Star Trek X: The Ka'Tula Conflict

Chapter 10

As the Yorktown was docked the ship went under repairs while the rest of the starships headed towards the planet escorting the KSF space carriers back. The starships remained in orbit as the pillars and solar panels continued to undergo repairs with the help of Crossroad Industries and the lone body of the Romulan (that the Yorktown beamed aboard from one of the destroyed warbirds) was beamed over to the Constellation’s sickbay with a full report that it was Romulans that manned the warbirds. Once the Yorktown was repaired Gabriel and the others assumed their stations and prepared to leave. Jena said, “Docking clamps retracted captain.” Jen said, “All departments report ready and all systems are functioning normally sir.” Gabriel said, “Then take us out Lt.” The Yorktown then pulled out in the same manner as before but remained in orbit around the moon. Gabriel said, “Comms, send both Ian and Linda Vashti as well as Captain Sumeragi our thanks for all the hard work they’ve done. We also appreciate on allowing Saji Crossroad to be our chief engineer on our voyage.” Comms replied, “Yes sir.” Jen said, “Sir is it wise to have the head of Crossroad Industries to be our chief engineer? After all he has a big company to run and the job of chief engineer is a little below his standards.” Gabriel replied, “I agree, but he insisted on coming. He also told me that he left his company on capable hands and he will be able to keep in touch with a specialized enhanced communications system he personally installed in his quarters.” Jen said, “And chief engineer?” Gabriel replied, “He told me he likes to do something that gets his hands dirty even if its a job of a simple chief engineer of a starship.” Comms said, “Sir I have a reply. They also want to Thank You for protecting them and help solve the conflict between Celestial Being and Ka’Tula even when it was not their fault in the first place.” Gabriel said, “Thank You comms.” Comms said, “Also Starfleet has saw the foot and received the evidence you claimed and said you were right and they were Romulans but they will not acknowledge them for public knowledge.” Jen looked both shocked and angered as Gabriel nodded and said, “Message received and understood.” Jen was about to protest but stopped herself and turned back to her station looking angry as her eyes flickered yellow. Gabriel looked forward at the view screen as it showed the stars and space beyond and he said, “Lt. ahead warp factor 6, to the great beyond.” Jena smirked and said, “Yes sir.” The Yorktown then left orbit and then suddenly went to warp deep into space and beyond.

Elsewhere, Serenity sat in his chair and a T-800 appeared behind him and said, “Master, the Romulans failed at Ka’Tula and the Federation has stopped the Ka’Tula Space Fleet from destroying Celestial Being.” Serenity said, “Knowing Starfleet they will enforce their law and install new leaders that favor them. It is disappointing that the Romulans failed in such a simple task on aiding to destroy Celestial Being, but Starfleet will still help accomplishing our goal and since Ka’Tula is still trying to reorganize after current events Ka’Tula is no longer a forward base of operations for Starfleet to maintain a firm control of the northern half of the Romulan Neutral Zone and now have to solely rely on their outposts for now.” He then smiled and said, “Besides, there is always the back door the Romulans can use to attack Starfleet.” He then made a low and evil laugh as the T-800 walked away.

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