Who Is She

Chapter 7

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The dreams come as usual, I'm just a little younger and we still live in the rundown apartment we always did. I'm walking home with Izzy and Simon my secret crush who only Izzy knew about, both live my way so they decided to walk home with me even though they used to get the bus "Much healthier" Izzy said simply when I brought it up.

I wave bye when we get to my block of apartments and smile when Izzy flashes her pinkie finger on her left finger which is our way of saying bye without anybody else understanding it, I raise my right pinkie and wink back at Izzy who smiles and turns and runs to catch up with Simon. Turning back around to look at the old mahogany doors I jam my key into the lock wiggling it around until it clicks open and I enter the old grubby reception of apartment block 5c.

Smiling I look around at what has become my home I sprint up three flights of stairs not even looking at the forever out of order elevator. I get to our door and open the doors again to be met with an unfamiliar silence; usually my mother has some sort of book club meeting on when I get home. So when I see none of the normal hustle and bustle in the living room or the light hearted chatter in the kitchen brought a frown to my face.

I close the door and say; "Mum?" looking around the fairly small apartment until I hear sobbing coming from the master bedroom that my mother and farther share. I quickly dump my schoolbag and burst into the bedroom ready to kill whoever has hurt my strong willed mother. Nothing obvious is out of place though except my mother. The first thing I notice is that she is still in her dressing gown and there`s loads of discarded tissues on the floor.

"Mum...?"I say reluctantly shifting from one foot to the other in the door. My mother jerks likes she`s been woken up from a dream and she looks at me and that`s when I know something has gone wrong. Her usually full of life face has gone to be baggy and wrinkled, the eyes that are usually filled with joy and mischief have become watery and dull, she dry`s her eyes sniffling.

"Honey, I didn't see you there. How was your day at school? How`s Isabelle doing these days?" she says standing up and brushing off nonexistent creases in her dressing gown, then my mind fast forwards to the moment when my old life ended and this nightmare started. "It`s your dad" she says with a deathly calm voice. I stand there waiting for her to finish the sentence because there is obviously more to it

"Oh honey." She sobs and comes over and engulfs me into a bear hug rubbing my back in a clockwise motion while I stand there rigidly willing her to spit it out. "Honey your father has gone M.I.A on us; there is zero to one chance of his body to be ever found again. I'm so sorry..."

I jerk up in bed silent tears falling down my face, the moves I used earlier today was taught to me by a hero who I`ll never be able to show them too. I bury my head into the pillow and let the tears fall knowing this is the only time I`ll let myself do this, the moment the alarm clock goes off I`ll be my distant self and nothing will make me become emotional no matter raw it is.

I fall asleep with a tear stained pillow case and a silent black hole in my heart.

As always Clary comes down looking pale and tired but I don't say anything knowing she`d break my leg here and not think twice about it. She doesn't even acknowledge my morning pleasantries instead goes straight to Jocelyn and drags her into the sitting room with a determined look on her face.

Ten painful minutes later she comes out looking happier, with Jocelyn looking put out but hiding it well. Clary runs upstairs grabs a carrier bag like we use in football to hold all our stuff, I try catch her eyes but she dodges anybody`s face instead she shovels down a few cornflakes and is out the door going towards the jeep.

We collect the guys who are all laughing over Jace`s nose which has turned a mustard yellow colour making us all laugh and say now all he has to do is find his ketchup, he just smirks along and says; "It may look stupid but least it`ll be a chick magnet. Right Clary?" turning to her who is looking out the window watching the houses blur by. She just grins and simply says; "Whatever helps you sleep at night" ending it with a wink before going back to look outside.

We laugh at his dispense all over again while he protects himself by calling his bruise a 'Chick magnet' and 'Just wait till you see it in action, then you`ll be sorry for messing with me' we just smile and nod along still chuckling about it as we enter the school grounds. We get out of the car and that`s when people mainly girls come over at us looking worriedly at Jace. "Oh you poor baby what happened to you?" one of the cheerleaders ask him pointing at his nose. "It wasn't that rough new girl Clara or whatever her name is was it?" and I frown at her, why is she pretending not to know her name? I mean it`s not like they all weren't gossiping about her in the bathroom between classes. "It`s Clary actually and" but get cut off from the look on Jace`s face pleading me not to bring it up.

"It was a training accident could've happened to anyone now excuse us ladies the bell is going to go soon" I say grabbing Jace who just grins at all the girls as I push him towards the school doors, "Told you this was a chick magnet." He says as he tries to steady himself. I just scoff; "Then why not tell them the real reason why you got it instead of making me lie" as the others catch up with us after talking to the girls for a while longer.

Jace flinches and says; "No point pointing more attention towards her, she`s already uncomfortable enough with it and you should hear some of the things I've heard girls in my French class say about her" Kyle nods as well and says; "Some people are saying she was arrested for beating up some kid in her old school and she was diverted here as a 'Last resort'". I stop short looking at him in shock; "Who`s been saying this?" and beside me Jace has stopped to and has his hands curled into fists. "Yeah who?"

Kyle just shakes his head; "I've no idea who started it it`s just one of the many rumors running around the school about her, I heard it from some juniors on my way to science" I shake my head in amazement at how stupid my school can be. "Clary hasn't said anything about it to me" I say out loud but my thoughts are miles away. Sebastian scoffs shaking his head "When has Clary said anything unless she has to?" which is true but I wish I knew who has been saying this stuff to people because they`d stop after they were acquainted with my fists. Poor Clary...

As I enter the school I hear whispers like "Arrested" and "Beat up some poor first year" and I sigh. Like usual there`s the good old gossip wheel churning out crap about me that is so untrue it makes me want to laugh then break somebody`s nose to show I could do the stuff they say I've done.

As I walk down the corridor to my locker girls divert their boyfriends from looking at me which is weird because none of them are that nice looking anyway and if they`re in a relationship I'm not going to ruin it for them. Others are subtle but obvious like turning their back to me as I pass them or just ignore my existence by laughing in a horribly false way to something their friends say making it clear that I'm not welcome there.

Sighing I get to my locker open it and something explodes out of it causing me to fall on the floor gasping as a enlarged jack in the box pops out of my bottom shelf with a little card saying what they probably think is polite Go back to prison you psychopath!

I grab the card and read it to myself then bark out a cold humorless laugh then turn to the people who have stopped to watch the commotion, I stand back up hold up the card and say; "Whoever wrote this needs to get their facts straight. I've never been or even gone near a prison in my life, I may be a psychopath but you know what? I'm glad because the sooner you guys figure that out and leave me alone the sooner we can avoid each other and get on with our lives" I turn back to my locker take my books out slowly knowing everybody is still looking at me and turn to see a group of girls glaring at me.

'Oh this`ll be fun!' I think as they strut over to me flicking their hair on the way just to emphasize that they think they`re important. They stop a few meters away from me probably thinking that if they came any closer they`d catch the psychotic disease that I obviously have, the girl in the middle who is obviously the queen of whatever this group call themselves just raises a eyebrow at me waiting for me to say or do something and puts her hands on her hips her Prada bag falling down her arm.

I put a fake smile on my face and say in my sweetest voice "Can I help you or are you just standing there waiting for a tree to grow?" I say using one of the sayings my mum always says when I do anything she can use them with. She just purses her lips her eyebrows arching up her face. I stand there acting innocent when all I want is to walk away and possibly read a bit before class. Finally she speaks simply saying; "The good lord doesn't like sinners as his children" I stand there for a second shocked then burst out laughing tears streaming down my face. Here I was expecting some sort of challenge from her and she comes out with crap like that.

She stamps her foot and says; "Stop laughing at god`s beliefs it`s not very Christian of you!" while her posy vigorously nod their heads in agreement, I look around and this may as well be on a big screen with popcorn and coke for the amount of people watching feeding of my drama. I wipe the tears away and sigh as the laughter subsides for now.

"Let`s get this over now, I'm not Christian. I've never been to mass, never went into that stupid isolated box to confess my sins to some nosy priest who doesn't actually help just tells you to pray even more. I was brought up to have a broad look in the meaning of life, to accept others views but to not allow people to stuff their religion down my throat. So you got tell god that while I respect him he`ll forgive me if I don't waste my Sunday morning sitting in a bloody freezing church listen to some priest drone on for hours" I say to the mouth wide open girl and her posy.

I smile and say; "See you in class" before shutting my locker door closed and walking off down the corridor to go read under the oak tree I've decided is my hideout. Leaving the girl staring at my back and the school population at their lockers to send what happened to everyone they know.

'Welcome to school' I think as I walk outside towards the tree.

Seb`s, Jace`s, Kyle`s and my phone bleep at the same time as those around us and we all look down to see a text from others in the school. Clary Fray admitted she is a psycho and a Heretic. She denies ever being near a prison but how can we believe her?

Jace growls besides me and I want to punch something here and now, this is so unfair it`s her second day here and already she`s more of an outcast than she was yesterday, sighing I delete the message from my phone trying to ignore the pointing coming my way because I'm living with a heretic, "If somebody comes over here and brings that up I'm punching them no questions asked" I mutter to Jace who`s hands are fisted which is strange seeing as how he`s got nothing to do with this except being my best friend. He just nods his agreement and we both glare at everybody who looks at us as we get nearer and nearer the school.

Aline bounds up beside me and entwines her hand in mine as well as kissing me on the check causing me to smile no matter how annoyed I'm feeling right now. "Hi honey. We should do the restaurant thing again it was great fun, by the way is it true about Clary being a...you know..." she finishes awkwardly blushing slightly as I stiffen while she says it.

Jace jumps in thankfully and saying; "Why don't you ask her Aline? Or too scared that somebody who isn't eating breathing and living by the bible might go to a community school?" he says snarling the last bit.

Aline just looks wounded up at me but a shrug tells her she asked for it. "I just meant said it because some of the girls were telling me..." she says blushing angrily clutching my hand which is getting painful as she digs her nails in.

Jace just scoffs and says; "Would be the same girls that believed that Mr. Ryan`s was gay and nearly had him suspended because of it? The same girls who had Mrs. Sweeney questioned because they thought they saw her out with a pupil who turned out to be her nephew here for the summer. Those girls we`re on about?" making Aline even angrier while I get all the pain in my right arm as Aline digs her nails in deeper. "Dude calm down..." I say pleading with my eyes as Aline pretty much tearing my skin off with her nails.

Jace just sighs and says; "Forget about it, I gotta go I`ll talk to you guys at lunch." He turns and marches off into the school leaving an angry Aline and three confused guys in his wake. I look at Seb and Kyle mirroring my confused face. "Do any of you two know what the heck just happened?" I say pointing where he was just standing. They both shake their heads Kyle saying; "Never seen him act out like that before for anybody" Seb nods in Agreement and I look to the crowd of teens going in and just say; "Weird."

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