Star Trek X: The Ka'Tula Conflict

Chapter 4

Ian Vashti yelled, “What gives you the right to go into a restricted area without my authorization?” Gabriel and Jen stood in Ian’s office not flinching or worried as he yelled with two guards behind them. Gabriel replied, “I’m sorry, but we have been waiting patiently for you to at least show us our ship and since you and your wife are busy we took matters into our own hands.” Ian replied, “That’s no excuse, especially pick pocketing an ID card that doesn’t belong to you and not telling us where you are going!” Gabriel replied, “Then you just proven my point that we have been under surveillance ever since we arrived.” Jen did not look shocked but more irritated as she stood there and Ian replied (holding back his frustration), “Since you twice tried to conquer the galaxy we just don’t trust you.” Gabriel replied, “I do acknowledge my past actions but I have changed ever since and I am now trying to save the Federation and Zhargosia from being torn apart by this Lord Serenity and those that have escaped on Zhargosia’s prison planet. This does not excuse the fact that from what I have seen you have both lied to me and the Federation that my ship is completed which in fact it isn’t.” Ian said, “We were on schedule till current events changed that and we are doing the best we can under the circumstances.” Gabriel said, “I understand but now since there is a temporary peace I suggest you put more effort into completing my ship before the Federation ships arrive, or else you will have to explain to them why you lied to the Federation Council and cost the lives of more than a 100 crewman of the USS David Coven and its captain when it could have been avoided if you told them the truth.” There is silence and Gabriel said (as he straightened his uniform), “Now if there is nothing else and I am not being charged with something then me and my executive officer will leave.” They turned to leave only that the guards stood their ground and blocking their way. Gabriel said calmly, “Let me remind you that keeping us prisoner or under surveillance will also not look good when the Federation finds out.” Ian nods at the guards and they stood aside as Gabriel and Jen left Ian’s office. Gabriel and Jen stepped into the turbo lift just outside Ian’s office and once the doors closed Gabriel pressed a button and the turbo lift began to move. Gabriel said (with a hint of sarcasm), “You were a lot of help.” Jen replied (as if not caring), “You handled it well by yourself.” Gabriel said, “You could at least say something.” Jen replied (as the turbo lift began to slow), “Not all of us have a sibling that could help you get what you want so easily. Let alone being cocky even if you are pardoned from what you have done in the past.” The turbo lift doors opened and Jen stepped out before Gabriel could and walked away as Gabriel looked on with a little disappointment and sadden.

The next few days the USS Yorktown was given top priority to finish construction while Jen practiced her bow and arrow techniques in one of the training holographic rooms while Gabriel either stayed in his quarters and read the schematics and the layout of the Yorktown or went to the gym. As Gabriel was reading from his monitor the door to his quarters opened and Milena bursted in and said (with concern), “Captain Valkyrie I’m sorry to disturb you but radar has detected something odd that you and Law should come see!” Gabriel replied calmly, “Could you be more specific?” Milena replied, “We detect three distortions heading through the asteroid field!” Gabriel said, “Towards us?” Milena replied, “Not exactly sir.” Gabriel sighed and said, “I’ll be right up.” Milena left as Gabriel put on the top of his uniform and left his quarters.

The turbo lift doors opened and Gabriel and Jen entered the command center and Gabriel said, “Where are the space distortions now?” A crewman turned from his station and said, “On the monitor sir!” Gabriel looked at the view screen to his left and his face turned grim as he saw three distortions that stopped in front of Lagrange 2 (Supply base) and Gabriel yelled, “Hail Lagrange 2 base commander now! Set condition red immediately!” Jen looked bewildered and said, “Captain what is it?” Sumeragi just exited the turbo lift and yelled (as the alarms started wailing), “What’s going on!” Gabriel yelled to either a puzzled or shocked crew, “Romulans!” The three distortions suddenly decloaked and they revealed to be warbirds that looked like they are Klingons and the communications officer said, “Sir their signal is jammed!” Another crewman called out, “They’re being fired upon!” The three warbirds then bombarded the asteroid installation and the inside started exploding including the supplies and people screamed as they were caught off guard and the computers and display screens exploded in their command center as the base commander tried to cover his face from the flames (as did some of the crewmen) only to be engulfed. Gabriel and the others watched as the three warbirds tore apart Lagrange 2 until the whole asteroid suddenly exploded in a ball of fire (only for a few moments) leaving rocks and debris where the station was. Sumeragi breathed, “Oh my god.” They watched as the warbirds turned away and suddenly disappeared. The radar operator said, “Sir we lost track of them!” Sumeragi said, “How many people were on board that station?” The communications officer said somberly, “About 400 ma’m.” There was silence on the bridge for a few moments when suddenly the communications touched her headset and turned to Sumeragi and the others and said, “Sir, ma’m, I have a transmission coming in from a supply ship from Lagrange 2!” Sumeragi said, “Patch it through!” A female voice said, “Lagrange 3 this is Linda Vashti from Supply 2, request permission to come aboard!” Sumeragi replied, “Let them in!” Sumeragi left the bridge and Gabriel went to communications and told her to call Ian Vashti. When he finally answered Gabriel said, “Is the ship almost ready?” Ian yelled (over the sounds of pounding metal), “We are just working on the interior! We’ll have the ship ready as soon as possible! I have the work crews working on a rotating basis!” Gabriel said, “Just hurry.” As he turned to leave he noticed Jen was already in the turbo lift but instead of waiting the turbo lift doors closed on him and Gabriel sighed with disappointment and stood waiting for the next one.

The next morning Gabriel was woken up as the call panel went off next to him and he answered (grudgingly), “Who is this?” Ian replied, “Well good morning to you too captain. I have the report of the work progress on the Yorktown, if you care to look at it.” Gabriel replied, “Me and my exec will be in your office.” He got dressed and left his quarters, but once he did he saw Jen just left her quarters in her uniform as well and Gabriel hid his puzzlement even as they entered the turbo lift. They entered Ian’s office and Ian said, “Good news captain. Most of the interior is complete, but the main and impulse engines still need work and the ship should be ready.” Gabriel seemed impressed and said, “You did all of that in one night?” Ian replied, “Well you want the ship as soon as possible.” Gabriel said, “Then I guess the engines will be ready tomorrow?” Ian replied, “Either tomorrow or the day after. Depending if the warp core will accept the dilithium crystals.” Gabriel said, “Then I suggest you get to work right away. Who knows when those cloaked ships will attack us.” Ian replied, “Yes sir, we will do our best.” Gabriel and Jen left Ian’s office and Jen said, “Captain are you sure those are Romulans and not Klingons? Those warbirds...” Gabriel cut in, “I’m sure. There is no point or even possible for the Klingons to travel this far in Federation space, cloaking or no cloaking device. The only people that could benefit from this chaos would be the Romulans, so when the conditions are right enough they could invade this section of space since the Federation will have no supply or base of operations in the northern defense line of the Neutral Zone.” Jen stared at him and said, “You mean now we have to deal with both the KSF and the Romulans?” Gabriel replied, “That’s right.” Jen scowled and said, “Starfleet better send more than a few ships or else we are done for.” Gabriel looked confident and said, “I’m sure the Yorktown would handle them even if they do send a few ships.” They waited outside the turbo lift as Jen sighed and said, “Your confidence sometimes gets on my nerves.” Gabriel replied, “Get use to it. You are the executive officer after all.” The turbo lift opened and Jen and Gabriel entered as Jen made an irritated sigh and Gabriel smirked.

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