Who Is She

Chapter 45

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I leave the school the way Fletcher went slightly confused. Not just about Fletcher, who is long gone by now, but my brother, why would he want to know where Fletcher went? He's never cared in the past so why's he pretending to care now, it's a little too late now big brother and just glancing at Jace shows how against the idea my brother's best friend was. Sighing I re adjust the gym bag on my shoulder and continue to walk into town nearing the place all of this drama won't matter and all that will is whether or not is whether you can throw a punch and protect yourself.

Opening the door I smile at a couple of older ladies who are walking out talking about one of their granddaughters' who are going to the Debs, they smile at me and then allow me to walk in saying; "What a nice young lady" making me smile even more. Walking in I find Mia behind the desk her feet up on the desk nose stuck into another romance book- I bang my hands on the desk causing her to scream throwing her book into the back room and falling off her chair.

I bend over laughing as her head pops back up swivelling back and forth then stopping and glaring at me. "You're so dead!" she screams jokingly rolling her chair back and sitting down on it timidly, I'm still bent over laughing as she takes my card and swipes it through the computer she hands it back still glaring at me but bites her lip then says hesitantly; "Do you know a guy who's been coming in every day looking for you, very built if you know what I mean always seems to be in a bad mood"

I try to think who it would be, but come up blank. "No I don't think so…. Wait did he seem to have this 'aura' about him that said: 'I'm an arrogant scumbag, obviously much better than you peasants, so don't mess with me?" Mia snorts shaking his head before saying with some admiration; "Most normal people call that strength, not arrogance. He's been coming nearly every day asking where the ginger girl who needs to learn respect is"

I shake off her obvious concern for my welfare. "Its fine Mia, he won't find me. Even if he does find me I'll be ready, he's not the first person I've fought in this lifetime." I say giving her a look that tells her I'm being serious and not to worry about me. She sighs shaking her head; "Fine but when you get beaten to a pulp and your parents want to sue remember what you just said"

Grinning I grab my membership card back and head towards the changing rooms letting a couple people out before I do. Going in I change out of my uniform and throw on a pair of stretchy jogging bottoms and a tank top with some stupid 'I want to live in New York' saying scribbled across the chest, plugging my IPod in I go on the prowl for my trainer who thankfully is in the normal room I come to work in. He has his back to me and I can't help but grin mischievously, waiting for the perfect moment just as he's lifting the bottle of water to his mouth I run towards him screaming.

I jump onto his back latching onto his neck as he splutters choking on his water turning left and right trying to figure out who's on his back. I'm laughing like mad and eventually after getting over the initial shock so is Luke, he twirls me around causing me to laugh even more holding tighter onto him. Eventually he puts me down and I grin up at him as he grins at me; "Hi" I say laughing when Luke says; "Never do that again"

Training after that went on as normal, this time we focused more on building up my upper muscles that I'm obviously going to need. After that we get onto the fun stuff, actually throwing punches at each other, Luke grabs two pairs of boxing gloves handing a pair to me with a grin on his face; "Ready?" grinning I just nod yanking the gloves onto my hands and flexing my fingers inside them making sure I'm comfortable first.

When we're both ready Luke rings a little bell and then gets into the ring we set up earlier. He starts moving left slowly and I follow him but going right hands lifted just above my nose bouncing on the tips of my toes waiting for him to make the first move and controlling my breathing, no point over exerting yourself in the first five minutes, better to bide your time and get to know your opponent first.

"Ok I'm going to act like your first opponent, so when I attack I want you to do what you would normally do. Understand?" Luke says after we've completed a fourth circle. I just nod my understanding too busy weighing up Luke as he is my opponent after all, tall with built up muscle on both his legs and arms, his shoulders are wide but I have the advantage of being small getting into little crooks where Luke wouldn't be able to, also he has a slight limp on his left leg so he has to be careful with that one.

Luke attacks going for my stomach and I dodge his first swing hitting his shoulder, we had agreed on a rule of no hitting each other in the eyes or, in my case my nose they'd been through enough and we both agreed we needed both these things to last. So I hit him on the shoulder causing him to lose balance and trip over himself slightly, I use this to my advantage to get a few side hits in before he hits the floor with a grunt.

"You're getting lazy there Luke" I tease as he gets up shaking off the fall. He just grins and says; "Don't get too cocky now, I still have a few years left" laughing I shake my head 'Keep telling yourself old man' before getting back into the defence position a grin plastered on my face, Luke shakes his head; "Kids these days, no respect for a thirty four year old" I let my defence down for a second in surprise 'He's only thirty four, seriously?!"

That was a stupid mistake because Luke comes charging at me and I only have a split second to get out of his way, but I can't do it and instead get a hit in the stomach hissing I lift my hands up again cursing myself for being so stupid and letting my defence down, Luke simply grins 'Told you not to be cocky" I just stick out my tongue at him making him laugh saying 'Mature' before getting into the defence stance as well.

We go around in circles again for another minute trying to unnerve each other out of the defence, bored I decide to try my luck and go after him. I fake going right and surprisingly Luke buys it getting completely caught off guard when I go left and kick his left leg out from under him causing him to collapse onto the floor in a heap with only a "Oomph" coming from him as I stand there grinning victoriously.

I go and meanly I decide to sit on him putting my hand up to my chin pretending to think while saying; "And there was me thinking that you were a smart thirty four year old. Seems I was wrong" I'm getting out of the ring when Luke finally gets up and says; "That was a really good session well done, even if I did let you win" I turn back to him who's smiling back at me as my mouth opens and closes like a fish before spluttering out; "You didn't let me win anything, you old man are slipping. Thanks for the mediocre session though"

Luke just snorts and simply says; "I'll see you in a while" before going off muttering about 'those damn kids these days' or something along those lines. Grinning I get down off the ring and make my way to the door shouting a goodbye before letting the door slam shut behind me concealing the grin on my face.

Walking home is fine until I'm walking up the driveway and realise that there's an extra car parked on the kerb outside my house. Please be a friend of Jon, please. I think walking the last few metres to the door and letting myself into the house that smells of freshly baked bread and something sweet, closing the door I toss my keys into the little dish beside the door and go to investigate the smells my stomach rumbling.

The second I walk into the kitchen I regret it. There sitting by the table with at least ten magazines sprawled across the table open at random pages is my mother and the lady I mouthed off to this morning, sighing quietly to myself I knock on the door causing my mother to jump slightly out of her seat and the blonde woman from this morning to look up and give me an icy look.

"Hey mum, sorry I'm late. Did I miss dinner?" I ask making a point of ignoring the lady as she death glares me from behind my mother, who just smiles shaking her head getting up from the table and going over to the cooker; "No you're fine dinner is in half an hour, you remember Cassandra right?" she asks giving me a look that demands I behave and be polite.

Rolling my eyes I turn and face Cassandra and plaster a smile on my face; "I do, hi it's nice to finally get to meet you. I'm afraid I was terribly rude to you this morning but you know what it's like getting up early in the morning" with a what can you do kind of smile on my face. Cassandra rolls her shoulders slightly letting out a little breath then says in her overly girly voice; "I knew you were cranky sweet pea. Don't worry us girls need our coffee before being social!" ending it with a wink.

They also need to learn about eyebrows apparently, but we'll leave that for another day. I think before shrugging my shoulders kissing my mother's check who smiles a small smile for me and heading out the door. "Pasta Carbonara and freshly baked garlic bread for dinner!" my mother calls after me, I just grin rubbing my stomach before running up the stairs ready for a shower.

As I get upstairs I hear voices coming from Jon's room the door hanging wide open, I slow down and walk past the room slowly taking in who's there. I take in Kyle and Sebastian laying on the bed together chatting quietly to each other and then my attention is drawn to the three people screaming at the screen, one is somebody I know someone is someone I wish I didn't and the other is a stranger.

I start to wonder who the stranger is then give up, probably just some friend from school. I go to leave as silently as I came but Jon and I make eye contact making me blush slightly and the stranger look up in confusion a; "Why did you-"until he looks at me, I break eye contact with Jon to look at this stranger who's got dirty blonde hair and washed out blue eyes that seemed to be bugged out of their sockets right now.

He jumps up crashing into the chair he was sitting on causing him to swear and me to back away, whatever he's thinking of doing he can stop right now. I'm on the landing now and he follows me out with a disgruntled looking Jon behind him who, like me, is wondering what the hell is happening here. The guy goes to say something but gets cut off by Jon asking how my training went.

Keeping a hesitant glance at the stranger I mutter a "Fine. I heard noises sorry" before going back to keeping a weary glance on this guy. Jon just shakes my apology off and says; "It's-"but the stranger finally finds his voice and asks; "What do you train at, cheerleading?" smirking at me like he's hit the nail on the head.

I look at him raising an eyebrow taking him in standing there in all his apparent victory, then I take a look at myself in yoga pants and a tank top and say; "Oh princess I don't do cheer, nice try though" trying to walk away and let him wallow in his own stupidity. He grabs my arm and Jon comes forward but I just shake him away glaring at this stranger.

"So what do you 'train' as then, if it's not cheerleading?" the stranger says with a sneer in his voice that's just itching for me to slap out of him. Yanking my hand out of his slack grip I smile up at him saying; "I train as you so politely put it in boxing. Now if you don't mind some us prefer to shower to smell nice than dose ourselves in deodorant and aftershave" I smile sweetly then going towards my room.

"I get it. Funny, you don't actually box it's just some stupid self defence mechanism" The guy says cocking an eyebrow at me that stupid grin back on his face. Angry now because girls are just as good at men when it comes to stuff, and yes we need self-defence because misogynist stuck up their own asses men like this guy think they can do anything and woman will just sit down and be the faithful midwife they always wanted. Well sweetheart not me.

"Oh? And how would you know this? The only defence you seem to be capable of making is ensuring that nobody steals the chips out of your big mac your whiny ass demanded. Not the pure physical endurance you have to go through training nearly every day for something you're passionate about" I hiss coming towards him but getting pulled back by someone I can't see, Kyle or Sebastian probably.

The stranger just cracks his knuckles and says in a deathly calm voice; "Nobody insults me like that and gets away with it." He starts to walk towards me but Jon just gets in between us turning to me saying; "Clary go shower you smell of BO and dinner is nearly ready" a hint of disappointment in his voice. Not being able to leave it there I make eye contact with the stranger and sneer out a; "Yeah because I actually work out" the stranger barrels towards me, but Jon stops him and I just enter my room chuckling.

I take my time showering lathering the shampoo in my hair loving the feeling it gives my hair when it's dried. After a while and my skin has shrivelled making me look like an ninety year old I decide now would be a good time to get out the shower and towel off. Grabbing a towel off the rack I tie it around myself and pad gently into my room wondering if I should dress up for dinner, after all it is my aunt and uncle having dinner with us. Even if my future cousin is an asshole.

Eventually I decide on a maroon over shirt with a little white kami underneath then shove some old blue ripped jeans on not bothering with shoes or socks. I grab my hairdryer and hairbrush and dry my hair making sure every tangle has been eliminated before turning off the dryer, I tie my hair up in a messy bun then walk downstairs grabbing my cell as I do so, I'm a little early so may as well go on Facebook.

Everyone begins to file into the dining room for dinner, Kyle and Sebastian leave on the term they have 'homework' to finish, but from the smirk on Kyle's face I'm not so sure what their term of homework is, nor do I particularly want to know. Everyone sits down and I'm at the corner of the table facing the stranger which is awkward, as is this whole affair, because he continues to throw me death glares between pieces of pasta.

Jon is keeping a wary eye on him while talking to Jace about something who doesn't seem to be paying that much attention to Jon or me, not that I'm complaining. Bored out of my mind I take my phone out of my pocket holding it just under the table and click back into Facebook and into messages and onto Fletcher's conversation. If I'm not in school tomorrow blame the sheer amount of awkwardness I'm enduring at this moment of time. I quickly turn my phone on vibrate and then take another bite of my pasta ignoring another death glare from stranger.

It doesn't take long for Fletcher to text back and my mouth hangs open at what he says; what have you done now new girl? Also you have to be in school tomorrow, who'll follow me around like a little lost puppy then?" I shake my head a little smile on my face before typing out a single word answer "Asshole". "Clary!" my mother says astonished form the other end of the dinner table where she was talking Valentine and my aunt, startled I look up at her as she says; "There will be no swearing at the dinner table, or anywhere in this family!"

Blushing I nod then look back down at my food until I know my mum has gone back to her previous conversation before whipping out my phone and typing; I did nothing wrong, just put a spoiled brat in his place" before slipping it back into my pocket taking a drink of water and a bite of pasta savouring the cheesy heaven exploding in my mouth right now before cheeking the conversation to realise he had replied. You love me really new girl ;) Explain to me again how any of this is awkward because I'm clearly not seeing the whole picture here.

Shaking my head I glance up at the stranger who's shovelling down his food like this is the first bite of food he's had since the zombie apocalypse started, then to my future aunt who is laughing at a slightly too high octave for it to be convincing before typing; Well now not only have I 'offended' the sun by putting him in his place, but earlier I may have snapped at the mother. In my defence though I didn't know who she was at the time, and I hadn't had my coffee yet. Now my future aunt is laughing at everything my mother or Valentine says while throwing me icy glares, not to mention the sun seems to make it priority that he glares at me through the water jug"

It only takes him seconds to reply but I take a sip of water before reading it, which seemed like a good idea, until I read what it said; Nice one new girl. Why don't you try make a joke to lighten the mood? It's always worked for me. How about do you want to hear a cat joke? Just KITTEN I haven't got one. Despite myself I burst into hysterics spitting my water all over the table coughing going bright red but still laughing as my mum rushes over pounding my back trying to get me to calm down.

I calm down slightly, enough to get out a; "Sorry, just something someone told me earlier that I just remembered. I'm fine honestly keep eating" I say as both Valentine my mum and everyone else gives me worried glances. "Seriously guys I'm fine" I say exhaling the last of the laughter out of my system and taking a bite of my fast diminishing pasta to prove I don't need to be babied anymore, my mother lets out a gasp clapping her hands together suddenly and practically squeals; "Oh my baby. You've finally got a friend haven't you?"

Groaning internally I quickly type Fletcher saying; I seriously hate you. Before looking back up at my beaming mother who is grinning from ear to ear waiting for me to tell her all about her. Oh shit she probably thinks it's a girl, should I lie? No, no point just come clean. Clearing my throat I say looking down at my nearly empty plate; "He's not really my friend, he's quiet pathetic actually" grinning to myself at how Fletcher would react to hearing this.

If it's even possible my mother's grin gets bigger and wider before clapping her hands together saying; "Oh it's a boy what's he like? Is he tall, small, athletic? I once dated a guy that was athletic, and let me tell you he was buff" she ends winking at me. I can feel my food coming back up so clamp my mouth shut for a moment until it settles down again before saying; "Yes it's a boy, least I hope so or she's really good at acting like one".

A beep indicates a message and I break off the conversation to answer it chuckling at the reply. Your words hurt new girl, they cut me deep :-(

Shaking my head I reply with Shut up new guy, My mother wants to know if you're actually a boy. Closing my phone I continue to eat sparing a glance at my mother who is talking animatedly to Valentine who has a look of such pure love on his voice I have to look back down at my pasta.

Why new girl you're already telling your mother about us?. You'd want to be careful some people might get the wrong idea ;) and tell your mother I'm definitely a guy, I could show you if you wanted ;) Blushing I type back; I think my mother is a little old for you new guy, and you're disgusting. My mother only knows about you because of your horrible cat joke.

To cool down my blush I take a sip of water finishing my glass then take another cup ignoring the obvious grin my mother is sending my way. Looking down at my phone again I can't help but snort at his reply; Oh new girl don't even bother pretending you haven't thought about me naked ;) it's not very nice to lie you know!

I feel the heat rise up my throat again and grab my drink of water downing half of it in a minute to avoid looking like a beetroot.

After downing most of my water I send a quick text of; Hey maybe I do maybe I don't. That's for me to know and you to never find out ;) before grabbing everyone's plates and bringing them through to the kitchen to start cleaning them and putting them in the dishwasher. It takes less than five seconds for his reply to come in Oh new girl you're killing me here!

Laughing I put another plate in the dishwasher before peeling off the gloves and typing out; Here lies the body of Fletcher, he lived an ok life. He was a bit of a prat. Drying underneath the draining board I throw the towel beside the cooker and go back upstairs to my room, ignoring the looks my mother is directing towards me. Shoving the door shut with my foot I flop on my bed and leisurely open up our conversation again.

Ah thanks new girl, good to know who loves you in this world. Chuckling I reply while speaking it out loud; We'll never really knows who loves him sadly, as the prat side to him seemed to be centre when meeting new people.

Lying on my bed I begin humming some old Beatles song my mum used to hum when she was cleaning, while I waited for new guy's reply. When he did reply, I could practically see the smirk he was wearing while he wrote it: Thanks new girl. My own dinner has just arrived and after I have homework (as do you young lady) so I bide you a goodnight and sweet dreams of sexy naked me ;) Laughing so hard I can feel my shoulders shake violently I type out; I've already done my homework teacher! But goodnight and please don't think of me naked, that'd just be awkward!"

No promises new girl. No promises ;)

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