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Fran Bow Bts x reader


Have you ever been through something so terrible and horrific that you just went completely insane? This story is about a innocent, curious, and insane little Girl named y/n and her terror infused adventures with her cat, Yoongi, and her best friend, taehyung ----------------------------------------- This story is based off of the video game Fran bow 🎮 Ps: This fan fiction will have all bts member in it 😉 Gore ahead, so if you have a weak stomach I wouldn't read! Mature content Smut is a possibility, but not likely cause I suck at writing them 😅 Some profanity I hope you enjoy 😊

Horror / Adventure
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I'm terrified

It was beautiful. I felt like I was living in a dream. I could see my loved ones sitting next to me. They had a present for me. I looked at my mom to see her smiling while pointing her long and delicate fingers towards the present. As I went and opened the cleanly made package, a little white head popped out. It was a kitten with his fur all white just like fresh fallen snow during the cold and freezing winter months, his mysterious deep blue eyes wore curiousity and love. He was perfectly beautiful. His name was Yoongi, a very fitting name I thought. Uncle Seokjin was there, he wore the biggest smile of happiness on his face as he saw my reaction to the cute little kitten. Uncle Jin had always been a caring and fatherly figure for me even though my dad was always there as well. I loved my family. But just like we have happiness, we always have something that balances it out. After my present and everyone had left, I was playing with my new and only best friend, Yoongi, in my room. A strange creature suddenly appears at my window. I don't like the figure, it scares me. But as I was staring into the eyes of the beast I hear a sound. It's dad, screaming bloody murder. I want to look, I want to see, I want to learn. Dad...? Mom...? No...

But... But... Who...? As I hear the loud and menacing sounds of footsteps I take poor Yoongi into my arms and run out the house. I run into the forest, I run, I run, I run. Someone help. I'm scared. I'm exhausted. And as I start to drift out of consciousness I hear the sweet and soothing voice of uncle jin. He says something I cannot hear. He picks me up and I fall into the deep darkness of my mind.

Wow, ok that was so much fun!!!! This is the intro for my new and first book based on the thrilling video game named fran Bow. Do not worry all of the bts members will be found in this book. I had this idea a long time ago but just couldn't get myself to do it 😓. Im new to this but I hope to improve. I am a very poetic person so I might add a few poems into the ends of my chapter, including little author notes but we will see. What do you guys think of this chapter, should I continue this book or not??

This is what Yoongi looks like:

Anyways, stay safe and healthy. What should I call myself when writing these?? 🤔 write in the comments down below 🤗

Words: 460
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