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The Slave Prince | KOOKV

Chapter 2

The slave prince was sprawled on the bed, right hand tied on the bed post, naked.

He struggled to get up, pulling on the chains aggressively, grazing his soft skin. He hissed from the sting, but continues to struggle out.

He needs to get out of there real soon, before the devil comes and have his way on him. Using his left hand, he tried removing the chains, pulling and tugging non stop.

"Fuck!" He shouts in frustration, energy draining from his body after all the struggles.

His eyes darted on the door, hearing heavy footsteps coming, followed by the jingling of the keys and the slow almost torturingly turning of the knob.

No! No! No!

He pulled once more, this time harder enough for the bed post to move a little and his wrist decorated with blood.

"Ah! FUCK!" he cursed, feeling the pain sipping through his wrist.

Suddenly, the door opens.

The slave held his breath, his eyes widened in fear at the man standing by the door, slowly closing it behind.

He tried covering his exposed body under the sheets upon seeing the horrifying look at the man's face, raking up and down his nakedness, lust evident in those devilish eyes.

The evil king took a step forward, eyes boring on the slave's alluring body, enticing him to do things beyond his control.

"Trying to escape, aren't you?" King Jungkook grinned, his eyes blazing in mixed amusement and lust as he studies the beautiful prince on his bed, struggling to cover himself with the sheets.

"S-stay away from me! You evil----hmmph"

Taehyung's words were muffled under the hands of the king, covering his mouth forcefully. His eyes widened in shock as he struggles to remove the hand, wriggling his head in an attempt to move away.

"Shut that fucking beautiful mouth of yours or I'll cut your tongue out." the king warned, pressing his hand harder on the slave's mouth. He gripped his hair, yanking his head hard, making the brunet wince in pain.

"If I were you, I'll behave, that is if you want to stay alive longer." Jungkook whispered near the brunet's ears, licking and nipping like a hungry animal.

"You smell so good." He groaned, feeling aroused.

Taehyung panicked, feeling a hard bulge pressing on the side of his stomach. His heart pounded in fear of the things the evil king might do to him.

He tried pushing the stronger man using his free hand, desperately escaping from his grasp.

"Mmhp n-no!" He was able to open his mouth and without thinking, he bit the king's hand hard, earning a series of expletives from the latter.


Jungkook looked at his bitten hand, his eyes blazing in anger as he darted his gaze on the brunet.

"You fucking bitch!!"

A strong slap landed on the brunet's face, he felt his face sting, his vision became blurry, and he can hear a ringing sound in his ear.

Jungkook gripped his chin, forcing Tae to look at him in the eyes.

"You little shit! I'll make sure to punish you so good, you'll regret you were even born."

The evil king stood out of the bed, peeling himself off his clothes in a rushed movement. His cock springs free, veins decorating the long and hard shaft.

Taehyung is still dazed from the painful slap he got, he felt lightheaded, his surroundings twirling around making him high.

Once naked, Jungkook went back on top of the brunet, spreading his creamy legs wide, settling himself in between.

"I'm gonna fuck you until I'm satisfied."

The evil king wrapped his hands around the slave's neck, almost choking him to death.

Taehyung struggled, gasping for air and holding on for dear life. His eyes saw the evil spark on the man on top of him, looking like a starved beast.

"Let's see how good you'll take me.. RAW."

Without warning, Jungkook plunge his monstrous cock inside the tight unprepared hole of the slave.

The tightness and heat eventually enveloped Jungkook's cock, making him groan in satisfaction.

Taehyung held his breath at the sharp pain in his ass, as if he's being torn into pieces. Tears swelled out of his eyes. He wants to shout from pain, but his voice won't come out from being strangled.

"Fucking tight! You're so fucking tight slut."

Jungkook did not wait, he rams his huge cock in and out of the hole in an animalistic pace, wrecking the brunet completely who can only close his eyes from the torturous feeling in his ass.

The king looked at how his cock goes all the way in, disappearing from sight everytime he pushes up to the hilt. He saw a hint of blood on his cock which only heightens his lust.

"Ahhh fuck!"

He groaned, feeling the brunet clenched and unclenched, squeezing his cock even more.

He spreads the slave's legs even more, wanting to have deeper access every time he thrusts in and out.

Taehyung grips on the sheets, his eyes lifeless as he was continuously being hammered like a ragged doll. He stared at the ceiling, accepting his brutal fate in the hands of the evil king.

He just stayed still, as if he's dead. He accepted every thrust, not minding the searing pain in his beaten hole. All he wants is to end his misery.


Jungkook rams once more, finally reaching his release. He pours himself inside the brunet's hole, milking himself out.

The slave felt a hot liquid mixed with a hint of blood flows out of his hole as the king takes out his cock. He winced at the sudden emptiness, pain sipping through his ass and lower abdomen.

He thought it was over. But no.

Jungkook turned the slave around, face slumping on the bed. The chains still tugging on his right hand at the sudden shift in position.

The king lifted the slave's ass, seeing his cum flowing out of the beaten hole and down to his creamy legs.

In one swift movement, Jungkook thrusted back inside the brunet's hole, not minding the groan that came out of his lips.


Taehyung bit the bed sheet, letting the king fuck him once more.

The room is filled with squishy sound and slapping noises, with Jungkook's groans and Taehyung's 'uh-uh-uh' s'.

Jungkook slaps the slave's ass, rapidly going in and out. He yanked Tae's hair forcefully, the slave's back arching in a perfect bow.

"I-I'm going to fuck you like this everyday until you can no longer walk with your two feet."

He held the slave's hips firmly as he keeps on fucking him to the hilt.

A few more painful and rapid thrusts and Jungkook came again, filling the brunet's hole with his cum.

The king pulled out his cock, feeling satisfied from seeing the wrecked state of the fallen prince.

"Clean yourself."

Those were the last words of the king as he went to the bathroom, leaving Taehyung still staring at nothingness, ass high up, totally wrecked.

He felt so dirty and used like a garbage. He felt a tear roll down his cheeks, thinking about how cruel his fate has turned around in the hands of the evil king.

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