Star Trek X: The Ka'Tula Conflict

Chapter 6

Gabriel and Milena looked up to see CB personnel crowding the area as they try to proceed further inside the ship as the ship shook from the station that is falling apart outside. Gabriel yelled to the nearest crew member (in a red starfleet uniform), “Crewman!” He turned in Gabriel’s direction, “What’s going on with these people?” The crew member replied, “We’re trying to spread them out to different areas of the ship that they can either help or take shelter!” Gabriel yelled, “Carry on!” As the crew member moved deeper into the crowd Gabriel and Milena entered the nearest turbo lift and he turned the handle and said, “Bridge.” Once the turbo lift doors opened Gabriel stepped onto the bridge (that looks like the original Enterprise in the pilot) and saw everyone is at their stations furiously working on their stations but noticed that Commander Law is not around and he looked very concerned and he said aloud, “Where is Commander Law?” The bridge crew (six personnel) looked up at him with concern till a female voice said behind him, “Here sir!” Gabriel turned around puzzled and saw Law right behind him in a blue starfleet uniform. He looked behind her and around and said, “Where is Milena?” Law replied, “I told her to go to the main communications hub in case they need more help.” Gabriel looked disapprovingly but said, “Very well, ship’s status.” Law replied, “All stations report ready sir except warp power is still offline.” Gabriel sighs and says, “I guess that will have to do.” Gabriel sat in the command chair (not caring about comfort) as Law assumed the science station and he said, “Navigation?” The navigator replied, “Plotting course outside the station, phasers energized and torpedoes ready sir!” Gabriel looked at his right armrest and looked at the buttons till he found what he is looking for and a whistle went off on the intercoms and he said, “Attention guests and crew of the USS Yorktown, we are about to get underway. This may not be the proper maiden voyage but we are in a middle of a battle and our mission is to help defend and escort the evacuation shuttles to safety from the KSF to the Moon Base and the only way we can do this is for us to work together both ship’s crew and CB personnel from Lagrange 3. All weapons and damage control crews prepare for combat! Captain out!” Gabriel turned off the intercom and turned to the helm and said, “Helm, clear all moorings!” Helm pressed a few buttons and replied, “All moorings cleared sir!” Gabriel said, “Reverse one quarter impulse power!” Helm pressed a button and replied, “One quarter impulse.”

The Yorktown moved backwards as the station fell apart around it and random explosions went off as the hanger observation deck exploded into flames and metal railings and beams overhead fell or bent downwards as the Yorktown moved away. Helm looked at his console and said, “One minute to space doors.” Gabriel said, “Are the space doors open?” Law replied (as she worked on her console furiously), “Working on it sir!” Gabriel snapped his head at her direction and said, “Work faster!” Law made a low (inaudible) throat growl and said, “Yes sir!” Helm said, “30 seconds to space doors!” The Yorktown kept moving backwards as walkways and other parts of the station fell apart including random explosions. A voice spoke through the helm’s console, “Warning, space doors are closed, warning.” It kept repeating and Gabriel said, “Any time Ms. Law.” Law said, “Yes sir, I’m working on it!” The ship’s rear moved closer and closer to the doors and everyone looked up worried when all of a sudden the doors finally opened as a rapid beeping noise is heard from Law’s station. Everyone still looked up in apprehension till the Yorktown was just barely able to move past the space doors as the station continued to collapse and explode around the ship. The bridge crew sighed with relief when the helm officer said, “We have cleared space doors.” The Yorktown moved out of the burning, exploding and collapsing station, banking back left till the ship is far enough and Gabriel said, “Full impulse power!” Helm replied, “Aye sir.” The Yorktown moved down right of Lagrange 3 and once it reached the bottom it proceeded straight ahead and Gabriel said, “Raise shields, charge all phaser banks!” Helm pressed a few buttons and said, “Shields raised and phasers fully charged si...” The ship then took a hit on its port shield and the ship shook violently as everyone tried to hold on.

Gabriel yelled, “Helm, target those KSF mobile suits with torpedoes!” Helm said, “Yes sir! Firing torpedoes!” Then the sound of torpedo firing is heard and the torpedoes fired from the Yorktown and the asteroids that were in front of them (that had KSF GN-X III mobile suits that are using them for cover) exploded pulverizing the mobile suits hidden behind them or shredded apart those that were close while on the radio the pilots either screamed or one yelled, “TORPEDO BARRAGE! TORPEDO BARRAGE!” On the bridge they watched as the mobile suit forces in front of them were decimated in the middle of the flashes of torpedo explosions. Gabriel then said, “Open hailing frequencies to the Ptolemaios.” The communications pressed various buttons on her console and said, “Channel open sir.” Gabriel said, “Captain Sumeragi this is Captain Gabriel Valkyrie of the USS Yorktown.” On audio only Sumeragi replied, “Yes captain go ahead.” Gabriel said, “I need you and your gundams to create a path for all the people in the shuttles to escape. We will distract the KSF on the other side.” Sumeragi replied, You got it captain!” Gabriel said, “Helm, set course to the advancing nine ships and set phasers to full power.” Helm replied, “Aye sir, course laid in.” The Yorktown moved forwards to the advancing mobile suits and space carriers.

On the bridge they watched as the main body of the KSF advanced towards them and Gabriel said, “Helm I want you to advance at full impulse fire both phaser banks at the space carriers and fire torpedoes at the GN-X III’s and other mobile suits to clear a path for us and break them up.” The navigator said, “Sir we would be in direct line of sight of their weapons as well!” Gabriel sat back in his chair (as if relaxing) and said, “Yes, but we have shields and they do not.” Helm said, “Sir, phaser crews and torpedoes are ready!” Gabriel said (with a hint of urgency), “Fire phasers!” Then the sound of phaser discharge is heard and outside the Yorktown the ship fired phasers one and two at the incoming ships and blasted large holes through two of the former A-Law’s carriers. They watched as the phasers struck home and the helmsman said, “Hit sir! Two space carriers heavily damaged!” The bridge then shook as outside the Yorktown’s shields are hit by a series of random rifle shots from the mobile suits and Gabriel said, “Fire torpedoes, full spread!” Helm replied, “Yes sir! Torpedoes firing!” Outside torpedoes started firing from the Yorktown and blew apart asteroids and mobile suits, if the shockwaves of the explosions didn’t break them apart. Helm said (with a hint of excitement), “Multiple hits sir!” Jen looked down at her scanner and said, “Readings coming in. 12 mobile suits destroyed while more than a dozen damaged.” Gabriel said, “Are they still firing?” The bridge shook as if in reply and Gabriel said, “Never mind, continue firing.” The Yorktown fired more torpedoes as she barreled down on the mobile suits positions and more mobile suits and asteroids exploded or broke apart. Jen said, “We destroyed more...” The bridge shook violently as everyone held onto their stations and Gabriel said, “Commander?” Jen replied, “Sir they are firing Ion rockets on us! We lost 15% of our shields!” Gabriel turned to the helm and yelled, “Fire phasers point blank!” The Yorktown fired both forward phaser banks directly ahead and there was a brilliant flash that filled the main viewer and the Yorktown shook violently while on the bridge the crew tried to cover their eyes and everyone held on to anything that is solid while Gabriel slouched back in his chair trying to cover his eyes and hang on until the light dissipated and the shaking stopped.

Everyone quickly assumed their stations as Gabriel sat up in his chair and said, “What was that?” Jen looked down at her scanner and said, “They must had a supply of Ion rockets and our phasers detonated them on impact.” They looked at the view screen to show a mess of wreckage from destroyed or ripped apart various KSF mobile suits and large chunks of debris that were once part of the carriers. Jen said, “I read four Baikal ships completely destroyed and two severely damaged. I can’t count how many mobile suits because there is too much debris.” The bridge crew looked in awe but Gabriel paid no mind and said, “Helm, turn 90 degrees to starboard and engage the enemy fleet above.” The helmsman looked perplexed and said, “Sir, should we...” Gabriel cut in, “Do you want us to end up like the David Coben? Follow your orders!” Helm rapidly pressed his controls and said, “Yes sir, right away sir!” The Yorktown moved up to the right at full impulse. Communications said, “Sir I’ve intercepted a transmission from one of the space carriers calling the ambush fleet to attack us!” Gabriel replied, “Try to jam their signal! Range to fire on the fleet above!” Jen watched her scanner and replied, “5,000 kilometers and closing!” After a few seconds the space on the view screen suddenly lit up with bolts of red and green light from the asteroids in front of them and Gabriel yelped, “Fire torpedoes now!” Helm replied, “Torpedoes firing!” The Yorktown suddenly fired torpedoes and they exploded at the asteroids in front of the Yorktown (where the KSF fleet tried to hide).

When the KSF ceased firing on the Yorktown Gabriel said, “Cease firing.” The weapons officer replied (as the flashes of the torpedo explosions stopped), “Ceased firing.” Gabriel turned to Jen and said, “Report.” Jen looked down at her scanner and replied, “One Volga and three Baikal’s severely damaged. About a dozen mobile suits destroyed and equal number damaged.” Gabriel said, “Are they moving towards us?” Jen replied, “No sir, but I have two Baikal’s coming from the area we attacked earlier and three from behind Lagrange 3 and another three disengaging pursuit of the Ptolemaios.” The ship then shook (but not violently) as the mobile suits from the asteroids behind and on the sides of the Yorktown fired their rifles and struck the ship’s shields. Jen then spoke with great concern, “Sir, shields dropped down to 60%!” The ship then shook violently and the communications officer said, “Sir decks four and five report casualties and multiple fires!” Gabriel replied, “Get damage control parties on it right away!” Jen said, “Sir those hits are coming from the space carriers! We are within range!” There was another violent shake (amongst the light ones that are continuing constantly) as some of the crewmen nearly lost there footing and Jen said, “Sir shields now down to 50%! Both transporters and tractor beam are not operational!” Gabriel yelled, “Helm hard to port! Fire phasers, wide beam!” Outside the ship the Yorktown turned hard to port dodging most of the incoming fire from the mobile suits surrounding the ship and fired both all of its phaser banks in every direction moving side to side while on the bridge the crew watched as the ship dodge asteroids in their path while being hit. Gabriel then said, “Turn hard to starboard and fire torpedoes and starboard phasers!” The Yorktown then fired torpedoes at the assembled Baikal ship beside and behind the asteroids and the asteroids surrounding the ships exploded and they were showered with rocks and debris from the exploded asteroids. Three ships then exploded right behind some of the exploded asteroids while the phasers sliced right through some of the asteroids the mobile suits were using for cover and sliced apart the mobile suits as the asteroids exploded in the phaser beams wake.

On the bridge there was excitement in the air but the crew kept there bearing even when Jen said, “Sir long range sensors report the rest of the KSF Fleet bearing down on us including their GN-X III’s! Shields are also down to 45%!” Gabriel said, “Helm evasive maneuvers!” Helm replied, “Evasive maneuvers aye!” The Yorktown then veered right, towards the wrecked mobile suit line and Jen noticed on the view screen and said, “Lt. Jena what are you doing! You’re heading straight to the enemy mobile suits!” Jena replied, “Not exactly commander.” Jena pressed buttons on her console and the Yorktown zigzagged towards what’s left of the mobile suits as they fired on the Yorktown but most of their rifle shots and bazooka rocket rounds missed as the ship kept zigzagged or turning every which way while on the bridge as they closed in on the mobile suits Jena said, “Firing both phasers and torpedoes!” The Yorktown suddenly unleashed a barrage of torpedoes and phasers at point blank range at the asteroids (where the mobile suits were using for cover) and the whole area lit up with asteroids being blown apart and bright flashes of explosions as the Ion packs for the bazookas exploded and mobile suits being shredded in the process as the Yorktown barreled through their lines passing large clouds of debris.

When the smoke cleared a large asteroid (almost the size of the moon) appeared right in front of the Yorktown’s path. The bridge crew looked up in horror as they braced onto their chairs or stations and Gabriel yelled, “LT!” Jena replied, “Yes sir I see it!” Jena pressed a button and another as everyone held on as the ship rotated clockwise and dodged the large asteroid as the ship made a sharp dive and the ship made a sharp turn upwards when it reached the bottom and followed the edge of the asteroid till the ship is on the other side. The crew sighed with relief and Jena said, “They are now behind us captain. We made it.” Gabriel said (calmly), “Helm hard about, we are going to attack.” Everyone on the bridge looked at him with a mixture of shock and confusion. Jena said, “Sir why are we attacking? We are barely maintaining our distance from the KSF that is pursuing us and we only have 45% of our shields!” Gabriel pressed a button on his armrest and said, “Engineering what is the status on the warp drive.” Linda Vashti’s voice is heard as she said, “From all the damage and ruckus you got us into warp drive is now available on your command.” Gabriel pressed the same button and stared down at Jena and said, “You heard the order Lt.” Jena replied, “Aye sir.” She turned back to her station as Jen sat back and watched trying not to show her anger as she resumed her station. The Yorktown made a radical U turn and headed back where the mobile suits and the KSF are. Gabriel said, “Arm phasers and prepare to fire. Helm we are going to make two passes so prepare for evasive maneuvers and radical U turns when the time comes.” Jena and the weapons officer replied, “Yes sir.” Jen then watched the view screen along with the rest of the crew as they saw the KSF ships hovering over the area where the Yorktown escaped as the GN-X III’s and other mobile suits were either holding their attack positions or being resupplied.

On the bridge of one of the Volga-klasse carriers the radar operator looked closer at his radar and put his hands to his headset when all of a sudden he looked shocked and turned to the captain, as he stood in the middle of the bridge. The Radar operator said, “Sir I have a contact heading right at us!” The captain turned to him concerned and said, “What is it?” The radar operator yelled, “It’s the Federation starship!” The captain then looked as shocked as the radar operator and he yelled, “ARM ALL DEFENSES! GET OUR MOBILE SUITS OUT NOW!” and the alarm sounded as crewmen ran about station to station on the bridge.

Gabriel yelled, “Fire!” and the Yorktown moved to port and fired two phaser beams in four short blasts slicing many mobile suits and two beams directly hit two space carriers causing them to explode while another made an evasive maneuver only to ram into the side of another carrier and colliding into an asteroid in the process. On the bridge they witnessed the events that unfolded and Gabriel said, “Report.” Jen looked at her scanner and said, “A dozen mobile suits destroyed, two Balkai carriers completely destroyed and two severely damaged. Sir I recommend we should fall back.” Gabriel replied, “Recommendation noted. Hard about!” The Yorktown moved clockwise and fired one long, two short and one long burst of two forward phasers and on the bridge they watched as more groups of mobile suits were either sliced apart, exploded or were incinerated by the beams and blown asteroids that made a path that led to a former A-Law’s space carrier causing the ship to explode in a brilliant flash. Gabriel yelled out, “You did it! Hard about, give me some distance.” Jena pressed buttons on her console and the Yorktown pulled away fast before what’s left of the KSF Fleet that is present could respond. Once the viewer showed the area was clear Gabriel said, “Report.” Jen replied, “Six mobile suits destroyed, about a dozen heavily damaged and one carrier completely destroyed. According to my scanners it looks like they are not pursuing us.” Gabriel said, “Helm full impulse to the Moon Base. Commander keep an eye on long range scanners to make sure we are not being followed. Communications, monitor their channels to make sure we are not being shadowed or falling into a trap.” Jen and the communications officer both replied, “Yes sir.” Gabriel stood and said, “Good. Commander, you have the con. I’ll be in my quarters. When we arrive notify me before we begin docking procedures.” Jen replied, “Yes sir.” Gabriel went and entered the turbo lift as Jen stood and watched (all the while looking as if she is trying to hold her temper) and when the turbo lift doors closed Jen breathed through her nose before sitting back (hard in her seat) at her station.

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