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Ladybug and Chat Noir: The Hunt for Hawkmoth


Ladybug and Chat Noir, Two 25 year old detectives in Paris France who have been working together solving cases for years, although they don’t quite get along all the time they work amazingly together. Hawkmoth is a known serial killer in Paris and Ladybug and Chat Noir must find and arrest him before he strikes again.

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Ladybug slammed a news article down onto her partners desk causing him to look up after spilling his coffee slightly “What?” Chat Noir asked wiping off the spilled coffee from his suit, “Look at this” Ladybug said pointing to the paper

Chat Noir picked it up and read it aloud

These new products will make you say WOW!

~Janice Blanc~

Chat Noir raised a brow and looked up at Ladybug confused “oh- wait” She quickly flipped the paper over to show the front cover


~Alya Césaire~

Sunday morning the body of 39 year old Nadja Chamack was found by police in The Siene with several stab wounds in the chest and a wound in her head from an axe. Police have reason to believe this is the doing of the imfamous serial killer Hawkmoth because of the killing method. Police issue all Parisians no matter who you are to stay inside, don’t walk alone, and not to trust suspicious people. And let the police handle it.

Chat Noir stopped reading and looked up “this is bad...” He said “Yeah, obviously” The women in front of him replied “we need to catch this man before he kills someone else” Ladybug said looking at the article on the table “and we will” Chat Noir replied with confidence “Don’t get to confident Kitty, Not even Tikki and Plagg, two of the best detectives in Paris survived...” Ladybug said looking at the memorial that was placed in the office of a two detectives,

Tikki and Plagg Kwami, brother and sister who where murdered by Hawkmoth back in June, it was September now, Hawkmoth has been out walking the streets of Paris for 8 whole months since he had started his killings back in February.

“We’re not Tikki and Plagg, We’re Ladybug and Chat Noir the best detective duo in Paris!” He said smiling, “the best detective duo in Paris?” Ladybug asked smiling slightly “well nobody calls us that but I think we’re incredible as partners” Chat Noir said shrugging

Ladybug giggled and shook her head fondly at her partner “okay let’s see what evidence we’ve gathered so far” She said sitting down next to him, Chat Noir pulled out a file and opened it

“Well so far we know we are looking for a white male, probably are 6’3-6’7 so pretty tall, who is probably in his mid 40’s” He said “but the only issue is that we’ve already questioned everyone in Paris who fit that description...” Chat Noir said nervously “Are you sure?” Ladybug asked “positive” he said nodding “Hm...let’s go back to the Seine where Nadja was found and see if we can find any evidence from the crime scene” Ladybug suggested “We could try” Chat Noir said nodding “perfect, Let’s go then” She said grabbing the keys, Chat Noir grabbed the file and some gloves and bags Incase they find something that could be evidence.

The two got into their cop car, Ladybug in the drivers seat and Chat Noir in the passenger seat.

“WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU” Chat Noir loudly sang along with the radio, Ladybug sighed loudly and shook her head fondly at the crazy cat.

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