Star Trek X: The Ka'Tula Conflict

Chapter 7

The Yorktown is approaching the orbit of the Moon Base while on the bridge Jen was sitting in the command chair when a voice came over the bridge intercom and said, “USS Yorktown this is Moon Base central control, hanger bay 2 is ready for you to pull in anytime.” Jen replied, “Thank You central control, stand by.” Jen stood up and said, “Jena take over while I go get the captain.” Jena looked back puzzled and said, “Why don’t you call to his quarters?” Jen was already in the turbo lift and she said, “Apparently he locked out his coms.” And the turbo lift doors closed. Jen walked up to the door to Gabriel’s quarters and pressed the ringer but as she stood and waited he didn’t answer. She sighed with frustration and typed the code to command override and when the door finally opened the light were very dim. Jen said, “What the hell.” She felt the wall for the lights, found it and the room lit up to show Gabriel’s quarters turned inside out as everything was thrown about or broken including the smashed in computer terminal. Jen was taken aback but as she looked to her left and saw Gabriel lying on the bed (mattress exposed as all the sheets were either torn or pulled out) with only a single pillow Jen regained her composure with a look of frustration and said, “Captain we reached the Moon Base.” Gabriel did not wake up and Jen came up to the bed and kicked the mattress making Gabriel suddenly open his eyes and sat up with a look of both frustration and shock. Jen said, “Captain we have arrived.” Gabriel looked at her first puzzled and then realized what she meant and said, “Oh, I’ll be right up!” He got out of bed and started putting his boots on as Jen said (with a hint of anger and frustration), “I’ll call housekeeping and have them repair the damage you’ve done, captain.” She then left his quarters before Gabriel could turn and say something in reply.

The Yorktown moved into position to dock and followed the path lights inside till the ship pulled in between the Ptolemaios and a supply ship and docked when the docking clamps locked in and the terminals came out and locked into the side doors to allow the crew and personnel to leave. On the bridge Jena pressed a button on her console and said, “All moorings engaged, Terminals 1 and 2 are in place and all systems are standing by.” Gabriel replied in his command chair, “Very good.” Gabriel and Jen got up and entered the turbo lift as maintenance crews exited. A new set of turbo lift doors opened and Gabriel and Jen stepped out and entered the command center (setup like the one in Lagrange 3) with Ian and Sumeragi standing around the center table and Gabriel said, “So how did everyone else fare?” Sumeragi and Ian turned to face him and Sumeragi said, “The port side hanger on the Ptolemaios is heavily damage including the starboard engine, but otherwise fine. What’s the status on the Yorktown?” Gabriel replied, “Our shields are heavily damaged and we had some fires but the damage control crew put them out quickly.” Ian sighed and said, “Great, more work.” Linda then exited the turbo lift behind them and said, “We lost two third’s of our equipment and over fifty personnel are either dead or missing.” Gabriel turned to Jen and said, “Commander, get a hold on our communications officer and tell him to advise Starfleet on what has happened.” Jen replied, “Yes sir.” She then pulled out her communicator and stood on the side as she talked. Sumeragi said, “I believe we should reconvene later when Starfleet responds.” Ian replied, “Except me, I am going to be busy repairing both ships and gundams.” Linda said, “I am going to make sure everyone is settled and taken care of in the meantime before I help with the repairs.” They all parted and Gabriel turned just as Jen put away her communicator and just before she spoke he said, “I don’t know about you but I am going to try to sleep after what we have been through.” Jen replied (with a stressful tone), “Did you forget about your quarters?” Gabriel smirked and held a hand to his head and said, “Yes, I forgot. Then I’ll just relax in the rec room till its all straightened out.” Jen said, “Would you mind telling me what happened that made you decide to tear apart your own quarters?” Gabriel replied (a little defensively), “No, it’s nothing for you to concern about.” He then entered the turbo lift as Jen said to herself, “Of course.” Before she entered with him and the doors closed.

Not even an hour later, as Gabriel just sat in a lounge chair, Gabriel’s communicator went off and he sighed with disappointment before he pulled it out and said, “Valkyrie here, what is it?” Milena replied, “Sir we have received a reply from Starfleet. Do you want hear it?” Gabriel said, “Go ahead.” A male mechanical voice said, “Message to Captain Gabriel Valkyrie from Starfleet Command. Your ship is to engage only in defensive measures till a convoy of eight Federation starships arrive on the dark side of the moon. Once they arrive your ship will be part of the group led by Commodore Decker of the USS Constellation and your mission will be to force the Ka’Tula Federation to peace and find and if possible capture or destroy the three Klingon warbirds in the area. Starfleet Command out.” Gabriel pressed a button and said, “Thank You for the message Milena, have all senior staff assemble in the Yorktown’s ready room in one hour.” Milena replied, “Yes sir.” He then flipped the communicator closed and got up from the chair and proceeded towards the doors.

Gabriel entered the ready room in his yellow uniform and noticed Jen is wearing her blue uniform as she, Sumeragi, Ian and Linda Vashti stood by their seats waiting till he took his seat and the others did as well. Gabriel said, “I’m sure you all are aware of the current situation we are in and as far as I know this is the last base under CB’s control am I correct?” Sumeragi, Ian and Linda nodded somberly and Gabriel said, “I have received Starfleet Command’s reply and they have sent eight Federation starships led by Commodore Decker to our assist and they, including the Yorktown, are going to force Ka’Tula to cease hostilities and find those three warbirds.” Ian said, “Finally we can end this nightmare!” Sumeragi said, “How long till they arrive?” Gabriel replied, “Two days.” Linda said, “Lets just hope we can stay hidden for that long.” Gabriel added, “With those cloaked ships running about I’m not sure, but as part of my mission I have to find those cloaked ships if we are going to stand a chance.” Linda said, “How are you going to do that?” Gabriel turned to Jen and said, “Commander, is there a way to configure the sensor to send out a sound wave that could reflect a solid object?” Jen replied, “You mean like sonar?” Gabriel replied, “Exactly.” Jen cringed as she think and said, “Yes I could, but finding those ships amongst that asteroid field is very slim.” Gabriel said, “Just do your best commander, even if it only gives the general area they are in.” Gabriel looked back at the rest of the group and said, “We will reconvene when the spacial sonar is operational and find at least the general location of those warbirds and we will discuss our plans from there.” They stood up and left with Jen following alongside Gabriel and she said, “What do you plan on doing once we find those ships?” Gabriel replied, “I plan on revealing those ships are truly Romulans and once they are revealed I’m sure the fighting will cease between the Ka’Tula Federation and CB when they see the enemy they should really fight against and not themselves.” Gabriel entered the turbo lift as Jen stayed and when the door closed on Gabriel’s grim expression Jen breathed through her nostrils with frustration and left.

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