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Rainy Day

I should warn you that I wrote this at like eleven at night and I don't want to disturb my Beta this late (early?) so all mistakes are mine, and I fear I may have gone a bit crazy at the end, but hey that's just me.

Also all from Clary's point of view, way too tired to have to write Fletcher or Jace's POV and have it make sense ;)

On that note, thank you for reading this story and I hope you enjoy it :D

Clary's POV

I'm not in the mood for school today. Sure every kid says that every weekday, when their alarm starts blaring and their bleary eyes begin to open and their groggy brain tries to understand why there's someone shouting at them to get their ass out of bed. Yet today seems worse than usual. Not because it's raining or anything, though it sure looks like the sky is going to open up soon and never stop.

Sighing I grab my IPod and pad into the bathroom turning on the shower and stripping down, letting it become hot before jumping in and having a quick shower with some crappy cheap shower gel my mother says is 'Just as good as any other named brand', which pretty much meant my mother was a cheapskate but didn't want to admit it to anyone. When the water started cooling down I resigned myself to the fact that I'd have to get out of the shower and face the crappy day.

Sighing I wrap a towel around myself and walk into my room ignoring the stinging sensations of my hand which has decided now is the time to remind me it's still here. Slamming the door shut behind me, I drop the towel and shimmy into a pair of grey skinny jeans while grabbing a green shirt with the Slytherin crest on it I found in a charity shop in Scotland, when I was there with my parents two years back, grinning that it still fits I begin to look for my converse which seem to have magically ended up shoved at the very back of my bed.

Shoving them I hiss silently in pain while trying to tie them, glaring at the scar I tie them as quickly as possible and get it over with. Getting up from the bed I'm about to go downstairs when my phone which is charging on my vanity table vibrates indicating a text, confused I go towards it wondering who is wasting their time texting me this early in the morning.

Flipping it open I see it's a Facebook message from Fletcher. I try to ignore the little flip my stomach does at the mention of his name. Shaking my head I mutter to myself momentarily forgetting his text; "What the heck is wrong with me?" There's no way that idiot is cute, or should make my stomach feel like I swallowed a flutter of butterflies. Who in their right would fall for some idiot who thought that a kitten song would ease the tension, be legible for dating? Deciding I'd figure it out later I look down at the text message. Morning new girl, are we singing 'Panic at the disco' this morning or 'Nickleback'? Better reply quickly so I can prepare my camera ;) blushing despite myself as I remember that memory I type out I don't know any Nickleback well enough new guy, so might want to go for the Panic at the disco. Here's an idea why don't you sing this time and I'll record? Way funnier that way ;)

I wait a few minutes for his reply but when it doesn't come I snort; "Chicken" closing my phone pocketing it along with my IPod and walk downstairs, careful to use the wall for balance instead of use the banister. Shuffling my IPod I walk into the kitchen and wish I had stayed in my room until the last minute coffee be damned, because sitting at my table like she freaking owns the place is none other than the ice queen herself. Cassandra.

Seriously. Was breakfast and dinner yesterday not enough? It would probably be easier just to make up the spare bedroom and get this over with, and where the hell is your 'darling' son. He better stay away unless he wants another bruising. I glare at her but she either chooses to ignore it, or is blatantly blind. Sighing I walk over to the coffee pot and slide it out of the tray shaking it, breathing a sigh of relief when there's still a substantial amount left. I grab a flask and pour the hot liquid in before grabbing the cinnamon out of the cupboard and tossing a few spoons in and stirring it looking out into the garden.

My phone buzzes again, and I can't help but to grin taking it quickly out of my pocket and unlocking it devouring the message that he's written: Aw but new girl nobody wants to see me skating into school, beautifully I may add. Anyway I can't sing for pennies, where everyone now knows you can ;) laughing I text back; where were you when I was singing? I sounded like a dying cat being strangled. Now you on the other hand, we don't know if you can sing, as you say, for pennies. Don't know unless you try do you new guy? I grab my flask and go to go out the door when someone barges into me.

I fall backwards but whoever knocks into me grabs my sore hand and it takes all the self will I have not to cry out in pain course you had to grab the bloody hand that's in pain. Smooth. Back on my feet I wobble slightly then look up to glare at whoever clearly wasn't paying enough attention to their surroundings, looking up I see my second least favourite person at the moment. Weird how Jace has gone down a few now, isn't it? Because standing there with his messy sandy hair and bloody blue eyes and I know this isn't going to go down well, but I'll try to act civil.

He glances over at his mother who is fully immersed in a fashion magazine before turning back to me a sneer on his already uglier face: "Watch where you're going ginger" he sneers grinning like he's said the smartest thing since humans were created. My phone buzzes in my pocket again but it's all but forgotten as my hands curl into a fist ready to plummet him into next week, which only intensifies the feeling when he hisses; "What's wrong? Big brother not here to defend you? Have to use your "boxing" for real now?"

I'm ready to lose it big time. I'm ready to swing my fists and let blood fly, mainly his but I'm not saying this could go my way completely. Instead I take a step back and read the situation, he's trying to goad me into an attack so he can seem like the victim and I the bully, well buddy not today. I've already got enough crap to deal with. So instead I look up to him and grin loosening up my fists until they're uncurled and at my side again.

I smile sweetly up at him loving the look of confusion mixed with anger in his eyes as I just stand there grinning up at him. After a few seconds of silence I simply say loud enough for the ice queen to hear; "Oh good morning, I'm sorry I wasn't looking where I was going. I'm such a klutz like that" I say shrugging my shoulders in a 'what can you do' type of way. Also I want to apologize for yesterday, I did just have training and I was slightly dehydrated what with the intensity, so I probably wasn't thinking straight"

I close my mouth after that grinning because here comes Cassandra and she's looking up at this guy in a scolding matter. "Liam Smith you better be accepting sweet little Clary's apology, and also be apologizing too. From what I heard you weren't very nice to her yesterday, now pick up her schoolbag and apologize." Loving this too much not to milk it I wave my good hand in the air blushing slightly saying; "Oh no, no don't worry he doesn't have to apologize, it's not like he said anything that bad… just... Oh never mind it's not nice to tattle"

Cassandra looks from me who has hung her head in shame and Liam who is trying hard to conceal his body shaking violently, then goes bright red in the face making her look like a replica of the red M&M lady but without the sophistication. "Liam Johnathan Noble Smith what did you call her?" glaring at her son with barely contained anger. Liam starts spluttering out random stuff trying to make himself look innocent until with one look at his mother stops and mutters; "I called her a ginger"

Cassandra yelps grabbing one of the magazines off the table rolls it up and starts hitting her son with it. I smirk while he starts yelling at her to stop, bending down I grab my school bag and walk out of the kitchen bumping into someone else on my way to the stairs. Moving slightly I see Jon and can't help but to smirk at his confused face before simply saying; "Must be her time of month" before running upstairs and slamming it shut before bursting into a fit of giggles.

My phone beeps again and I gasp forgetting the conversation I was having with Fletcher. Opening it up I see I've only missed three messages. Believe me new girl I can't sing for pennies. New girl? New girl I swear if you're purposely ignoring me there's going to be tears :'( shaking my head and trying to stifle the giggles I text I'm here, spare your tears for something more useful idiot. I hope you know that I'm not going to believe you when you say you can't sing until you do sing, I promise: D also are you walking, because I don't think it safe for me to be in here for much longer.

It doesn't take long for him to reply and I'm up and grabbing my coat silently praying to Zeus to hold up on the rain until we at least get to school, checking to make sure I haven't forgotten anything else before I run down the stairs kissing my mother on the check before flying out the door before Liam can stop me. I turn the corner and there he is leaning against a red bricked wall that's starting the show signs of its age with a few bricks having definitely seen better days. I take this time to adjust the bag stuffed with overpriced books and a pencil case that still has little drawings Izzy, Simon and I drew on it when we were in class together in primary, and also to sneak a glance at this guy, who for some reason has decided he's fine with walking into school and basically acknowledging my existence.

He stands there in a relaxed laid back position his lower back leaning on the wall his black shaggy hair, which I've only just realises barely covers the tops of his eyes, has been shoved into a grey beanie hat which I know I'm going to have to 'borrow' as the days get colder. He's tapping his foot along to some song I can't hear properly in his converse that could probably beat mine in the 'battered' department with black jeans and a red shirt with some gaming logo on it.

I think about scaring him, but before I can he turns suddenly his green and blue eyes lighting up and a smirk on his face; "Staring at me now are we new girl?" grabbing his skateboard and coming towards me with one earphone still in his ear and that insufferable smirk on his face. I snort wishing the blush I can feel creeping up my neck would kindly leave my face find a dark hole and jump into it. Realising I've been thinking to myself leaving the whole 'staring at him' comment in the air far too long I look up to groan internally, because one look at the smirk on his face shows that whatever I may say otherwise will go on deaf ears.

So instead I huff again and start walking towards the school not waiting for him, not that he has to do that much to catch up with me, three strides and he's walking leisurely beside me a grin on his face his skateboard tucked under his arm. I'm about to take out my earphones in a hope to cure this embarrassing silence when a two cent coin gets flicked at my head then snorts coming from my left, bending down and picking it up I look floored. "New guy if this is your way of buying me something we really need to get you a tutor" I say while placing the two cent into my back pocket, my mother and I have this habit of picking up one to five cents that wouldn't buy you anything, and keep them into a jar until the last days of December where we put into bags, change them into money and give it to charities around the town. Though if my love stricken pregnant mother will want to that this year, remains to be seen.

I look at new guys reaction and can't help but grin, he looks like a fish out of water staring at me, until he realises I'm looking at him in which he snaps his mouth shut and an easy smirk covers his face; "Oh new girl, why do you hurt me so" throwing his hand over his chest pretending to look upset. Scoffing I shake my head and start walking saying; "Like I said new guy, tutor." Grinning in the little victory in the weird battle we have going on.

A small growl is emitted from behind me, and just as I'm about to turn around and ask if he's ok when the sound of wheels can be heard rolling on the tarmac coming closer towards me, then someone has picked me holding me under his armpit like a father carrying his kid throwing a tantrum away from the amusements within a shopping centre. I cling to his shirt trying hard not to scream and give him the satisfaction in hearing me scream in terror, something I hate admitting is my fear of heights that came when I at the local swimming pool with Izzy and her dad. He was in the deep end throwing Izzy a few meters in the air and letting her fall into the water, and every time he did it I would hold my breath scared that when she in the air a breeze would come in and throw her against the wall, or that when she hit the water she wouldn't be able to get back up in time to get air into her lungs.

Yet each time she would come back up every time squealing for another go, her dad would laugh and tell her to hop on his knee ready to repeat the process again. I opted doing little lengths from the shallowest point to the start of the deep end then going back and starting again. This was what I always did preferring this than getting tossed in the air. On this day though, after another splash and a moment of silence before the squealing started again, Izzy turned to me in her little hot pink bikini staring at me for a second then turned to her dad saying; "Daddy I think Clare wants a turn" before getting off and looking at me expectantly.

Her dad turned to me with a nice smile on his face patting his knee; "Up you come then Clary, don't worry it's perfectly safe. You've seen me doing this for Izzy thousands of time' he says in what he thought was encouragement, it wasn't and it was only when Izzy looked like she was about to cry that I gave up and wadded over to her dad slowly. He grabbed my hands and placed me on his knees, I felt like I was going to be sick but didn't want to make Izzy cry so I didn't say anything.

"Ok Clare on three I'm going to throw you up ok? While you're up there take a deep breath and hold it while you're going under, ok sweetie?" He says squeezing my hand in encouragement. I wanted to shake my head and scream to let me down, but Izzy's voice shouts out; "You'll love it Clare! Now daddy!" and that's when he bent down slightly muttered' "Here we go" then sprang up releasing me into the air. To say I screamed would be an understatement of the century, I totally forgot Izzy's dad's advice, instead choosing to use all my energy into screaming bloody murder as every scenario where a gush of wind comes in and throws me into a window ran through my head.

Then I hit the water and any breath that was still in my lungs left my body as I slapped into the water, my eyes were wide in and stinging from the chlorine from the pool. My feet weren't touching the floor and my lungs started to fill with water, it wasn't until a pair of hands grabbed me and yanked me out of the water onto the tiles before the pool. I didn't talk for the rest of the trip, and they took me straight home instead of me sleeping over I was eight, and from that day on I've been weary of water and absolutely petrified of heights. "Any tighter new girl, don't think I'll have a shirt if you continue hold onto it this tightly. Unless you want me shirtless in which case you should've just said" new guy, who is soon to be dead guy, says and I can just tell he's smirking.

"Just let me down" I breath out not letting up my grip on his shirt which just gets him chuckling even more and I can feel the vibrations coming within him and I have to hide the blush it brings to my face, this seems so….. Personal? Instead I just start wiggling trying to convince him that I'm too difficult to hold and should let me go. His grip just tightens his grip on my waist the blush getting deeper and deeper he whispers; "No chance new girl, this'll give them something to talk about during class", confused I try to turn around but he just grips me tighter but not tight enough to be uncomfortable, strangely its quiet comfortable.

"New guy, unless you want your balls cut off with a blunt knife you'll put me down and go back for my bag" which I hadn't realised I'd dropped until now. Fletcher just chuckles but starts to slow down and when we get to a complete stop he lets me down gently with a smirk that could challenge Draco Malfoy for hidden agendas and arrogance. I don't think about the blush making my face look like a Christmas decoration instead I steady myself taking a breath trying to bury that memory and then walk over to the asshole whose grinning at me eyes sparkling a light blush on his own cheeks making his dimples way more obvious. Jesus calm down Clary, priorities. Shaking my head I walk over to him and can't help the flash of fear that goes through his eyes, getting near him I stand on my tippy toes and lean in close to him what the hell are you doing? You're supposed to reprimanding him, not go to kiss him!

Fletcher gasps when I grab his hand and I can't help but feel slightly bad for what I'm about to do but do it anyway. Without a second thought I kick his foot out from under him and flip onto the grass flinching slightly when I hear him grunt in pain then cough, I crouch down beside him and breath out; "Don't do that again or I'll do worse" winking then giving him my hand helping him up, until he pulls me down beside him and just as I think I'm about to receive the same fate as I just gave Fletcher he catches me just before I hit the ground. He bends his head his lips a butterflies breathe away from mine and I don't know why but I close my eyes thinking he's going to kiss me.

He bends in a millimetre more than whispers; "Do your worse new girl" then backs up bringing me with him not realising how cold I feel now. Told you no guy would want you a little voice in my head says and I can't help the rejection that washes over me, maybe the voice is right and no guy would or will ever actually want me. Shaking my head I try to squash the rejected feelings, it's nothing working though and this crappy day that hasn't really started yet has just taken a turn and taken a spot within 'Clary Fray's crappiest days.' And just when things were apparently at their worst Zeus decides to throw a hammer into the works and open the heavens, and when I say open the heavens I mean open the heavens. Not ten seconds in and I could feel every single piece of clothing on me sticking to my body.

Not looking at Fletcher I swear silently and go to grab my phone, to realise that it was in my bag for this exact reason. I didn't want it to get waterlogged. Swearing silently I sweep my hair behind my ears causing droplets to fall to the already pavement and start to stomp away from Fletcher and towards my schoolbag I really hope wasn't tossed into someone's rose bush and is lying against some wall in relatively good state, yet knowing my luck it's going to be in a rose bush covered in some stuck up ladies pugs business. Sighing I pick up the pace ignoring the irritating feeling of tight jeans and waterlogged converse.

"New girl!" someone right now I don't want to see yells, and I wish he'd take the hint and leave me alone, because honestly right now all I want to do is find my bag go home and curl up in a ball, because I did it again. I thought someone was going to pick me for a change, figure out that hey maybe I'm not beautiful, not the smartest of the bunch but I'm perfect for them, I may have a weird laugh and prefer 'Sci Fi' action movies to romance but they prefer that to a silly giggling mess of a girl. "Good one Clary. You sure can pick them" I mutter to myself wiping my eyes with the back of my sleeve, not that it makes a difference now that everything is wet.

"Hey new girl. New girl I'm talking to you!" he says right behind me grabbing my wrist and turning me around. I'm ready though and yank my hand from his grasp kicking him in the shin causing him to grunt and gasp out; "Seriously new girl we really have to talk about this violence kink you have, I'm going to be broken before the end of the day" ending on a grin that tugs on my heart. "Stop" I wheeze out not being able to take it anymore, I repeat myself and add; "Please stop, if you leave now you can probably get to school just in time for the tardy bell. Maybe they'll overlook the fact you're late because it's your first week, just go"

Fletcher frowns straightens out and coming towards me but I hold my hands out in front of me to stop him in his tracks. "Please Fl- New guy I can't take this anymore. Just go please I can't take it anymore." I say my voice cracking against my will as I look up at him ignoring the confused look on his face, I turn and start heading back towards where I think my bag may have dropped during that…. Moment. Shaking my head I quicken my pace thinking that maybe that would stop him following me, no such luck though as he is right beside me tugging on my wrist silently begging me to stop.

After ten minutes of me trying to ignore him and answering all his questions with; "Go away" and silently thinking that if he asked one more time I'll probably snap the guy beside me growls in frustration grabs me by my waist and drags me to a wall ignoring my protests, and dumping me on top of a wall hands pinned behind my back by one off his. I try to struggle against him but he's having none of it, and after a few more tries I stop and glare at him; "Let me go" I hiss at him trying to untangle my hands but getting nowhere. Fletcher shakes his head; "Not until you tell me what that was" he growls out holding me in place with his eyes which once looked like a field, well now looked like a boat on a storm.

Feigning innocence I scrunch my eyebrows together and say; "What was what? Going to have to be a bit more specific new guy, we don't all have photographic memories." Smirking as anger rolls through his eyes making the storm look like a bloody tsunami. Gritting his teeth he hisses out; "Back to just after I helped you up after you so graciously threw me to the floor" picking up the bite that little sentence had to it. I pretend to think about it then shake my head; "Nope, doesn't ring a bell. Sorry, now can you please let me down?"

"Like hell. You know what I'm talking about new girl, don't play dumb it doesn't suit you very much" he sneers eyes flashing. Ignoring the flash of pain the bite in his voice comes with and the little voice that says I told you so I just shake my head and say; "Ouch that hurt new guy, it really did. Now can we leave it there you can get to class meet some brunette fall in love and have sweet little babies with, and I can find my bag and get out of these wet clothes." I don't realise until too late that I've just admitted what I was angry about, and from the look on Fletcher's face he does too.

He loosens his grip on my wrists enough so I can move them and moves away letting me pass, eyeing him I jump off the wall rubbing my wrist and then go to walk away when he chokes out; "Is that really why you're angry? Because I could be with a brunette?" I can't help but scoff boys, never actually understand the situation. Sighing I turn and look at his confused face which just makes him look cute as his hair is flattened against his face water droplets running down his face, shirt clinging to his body which I decide best not to look at while I'm angry.

"I'm angry because I fell into the common trap all guys put out, the 'be nice to a girl' trick where a guy begins to be nice to a girl up to the point where the girl believes they can trust you, be who they really are with you. Joke around with them, make them laugh until their sides split, have interesting conversations leaving the girl reeling because honestly? Nobody has ever argued with her like that and ended up calling her snotty. Then bam! Leave them hanging, dump them and tell them it was a dare and that they fell for it. Well you got me new guy well done." My voice cracking again and a swell of self-loathing for it bubbles inside. "Now go find your dealer and tell them you did it because I'm tired of being someone else's pawn" I shout over the heavy rain pounding on the pavement between us.

Turning I flee, and ok maybe I'm overreacting, but as a female having a guy who you thought liked you reject you so blatantly hurts. Especially when the guy in question won't leave you alone and is running after you even after the things you've said. "New girl wait. New girl I said hold on!" he yells running in front of me and grabbing my chin making me look into his eyes. "Ok I have no idea what the hell that whole thing back there was about, apparently to you I'm a druggie which yes can happen to anyone but I value my life thanks very much." Grinning hopefully down at me, and I can't help but cough out a chuckle in response. Traitor.

"Now" he continues still forcing me to look into his eyes; "I don't know who gave you the impression I have a brunette on the side, I'm not a cheater new girl unless you're into that sort of thing in which case I think we'd have to seriously talk. So you can forget about me leaving you here for some imaginary brunette because honestly I'd genuinely rather be here with the slightly mad singing sensation new girl, who can, and I should know from experience, is one tough nail to crack"

I'm left speechless. The little voice in my head is screaming at me not to believe him and to sucker punch him and leave, saying it would be safer for myself if I left. Yet I can't. I'm paralyzed standing here in the rain staring into Fletcher's eyes wondering if I've been an idiot. "B-b-back… there….. When you caught me before I fell, and you leant in" my teeth were chattering from the cold that was now seeping its way into my bones. Fletcher just looks at me expectantly and I continue both relishing and hating the heat off of the blush creeping up my face.

"W-w-why didn't you k-k-ki-kiss me?" I whisper, throwing my eyes down at my waterlogged shoes, hating myself for how pitiful I sounded. A chuckle makes me look up confused, and there he is holding his side laughing so hard at my stupid question. A flare of anger rushes through me and I bypass him and start to storm off again with him trailing me throwing apologies through the howling wind the water masking the stupid tears running down my face.

"New girl I'm sorry. I'm sorry just hold up" He pants grabbing my shirt to try stop me, I yank it away and turn snarling; "I'm glad this is so funny to you!" before turning away again and storming off, only getting a few metres when he grabs my elbow forcing me to turn and face him. His face is a mixture of emotions I can't decipher before he growls out; "I didn't kiss you because I want to take this slow. Hell this is the first time I've ever wanted to take it slow with a girl and you know why? Because you confuse me and yet are so freaking enticing I can't even begin to explain it, I've wanted to kiss you for a while now new girl, and not just because I could. You don't give a damn what people think about you, yet the moment that person becomes your friend you'll go to the ends of the earth for them. Don't deny it I saw you with that Mia girl, you would do anything for her and that's inspiring."

His eyes soften a bit and he smiles slightly, all hints of a grin gone. "So the reason I didn't want to kiss you wasn't because I'm some drug dealer with a brunette waiting at home, is because I want this. I want to be able to share jokes with you and be on the end of your sarcastic comments, but I also want to know you. I want to be able to say; "Hi this Clary her favourite colour is blank, she wants to be a blank, and if she's sad she impulse buys blank" I won't know that unless I talk to you first, without kissing. Believe me I'm counting the days until I can kiss you but I want to know you first"

I don't know when I started shaking but it now seemed that I couldn't stop my teeth from chattering and my legs from shaking. "I'm sorry" I whispered to him knowing that that wasn't enough but it was all I had. New guy just smiles a genuine smile and come towards me grabbing my chin gently rubbing circles with his thumb before mumbling; "Oh what the hell" and leaning in.

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