Who Is She

Chapter 8

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I sit outside reading under what I've now come to call my tree which is right what looks like an abandoned football field. I don't know why but the whole heretic is starting bugging me, I mean ok so I don't wake up early and go sit in a church with hundreds of other people so what?. I mean I'm still as much a human as anybody else in there.

Sighing I try clear my head and listen to my music letting the lyrics sooth me and the story I'm reading take me away from my mundane problems to world of dragons, wars and forbidden love which is fine by me, anywhere is better than here. I'm just getting to a good part when the first bell rings and I'm brought back to the dull looking reality.

Grumbling to myself I get up and wipe the dirt of my trousers stuff my book in my bag and shuffle towards the P.E changing rooms already knowing how this is going to play out before I'm anywhere near the school building. As I enter the changing rooms people stare at me and some whisper right in front of me, sighing I walk into the corner and try get changed without throwing something at their heads for the creepiness of their stares on my back.

I dress as quickly as possible then walk into the big hall tying my untameable curls into a tight ponytail, one look at the teacher shows that he`ll take no period crap and unless you`re on the floor dying you will participate in his class no arguments, I'm glad for this and yet I'm secretly hoping he won't kill me if I forget my kit sometimes.

The rest of the students emerge from the changing rooms talking silently to their friends while I stand on the edge willing the class to hurry up and get started so we can be done quicker. The teacher takes the roll. "Clarissa Fray?" he says furrowing his eyebrows probably wondering who the heck I am, sighing I raise my hand to indicate I'm here and just say; "It`s Clary" before going silent again. The teacher just nods then moves on to explain what we`re doing today.

"Right no complaining but we are going to be doing fitness outside on the track, I said no complaining, which includes muttering Ms Smith yes you!" he says before directing us to the track which is incidentally not so far away from my tree. We get to what he believes is the starting point and turns to us; "Right two laps to warm up then we`ll begin the fun stuff." to this there is a large amounts of groans but I'm not one of them.

My dad used to say "Healthy body healthy mind" when he and I went running in the mornings which usually were right around our fairly large town so this didn't look that hard for me, I lined up beside a group of grumbling girls and just tried to ignore them while I warmed myself up not wanting to pull a muscle and have somebody have to help me off the track.

"On your marks!" shouts the teacher whose name I haven't been bothered to learn yet, I finished the last stretch then lined up poised to go, when the whistle rang instead of charging off like everybody else did I took my time my dad`s warning coming to my head; "Slow and steady does win the race, it`s all about timing as well don't flat out until you know you can beat them." He said before we headed out so he could outrun me all over again.

I look ahead of me and surprised to see that there`s only a few people ahead of me, I keep up the pace that I'm at loving the wind blowing at my hair trying to loosen it and the fresh air I'm breathing in, for a second I feel relaxed and content running through the finish line and starting my second lap. I decide now`s the time to start inching up the line so I speed up passing some girl whose breath is coming out in short laboured gasps and sweats trickling down her forehead.

Next I outrun some guy who looks like a runner and yet is limping slightly making me feel bad for outrunning him when it`s clear to both of us it`s a miracle he`s up here, the guy just smiles at me though and says; "Go get it" before winking trailing slightly behind me. I nod back and look ahead of me to gasp. In front of me though I can only see the back of him looks incredibly familiar.

I quicken my pace and get up beside him making him turn and break into a grin I've come to know, "Hi Clary" says Jace flashing his white sparkling teeth ,his hair is shining gold by the sun and his eyes are hiding humour and a little bit of mischief. I grin back but just say; "Jace" before speeding up making him laugh and match my speed. "Nice try but you`ll have to try harder than that to beat me" he says grinning even more.

Just as I'm about to say some smart comment back the teacher screams "Sprint!" and Jace just turns and waves before speeding up. Cocky bastard I think and speed up myself until I'm flat out running not caring how mad I look just smile as I narrowly beat Jace to the finish line. We both slow down and I break into a big grin as he stares at me in shock. "Nice try but you`ll have to try harder than that to beat me" winking then go to get a drink.

The teacher goes and talks to Jace as he catches his breath over beside one of the cones, I take a drink as the others start coming back in, the limping guy comes over and smiles at me when he sees me and I smile back in acknowledgment and thanks for the encouragement. Just as I'm going to go over and say hi to him the teacher comes and blocks the sun out towering over me. "Why didn't you say you could run?" He demands his arms crossed his foot tapping waiting for a reply.

I cough and say; "It`s not something I thought people cared about?" which I instantly learn is the wrong thing to say to him who frowns and says in a voice that leaves me no room for argument "Training for cross country and track is every Wednesday, I`ll give you the kit then" then he just leaves me standing there wondering what the hell was going on while Jace just smirks over at me.

I stomp over causing him to lose the smirk and backing up slightly good he should be scared. "You go back to the teacher and withdraw whatever you say or I swear to god a bruised nose is going to be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your pain." I snarl at him my eyes flaring and the anger poking it`s ugly head in my voice. Jace has somewhat paled yet holds his ground infuriating me even more.

He is still wearing a smirk but it`s less confident than least time "I'm afraid I can`t coach has made his mind up nothing I can do to as you say 'fix it'" I growl and resist the urge to break his nose and wipe that smirk off his face, just to make things he walks up close to me and whispers "Welcome to the team fast girl" then walks over to the limp guy and they start having a some conversation leaving me seething and wanting to hit something very hard.

At the end of class after coach has warned me several times that if I don't come to training he`ll give me a month's worth of running detentions anyway it`s better to just show up and compete. I glare at Jace`s back coming up with master plans to hurt him and make it look like an accident. "Fast girl if you insist on staring at me at could you please come up here so I can see the look of admiration on your face as you stare at me beautifulness" he says to me not even turning back to look at me. I just flip him off and jog past him entering the changing rooms before he does the sound of his laughter following me.

I don't know how much more of this I can take, first Aline asks about Clary and now people are randomly asking how it feels living with a non-Christian in my house. I feel like deafening myself or plug my ears with wax instead of listen to them. Aline I and are on the way to lunch after forty minutes of history torture listening to Mr Briggs go on about how important the French revolution impacted the way Ireland is run today, we all know it`s not true but we smile along because Mr Briggs is one of the oldest members of the school and we all know he`d lost his marbles a long time ago.

We enter the cafeteria and take our regular bench with all the other cheerleaders and my mates all except, "Hey guy`s where`s Jace? Didn't he have P.E with any of you?" I ask not very concerned about him he`s probably off flirting with some poor gullible junior. Eric who is one of Jace`s friends from cross country and track who has to take a break after a sprained ankle laughs shaking his head at some sort of joke only he knows.

"Want to fill us in on the joke there Eric?" I ask drawing everybody`s attention to him making him sober up quickly and stare at his tuna sandwich blushing slightly. "It`s nothing" he mumbles taking a bite of his sandwich avoiding my question for a few vital seconds. Once he grudgingly swallows I'm on him like a hawk. "Share it anyway." I say in my most convincing smile that persuades people to do things I need them to.

He mumbles something then sighs saying; "I had P.E today with Jace and incidentally your half-sister" I correct him that she`s just my dad`s girlfriends daughter then tell him to go on. "Well see we were doing track today and we had to do two warm up laps of the track, needless to say who was up top and who was at the bottom. All the girls were fast walking along all except one. Your sister" he says stopping to take a bite of his sandwich as everyone gasps and whispers to each other. I held up my arm and they quieten down enough for him to speak again.

"She started off beside the girls but easily over took them and came up to me; I smiled and told her that she might as well outrun me because of the gimpy leg. She smiled and went on to take second place." He says like a story teller and all of us were the eager kids who dragged their mothers here to listen to him read. "Anyway as you know Jace was the fastest runner in the school. Key word there was, Clary comes up beside him and then when coach asks us to sprint she`s off like a rocket full out sprinting like there`s a mass murderer coming after her. Jace had no chance against that and came in a few seconds behind her." We all sit there mouths open and eyes wide as saucers I didn't know she could run I thought then shook my head at my own stupidity course she could run.

"That`s not all though." Eric says with a smile the devil wears when he holds all the wining cards. We lean forward again and he smirks and leans in probably for added affect, "After their big run Jace talked to coach and got Clary onto the running team, when she found out you should have seen her eyes." Eric stops and shudders. "It looked like hell had frozen over and she was the one responsible. Her eyes were scary as shit, they're deep green yet when she glared at Jace they were like pits of fire about to burn you to death. Yet Jace kept cool enough and actually flirted with her though she didn't take well to and stalked off flipping him". Despite my issue with my best friend flirting with Clary who was... well whatever she was I'm secretly glad she blew him off.

"Then comes the surprise and answer to your question, after she got changed and the bell had rung she went back out the back door to where we had just entered, Jace asked me why and I said I didn't know, which I still don't. Jace just grinned quickly packed his bag and went after her saying he`d catch up with us later." He takes another bite of his sandwich indicating the end to the story.

I sit there with the others one thought running through my head. What the hell is going on with the two of them?

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