Who Is She

Chapter 5

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I yank open my locker throw my books in and slam it shut again causing the people closest to me to jump and get out of my way as I make my way down the corridor towards the class that should be making me smile, instead I enter the class sit down and glare out the window. I shouldn't be in a bad mood. Sure it`s a stupid idea to interview somebody just because their new but the guy was nice enough and I just blew him off without thinking about it.

Just then my phone vibrates and a smile breaks out on my face, my mother knows not to text me when I'm in school and nobody else in this hellhole has my number so it must be Izzy! I slide my hand into my jumper carefully extracting my phone so nobody can see what I'm doing and read the text that is completely Izzy it makes me want to cry. Honey we will make my mum adopt you and we can finally be sister ;) I`ll talk to you later I have a date ;) I smile at the text sniffling slightly, since third class Izzy and I decided that we were sisters separated at birth and when we grew up we would move in together.

Then my mother moved in with him, ruining all our plans until we're eighteen and can get out of here. We joked sadly about Izzy`s mother Maryse adopting me but she was in no state to do anything after her last heart attack. So I had to move with my mum to this crap school in Waterford just because my mother "fell in love" with the first guy to comfort her after my dad left. Stop! My brain screams blocking out the memories of her telling me we were moving and that dad would have wanted this.

I don't listen through whole class though I probably should have because the teacher was talking about some test that we would all being doing in a week about the subject, awesome just another thing I need to worry about I think as the bell rings and I can go home and get out for a run to hopefully run out all this extra energy that I have. I grab my iPod then make my way to John`s car where all the cheerleaders are twisting their hair and bashing their eyelids as the guys who I'm assuming are on the team with Jon come towards the car smiling flirtatiously while I try not to gag and vomit all over them.

I get up from leaning on the side of the car and go towards Jon who is making googly eyes at... Oh for crying out loud it`s the girl I told to shove it, well done Clary you made more enemies than friends on your first day here. I cough to get his attention before they do something that will really make me puke, "Could you open the car please" I mutter as everybody turns and stares at me. John turns around and wraps his arm around her waist and stares at me. "Aline says you were rude to her today when all she did was try to be friendly to you?" he says in an accusing tone.

I snort and mumble "Your definition of "being friendly" must be different than mine then" as I stare back at him challenging him to try something, he frowns back at me and says; "Well isn't there something you`d like to say to Aline then" Aline mumbles something incoherent but Jon just frowns waiting for an apology. Sighing I turn to Aline and say; "Aline I meant every word I said to you, I don't really care if you take offence because honestly? We were never going to be friends. And you" I turn to Jon who is looking at me with a mixture of shock and anger.

"You are NOT my mother or have any authority to try boss me around, when I think I should apologize I will do so without your say. My mother may be involved with your father that doesn't mean we have to be friends" I snarl then turn and walk out of the school trying to keep the angry tears in as I try to remember where the hell I'm supposed to turn to get to the house. I turn right and continue down the street until I'm in the little town that is the town for the surrounding housing estates.

I walk in and start looking around; there is only one supermarket which ironically is closed on Monday mornings and Sundays, a garage with a restaurant added on at the side which seems to be a family business. Sighing I continue walking with the rest of the school population going this way. I keep walking for another five minutes and then I come across some warehouses that all seem to be abandoned except for one called Garroway Gym which has older ladies walking in and out of it gossiping to each other.

Shrugging my shoulders I cross the road and enter the gym. Inside are glistening white floors and at the desk is a tanned young girl around my age reading some romance book. I walk up to her and cough which gets her looking out to me over the book. "Can I help you?" she says impatience dripping out of every word, I shuffle nervously then say "Can I see what classes you have please?" she snorts and says; "Oh honey there`s nothing here you`re going to like believe me, this is where people come to toughen up not get your hair done for an important date with your cheating boyfriend"

Laughing I say; "I`d have to have a boyfriend first, can I please see the list of classes now?" the girl just smiles slightly and hands over the brochure going back to the book which when I look at it is called 'The Boy Who SneaksThrough My Bedroom Window' I snort "That`s not freaky at all" which only gets a raised eyebrow in response. I shake my head and start running through the classes and finding one I like.

I slide the brochure back to her and say; "I`d like to sign up for the one on one boxing please." The girl just raises her bushy eyebrow again then sets her book down with a sigh. "Ok let's get this over with. You`re going to have to get your parents or guardians signature and pay a deposit of at least €50 and you don't get to decide who trains you it just depends on who is free on the days you come. Got it?"

I smile and nod, finally something looks promising in this crappy town. "I'm Clary" I say for no reason and the girl looks up from the computer and smiles for the first time since we started talking "I'm Maia". I leave the gym with a smile on my face, dad would want me to keep up with my training and not just mope around the house. The house. "Shit" I swear out loud causing frowns from a few older ladies coming out of some class. I look down at my phone, I was in there for a good half hour after apologizing to the ladies I run off trying to remember where I'm supposed to be going hoping they didn't phone my over dramatic mother.

After getting lost at least five times I finally recognise a house that I saw when we moved in who still have their Christmas lights up in the middle of February, sighing with pure relief I sprint down the street looking for Jon`s jeep and finding it in a matter of minutes on the street. Slowing down I stop to take a breather, gulping in deep breaths of air marvelling at the fact I found it all by myself 'In your face Jonathan' I think as I make my way to the front door and opening it with the keys my mother had cut for me.

Before I'm even in the door somebody has grabbed me trapping me in an unwanted hug. "She`s back no need to panic" the huger shouts which is a girly voice, I elbow them hard in the stomach causing them to let me go with a oomph. It`s my mum and she falls on the floor coughing and despite how annoyed I was I gasped and helped pick her up "Mum I'm so sorry I didn't mean to you just caught me off guard is all, are you ok?" she just stands up dusts herself off then starts shouting at me.

"Where the hell have you been? We were worried sick! You don't know the neighbourhood somebody could have picked you up and bang you`re gone forever bye bye!" she screams her eyes flashing with anger and I take a step back. "I just took a walk Jesus mum I'm not twelve I can look after myself in case you didn't just realise that!" I shout back wishing the guys were not watching this. "What walk takes nearly an hour and without even a 'Hey I might be a little late back sorry'" she screams panic taking over in her eyes.

"Look I was out for a walk and forgot I had a phone. It won`t happen again now if I could go to my room I'm tired" I say the sleepiness washing over me as I say it, my mum just looks at me and pulls me into another bear hug but this time it has a hint of relief in it "Never do that again"

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