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The Slave Prince | KOOKV


A prince forced to be a slave of an evil king. What will his fate be?

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Groans of pain and hunger can be heard in each cell in the basement of an old wicked castle ruled by a ruthless king.

This area is filled with people from different kingdoms who are forced to be slaves after being colonized and wrecked by the devil ruler.

The old and dying ones are forced to starve to death, not getting food or even water. The king has no use for them and it's only wise for him to let them face death. The young ones, especially the strong ones are trained to be soldiers and knights who will work under the general and help in colonizing other kingdoms. The women are made sex slaves, taking in the horny men of the kingdom, abusing and using them whenever they see fit.

The slaves pulled on the restraints, creating a clicking sound of the chains hitting the rough floor. They have been waiting for the food to arrive, almost salivating from hunger.

Their heads snap in the direction of the door when they heard it open, came the general and soldiers pulling chains with new sets of slaves probably from another kingdom they conquered.

Children are crying and the elderly almost losing their breath from a long and tiring walk, not to mention their bruised covered face and body.

The slaves sadly looked at the new arrivals, knowing they'll be sharing the same fate.

One of the new slaves caught everyone's attention, tall and beautiful brunet with honey colored skin decorated with bruises and cuts. His face emotionless, eyes almost lifeless as if he's already accepted his fate.

The soldiers pushed them inside an empty cell, children automatically clinging to their parents with fear in their eyes, such an early stage to be robbed off their innocence.

The brunet slumped in one corner, eyes fixated on the floor, deep in thought. He remembered the scene he witnessed earlier when they were being attacked by the people who are worst than monsters. He saw how his father died in the hands of the evil king, slicing his head in one go while his mother was taken and abused by the soldiers until she bleeds and dies on the spot. And his little brother... who's only ten years young has faced a tragic death of falling off the castle after being knocked off by the general.

The brunet closed his eyes as tears threaten to fall. He can still remember their death vividly, as if it's happening right in front of him. He wishes to die as well, that would have been better than being a slave of the man who killed his family.

But no.

The evil king lets him live, liking the hatred he sees in the brunet's eyes, vengeful and threatening. He wants to see how the brunet struggles to live as a slave, far from his former royal status.

Yes. The brunet is the prince of the west Kingdom, the first son of the dead king. He's supposed to take over their kingdom this year as he turns 23, but fate has a huge turn. He now lost his family and the kingdom he has yet to serve.

The door to their cell opened, three soldiers came in, looking for a particular slave.

"You!" called out the bulkier one while pointing to the direction of the fallen prince.

The brunet did not look their way. He lowers his head to the ground, not wanting to make eye contact.

He heard heavy footsteps coming his way and was yanked in the arm, almost making him whimper in pain.

"I AM TALKING TO YOU." The man angrily said, eyes boring on the brunet's wincing face.

The other two came to their side, dragging the brunet out of the cell and into the throne room where the evil king awaits.

He was pushed inside a gigantic room, almost hitting his face on the ground, his strength leaving his legs.

"How are you so far, prince."

A deep and dangerous voice comes in, making the brunet tremble in fear. He doesn't need to look up just to see the man's face. He remembers him so clearly, and soon his fear turned to anger.

The brunet lifted his head, eyes blazing in undescribable anger for the man sitting on the throne as he stares him deep in the eyes.

One of the palace guards noticed this and instantly pointed a sword on the brunet's neck.

"You disrespectful bitch! How dare you look at our King! Lower your gaze to the ground slave!" The soldier shouted in anger.

The brunet did not even bat an eye. He stared at the king, gaze murderous and if looks can kill, the king will be lying lifeless on the floor.

"Why you little piece of shit! I SAID LOWER YOUR GAZE!" The soldier repeated, his sword pressed hard on the brunet's neck, one more move and blood will surely ooze out from it.

The king chuckled, fascinated by the brunet's courage.

"Let him be, Jackson." He laughed mockingly as the brunet's eyes turned even more deadly.

"But King Jeon! He's being disrespectful to you! We should teach him how to bow down to his king!" The soldier insisted, pressing a bit too much creating a small cut on the brunet's neck where blood starts to stream down.

The king settles his head on top of his hand, staring deeply in the brunet's blazing orbs, captivated by the determination that he can see in them.

"Release him Jackson." The king ordered, making the soldier confused.

"But King Jeon! I----"

"Don't make me repeat myself." The king firmly stated, his gaze boring on the soldier who immediately backed away to his post.

The brunet was left slumping on the cold floor, eyes still glaring at the king. His mind tries to think of a way to get revenge, scanning the room for possible ways.

He knows he'll be dead even before he can come near the king but he doesn't care anymore. There's nothing left of him to live. Death is even better than his situation.

The king noticed how the brunet's eyes settle on the sword near his throne. It's easy for the king to read what's on the guy's mind, and this amazed him even more.

He tries playing his game.

"Say, former Prince of the West, did you enjoy the death of your parents and your little brother?" King Jeon mocked, wanting to anger the brunet even more.

"I still have your father's head. I'm thinking of feeding it to the dogs, but if you want it, then I can give it to you as a present." He continued, urging the brunet to do what's in his mind.

And in one go, the brunet stood and hurriedly run towards the throne. His breathing ragged from anger and fear as he nears, his eyes focusing on the sword.

King Jeon wickedly smiles as he looks at the brunet ran toward him with an intent to kill. His grin widens when the brunet finally got a hold of his sword, quickly drawing it out and aiming on him.

Come to me Prince.

The king anticipated the brunet's action. He waited for his attack grinning from ear to ear like the devil that he is.

The brunet aimed, his vision turning red and his mind no longer working. All he wants at the moment is to plunge the sword in the king's neck.

He steps and aims, when a sword interferes, blocking the king. He felt a hard punch on his back, almost making him faint on the floor, breathless. He coughed and spits blood, sword no longer in hands as the soldier took it away.

He felt two soldiers on his side, holding him down on the floor. One of them has a sword up in the air, aiming to slice his head.

The brunet closed his eyes, finally accepting his death. He waited for the touch of the sword.

But it did not come.

Instead, a loud voice came booming on the throne.


The soldier halted his movement, waiting for the king's order.

The brunet has his eyes closed. The punch he gets made his breathing ragged, his vision blurring, and his hearing faltering.

"Don't kill him. I still have a lot of plans for him."

Those were the last words the brunet hears before finally losing consciousness.

The king slowly walks away from his throne and into the brunet. He stoop down, raising the unconscious boy's face. He stared down, finding the brunet attractive.

"Don't you think such a beauty will be put to waste if you'll instantly kill him?" He murmured, letting go of the brunet's face.

The king turns back to his throne, eventually giving his final order.

"Take him to my room. He'll be warming my bed for the night."


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