Dimensions Apart

By DayDreamer

Romance / Fantasy

A Turtle Tastic Day

Alex runs in the shadows frantically with a panicked face. She races ahead with nothing but darkness insight her as the only light comes from her footsteps.
'Mom?! Dad?! Tim!? Guys!?' She shouts in the echoing emptiness. 'WHERE ARE YOU!?' She searches franticly as all she hears is her echo. Giving up she falls to her knees and cries into her hands hopelessly.
As she cries a tear hits the ground making it react like a ripple ring lighting up the ground. Alex looks up seeing an endless ocean, on which she is floating on top of.
'Wh-where am I?' Alex stands up staring into the endless ocean as she turns around in a slow circle. As she turns around fully she sees another girl standing in front of her.
The girl looks exactly like Alex, aside from her purple eyes and ninja clothes. Alex stares at her in shock while the girl stares at Alex seriously and mouths something, but Alex couldn't hear it.
"Alex. Alex time to wake up." Splinter's voice echoes off the water. With those words the dream begins to fade last of all the girl, still mouthing something to Alex, as she vanishes in a bright light and Alex wakes up in the turtles layer. "Good morning Alex." Splinter nods to Alex as she starts waking up.

"O-Ohyao Gosaimasu..." Alex mumbles as she rubs her eyes sleepily.

"What would you like for breakfast?" Splinter heads to the kitchen as Alex folds the blanket.

"Let me help out." Alex heads to the kitchen as well.

"Should you be moving around?" Splinter looks over her worried.

"Please let me help. I've done nothing but sit on this couch for two weeks." Alex pleads with wide eyes. "Plus my ankle feels a lot better."

"Alright." Splinter smiles with a nod.

Splinter and Alex make; eggs, bacon, juice, and pancakes. Alex makes the pancakes with cinnamon and chocolate chips. She flips them in the air and catches them in the pane. After it is all made she goes to wake up the guys while Splinter sets the table. As the guys come out of their rooms they're all sleepy and sluggish as they go to the table and they all sit together.

"Wow Dudes! These pancakes are really good." Mikey's eyes widen as he grabs more.

"They really are." Donnie takes a bite. "Did you do something different Sensei?" he turns to Splinter, whom is sitting across from him.

"I did not. But maybe Alex did something different." Splinter shakes his head lightly and motions to Alex sitting next to him. Alex blushes as she sips her juice.

"You made them?! They're super good!" The guys all stare wide eyed.

"It's nothing special. Just chocolate chips and cinnamon." Alex blushes slightly as she takes a bite out of hers.

“Are you kidding me? These are so good.” Leo takes another bite.

“So what are you guys up to today? Anything fun?” Alex blushes as she changes the topic.

“Well it’s a free day. So I thought I’d work on the Shell Cells.” Donnie finishes his juice.

“Working out.” Raph grins with a fire in his eyes.

“Comic’s Dudette.” Mikey winks at Alex.

“I was thinking I’d just meditate.” Leo takes a bite of the pancakes.

“Sounds good.” Alex takes the dishes to the kitchen.

“Which one?” The guys all turn to face her.

“All of them.” She answers with a smile. “I could start with helping Donnie, then working out with Raph, comics with Mikey, and then end with meditation with Leo.” She washes the dishes.

"W-wait ALL of them?" Donnie and the others all look surprised.

"Why not? It'll be fun." Alex finishes the dishes and dries them.

After pouting away the dishes Alex heads to Donnie’s lab. Donnie is already messing with the Shell Cell, trying to get the reception to be better as he tightens a few screws. Alex quietly sits beside him and just watches as he works.

“Okay… Now I need… Alex? When did you get here?!” Donnie looks up for something and sees her sitting there.

“About twenty minutes ago.” Alex smiles as she glances at the clock.

“Why didn’t you say something?” Donnie looks at her a bit shy and confused.

“I guess I didn’t want to break your concentration.” Alex gives a little shoulder shrug with a warm smile. Donnie grins showing his little tooth space. “What is it you need?” she glances at all the tools.

“Oh, um… a little mother board and a tiny wrench.” Donnie goes back to his thoughts. Alex hands him the things needed one after another. After a few minutes more Donnie was done with the Shell Cells. “Um, here. This one is ours.” He hands her one of seven shell shaped cellphones.

“For real?” Alex looks at it with wide eyes and a wider smile. Donnie nods shyly. “Thank you so much Donnie.” she gives him a quick kiss on the cheek as she takes the Shell Cell.

“Um… It’s not a big deal. I just thought this way we could keep in touch.” Donnie blushes as he sheepishly.

“Well it means a lot to be.” Alex smiles as she stares at her new cell.

After getting her new shell cell Donnie started working on something new and she heads to the dojo. As she gets to the dojo Raph is already working on a few moves. She very quietly moves to the tree and sits down, gym style, and watches him for a few minutes. Raph finally turns around seeing her there.

“Like what you see?” Raph winks jokingly flirting.

“I’ve seen better.” Alex jokes as she stands up.

“Just wait until we spar, I’ll show you a lot more moves.” He says with a bit of a laugh as Alex and Raph go to the middle of the room.

“I look forward to it.” Alex and Raph bow to one another.

The match starts with Raph throwing a straight punch at Alex. She blocks the punch and throws her own undercut punch, and Raph dodges it and tries to trip her with a sweeping kick. Alex jumps over the sweep kick doing a back flip landing on her feet.

‘She’s good.’ Raph smiles with a fire in his eyes and charges towards her.

‘This is fun.’ Alex has a twinkle in her eyes as she continues to face against Raph.

The two of them continue the match, each of them is unable to land a hit on the other. Alex blocks his moves and Raph dodges her advances as well. Finally Raph was able to grab Alex’s hand when she throw a punch, he then pulls her in and twists her hand behind her back.

“Give up?” Raph smirks talking in her ear as he hold her wrist tightly.

“Nope.” Alex grunts as she steps on Raph’s foot. As he lets go of her out of pain she trips him so he falls on his shell and she pins him down holding his hands to the ground.

“Nice move.” Raph looks at his situation and then at Alex.

“Thanks. So do you give up?” Alex smiles down at him.

“Yeah, I give up.” Raph sighs in defeat and frowning.

“Here, let me help you up.” Alex stands and out stretches her hand for his. Raph takes it and stands up. The two of them go into the kitchen to get some water. Raph gets a bottle of water and tosses Alex another.

“So where did you learn those moves?” Raph takes a sip of his water.

“Well… I started taking karate after watching your guys show. I just kind of took to it quickly,” Alex plays with the bottle. “But I’m better at hand to hand than with weapons.” She takes a sip of her water.

“That’s… pretty cool.” Raph blushes a little as he looks at Alex and then the floor.

“Thanks.” Alex smiles at him with a slight laugh.

“There you are!” Mikey come into the kitchen. “It’s comic book time! Come on!” he takes Alex by the hand and pulls her off to his room.

A few minutes later in Mikey’s room. Alex looks around the room and sees comics all over the floor along with action-figures over his bed.

“Wow. You have a lot of comic.” Alex looks around the room in amazement.

“Yeah I do.” Mikey looks at them in pride. “Oh hey! I think you’ll like this one!” he picks up a comic and hands it to her.

“Thanks Mikey.” Alex grins happily as she starts reading.

As they sit reading Mikey has a sparkle in his eyes that Alex can’t help but smile at. He also tells her all about his action-figures; what their names are, powers, weaknesses, and what comics they are from. Alex watches him and can’t help but think of her little brother and how excited he would be over all of this.

“Hey, you okay?” Mikey askes concerned as he sees Alex look like she’s about to cry.

“It’s nothing. I was just think of my little brother.” Alex rubs her eyes as she tries to force a smile.

“You miss your family huh?” he asks with a bit of a sad face.

“Yeah, I do. But I’m also enjoying my time here.” She smiles slightly and pats his head. “I think I’m going to find Leo now. See ya Mikey.” She leaves with a smile but looks sad as she is out of his room.

Later on in the Dojo Alex is sitting on one of the high branches in the tree. She’s just sitting spaced out as Leo comes in seeing her up there. He looks concerned as he sees her distant and sad expression.

“Hey! Looks like you beat me here!” Leo shouts up to her trying to act normal. “Ready for meditation?”

“Sure thing.” Alex jumps down and faces him.

“Well let’s get started,” Leo and Alex sit on their knees. “Begin with closing your eyes and taking deep breathes. Let all your stress and worries melt away with every breathe.” They inhale and exhale.

‘I wonder how everyone is doing at home. How long have I been gone in that world?’ Alex thinks as she continues to breathe deeply with her eyes closed. As she continued to breathe her eyes began to get heavy until she fell asleep.

“H… hey… you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. But I was just wondering if something was bothering you.” Leo asks with his eyes still closed. He waits for an answer but hears nothing.

‘Guess she doesn’t want to talk.’ Leo sighs as he goes back to his meditation. Until he feels Alex’s head land on his shoulder with some of her hair covering her face.

“A-Alex?” Leo opens his eyes a bit startled and flustered. As he looks he notices she’s passed out. “You had a long day, huh? Sleep well Alex.” He smiles at her sleeping face and brushes her hair to behind her ears.

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