Star Trek X: The Ka'Tula Conflict

Chapter 5

The next day the communications terminal beeped and Gabriel got up, grumbling, and pressed the button and said, “This better be an emergency.” On audio only Milena spoke with urgency, “Sir I’m sorry to disturb you but you and Commander Law should come up to the command center immediately!” Gabriel (now alert) said, “We’ll be right up!” He hurriedly put on his uniform and once he left his quarters Jen, once again, stood outside his door and Gabriel stumbled back and said, “WOO! Stop standing outside my door like that! That gives people the impression that you maybe stalking me!” Jen (unfazed) said, “I’ll remember next time.” And they went to the nearest turbo lift and before the doors closed Gabriel looked at her with puzzlement.

The turbo lift doors opened and Jen and Gabriel entered the command center to see many crewmen bustling about and Gabriel said, “Okay, what’s going on?” He then noticed Sumeragi, Ian, Setsuna and Felt are there as well when they turned and Milena said, “I think we have been discovered!” Jen looked shocked and said, “How?” Ian replied, “We’re not sure how but the KSF is massing six former A-Law’s space carriers on the far end of the belt!” Gabriel looked at the video monitors and saw them and he said, “Report this to Starfleet and tell them to send aid immediately.” Milena said, “Our long range communications are being blocked, including the moon base!” Gabriel looked grim and said, “Mr. Vashti, is my ship ready?” Ian replied, “Impulse power only. We are still working on the core to accept the dilithium crystals.” Gabriel replied, “You better hurry because the only way the people at this station will evacuate safely rests solely on the Ptolemaios, the gundams and the Yorktown.” Ian sighed and left the command center, walking fast to the turbo lift. Setsuna said, “What should we do in the meantime?” Gabriel said, “How long till they reach here?” Milena said, “Four hours.” Sumeragi said, “Have everyone prepare to evacuate!” Gabriel said, “Milena?” Milena turned to him and said, “Yes sir?” Gabriel said, “Warn us when those ships begin to move towards us.” Milena replied, “Yes sir.” Gabriel went to the turbo lift as Jen followed with a puzzled look on her face and the turbo lift doors closed.

For the next three hours the hallways were buzzing with crewmen and personnel that are evacuating as the alarm beeped and flashed red lights down the passageways. Gabriel just finished packing the last of his personal effects when his communicator went off and he flipped it open and said, “Valkyrie here.” Milena spoke, “Sir the space carriers will arrive sooner than expected and three more former A-Law’s carriers have joined in!” Gabriel replied, “I’ll be up there!” The last of his bags dematerialized and he left his quarters and passed by crewmen that are running the opposite direction and entered the turbo lift and pressed the button to the command center as soon as the doors closed. When the doors opened Gabriel stepped into the command center and noticed only Milena is manning her station while the rest of the command center is empty except the 3D display of Lagrange 3 and surrounding space and the annoying evacuation alarm and flashing overhead lights. Gabriel was both shocked and puzzled but tried to keep from expressing them when he said, “Where’s Commander Law and the others?” Milena replied, “Commander Law is on the Yorktown while everyone else is evacuating! I have all the controls set to my console till we leave!” Gabriel approached the center table and watched as the nine former A-Law’s space carriers approach them while the Ptolemaios held position in front of the base. Gabriel said, “Do you read any space distortions near us?” Milena replied, “No sir, I’m not detecting any of them!” Gabriel rested his hands on the table as he leaned forward and said, “Status on the evacuation?” Milena replied, “All crew of the USS Yorktown are all accounted for, but they are still taking on crew and personnel from the station!” Gabriel said, “Let me know when the evacuation is complete.” Milena replied, “Yes sir!” Gabriel then saw shuttles and smaller ships leaving the station while in the hanger bay the walkways are crowded with personnel as they hurriedly but calmly boarded the shuttles and small ships (ranging from Galileo 5, 7, Generations, Type 9A and 10) and flew out into the asteroid field while staying in groups as remote controlled small fighter craft escorted them to the Moon Base.

Gabriel continued watching the exodus on the center table when a red alert alarm sounded and three red dots flashed in for of the evacuation caravan and Gabriel yelled out, “What are those?” Milena replied, “Sir three Baikal space carriers have just appeared in front of the caravan!” Gabriel yelled, “Tell the pilots to change course and fall back immediately! How could this happen?” Milena said, “They must have cut off their engines before they reached sensor range and used the gravity from the asteroids to move into position!” Suddenly Milena put a hand to her ear piece and then she looked astonished and yelled, “Sir they are launching mobile suits!” Gabriel replied, “Tell those pilots to haul ass!” Gabriel watched the 3D display when suddenly he saw flashes (coming from the dots indicating they are mobile suits) where the mobile are and many various shuttles and ships began disappearing to his shock. Milena yelled, “They’re firing on the shuttles!” Gabriel gripped hard on the edge of the table not noticing that he crushing part of the table beneath his grip (as the table made a low metal groan sound) as sparks issued beneath his grip when suddenly (not long after the mobile suits started firing on the shuttles) the flashing ceased and no more shuttles began disappearing as they kept their distance from the blockade. Milena yelled out, “Sir they stopped firing!” Gabriel made a low sigh and said, “At least they are not advancing.” Milena then said, “Sir I’m detecting four Volga-klasse ships and two more A-Law’s space carriers beneath us!” Gabriel replied calmly, “What about above?” There was a short pause until Milena said, “All sensors says its clear.” Gabriel said, “Get in touch with Sumeragi and tell her to send one of her gundams to investigate so we know that they are not setting a trap.” Milena replied, “Aye sir.” Gabriel said, “Then tell all shuttles to hold their positions.” Milena said, “Yes sir.” Gabriel waited for a few minutes as he watched the display of various KSF ships and mobile suits in front, to the left and the bottom of the base took their positions as if readying for an assault as the evacuations shuttles and small ships with fighter escort sat helplessly during the short lull till Milena said, “Sir Setsuna reports there are two Volga-klasse and eight A-Law’s space carriers that are hiding behind the asteroids above us as if waiting to ambush any of our shuttles!” Gabriel made a low throat growl as he looked grim in frustration. He then finally spoke, “Have all ships and shuttles remain on standby while...” All of a sudden the room shook violently and Gabriel almost lost his footing as some of the computer consoles exploded showing sparks and Gabriel yelled, “Report!” Milena yelled, “Sir we’re under attack! Enemy mobile suits below and above us!” The station rocked again by another explosion and Milena almost fell forward on her console till she caught herself and her face cringed in frustration as her irises flashed yellow. Gabriel yelled, “That’s it! We’re abandoning Lagrange 3! Everyone get out of the station by any means necessary!” Milena repeated his message through her console as her voice echoed throughout the station when suddenly a hand fell on her shoulder and Milena snapped her head back as she balled one of her hands into a fist and was about to punch till she saw it was Gabriel. If Gabriel was a little surprised he did not show it as he spoke with urgency, “We need to leave now!” She nodded and they both made their way to the turbo lift (with Milena following a little behind as she quickly pulled out a communicator and spoke quickly before putting it away as they entered the turbo lift) and once they are inside the turbo lift doors closed.

The turbo lift moved down as the station rocked again by another explosion and Gabriel pulled out his communicator and said, “Commander Law this is the captain, I’m on my way to the ship now with Milena Vashti! Have the ship ready to depart the moment I am onboard!” Once the turbo lift doors opened Gabriel and Milena ran down the passageways as they head towards the Yorktown as the station shook more and violently till as they made a turn and saw a large fiery explosion as he and Milena held onto the wall. Gabriel and Milena looked up as they heard cracking noises above and saw cracks and metal warping above them and Gabriel screamed, “MOVE!” and they ran as fast as they could down the passageways when the passageway’s ceiling behind them collapsed showing flaming metal and various debris behind them. They finally reached the hanger bay and they continued to run even as the hanger bay around them began to fall apart or spurting out flames from random explosions till they both leapt inside one of the Yorktown’s main entrances and the airlock doors closed and locked.

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