Falling shadows:warriors cats fan fic


Based off erin hunters Warriors series! Eaglepaw is just your average WindClan apprentice... Or is she really?? Up till she discovers Shrewberry, the WindClan medicine cat, has had a prophecy about her she is!!

Adventure / Action
Eagle Swoop
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The morning rays just lit the shadowy moor as a light brown she-cat steped into a small sloped clearing.

There, in the middle of the camp, a pale ginger she-cat paced back and forth muttering to herself. She looked up as the medicine cat stepped closer. "Shrewberry! You look worried! What has starclan dawned upon us this time? Another dog? More battles? I need to know these things if i am to ever lead this clan properly!" the she-cat said "Calm down Dewstar, I might look troubled but the news shared with me at the moonpool was nothing bad, but a prophecy!" replied Shrewberry. "what is the prophecy?" asked Dewstar

"Soon, dear clan of wind, soon a dark shadow will rise and cover the moon and stars, and all the clans will be plunged into darkness."

"Only the mighty Eagle, who swoops to catch its prey, can blow away the coming shadow, the one that comes too soon, but not a moment late"

"What does it mean?" asked Dewstar "Thats what I want to know..." sighed Shrewberry

Just then, a tiny yowl broke from the nursery as two tiny scraps of fur ran out and almost ran into the cats talking in the middle of the clearing.


Sounded from the nursery.

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