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Eternal Spring Year 1 (Vol. 1)

By Allison Close

Fantasy / Romance

Rose 1

It is a cool starry early spring night at Cross Academy with a full moon in plain view. Miki’s father, Erle Nao Kanon, a dazzling Japanese man seemingly in his late twenties dressed in a fancy suit and a tan jacket that goes to his knees, heads into the headmaster main office.

“Wait here sweetie.” Mr. Kanon motions for her to sit on a nearby bench.

“O-okay Papa.” Miki sits on the bench quietly. Miki is a fifteen year old girl with long silky red wavy hair to the end of her butt with silver star hair ties with bangs that fall into threes to the end of her eyebrows and dark-blue eyes along with a slightly athletic frame. She’s wearing an aqua-blue tank-top, yellow unzipped short sleeved jacket, navy-blue skirt, yellow and white striped knee sox, and blue high-tops. As Mr. Kanon goes in with a slight smile Miki watches the halls. As she sits playing with her braids a pleasant sent drifts to her. Unknowingly Miki gets up and begins to fallow it down the halls. After a few minutes she ends up in front of a classroom door.

‘Is it… in here?’ Miki hesitates to open the door to see… a class going on. Everyone, aside from Luna, turns to look at the little lost lamb standing in front of them. Miki stands in front of the door frozen in fear and embracement.

Luna is a girl with long raven black hair cascading down her shoulders and back with piercing amber eyes and dressed in the girls Night Class uniform. She sits in the back reading a book with a calm and elegant look on her face. The book is a simple poem book, but she has no interest in looking up from the pages. Sitting on her right, closest to the window is Kaname. Kaname is a young stoic guy with slightly long and styled dark-brown hair and mysterious red/brown eyes. He’s wearing the guys Night Class uniform. Seeing everyone’s reactions Kaname silences them with a glance and then heads down to the scared Miki.

“Hello miss.” Kaname gives a gentle smile and bows. “I’m sorry, but you’re in the wrong place. And as you can see a classes is going on right now.” He looks at, the still frozen, Miki with a kind smile.

“U… Um… I… I’m really sorry.” Miki bows, finally unfreezing, with her face bright red. “I… I’m new… I was just… looking around.” She looks down at her feet and plays with her braids, like she does when she’s upset, with her blush up to her ears.

“That’s alright. Now, can you tell me your name please?” Kaname speaks in a gentle and soft tone as he tilts up her head gently with his hand under her chin. Seeing this makes Ruka glare. Ruka is a young elegant looking girl with light-brown eyes and long wavy light-brown hair to the middle of her back and wearing the girls Night Class uniform.

“My… my name is… Miki. Miki Kanon.” Miki blushes even more as she stares into his mysterious and gentle eyes. Everyone stares at her wide eyed with curious and shocked expressions.

‘W-why? Why are they all looking at me like that?’ Miki sees them staring intensely. ‘D-did I do something wrong?’ she panics unable to move or otter a breathe.

Kaname stares over at the desks causing them to fall silent. “Luna, I’ll be needing your assistance. It seems our awaited new student has gotten herself lost.” He glances over to her. Sighing, Luna closes her book and walks down to them. As she walks Miki can’t help but stare at her beauty, for this was her first time seeing vampires aside from her dad. The others also stare at this site, but Luna and Kaname ignore them.

“Where will we be taking her Kaname-sama?” Luna’s voice chimes like bells as she speaks to Kaname only sparing a quick side glance to Miki.

“To Headmaster Cross’s office.” Kaname opens the classroom door holding it open for them. “And Ichijo, you watch the others. I’ll inform you on everything later on.” Kaname glances over to a young guy with blonde hair and honest warm green eyes.

“Don’t worry about it Kaname.” Ichijo smiles at Kaname with a nod. Ichijo glances at Miki from his seat with a bit of curiosity, while Miki is still too nervous to look at the Night Class students.

‘So pretty.’ Miki stares at Luna with the look of a little girl staring at a porcelain doll.

“Alright.” Luna gives a quick nod and glances at the still in shock Miki. “Fallow us and stay close. Okay?” She looks at Miki with a calm and elegant eyes.

“Oh, um… okay. Th-thank you.” Miki, awakens from her daze, bows her head and begins to fallow them. As they were leaving the sent, that had lead her there, drifted to her again.

‘That smell… it’s like a garden, so sweet. But where…’ Miki turns her head to catch a quick glimpse of a thin framed guy, sitting in the middle row, with short styled blond hair and honest warm green eyes in the Night Class uniform. He is still looking over at Miki causing their eyes to meet. It was only for a secant, but it was long enough to cause Miki to blush like mad. While the guy, Ichijo, looks confused before shrugging his shoulders slightly and turns to keep the class calm.

“Don’t get distracted.” Luna gives a quick sigh not even glancing at Miki as she fallows Kaname out of the classroom.

“Miss Kanon, we most get to the headmaster quickly.” Kaname glances at Miki with a gentle smile.

“O-okay.” Miki fallows close behind Kaname. She is so close that she is holding on to his jacket and this causes Ruka to glare with mad rage.

Later on during the walk down the halls. The moon light hits Kaname and Luna’s eyes causing them to glisson slightly in the gentle light making them look like stars as they walk quietly down the dimly light hallways. As they continue down them there is no sound aside from the soft chirping crickets and echoes of their footsteps.

“U… um… Kaname-sama?” Miki stares at the ground shyly.

“Kaname is fine.” Kaname continues to walk with Luna next to him.

“O-okay. Kaname… can I… can I ask a question?” Miki watches her feet only glancing up on occasion.

“What do you want to know?” Kaname glances back at Miki. Luna continues to walk alongside him quietly.

“Um… they… I…” Miki mutters under her breathe missing the key points as she glances up at them from time to time.

“They what?” Luna finally speaks moving so she is walking along side Miki so she could look her in the eyes and hear her.

“Does it have to do with the others reactions earlier?” Kaname glances back at Miki again a bit curious. Miki gives a shy side glance at Luna and then gives a slight nod.

“Is… is it so wrong? For a kid like me to be born?” Miki asks in a sweet yet quietly shy tone as she glances up at them with sad and confused expression with misty eyes.

“Don’t think like that. It’s too sad of a view.” Kaname stares at Miki with a sad expression as his hand gently sweeps away her tears.

“Fate won’t allow mistakes, there for you were meant to be born.” Luna stands there with a serious yet sympathetic expression. Miki gives a slight smile and gives a quick nod to show she is feeling better. As they continue to walk Miki glances at Luna shyly admiring her beauty. Then Miki notices the small poem book in Luna’s hands.

“Papa has the same poem book.” Miki unknowingly says out loud as she stares at the book.

Luna blinks slightly yet is able to keep her composed expression as she looks over at Miki. “Your… Papa? I see…” Luna looks away from Miki and falls silent again as she moves back to Kaname’s side as they get to the office’s big doors.

“Miss Kanon, is your father perhaps here to see the headmaster?” Kaname stops just in front of the door and turns to look at the embraced Miki.

Miki nods slightly as she stares at the ground too embraced to lift her bright red face up while playing with her braids. Kaname simply nods before turning to face the doors. He politely knocks on the door he then lets his arm elegantly fall back to his side as he waits for an answer.

“Come in.” Mr. Cross calls in a gentle voice from behind the doors.

They walk in with the timid and embraced Miki right behind them. Mr. Kanon sees his daughter playing with her braids and walks over to her with a gentle smile. “I see you already tracked down your totter. What a good girl you are.” He gently pats her head as he looks down at her with soft eyes. Miki looks up at her dad with a shy smile as she lets go of her braids. But then hides behind him spotting a glaring silver haired and eyed guy about her age standing next to a girl around her age and height with the same colored short hair and eyes as Kaname.

‘Totter?’ Luna looks slightly confused as she glances at Kaname before sighing and looking over towards the headmaster. Miki continues to hide behind her dad with a terrified expression as she clings to his jacket as she only shows a corner of her face.

“What are those two doing here?” Zero snarls under his breath as he glares more at them then Miki.

“Zero, there is no need for such an attitude.” Kaname stares at Zero with a calm yet commanding eyes.

Mr. Cross sighs. “Kaname is here because I asked and Luna is welcome to stay as well.” He states with his usual goofy grin. “That is if it’s okay with you, Erle Kanon.” He gives a slight head bow.

“She may stay. I trust your judgment Cross.” Mr. Kanon gives an approving nod. Zero grumbles as he crosses his arms over his chest clearly not happy.

“Headmaster, if I may ask what is Miss Miki’s situation exactly?” Kaname steps forward with a slight bow.

“Well…” Mr. Cross takes a sip of his tea. “As you two and Zero are aware of Miki isn’t our typical case. Miki is a vampire and human child by birth, not bite.” He watches as Yuki looks surprised and Zero seems like he is sick to his stomach. Miki slinks back holding on to her dad’s jacket. Yuki notices this and glances over at Kaname for help.

“I see… well, I welcome her here.” Kaname smiles gently at Miki and gives a quick bow. “As does Luna. Correct?” he looks over at her. Luna nods as she glances, with a rare soft look in her eyes, at Miki. Miki nods shyly still hiding as she plays with her clips again.

“So… is she going to be in the Night Class?” Yuki looks over at Miki curiously.

“No. She’ll be in the Day Class. You see she…” Mr. Cross starts but is cut off by a very pissed Zero.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” Zero hits the wall with all his might furious at what he heard. “Putting a girl like THAT in the Day Class?! That’s pure MADNESS! What if she tries to bite someone?!” he glares at the frightened Miki.

“Zero!” Kaname stares him down again but this time Kaname lets his displeasure show. Miki, at this time, looks as if she’s about to cry. Yuki sees this and steps on Zero’s foot as hard as she can while she gives him a dirty look.

“She’s safer than YOU.” Mr. Kanon hints to knowing Zero’s little secret. This makes Zero flinch slightly causing him to shut up as he glances at the clueless Yuki.

Mr. Cross coughs to lighten the air a bit. “Miki’s not blood thirsty. I know, I’ve tested myself.” He looks gently at the scared Miki.

“Really?” Yuki stares at Miki stunned. Miki nods quietly as she slowly comes out from hiding behind her dad.

“She can also walk in the day and is tired at night. Honestly if it wasn’t for her powers she’d be a normal human.” Mr. Kanon glances lovingly at his daughter as he gently pets her head. This makes Miki smile slightly as he strokes her hair.

“So why is it that Kaname must look after her?” Luna looks curious as she steps forward. “This seems simple enough for the Disciplinary Committee.” She glances over at Zero and Yuki.

“Luna…” Kaname looks at her with a disappointed expression.

“Pardon me, Erle Kanon.” Luna bows her head in apology.

“No that’s fair of her to ask.” Mr. Kanon gives a slight head shake.

“My powers… aren’t stable. Papa’s worried about me.” Miki finally speaks in a shy soft tone as she slightly looks up at them while playing with her hands nervously.

“Erle Kanon has hidden her due to the nature of her powers.” Mr. Cross suddenly look very serious. “I was finally able to convince him to bring her here. However, her being here means he has finally introduced her to the world which means she MOST attend the same events as you all. Understand Kaname?”

“I understand headmaster. Though, I would like for Luna and Ichijo, my right hand, to assist me. If it pleases Erle Kanon.” Kaname gives a bow to them both. Mr. Cross looks over to Mr. Kanon for approval. Mr. Kanon ponders for a moment wondering what would be best.

“Um… I… I don’t mind.” Miki shyly glances up at her father slightly tugging on his jacket sleeve. Mr. Kanon nods in approval a little shocked at his daughter’s response.

“Um… what ARE her powers?” Yuki ponders. Everyone looks over at Yuki and then the others look over at Mr. Cross and Mr. Kanon.

“That is something we need to know. That is if we are to watch over her correctly.” Luna states as she looks over to Kaname.

“Luna is correct. Though maybe we can discuss this when you feel ready.” Kaname nods in agreement.

“It can damn well be told right here and now.” Zero growls impassionedly. Mr. Kanon glares at Zero for his arrogance and lack of respect. Miki stops her dad from attack by touching his hand gently. Feeling his daughter’s warm soft hand, he backs down. At the same time Yuki keeps Zero from drawing his gun.

“This is true. Although it could have been asked without the snark.” Mr. Cross glances over at a cross armed pouting Zero. “She has a few, three the Vampire world wouldn’t mind but one of them they would want to get rid of.” He glances over at Mr. Kanon for approval to continue. Mr. Kanon nods giving the go ahead. “One; she can talk to animals. Two; she can heal wounds. Then there’s…” he hesitates and ponders what to say. The others listen with curiosity and it grows at they watch Mr. Cross and Mr. Kanon look a bit panicked.

“Then there’s what?” Luna grows impassionate as she speaks up unknowingly. “You don’t need to answer me.” She falls back with a bow.

“No we do.” Mr. Kanon shakes his head with a sigh as he clings to Miki’s hand tightly. “I most ask, no I beg you…” he bows his head to them. “Please, please don’t inform those above you after hearing this. For my daughter and for a better future. Please don’t let this leave the room.” He keeps her head bowed. Miki looks at her dad a little sad that he feels like he most do this. When Zero is going to respond, he sees a serious yet anxious expression on the headmasters face.

“Fine.” Zero sighs as he crosses his arms over his chest and looks away.

“You don’t need to bow. I and Luna promise to not discuss it with the council.” Kaname motions to himself and Luna. Luna simply nods in agreement. Mr. Kanon lifts his head as he gives a sigh of relief.

“She can… her blood… can STOP a vampire’s thirst and basically make them humans with powers.” Mr. Cross struggles to get the words out still worried about their reactions. Everyone stares at her stunned while Miki just stands there playing with her braids.

“Is… that possible?” Yuki stutters out of shock. Zero’s eyes widen in shock, but then doubt crosses over his face.

“I… see…” Kaname speaks in complete shock.

“Is that all?” Luna tries to hide her shock by keeping a calm expression.

Mr. Cross slowly shakes his head. He takes a deep breath before starting. “It’s… possible… that her blood could cure Level Es.” The others stare wide eyed once again. While Zero’s face goes white with shock.

“That’s why she’s here. To learn and find out what she can do.” Mr. Kanon finishes with a smile as he gently pats Miki’s head.

“I’m grateful to you for trusting us with her training.” Mr. Cross gives a slight head bow.

“We shall make sure her powers are kept secret as she stays and attends classes here. We will keep her safe, right Yuki?” Kaname looks over at Miki.

“You can count on us!” Yuki cheers with a solute and a large smile.

“Thank you.” Miki shyly smiles at Yuki.

‘S-so cute!’ Yuki blushes slightly as she stares at Miki.

“Thank you.” Mr. Kanon gives a slight head bow. “I should go before the sun rises.” He looks out the window to see that the stars have begun to fade and the sun is about to peek over the mountains.

“Luna and I must return to the Moon Dorms as well.” Kaname looks out as well. Luna nods in agreement.

“Of course.” Mr. Cross nods. “You should all get your rest.” He stands up and shakes Mr. Kaname’s hand.

“Take good care of her Cross.” Mr. Kanon smiles warmly at him.

“We will. I promise she’ll be safe.” Mr. Cross nods. The two of them smiles at each other and Mr. Kanon turns to his daughter.

“Learn what you can and stay safe.” Mr. Kanon stands in front of her smiling and she smiles brightly with a nod. “You are my light in this endless night.” He kisses her forehead and then heads out.

“Now, you two head to the Moon Dorms. Yuki, please take Miki to the girls Sun Dorm. And Zero… you stay for a bit longer.” Mr. Cross revers back to his goofy self.

“Alright. This way Miki.” Yuki smiles at her warmly and the two girls leave together. Zero grumbles yet stays in the office looking away from anyone. Luna and Kaname bow their heads and head out a few minutes later. The two of them walk down the dim halls.

“Kaname-sama, do you truly wish for Ichijo-san and I to assist in taking care of the girl?” Luna glances over at Kaname.

“Yes. Being the only other pureblood that attends the academy. And I truest Ichijo with my life. I also believe I can trust you.” Kaname continues to look forward.

“I see…I shall do what I can.” Luna gives a quick slight head bow.

As they walk down the halls they hear someone running towards them. They stop and turn to see Miki. “U… um… th-thank you again. I… I look forward to going to school here.” She bows with a red face and then runs of to join the huffing Yuki. The two girls head off again. Kaname softly chuckles a bit watching the two of them. Luna covers her mouth slightly with her hand, holding back a laugh.

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