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Best friend's Brother


Alice Granger, a 23 year old girl living in London and a Fashion designer. She has a best friend named Kim Eon Jin, an air hostess. Her life turned upside down when she got a business deal in Korea and moved there with her best friend Eonnie. What will happen when she will meet her teenage crush after a long time, or known as her Best friend's Brother.....

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 : 1st day in London

Alice's POV.

I moved to London when I finished my study about Designing. I always have dreamt about being a designer famous one of course.

I lived in Paris before moving here, with my parents. I don't know anyone here in London. After my plane landed I took my belongings from the airport and went out. I saw few taxi there and hop in one taxi and told him to go to the Scape Greenwich Apartments.

In the ride the driver was quietly driving when I was looking out of the window. "I guess you are new here?", he said while looking at me through the mirror. "Yes, I moved here today. And looking forward to start my new business. I completed my degree in fashion designing so I need to settle things", I replied smiling at him. I get out of the car with my belongings and paid for the ride. I made my way towards the hostel. I asked the secretary of the hostel if they have any rooms. To my luck I found a room which I will be sharing with a girl named Kim Eon Jin.

I got into the room and started unpacking. The door of my room fly open and a girl aged nearly 23. Before I react she pulled me in a bear hug. "Finally I'm no longer alone in this unknown hostel", she said smiling at me. "I'm Kim Eon Jin, from Korea. And you?? ", she asked. "I'm Alice Granger, from Paris ". She smiled brightly at my reply. I smiled back at her and get back to unpack.

Eon's POV.

I get back to my dorm room. I heard from the secretary that a new girl just moved here. I was so happy that finally I will be having a friend since I have no friends here.

Yeah cause I don't know how to speak English fluently that's why I have no friends.

My name is Kim Eon Jin. I'm an air hostess. Lucky me I can travel many countries like that. I have two siblings one of them is still studying while my elder brother Kim Taehyung is busy making new videos and songs. Yeah he is a singer in the famous boy band BTS.

I entered my room and saw a brown haired girl. Her hair was long till her knees and she tied that in a long sleek pony tail. She was wearing a turquoise blue shirt and a plain black jeans. She has a fair construction while having perfect curves. She looked like an angel.

She turned around to face me while I pulled her into a bear hug." Finally I'm no longer alone in this unknown hostel", I said while letting her go. " I'm Kim Eon Jin, from Korea. And you?? ", I asked her happily." I'm Alice Granger, from Paris". She said smiling back. Then she get back to her unpacking.

Finally I have a Friend of same age and same gender. I guess what will be the reaction of my sweet brother who will know about this.

Hi, my dear readers 😊. It's my first book and I'm really nervous about it. English is my second language so I'm sey if there is any kind of mistake. Enjoy the story 😊. I will update soon.

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