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By badguthrie

Mystery / Adventure


         Pale light shone down upon the forest, filtering through the shadowy trees. The moon rose high above the forest, it's face dimly covered by wispy clouds. A dark figure snuck through the glades, it's paws barely skimming the top of the snow. Battle scars ran up and down it's body, and pale skin poked through torn fur. Amber eyes darted anxiously with every snap of a twig, as if he knew he was in danger. 

      He was. 

His name is Flightstar, leader of ThunderClan. He is one of the oldest cats in the forest, and you can tell only by the stiffness of his bones as he walked. But other then that, his youth is immortal. He fights with the strength of StarClan in battle, he runs along his Warrior's side, keeping pace and dashing ahead. He is not a weak leader. But fears seem to corrupt his heart as darkness creeped in from the edge of his vision. 

         "Flightstar." The tom jumped at the sound of his name, and whirled around. A white she-cat was gazing at him intently, her green eyes bright despite the night. 

        "Oh, Icestar, it's you. You frightened me!"

"I can tell." Icestar mewed, and narrowed her eyes. "What are you doing so close to the border, Flightstar? You know ShadowClan doesn't act kindly around uninvited visitors, unlike ThunderClan." Flightstar took no notice to the she-cat's rude comment. 

        "They're after me," He panted, "The cats."

"What cats?" Icestar asked. "Flightstar, what's troubling you?"

     "The sunset killers." Flightstar gasped, and a look of horror passed over his eyes. "It's coming!" 

     "The sunset- Flightstar, what's going on?" Icestar yowled, and took a few steps farther into her own territory. Flightstar let out a shriek as invisible claws grasped him from behind, pulling him down, deep into the snow. Blood welled from his mouth, choking him, pooling out and dripping onto the ground red against white. Flightstar let out another muffled scream as crimson blood poured out of his neck, where fangs were planted and claws were dug. Icestar watched, eyes wide, terror clawing at her fur as Flightstar died. 

       As Flightstar was killed. 

Flameclaw sat on top of a large boulder, staring out into the stars. A pale tortoiseshell sat next to him, rubbing her nose against his thick, russet fur. They watched two cats carry a bloody, limp body into the clearing and set it down softly. More cats appeared from the rocky base of the cavern, and padded slowly to their Leader's body.                  "You should go." The tortoiseshell murmured. "Sit vigil for your leader."                    "No, Dapplesnow." Flameclaw growled softly. "ThunderClan needs a strong Leader now that Flightstar is dead."                     "What better way to prove yourself then to pay tribute?" Dapplesnow argued. "Especially now that Snowflight died giving birth to her kits. ThunderClan needs hope."                     "How are her kits, anyway?" Flameclaw murmured, trying to lead Dapplesnow away from the topic. His mate purred.                            "Wonderful. Their names are Sparkkit, Splashkit, Wolfkit and Lionkit. Two she-cats and two toms."                         "They'll grow strong." Flameclaw inferred. "With a father like Emberheart and a mother like Snowflight."                "Emberheart will not claim them as his own." Dapplesnow whispered.   "He believes they killed his mate."              "A tom turning on his own kits?" Flameclaw cried, springing to his paws. "It's unheard of!"                    "We could raise them." Dapplesnow suggested. "I've always wanted kits, and I still have milk since Tinykit died." Flameclaw stared at her, and nodded.                "Yes, I suppose so. But once they grow old enough to feed themselves, you go back to Warrior Duties. Understood?" Dapplesnow blinked. 
         "Of course."      "Then come on. Let us address the clan." 
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1. Prologue
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