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Best friend's Brother

Chapter 2: The new life with first concert

Alice's POV.

It's been 4 months since I moved to London. Eon jin my roommate soon became my best buddy and only friend in London. We started hanging out a lot and she also helped me in my business. I started my new shop named " Alice's Magic shop ". I know the name is kinda worried but as being a crazy fan of BTS I liked to name it by their song. Eonnie also liked the name since she like BTS also.

My shop has purple coloured walls cover with posters and photos of my heros (the bangtan boys). After opening of my shop my business started growing stronger and I have been busy attending the meetings with well known brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. I'm happy since my business is growing.

I was in my office working on the current project on my computer, when my office door brust open and revealed an excited Eonnie. "Hey, guess whose concert ticket I got??", she asked in excitement. I didn't even looked at her direction and kept doing my business. She snatched the laptop away from me and stood there with her arms folded against her chest.

"What you want now Eonnie??", I asked getting annoyed." I got two tickets for the BTS concert today. And if you don't wanna go then I should ask my other friend to go then". My jaw dropped at her words. Did she said BTS??? Or It's just my imagination???

I jumped in front of her happily cause I have been dying to see their performance. "Really!!", I exclaimed. "Yeah and we are going to shopping right now", she said dramatically.

After spending two hours in the mall I found a cute floral printed crop top and a high waisted black jeans with white Adidas. In the other hand Eonnie was wearing a black tortoise neck sweatshirt and faded blue jeans with black converse.

We arrived at the stadium. I was gaping at the crowd like crazy while Eonnie looked like she is used to this. I kinda feel worried about her because when ever I talk about Kim Taehyung she start arguing with me to stop talking about him. I mean yeah je is mu crush since I was 19 and he is just a year older than me. I don't know why she behaves like that when ever I bring his topic.

May be she likes him you idiot. My mind told me.

We started making our way towards the crazy crowd. We showed our tickets and got into the stadium since we we're in the first phase first row, I can see them this closeup. I was getting excited more and more.

The lights dimmed and the show begin.

Taehyung's POV.

I saw a notification on my phone from my sister Eon. Yeah it's the second time she is attending our concert with one of her friend. Her friend's name is Alice.

She sent a selfie of her with her friend who was wearing a flower printed crop top and a high waisted black jeans. She was looking cute.

I blushed a little with my thought. She has a fair construction with long dark brown hair and she had three piercings on her left ear.

"She is freaking cute man", my dearest friend Jimin said.

"Yeah she really is. She is Eon jin's best friend". When I mentioned Eon jin Jimin's cheeks got red and he got shy.

Yeah my dear best friend Jimin has a crush on my baby sister. Did I give him permission??

Yes. Since I believe that he won't break my sister's heart I gave him permission to ask her out. So he planned to ask her out today. Just great!

"Guys are you all ready?? let's do this", our leader Rapmon hyung said. We get on the stage and looked at the crowd. It was bigger than we expected.

Then my eyes suddenly fall on her. Her crystal blue eyes we're shining like stars and My heart fall for her that moment.

My heart started beating faster. I stopped breathing when she looked at my direction and smiled. That's it now I'm gonna going crazy about her.

The perfect first day of concert..
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