Never Back Down

By Sydney

Drama / Romance


This wasn't a very bad night...but it wasn't a good night either. I'm 23, living alone in a shitty apartment that was in serious need of an exterminator. I was used to living among the rats and the roaches. I even managed to avoid getting bit and diseased. My living conditions were horrible, but it was all I could afford. I lay on my bed in my dark apartment just strongly willing for a bag of money to drop in my lap, so I could leave my job and move to a better, cleaner place. But wishful thinking was just a waste of my energy, knowing that wasn't going to happen any time soon.
I look at the clock on the stove realizing I'm gonna be late for my shift at the bar.
Clancy's gonna be pissed. But when is he not pissed?

I quickly got dressed putting on my boots rushing out the door, closing and locking it behind me. Thankfully, the bar was only a block down the street, so I was only going to be 5 minutes late. I walk through the doors, nodding my head at Bubba, who was managing the entrance for tonight. I continued on inside pushing through the crowd of drunken bastards and crack whores. I rolled my eyes in annoyance; same customers every night, same old, same old. I placed my leather jacket on the hook by the cash register, then went over to the sink to wash my hands.
I turned to face the usual customers, pouring beers, mixing drinks for a while. I looked around checking to see if there were anyone else to serve. When I was certain there was no one else, I picked up a dirty rag. There were no clean rags, no soap to clean the ones we have and Clancy just doesn't bother to buy more. I was cleaning down the bar, wiping left to right on the counter-top. I end up cutting my wrist on a rusty nail that was sticking out of the counter.
"Fuck!" I hissed, going over to the sink to clean it. That was the fourth time this week I had cut myself on same said nail. I then saw a spider crawl on my arm and I swatted it before it could bite me. I was getting sick and tired of getting bitten by bugs and getting sick because Clancy is too lazy to clean this shit hole! At least hire more waitresses for fuck's sake.

When in the hell was Clancy going to fix this place up? There are so many health and safety hazards I'm surprised they haven't closed this building down!

I sighed deeply, shaking my head. Taking the few minutes of free time I have, I find myself getting lost in my thoughts again, fantasizing about having an extravagant life. I wouldn't be in this situation if it weren't for my step-father Appius.

Before Appius came into the picture, I had a real father who had loved us. He loved us to death. He was a Marine and was away from home most of the time. He did all he could do to raise us and spend time with us. My father died when I was only nine. Mother wouldn't share the details of his death, but I knew he died in battle. It was just me, mom and my little sister Pam making ends meet. My mom had a good job and was able to make my and Pam's life as stable as possible.

We were happy, and things were good for a while until mom became deeply depressed. Pam and I tried everything we could to help her cope with Dad's death, but nothing worked. Pam and I had simply left her alone to deal.

I turned 16 starting my second year in high school. That's when my mom had met Appius Livius Ocella. Needless to say my mother had become quite infatuated with Appius and we barely ever saw her around home anymore. I had to pick up the slack around the house, taking care of Pam while trying to focus on my studies...easier said than done. But I managed to pull through, making sure the house stayed clean and there was food on the table.

Things started going south after a few months of my mom dating him. He moved in, convinced mom to leave her job and started calling all the shots. He sat Pam and I down in the living room on the couch. Pam and I silently waited for him to say something. He broke the silence taking a deep breath.

"Listen up, kids. Your mom and I are getting married, which means things are going change around here. I'm now the man of the house, you have to do what I say, when I say. I don't want to hear any complaining or whining of any kind. Is this understood?" He said sternly. I crossed my arms over my chest, huffing and glaring at the wall behind Appius.

"You're not the boss of me." I grumbled. He turned his head glaring at me with anger. I got up abruptly stomping to my bedroom and slamming the door. That was the worst night of my life...ending in a big fight between me, and mom with Pam in her room crying her eyes out. At that very moment, I hated both him and my mother. I was stuck in a horrible situation with no way of getting out. I avoided Appius altogether focusing more on my studies and drowning myself into my books. When I turned 18 and graduated high school I moved out as soon as I could. I hated to leave my sister alone, but it was something I had to do. He was already turning mom into a stepford wife, manipulating her into doing what he wants her to do. It was only a matter of time he would try to do the same to me.

My mother just had to marry that dickhead and he ended up ruining my life. As soon as they married a year after he moved in, everything changed. He tried everything he could to make me follow in his footsteps and take over the company he had built over the years after marrying mom. This was sometime before I moved out. I was glad to have gotten out of there. I would've ended up killing the asshole. I haven't seen him or my mother since I left.

I was shaken from my thoughts by a customer. Jane Bodenhouse; she was drunk out of her mind, ready to pass out, I called her son to come pick her up. By the time Jane and her son had gone, it was midnight and the place was nearly empty. I was serving Andy Bellefluer when I saw her walk in. Freyda Queens. I could tell she wasn't from around here by the way she dressed. She was wearing an emerald green cocktail dress; strapless with the hemline reaching halfway up her thighs. She had medium length, chestnut brown hair in a high ponytail with a bump in front. Her eyes were round and hazel. Her skin looked incredibly soft and had an olive green tone to it.

She looked absolutely stunning.

When her eyes landed on me, she smirked. I grinned and winked at her. She seductively swayed her hips walking towards me. I could of swore she was doing all this in slow motion. I shook my head, willing my erection away. She finally made it over here in front of me, smiling coyly.

"Well, hello there." I purred. "What can I get you, pretty lady?" She tapped her finger against her mouth, feigning like she's trying to think. She then leaned closer to me pushing her boobs in front of my face whispering in my ear.

"How about a screaming orgasm?" She purred, licking my earlobe. I gulped, nodding my head and shakily making her drink. When I was done I caught her leering at me, while biting her fingernail. Needless to say, I was in lust in her.

"So do I have the honor of knowing your name?" I asked her. She grinned at me.

"My name is Freyda. And you are Eric Northman." She says in a soft voice.

"How do you know my name?" I asked her with wide eyes. She shrugs her shoulders.

" I've been watching you for a while. I know a lot about you, Mr. Northman. I know your father died when you were young and that your mother remarried a few years later. I know as soon as you turned 18 you moved out here. I know your step-father is Appius Livius Ocella and I know that you live in that shit hole of a shoebox apartment..." I stared at Freyda, speechless.

How does she know all this about me?

"Information is easy to come by when you have the financial means to obtain it." she said answering my unspoken question. I shook my head.

"What do you want?" I asked. She smiled devilishly.

"I want you. When does your shift end? I would like to speak to you, if you don't mind. I have an offer for you." I looked at the clock hanging above the ancient jukebox. It was a quarter to one.

"I get off in fifteen minutes." I said to her. As I was cleaning the glassware on the counter I was curious as to why she has been watching me. She says she wants me...but for what? I was intrigued. I picked my leather jacket from the coat hook, putting it on making my way over to Freyda. I sat down across from her with a blank face, and watched as she leaned back in the chair crossing her left knee over her right one.

"I'm gonna make this simple, Mr. Northman, as I said to you before...I want you. I'm gonna do whatever it takes to have you. Looking at your situation, I can tell you don't make much money. So I'm going to make you an offer." She explains.

"Offer?" I asked, lifting an eyebrow in curiosity. She nods her head.

"I assure you, this offer will benefit the both of us. I'm in need of a man to fulfill my needs and you're in need of money." She pauses, letting me think for a bit.

"Go on." I replied.

"I want you to become mine, Mr. Northman...and in return you will be paid handsomely. All you have to do is be available when I'm in need of you." I looked at her, shocked.

"You want me to pimp myself out to you? Is this what you're asking of me?" I asked her.

"To put it crudely, yes. You'll have everything you ever wanted. Money, comfort, luxury...anything and everything you ever wanted. You don't even have to ever work again. You'll sign a contract, and a confidentiality agreement. All you have to do is become mine." She explains. She seems confident that I'll agree to this. Then again, I have been trying everything I could to look for a better paying job, with no such luck. Now I have the opportunity to make some real good money, but at the price of pimping out my body.

I was desperate man with a bleak looking future; with no money and no resources. This was an opportunity to finally find meaning and excitement to my life. And this was the perfect moment. But first, I needed to make sure that I can have the option of getting out of this. I stayed silent for a moment and then nodded my head. I leaned forward against the table entwining my fingers together.

"How much will I make and will I be able to opt out the contract at any point?" I asked her. She smiled.

"It's getting late. We can negotiate all this with my lawyer tomorrow, Mr. Northman." She handed me a card with her number on it. "I'll have my driver come get you tomorrow at noon and we can iron out the details then. See you soon, Mr. Northman." She said as she walked away disappearing into the night.

I think I have already made up my mind.

Next up: Three Years Later.

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