto the floor.

"What was that for" He wails tears pricking his eyes still clutching onto his shins which shouldn't be in that much agony I only lightly kicked him after all, bending down to his level on the locker room floor I say in a deathly calm voice; "If you want Clary back onto the track team you go talk to her, neither Eric or I are going to be your stupid lackey do you understand me?" he mumbles something under his breath I can't hear and being fed up with him I grab his collar and snarl; "What was that?"

Dan cowers slightly and I taste the first sense of victory as he mumbles an ok. Letting go of his collar and standing up properly I smirk myself walking over to Eric who has picked himself up smiling at him saying; "Good, because we're about to be late for training, and you know how much coach hates late comers." Indicating the door to Eric who smiles back and follows me out leaving Dan on the floor to pick up his pride and follow us out.

We've been sitting here for the last ten minutes neither of us saying much, but it's not an uncomfortable silence more of a thinking and sussing things out in our minds rather than talking all over each other. That's not something that a lot of guys can do, so every few seconds I nervously glance over to Fletcher who seems to be comfortable sprawled out head leaning against the tree long scrawny legs stretched out before the both of us, while I've my legs tucked under me hands tapping out a beat on the ground.

After another five minutes of silence I start thinking of stuff to talk about: cars, coffee, movies, something off the internet. I glance back at him who has his eyes closed and shake my head, why in the name of every god known to man will he want to talk about coffee, Jesus Christ Clary get your act together stop whatever crap this is right now, and effing talk to him.

I glance over and then quickly turn my head away because he's opening his eyes, I pretend to be fixated on something over in the other direction totally oblivious that he just opened his eyes from the little bit of sun that we're actually getting wondering why one attempted kiss, that I broke off, is having such an affect in the aftermath.

Fletcher yawns and I can't help but compare his yawn to a little husky dog advert that comes on the screen and then blush because I've secretly always wanted that dog from the moment I saw it one TV. The sound of chuckling draws my attention back to the other person leaning on the tree beside me, raising an eyebrow I ask; "And pray tell me, what's so funny it's got Fletcher the grim laughing?"

Fletcher hears what I called him and sits up properly, a grin on his face. "What did you call me?" a daring note in his voice, I grin mischievously and say as sneakily as I can; "You know what I said a smirk on my face as I finish speaking. Fletcher takes one look at me a grin spreading on his face and simply says; "Run"

And I do, I scramble up squealing, trying to get my legs to run as fast as they can away from Fletcher who is behind me but quickly gaining ground towards me laughing. I run as fast as I can away from the tree but nowhere near the building because, as fun as this is, I don't think either want to run into anyone with a big mouth. Looking at you Kalie. I laugh as Fletcher makes a pass at me but I just dodge out of his reach.

"Fast little thing aren't you new girl" he growls playfully when he finally catches me near the back of the gym, not the best place I know and nowhere near where I wanted to be caught but I had to move or he'd have caught me a few minutes earlier. I go to say something but he just grabs me and begins to tickle me in the stomach causing me to scream and laugh at the same time, trying in vain to wriggling away from him but being held down by his unbeknownst to me until now muscular arms.

"Let me go you idiot!" I squeal wriggling trying to get out of his grip but failing making us both laugh increasing the tickling and the squirming. "I'll stop tickling me if you tell me what you called me new girl" he says through bursts of laughter at my squirming and then at the shake of my head. He fake sighs and then goes down to my feet saying; "You could've saved yourself some trouble new girl!" shaking his head.

He slips off my shoe as I try to kick him away screaming for him to not, but it's too late because now he's tickling my foot and I'm my ticklish on my feet. "Stop, stop, stop please I'll tell you just stop!" he stops grinning giving me back my shoe as I glare at him putting it back on wondering if I could throw it at him and get that far?

"Stop looking at the shoe like it's a weapon and tell me my new name new girl" he says scooting beside me against the back of the building totally oblivious to the surrounding area. Shaking my head I decide to cut to the chase; "Look Fletch, I like you ok. Just I think I've been through so much these past few months and Jesus you're only new here I don't even know your second name, or if you get lost where's the best place to start looking?"

Fletcher cut's me off; "Second name is Fitzpatrick, yes I realise my initials are F.F don't remind me. I'm not planning of getting lost when you're in the room, unless it's in your eyes" he winks at me. I shove him away retching into the bushes, "Does that line actually work on girls? Wow how you don't have a girlfriend is beyond me" He just laughs tickling me in the side causing me to squeal.

"Ow new girl, that hurts right here" he points to his chest with a pout, snorting I nod my head saying; "Sure I did new guy, but what I'm saying still stands we try be friends first and if we come to a point where we both like each other we can talk about it then. Until then no kissing, just hanging out and getting to know each other"

Fletcher begins to think about it, and I've got to admit I start to panic. Most guys would be out the door laughing with relief of getting away from the mad person that's me. I'm about to tell him to forget it and run but he just turns to me grinning and says; "Deal. I'm not losing you new girl"

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