Who Is She

Chapter 9

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I don't know that Jace is following me until I sit down against the tree and there he is towering over me with a grin on his face, I groan "What ruining my life wasn't enough now you`re going to wreck my break as well?" I say folding my arms and glaring at him making him chuckle and sit down in front of me blocking the sun from my eyes which is nice for about a second before I curse him for doing it.

"I saw you coming back out here and wondered where you hid yourself while we all eat in the cafeteria where normal people eat and socialize he says smirking right at me and that`s when I lose it. Usually I can take the taunts but coming from a guy who`s ass I saved without a thank you and then the same guy putting me up for something I don't want to do, not even including a 'Hey Clary fancy signing up to this club, it`ll be fun" is just plain disrespectful and I wasn't going to take it from him.

I get up so quickly that I cause him to scramble back and get up swaying slightly, "Let`s get one thing straight right now, I'm not some junior you can just turn on the charm with and have her eating out of the palm of your hand! Got that?" I shout stalking towards him as he edges back. "I'm out here for the exact reason you just said I should be in there right now, I don't want to make friends with any of those shallow idiots who think if you weren't born and raised here you`re some heretic who can't think for themselves. So forgive me if I`d rather be out here on my own then be judged in there for something I can`t and will not change!" I scream at him as he just looks worriedly at me.

I turn away and grab my coat and bag and stalk off refusing to cry at such a pathetic situation, I keep walking ignoring Jace calling my name speeding up to get away from him so he doesn't say something that will make me cry and punch him in the jaw like I really want to right now. "Hey. Hey Clary slow down, Clary come on turn around please" he gasps out trying to keep up with me.

"Hey" he says tugging my wrist making me turn around and look at him, he smiles a little and says; "I never meant to upset you ok, I'm sorry. I'm such a jerk" running his hand through his hair and looking sheepish. Despite my anger at him, I soften just a little and say; "Yeah you really are." This gets him really smiling for the first time since I met him.

"Look what I'm trying to say is that I'm on your side here, I remember being new here and being the social outcast, not that there`s anything wrong with that" he says quickly before I do something to him to hurt him. I just snort and say; "Get to the point here jerk I'm not getting any younger you know" causing him to chuckle and say; "What I'm trying to say is all you need is one good friend and you`ll survive, I mean I'm not saying it should be me or anything but you should try find somebody instead of just sitting out here alone" he says looking me straight in the eyes as he says this.

I laugh without humor and say; "And what you think it could be you?" then turn away yanking my wrist out of his hold easily and walking away trying not to laugh at the irony of it, one of Jon`s friends want to be mine. Never thought I`d hear that one I think laughing quietly to myself. Then suddenly I'm being twirled around and Jace is pressing his lips to mine and I don't know why but my body responds letting him access my mouth as I run my hand through his messed up hair.

Breathless we both let go and stand there gasping for breath, then Jace coughs out "Yeah I don't think we can be friends" then turns and walks away leaving me there with my lips tingling and my breath coming in shallow moments thinking What the hell just happened?

Why did I do that? What the bloody hell came over me? Just because she looked beautiful screaming at me doesn't mean you go and kiss her. Hell what will I tell Jonathan and the others who will ask where I've been?

Oh Jesus what the hell have I done, I should go back and explain that it was an accident and she shouldn't take it seriously, no that won`t work she`ll probably take it the wrong way and kick me where the sun don't shine. For God's sake what was I thinking! You weren't thinking that's the thing my brain answers and I swear admitting and turning around to go talk to her and there she is standing staring into space thinking whatever it is she thinks about.

I walk back over and she comes out of her daze glaring at me causing me to take a step back, she sighs and says in a weary voice; "I know what you`re going to say and I agree, it was a once off spur of a minute thing. Never going to happen again especially because I'm Jon`s whatever it is we are and you`re his best friend. That can`t work out well and I'm not wrecking your friendship no matter how much either of us want to, not that we do" she adds in at the end.

I nod thankful she understands and yet it feels like I'm losing something valuable I didn't know I had until it was gone, I shake it off as too much energy and smile at Clary who has a tight smile on her face. "Well I`d better go" she says awkwardly and points to the school blushing slightly. I nod and let her dodge past me and run into the school leaving me there to my thoughts. What the hell have I done?

That didn't happen. I mean I know it did but it didn't happen because of love or logic so it doesn't mean anything, this is what I try convince myself as I walk numbly back inside the school and get to my next class in a daze not even listening to people just sitting down and looking ahead of me mumbling along with everybody else in the class.

This continues all through school until the last bell rings and I'm walking out to jeep to tell Jonathan I'm not coming home with him and to tell my mum that I`ll be back for dinner and not to wait if I'm not which seems more likely. I get to the jeep but nobody is there except Jace. Of Course. Sighing I say; "Hi, look can you tell Jon that I won`t be coming home with you guys so don't bother waiting for me, also I told my mother where I'm going to be and when I`ll be back so don't worry about me. Not that you should" I plainly state then turn around and melt into the masses of people leaving the school premises, earphones plugged in and ignoring everything around me and focus on the growing excitement inside me as I head towards the gym.

I stare at where she just was and know one thing for certain, she`s never going to forgive me and we`re never going back to whatever it was we were before. Sighing I lean heavily on one of the door of the jeep waiting for the guys to come so I can go home and bang my head against the wall a dozen and one times like I want to.

The guys finally come out and by then I've worked myself into a horrible mood and it`s just made worse seeing their smiling faces and happy body language like everything is right with the world when frankly to me, the world is crumbling down and there`s nothing I can do to stop it.

"Thanks for finally gracing me with your presence " I say my voice dripping with sarcasm even the dumbest beast in the zoo would notice it, the guys just stop and look at me with concerned faces, Jon being the hero steps forward and asks; "What`s wrong Jace?" but I just back away from him refusing anybody to close in on me, "Nothing" I say looking him in the eye "Nothing at all slow coaches" and putting on the grin that`s way too big for my face and feels completely fake yet convinces I'm just messing with them as they grin back at me.

"Got us going there dude." He says patting my back then asks the question I really wish would not come up "Do you know where Clary is?" because I knew where she was going and yet I wish I didn't yet I tell the truth because he`d find out sooner or later so it`d just be easier to say it and be done with it.

"She said she didn't need a lift today cause she was going somewhere and don't worry about her, not that you would" I say the last bit quietly but obviously not quietly enough because Jon turns and says; "What did you just say?" I hold up my hands in surrender. "I'm just telling you what she said and she said that, she also said she told her mother about it so don't worry about her, she`ll more likely be home for dinner" I say then turn get in the car and slam the door shut indicating didn't want to talk about it anymore.

The guys get in flashing worried looks at me when they don't think I'm looking but I do and it`s getting on my last nerve. Just as Jon throws another look at me I glare back and say; "Just ask whatever is on your mind so I don't have to be stared the whole way home which by the way, is so damn irritating" Jon flinches and I feel bad for about three seconds before my bad mood swallows me up again.

"We just wanted to know why you spent lunch with Clary." Kyle whispers out loud in the silence of the Jeep. Clenching my jaw and fisting my hands I say with what little calm I can muster; "She forgot her jumper and I gave it back, we got talking then I left to finish a piece of homework I didn't finish last night. I didn't spend the whole half hour with her so whoever told you this is a liar. Can we leave now" I say staring straight at Jonathan who mumbles something then gets the Jeep started and drives without looking at me again.

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