Who Is She

Chapter 6

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I stomp upstairs and slam the door shut seething, why does everybody think I'm a helpless child. I can defend myself probably much better than any of them; I don't need their bloody worry or pity. I throw my bag on the floor and go to try and relax by taking a long hot shower.

She lied, it was more than an hour, and it was at least nearly two hours before she walked through that door. Jocelyn asks me to take care of her while she gets back to work and I say I will, yet if she can disappear for that long without any of us knowing where she is and what`s going on how am I supposed to promise something like that without putting her on a leash and we both know how that would end up.

Jocelyn is about to leave when the phone rings, she grabs it just before I do and I stand there like an awkward penguin waiting to grab the phone if it`s Aline or Jace who constantly phones for no apparent reason just to annoy me. By the look on her face though it`s neither of them and by the time she`s put the phone down her eyes are flashing the same anger I saw in Clary`s that warns everybody to move away or you will be scorched.

"Clary!" she screams up the stairs causing me to jump a foot in the air even though I'm right beside her. She storms up the stairs in a fit and barges into Clary`s room, I stay downstairs and yet I can hear the screaming match going on upstairs. "It wasn't my fault!" Clary shout carries downstairs to the kitchen where I'm doing my homework. I frown,What are they talking about? Who was on the phone...? Oh crap! I sprint up the stairs and burst into the room where both girls are glaring at each other.

"Jocelyn." I gasp out getting her to stop glaring at Clary and look at me, I take a gulp of breath then say; "I was there at what I think you`re talking about and let me tell you, the guy came at Clary and was harassing her and she only used force when she really needed to. She was defending herself" I say gasping for breath, Jesus I need to cut down on the pizza, I think to frowns then turns to her daughter; "Is it true?" with her hand's on her hips with her back to me.

She silently nods and I see a flash of anger go through her eyes but it`s gone before I can question it. Jocelyn just moans and pulls us both into a hug, Clary`s face gets squashed into her mother`s chest while I escape with a bit of leg room being an inch taller than her. She sniffs and says; "I'm so proud of both of you. Clary you should have just said you were defending yourself I'm so proud I've raised a smart independent girl" all Clary can do is muffle something into her chest trying to wiggle out of her death grip.

Then she turns her head to me and even I stop wiggling for a second wondering what the hell I did to deserve this, "And you! We just moved in here and already you`re defending my daughter!" then she does something that no just moved in girlfriend of my father has ever done, she kisses my temple then she lets go of us running down the stairs larking on about some paper she has to finish for her college.

I rub the kiss off my forehead and glance at Clary who`s hair is damp and she looks like she could break something, "Don't ever defend me again, It`s not worth the amount of crap I`ll have to pay you back with" she mumbles. I'm about to say something but she cuts me off, "Just leave. Please I'm so tired." And I can see it in her hunched over posture and the always ready frown.

I agree and just as I'm about to leave my phone alerts me I've a new text. I get out of her room flinching as she slams the door shut again. Shaking my head I look down at the text and swear. Hey honey we still up for that date at O`Malley`s? I turn around and knock on Clary`s door not waiting for an answer just walk in and she`s on her bed reading in her pyjamas.

She looks up and glares, "What one hug wasn't enough for you thought you`d come back for another" she snarls, sighing I run my hand through my hair and say; "How would you like to make twenty euro?"

Who has a dinner date at a family restaurant? I think as I get changed again into a pair of faded black jeans and my Two Door Cinema Club band tee, adding my golden snitch necklace that my Dad bought me for my eight birthday. I brush my hair out and place my bear hat on, pull my old battered white converse on and I'm ready.

I jog down the stairs to meet Jon pacing around the door, "Calm down dude it`s just a date." I say simply and he jumps again, he just mumbles a yeah, then yanks the door open and goes to the jeep jumping in and starting the engine. Wow jumpy tonight aren't we, I think as I get into the car and he instantly pulls off and drives towards this place

We get there five minutes before eight and he doesn't stop the car and only slightly stops inside the car park, "Get out here, the guys are in there. They`ll drop you home when I'm done here. He says looking at me through the mirror. I glance up and all he says is; "Please be careful, Clary".

I jump out of the car and quickly close the door then look at the restaurant and sigh. It`s a old run down building that seems like it`s been here before anybody moved here and decided 'Hey let`s make it a restaurant'. Shaking my head wishing I had asked for more money than a twenty for all that I'm doing, "Cheapskate" I mumble tossing the door open and entering the place wondering how long this will take.

I instantly feel lost entering this place, couples are in secretive booths cuddling, friends smiling and laughing over pictures or coffee. I don't belong here, this is Jon`s town I'm the alien who`s trying to fit in. I'm about to leave and try my way home when my name gets called out and I jump realising its Jonathan's friends not anybody I actually know.

I shuffle over trying to prevent the unavoidable of actually having to talk. I eventually get over and stand there awkwardly. "Hi" I mumble sliding into the booth with who I think is Kyle, Sebastian who flashes me a smile and Jace who just ignores me and continues to stare at some waitress who keeps flashing a flirty smile over his way.

I grab a menu and look at what they have, nothing jumps out of the page at me and I'm honestly not that hungry anyways, the waitress decides to come over and smile seductively at Jace, "Hey Jace, what would you like honey?" tapping her pen to her pad and biting her lip. I resist laughing at how pathetic she looks and continue to look at the menu even though I've decided to go with a large Oreo milkshake.

Jace just smiles at her and says; "The usual and whatever this lovely lady would like" he says pointing at me. I glare at him "Thanks but don't think I'm going to compliment you back or you`ll be waiting a while." I say smiling sweetly at him while the others try to hide their sniggers.

The girl`s face drops onto the floor and she stares at me, "That`s not very nice Jace is a lovely handsome man" she insists with her hands on her hips, I snort and say "Yeah especially if you want to get into his pants, can I have a large Oreo milkshake please?" while the guys piss themselves laughing not being able to hold it in anymore.

The girl just huffs and turns to Jace who is frowning "Are you going to take that?" she says her eyes as large as saucers, he just shrugs and says; "I`ll get back to you on that" before shaking his hands to dismiss her, she huffs again then stomps away in her twelve inch heels. I feel guilty and say; "You know I was joking you know, I mean if she`s important I`ll go up and apologize..".

Sebastian just laughs then says; "Pay up dude you lost the bet, told you she`s made of stronger stuff" he says stretching his hand out, Jace pretend glares at me then hands over thirty to a grinning Sebastian. "Hold on you guys betted on me?" I say gobsmacked. Kyle looks over looking guilty at me, "Me and Sebastian betted that you wouldn't fall under Jace`s spell as easily as most girls do. The loser over there betted that like every other girl you`d swoon at the sight of him"

It takes me a second but then I turn to Kyle, "If you bet on me I think you owe me some of the money." I say outstretching my hand waiting for him to give me my fair share. After consulting Sebastian with his eyes he then sighs and hands me over fifteen. "Thank you" I say smiling to myself pocketing the money thinking of books I can finally buy. The door rings again and in comes Jon and Aline who is in what might well be a vest pulled down just covering her ass, John throws us a quick smile then directs Aline into a secluded booth the other side of the restaurant.

Sighing I take out the book I'm reading and go to find my page, somebody grabs it off of me though and I shout out in protest. Jace has it and is reading the blurb. "Give it back!" I say trying to grab it off of him but he`s at least three inches taller than me and it shows when he makes an effort to not let me get it back. "Eragon" he says reading the back of the book while I flail desperately to get it back. "Funny, didn't take you as a reader Jace" I say sweetly batting my eyes at him.

He scoffs and drops his arms a little distracted for a millisecond and I take it, I poke him in the side and as he jumps I grab my book and just smile while he rubs his side pouting at me. As all of this is going on the other two guys watch in pure shock and look at each other and something passes between them but it`s gone before I can ask them about it. The girl comes back and lovingly gives Jace his usual, which turns out to be golden pancakes with melted strawberries on top and a coffee. She hands the other two guys foods then slams my drink in front of me then stalks off, wiping the back slap off of my face I mumble "Obviously somebody`s having that time of the month" I thought I had said it quietly enough that nobody could hear me but Jace starts choking on his pancakes laughing while looking at me and I blush.

To cover it up I find my page in Eragon and start reading blocking out all the noise around me like I used to do when my mother cried over my father`s departure. I occasionally grab my milkshake taking a drag putting it down without even looking up, it`s something that me and my dad used to do on Sundays, we weren't a very religious family and though my mother used to try get us to go me and my father whenever he was back would end up in the living room in our pyjamas sitting by the fire reading blocking out the outside noises only talking when we find a good quote or want to argue out what we think might happen to characters. When I look back up most people have left the place, those who have stayed are all at a far table whispering to each other, I glance at the clock and am shocked, we`ve nearly been here three hours and I didn't even notice but now the drowsiness wash over me and I can`t help but yawn which catches the guys attention who up till now have been doing god knows what. "Time to go home I think" says Sebastian smiling kindly at me, I shake my head "No it`s grand if you guys want to stay..." I'm cut off by another big yawn and I know I've lost this fight so I get up and follow the guys out of the restaurant to the car with Jace winking at the waitress who smiles at him then glares at me.

I'm too tired to care; I just keep following the guys outside. We get the car before anything kicks off. The other group of people come out of the restaurant and goes towards their cars then makes a u turn and heads straight towards us, I turn frantically quickly counting five of them and three of us. I calculate them all and easily pick out the strongest link of the group. Shit. It`s the guy I might have beaten up earlier today in front of everybody else. "Think you can embarrass me and get away with it did you?" he snarls at me and though I`d never admit it I was a little scared of this guy.

"Just go away Raphael you tried she didn't want you just leave it alone" Sebastian says wearily but with a glint of a dare in his eyes. Raphael just ignores him and glares at me cracking his knuckles, Jace comes and stands just in front of me which confuses me and then I get it 'He`s trying to defend you' and as if he was reading my mind he says; "Clary go get into the car." In a deadly silent voice which nearly makes me go, nearly. "No. This is between me and him you guys stay there this is between me and him and will stay that way" I say handing Jace my book and he just gives me a concerned look which I choose to ignore it and turn my attention towards Raphael who is grinning like Christmas has come early.

"I`ll go easy" he promises and then swings at me and I just let instinct take over which gets me ducking and clipping the back of his head causing him to stumble and grunt. I bounce on the balls of my toes waiting and I don't have to wait long because as soon as he`s back up he`s snarling and charging at me and this time when I duck he turns and gets me in the stomach. He laughs evilly as I fall to the floor gasping, Jonathan's friends try to get their way over to me but his friends are holding them back. I don't know who gets out of his friends prison but somebody is running over to me shouting my name, Raphael obviously thinking I'm finished turns and sucker punches whoever that is. That`s all I needed to see to get up behind him and whack him the temples causing him to collapse like a doll on the floor.

Coughing I grab whoever it is and pick them up letting them lean on my shoulder and Sebastian`s as we make our way to the car as Raphael`s go check out him leaving us alone. I turn and look at Jace who is the one bleeding because of me and say "That was a stupid thing to do." He just smiles as much as he can and says; "You`re welcome."

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