Dimensions Apart

Enter a New Dimension Part 2

Alex slowly opened her eyes to see... deep and mysteries ocean-blue eyes surrounded by a bark blue mask. She relies it's Leo as she stares up at his face while they seem to be flying in the pale moonlight.

'Wow. How many times have I had this dream? Dream? Right I have to be dreaming. Don't I? But... my neck hurts where the Kraang grabbed and I can feel his cool skin.' Alex thinks as she stares up at him with dreamy eyes and then confusion.

"Um... hey there." Leo says shyly snapping Alex out of her daze.

"Hey," Alex gives him a little smile as she looks at the ground below them. "Thanks for saving me." she smiles widely with her eyes closed.

"N-no problem... um..." Leo smiles back shyly with a slight blush under his mask at her as they land on a near by fire escape.

"Alex. My names Alex." she giggles with her hand by her mouth as she stares up into his eyes.

"My names Leonardo or Leo for short." he gently puts her down.

"Leo huh? I like it." Alex smiles warmly at him with her hands behind her back.

"T-Thanks. I like yours too. It's pretty." Leo stammers as he rubs his neck sheepishly with a slight blush on his cheeks while he looks to the side and then back at her.

'Why isn't she screaming? Everyone yells or faints when they first meet us.' Leo thinks as he stares at the smiling Alex.

'If this IS a dream. I don't want to wake up yet.' Alex smiles at Leo as she gets lost in his deep ocean-blue eyes. It's almost like they have a tide of their own pulling her in deeper and deeper.

"Leo! You two okay?!" Donnie shouts through cuffed hands from another rooftop.

"Yeah, we're good!" Leo replies. "What about you guys?!" he looks concerned and nervous as he waits for a reply.

"We're all good!" April holds up two thumbs up. Leo sighs with relief and seems to relax with this news. "Come over here, okay?!" April motions for him to come.

"Got it!" Leo replies with a nod. "Coming?" He holds out a hand for Alex with a friendly smile. Alex smiles back and takes his hand. Leo quickly wraps her up in his arms again And
jumps to the roof where the other were.

A few minutes after being saved they all were back on a roof that was close to the one with the portal on it. Alex watches as they go back and forth about her coming through the portal and WHY the Kraang want her.

"I'm telling you, that's not right!" Donnie shouts at the others as they all stand in a circle chatting away.

"Then YOU explain why they took her, Mr. Egghead!" Casey snarks with his arms crossed. April just sighs in disbelief at their childishness as Casey and Donnie glare at one another. As they all continued their agreeing Alex stood quietly listening, until she so the portal closing.

'Oh SHIT! Don't close yet! Please wait!' Alex makes a mad dash for the portal. She jumps to the next rooftop, where the portal is, but misses and is able to hold on to the edge of the roof long enough to see the last bit of the portal vanish in a 'pop' like a bobble. After seeing that, Alex's grip fails her and she falls hard on to the fire escape landing on her ankle with a loud 'CRACK.'

"Well... I guess now I know... I'm NOT dreaming." Alex mumbles as she gently touches her now bleeding and throbbing ankle.

Meanwhile back on the other rooftop, the gang are still arguing over their different ideas about Alex and the Kraang. None of them have noticed she's gone and truthfully they are getting off the original topic.

"ENOUGH!" April yells in a commanding manner as she stomps her foot down. "We're getting nowhere! Why don't we just ask h... where is she?" she turns to see Alex is gone. They all look around for any sign of her.

"There she is Dudes!" Mikey points to the stumbling Alex on the fire escape. Alex is trying to stand up again, with no luck.

"Looks like she's hurt." Donnie points out concerned.

"I'll get her. You guys head down to the alley." Leo jumps off to the fire escape as the gang heads down. Meanwhile Alex is trying to stand up with her hurt ankle, but having no luck, every time her ankle so much as brushed something she would fall in pain again.

"Come one Alex, you do th-." Alex starts standing again, but falls forward, to close to the edge of the fire escape.

"Hey there, take it easy." Leo grabs Alex's hand and pulls her up against his chest.

"Hehe, you saved me again... sorry." Alex gives a forced smile as she looks up at him.

"Listen... I get you want to go home, but you're hurt. So let us take care of you first, okay?" Leo looks at her with concern as he sees the browning bruises where the Kraang grabbed her neck and her bleeding ankle. Alex nods in exceptions and wraps her hands around Leo's neck so he can bring her down to the others.

After a few minutes of being carried princess style Alex found herself with the gang in a small alleyway and inside the 'Shell Razor.' Leo gently sits her in one of the chairs and Donnie starts giving her a quick look over. While he is doing that the others watch and look at Alex with curiosity.

"How does it look, Don?" April asks concerned.

"Well... her throat is okay, bruised, but no extreme damage. As for her ankle, I can't tell here. It needs to be looked at properly." Donnie stands up as he gives his findings.

"No prob Egghead. April and I can just take her to a hospital." Casey smiles at Alex and gives a wink to her. April and Alex roll their eyes at this.

"That won't work Casey." April sighs.

"Why?" Casey looks confused.

"Think about puck skull," Donnie taps his own head. "How are you going to explain her injuries? And what about when they ask for her parents contact info?" he explains with Casey pouting in a corner. The other all look at her deep in thought of what to do.

"We're going to have to bring her to the lair. I'm sure Sensei will understand," Leo looks at the others for approval. They all nod in agreement. "But first... we should probably intrados ourselves." he glances at the other to see who wants to go first.

"I'll start," April steps forward pointing to herself. "Hey there, I'm April." she smiles gently at Alex.

"The names Casey, Casey Jones." he winks trying to make himself look cool. The others, aside from Mikey, do a face palm.

"Yo dudette! I'm Michelangelo or better known as Mikey!" he cheers with a wide smile across his face.

"I-I'm Donatello, b-but you can call me Don or Donnie." he stutters shyly with a slight blush on his cheeks.

"I'm Raphael or Raph."

"Then there's me. I'm Leonardo, but everyone calls me Leo."

"Hey, I'm Alex but my friends call me Al. Nice to meet you." she waves to them in her seat.

After a few minutes more of talking they were off on the road. Alex watched through one of the windows as the sun was just beginning to peek above the houses. The site of the sparkling city took her breathe away. She watched until they turn into an alleyway and head down a secret ramp to the swears. After a few more minutes they finally stop and everyone starts getting out of the van. Leo picks Alex up again and sits her down on the couch as Donnie heads to his lab to look for a first aid kit.

"I know it's not much, but..." Leo starts as he rubs the back of his neck.

"Are you kidding me? This place is amazing." Alex looks around wide eyed with a fan girl smile. The others look at and then each other as they shrug their shoulders. Then Donnie comes back with a doctor bag and a first aid kit.

"This is going to hurt a bit. But bare with it, okay?" Donnie gently takes hold of Alex's ankle. Alex nods and Donnie starts to check it over as Alex flinches with pain from time to time.

"How is it Donnie?" April asks looking worried.

"Well... good news is it's not broken. Bad news is that it's a pretty bad sprain." he sighs as he packs up the doctor bag and starts getting what's needed from the first aid kit.

"So I guess I'm not going anywhere for a while, huh?" Alex asks as Donnie carefully wrapping her ankle.

"Sorry. I wouldn't try moving for at least two weeks." Donnie slowly shakes his head.

"Not like I can get home right now anyway." Alex laughs a bit sadly.

"Don't worry, Splinter will l let you stay here." Leo smiles to reassure her. Alex smiles back slightly with a nod.

"So I got a question for ya, Al." Casey states leaning on the side of the coach.

"What's up?" Alex answers with a confused face.

"Why aren't you freaking out about any of them? I mean their GIANT talking turtles." Casey makes motions with his hands as he stares at Alex. After hearing that the others looked at her curiously with them all thinking the same thing.

"Um... how do I explain this...?" Alex glances at all the eyes on her as she thinks on how to fraise this. "You guys are in my dimension, but you aren't real." she takes a deep breath and lets it flow. She looks around to see confused faces. "Um... you're a show. You know, like Space Hero's." she explains further.

"Dudes, that's just... ASWAME!" Mikey jumps up screaming to the roof.

"What is with all this noise?" Splinter, giant rat in a Japanese robe, comes out from his room with an irritated face as he walks over to the guys. "Who is this?" he asks more irritated as he spots Alex.

"My name is Alex and your sons saved me. It's a pleasure to meet you, Master Splinter." Alex slowly stands and gives a bow. Splinter gives a smile and nods in approval. After he sits down everyone explains what happened topside.

"You have been through a lot, Alex. Feel free to stay here as long as you need." Splinter looks at her with sympathetic eyes and a slight head bow.

"Thank you, Splinter." she gives a head bow.

"Hey! Hey! Are we popular?!" Mikey gets right in front of Alex with big excited eyes.

"Actually, yes. Everyone really likes you and a lot of girls want to date you guys." Alex answers smiling happily.

"Oooh YA~! Ladies dig Casey." Casey smiles proudly striking a pose.

"Sorry Casey. Not you, the turtles." Alex shakes her head with a bit of a grin. Casey's face looks stunned as he starts pouting while April and the guys laugh.

"Alright. It's time for everyone to rest. April, Casey we will see you later." Splinter commands. April gives a quick bow and heads out with the pouting Casey. "You boys should head to bed as well. I will take care of Alex." he looks at his sons.

"Yes Sensei. Night Alex." they bow to both of them and head off. Alex gives them a wave as she yawns.

"I hope this will be enough for you." Splinter pulls out a blanket and a pillow handing them to her.

"This is more than enough. Thank you." Alex takes them with a grateful smile.

"Have a good night's sleep." Splinter gives a quick head bow and heads to his room.

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