Star Trek X: The Ka'Tula Conflict

Chapter 2

The red alert alarm went off and Gabriel was woken up hitting his head on the low ceiling and cursed himself as he cringed and rubbed his head before throwing on an undershirt and his uniform pants before going to the comm panel and said, “Ms. Yuy what’s going on?” Yuy said, “Sir we’re detecting a fleet of M.S. transports heading this way and are preparing to assault! The Ptolemaios and the Coben left to diverge their attention away from us!” Gabriel finished getting dressed and he opened the door to see Jen was standing outside and told him she knows the way to the command center. They went down the passageway in zero gravity and took an elevator to the command center that had a center table that showed a holographic display of the events that are unfolding. Gabriel said, “What’s the situation?” Milena Vashti replied, “We detect four Virginia class space carriers and 48 GN-X III M.S.’s. We only have the Ptolemaios, the 00 Quan T, the GN-011 Harute and the David Coben!” Gabriel watched as the mobile suits from the space carriers deployed and ignored the presence of the USS David Coben as they fired both at the Ptolemaios, the gundams and the David Coben.

In space the mobile suits from Ka’Tula use the asteroids as cover at they fired on the Ptolemaios, the gundams and the David Coben. The Quan T came from behind and sliced off the legs of two mobile suits behind an asteroid before flying cover to a next group of mobile suits dodging incoming fire from their rifles as the Harute flew across the battlefield swinging its sword as well while the Ptolemaios fires its cannons on the asteroids to draw the mobile suits and carriers attention. The David Coben fired both phasers and torpedoes at the asteroids and mobile suits as they rained fire on the Coben even as the ship made evasive maneuvers.

In the command center Gabriel and the others watched the holographic display of the battle and Gabriel said, “Its like they don’t care about the Federation’s stance in this conflict.” A voice echoed, “They’re reacting out of fear. They only believe what their leaders tell them no matter who they are fighting against.” Gabriel looked around puzzled when Milena said, “Don’t worry its Tiera Erde. He’s the computer core of Celestial Being.” Gabriel replied with a sense of sarcasm, “That’s comforting to know.” Tiera then appeared as a hologram next to the table and said, “It seems a fleet of carriers are approaching, twelve according to sensors, and they seem to focus their mobile suit forces on the David Coben.” Gabriel said, “What’s their ship status?” Tiera replied, “They’ve lost warp power and their shields are down to 10%.” They watched as the Ptolemaios took a few direct hits along their starboard side and a large ship, that looks like a laser cannon, appeared and began targeting the Ptolemaios. Gabriel ran to the communications station, grabbed the headset from the officer, pressed the button that connects to the Ptolemous bridge and he said, “Miss Sumeragi move hard to starboard now!” The Ptolemaios turned hard to starboard and when the cannon fired the port engine, medical and other compartments were destroyed in the beams path. Gabriel pressed another button and said, “Setsuna, Alleljuah, destroy that thing!” They all watched as the cannon powered up again and targeting the Ptolemous and Gabriel yelled into the headset, “Sumeragi hard to port!” The ship turned and when the cannon fired the starboard main engine exploded and Sumeragi’s voice is heard through the headset, “We’re dead in the water! Both main engines are gone!” The USS David Coben appeared above the Ptolemaios and even as the ship was being hit by multiple fire from the mobile suits rifles the ship fired both phasers and torpedoes onto the beam cannon. The phasers and torpedoes blew apart the reflective panels and glass inside the beam cannon sending large and small shards of glass everywhere in the inside when all of a sudden the Quan T gundam appeared in front of the Coben and threw its sword like a javelin towards the center of the beam cannon. There was a bright flash from within the cannon and the back end exploded violently while the rest of the empty shell drifted within the debris field.

The David Coben resumed its fire covering the Ptolemaios and itself when a few phaser blasts and torpedoes struck a Virginia class space carrier causing it to explode. An officer said, “Sir a mobile suit has broken through the defense lines!” Gabriel snapped towards him and said, “Where?” The officer pressed a button and the hologram on the center table zoomed in on the Ptolemaios and a lifeboat already out and Gabriel said, “Tell the Coben to cover the lifeboat!” Jen was hunching over a console and yelled, “Sir, Christina and Lichty are still on the bridge in the Ptolemaios!” A Ka’Tula mobile suit flew towards the bridge of the Ptolemaios and stopped just in front of it as Christina watched in shock as the mobile suit aimed its rifle directly at her. Lichty jumped, grabbed her and held her close as if to protect her and just when the mobile suit was about to pull the trigger the David Coben came barreling in and slammed into the mobile suit, smashing it into pieces when it hit the front of the saucer section. The bridge of the David Coben jolted and Captain Till yelled, “Transporter room beam those two onto the lifeboat now!” In the lifeboat Sumeragi and Feldt watched in horror as the mobile suit stopped in front of the bridge and aimed its rifle when they saw the David Coben flying in and smashed apart the mobile suit. They both looked in shock when they heard the sound of a transporter beam and when they looked back they saw Christina in Lichty’s arms.

The David Coben continued to unleash a barrage of phasers and torpedoes at the GN-X III’s surrounding it and the derelict Ptolemaios while Lockon kept firing his rifle from his gundam in the distance sniping any GN-X III’s that are exposed or attacking the Coven. A M.S. then came from above and fired its rifle at Lockon and hitting Lockon’s Gundam Zabanya but with little effect. The Zabanya elbowed the GN-X III in the face and pulled out its pistol and shot out its head before kicking it away. Lockon then noticed more GN-X III’s are approaching him and the Zabanya fired its GN missiles blowing apart ten mobile suits before more appeared from behind and fired their rifles at Lockon’s gundam before he had a chance to pull out both his rifle and pistol. The Zabanya was hit multiple times and slammed its back onto a small asteroid and the gundam’s support units, rifle and pistol were obliterated either by the asteroid or the strong concentration of rifle fire from more than two dozen GN-X III’s. The Zabanya maneuvered in the cloud of asteroid and gundam debris and hid behind the nearest large asteroid. Lockon breathed heavily when he heard Felt say, “Lockon are you all right?” Lockon replied, “Can’t move the legs, my mobile suit’s back column is severely damaged by the impact on the asteroid and I lost both primary and secondary weapons! There is just too many of them!” The Quan T 00 flew across the battlefield using its beam knives to slice apart the GN-X III’s it encounters as Gabriel and the others watched and he said, “At this rate the battle will be over soon if Setsuna...” The communications officer said, “Sir Captain Till is ordering to abandon ship!” Gabriel ran to her station and grabbed the headset and said, “Captain Till what the hell is going on?” On the bridge of the David Coben the navigation station was on fire and loose cable hung from the ceiling as sparks flew, even as Till remained in his command chair and he said, “Captain Valkyrie I have no choice! Weapons and shields are offline! I am going to set the ship on a collision course on one of the space carriers and when the ships explode the interference will give a chance for the shuttles to escape and possibly force the Ka’Tula forces to retreat!” Gabriel was about to reply when Till said, “There is no other way!” Gabriel quickly contemplated other options in his head till he sighed and said calmly, “Do it.” Jen yelled at Gabriel, “Sir if we lose that ship..!” Gabriel turned to her and yelled, “I know! There is no other way!” The others stood in shock as Jen glared at Gabriel till she turned away with a sour look still on her face.

The shuttles flew out of the David Coven as the Quan T 00 gave them cover by firing its Trans-Am and flew past a series of asteroids swinging its beam knives and sabers ripping apart multiple GN-X III’s. Three Virginia class space carriers kept firing on the David Coben and when the ship shook violently from the multiple hits from the ships Till was thrown back into his seat and covered his eyes from multiple flashes of light. He got up from his chair and went over to the helm and the computer said, “Auto-pilot offline.” Till went back to his chair looking grim and he pressed a button on his arm rest and said, “Shuttle, take off immediately!” A voice said, “We’re waiting for you sir!” Till said, “No just go, take off immediately! That’s a direct order!” There was a short pause and the voice said, “Yes sir!” The shuttlecraft flew out of the hanger as the David Coben moved towards the space carriers. On the bridge Till pressed a button on his armrest and said, “Captain Valkyrie I’m sorry to tell you this, but I have to remain on board.” Gabriel yelled back, “What! Why captain?” Till replied, “The auto-pilot is offline. The only way this can be done is to fly in manually.” Before Gabriel could respond Till pressed the same button and Gabriel was cut off.

Gabriel and the others watched as the David Coben headed towards the space carriers all the while the carriers and mobile suits kept firing and part of the warp nacelle at the bottom of the saucer section and part of the top nacelle broke away. The bridge crew of the center Virginia class space carrier saw the USS David Coben barreling towards them and they tried to run away only to be futile as the head of the saucer section of the David Coben struck home and crushed the bridge causing the space carrier to first break in half and then exploded in a chain reaction as did the David Coben showering flaming and large pieces of debris hurtling towards the rest of the space carriers surrounding them causing two space carriers to be engulfed by the flames (as the bridge crews covered their eyes) and then explode. The debris from the ships struck the other four surrounding carriers causing large sections of their hulls to be either pitted or smashed through like cannon balls causing multiple secondary explosions within the carriers and fire alarms whistled from within all the while the GN-X III’s within the explosion radius were either vaporized or were blown away by the shockwave.

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