Star Trek X: The Ka'Tula Conflict

Chapter 8

For the next 48 hours Jen and selected crews from both the Yorktown and the Moon Base constructed the sonar on the ship and the base. On the base they developed a periscope device that emanates the sound and rigged it to one of the consoles in the command center. Once they finished they began using the sonar to find the cloaked ships as Gabriel and the others stood present. Gabriel said, “Anything on sonar?” crewman replied, “No sir.” Linda said, “Everyone from Lagrange 3 is taken care of.” Ian said, “All repairs are completed on both ships and gundams.” Sumeragi said, “Milena has intercepted a transmission that the KSF are searching for us close by. I plan on sending the Ptolemaios and all three gundams to drive them away and disappear in an area far away where they will search for us and not this base.” The display of the moon and the surrounding space and asteroids appeared on the center table and Sumeragi pushed a button and red dots appeared in the 3D display and she said, “These are all the ships Milena found according to scanners.” She then pressed another button and a line is shown from the Moon Base to the far end of the asteroid field and she said, “And this is the course the Ptolemaios would...” A crewman yelled out, “We found them!” Gabriel said, “Put them on the display.” Then a large yellow sphere appeared behind the moon and outside the asteroid field behind and the crewman said, “This is the area the cloaked ships are but we can’t get a positive lock on them.” Gabriel replied (with a grim expression), “Fine. Ms. Sumeragi when are you planning to launch?” She replied, “Later today.” Gabriel said, “Lets up the time table and launch in a few hours so we can show the KSF who the real enemy is.”

An alarm sounded signaling the departure of both the Ptolemaios and the Yorktown as the rest of the crews boarded their ships and then the walkways retracted back. The turbo lift doors opened on the bridge of the Yorktown and Gabriel stepped out as the rest of the bridge crew manned their stations and he sat in the command chair and said, “Commander Law, are all stations ready for departure?” Jen replied, “Yes sir. All systems and departments reporting ready captain.” Jena said, “We have clearance from docking control sir.” Gabriel said, “Retract all moorings.” Jena pressed a couple of buttons and said, “All moorings retracted.” Gabriel then said, “Take us out Lt.” The Yorktown moved backwards slowly but steadily out of its dock and moved right backwards as the ship was exiting while the Ptolemaios repeated the same procedure as the ship pulled out from the docking bay at the top right of the Yorktown’s. The Ptolemaios then moved forward swinging out the orbit of the Moon Base as the Yorktown followed behind below. Gabriel said, “Are we detected commander?” Jen replied, “Negative.” Gabriel said, “Communications, notify captain Sumeragi we are commencing plan alpha.” The communications officer replied, “Yes sir.” The Yorktown peeled away to port away from the Ptolemaios when on the bridge, a few moments later, Jen said, “Sir the Ptolemaios has fired starbursts and the KSF ships in the surrounding area are closing in on her.” Gabriel turned to her and said, “How many?” Jen looked in her scanner and replied, “Eight Balkai’s and two Volga’s. They have also launched their mobile suits.” Gabriel turned back forward and watched the view screen as he and the others saw some flashes on the left side of the viewer and ceased and Gabriel said, “Is the Ptolemaios moving away?” Jen replied, “Yes sir and the KSF fleet is following them.” Gabriel said, “Has she launched the gundams yet?” Communications officer replied, “Captain Sumeragi says there are on standby and getting ready for launch sir.” Gabriel replied, “Good. Jena we arrived at the coordinates?” Jena replied, “Approaching sir.” Gabriel said, “Execute maneuver Delta 299.” Jena replied, “Yes sir.” The Yorktown then began maneuvering around the asteroids as it banked every which way. Jena said, “Sir all phaser and torpedoes are armed and ready.” Gabriel said, “Commander you able to narrow down their coordinates?” Jen replied, “Negative.” Gabriel sat back in his chair and looked frustrated when Jena said, “Sir, what do we do?” Gabriel replied, “Fire torpedoes and commence bombardment of the area in question. Hopefully we hit something.” Jena replied, “Yes sir.” The Yorktown fired its torpedoes and they detonated in the space ahead.

In one of the cloaked warbirds a Romulan Centurion wearing a grey uniform, a helmet and a blue sash approached another wearing a purple sash and sitting in the only chair watching the view screen before saluting and said, “Commander, warbird 2 reports the Yorktown is detonating torpedoes at its former location.” The commander replied (not alarmed), “So they can’t sense us. Good thing we worked out the flaws in our cloaking devices.” The commander then looked over his shoulder and said, “Tell warbirds 2 and 3 to attack and destroy the Federation starship before the Ptolemaios and the KSF arrive.” The centurion saluted and replied, “Yes commander.” Then resumed his station as the commander watched the Yorktown firing its torpedoes far ahead of them.

On the Yorktown’s bridge they watched as the space ahead of them flashed with torpedo detonations and Gabriel said, “Anything?” Jen kept looking down at her scanner and replied, “Negative sir.” Gabriel tired to control his anxiety and said, “Then we just made ourselves as targets.” The communications officer said, “Sir I have a report from the Ptolemaios that they are being fired upon by gun batteries from the space carriers!” Suddenly the ship shook by an explosion and suddenly on the view screen two warbirds decloaked from the forward port and starboard sides and fired torpedoes at the Yorktown. The torpedoes hit the Yorktown’s shields after they each fired two torpedoes making the ship shake even more till the warbirds stopped and recloaked in a matter of seconds.

The red alert alarm went off as the bridge crew held on as they were fired upon till the warbirds decloaked and the shaking stopped. Gabriel yelled, “Damage report?” Jen replied, “Electrical fires on decks 3 and 5, hull breach in deck 10 section 4 and shields down to 70%!” Gabriel said, “Do we have their location?” Jen replied, “They were directly to port and starboard before they reengaged there cloaking devices!” Gabriel said, “At least they can’t fire while they are cloaked.” Gabriel then got up from his chair and went to Jen’s side and said, “Jen, will it work if we shut down all non essential systems and focus all that power and the warp engines into the deflector dish and fire a sonic vibration that would damage the warbirds to the extent that they will create debris so we can pinpoint their location?” Jen replied, “I have to ask the engineers but I believe it maybe possible.” Gabriel said, “Do it.” As Jen called down to engineering a warbird decloaked right in front of them and fired a torpedo that struck the Yorktown’s shields at point blank range to cause the ship to shake violently and Gabriel grabbed the handrail only to spiral down to the floor next to his chair. The warbird fired another torpedo that struck the shields causing another violent shake before it disappeared and Gabriel was able to get back to his command chair and said, “Fire torpedoes now!” The Yorktown fired torpedoes at where the warbird was and detonated as Gabriel watched but saw no explosions or debris when they ceased firing. Gabriel said, “Did we get him?” Jena replied, “No sir!” Gabriel hit his right armrest (causing a minor dent) and said, “Damn.” Jen said, “Sir the engineers say they can do it but only for one shot!” Gabriel said, “Then let’s do it. How long will it take?” Jen replied, “They said a few minutes!” Gabriel said, “We don’t have a few minutes!” Jen replied (with a look of contempt), “Yes sir!” The ship then shook again as more torpedoes hit the Yorktown’s shields as the two warbirds appeared on the port and starboard sides and Jen yelled out, “Sir shields down to 50%!” Gabriel yelled, “Fire torpedoes!” Jena made a hopeless face and she pressed the fire control buttons as the torpedoes fired into empty space.

As the Yorktown continued to fire torpedoes blindly into space Gabriel turned to Jen and said, “Is it ready?” Jen was busy pressing buttons and controls on her station and said, “Engineering reports ready sir!” Gabriel turned back forward and said, “Lt. Jena?” Jena replied, “Ready to fire at your command.” They waited as the ship shook from another hit and then all of a sudden a warbird appeared right in front of them and Gabriel yelled (with his fist clinched forward), “Fire!” Jena pressed a button and there was a shrill mechanical howling noise emanated from the deflector dish and the crews on all three warbirds had hands to their ears and cringed even as their ships shook. A centurion yelled, “Commander! The vibrations! It’s...” Before he finished the ship shook more violently and the lights flickered as debris fell on top of them and the ship violently tilted on its side as everyone was thrown from their stations.

On the Yorktown the noise finally subsided and on the bridge they watched on the view screen as something exploded and debris appeared in two areas in front of them. Gabriel said, “What do your scanners read commander?” Jen looked down at her scanner and said, “Based on the amount of debris it looks like we destroyed one warbird while heavily damaging another.” Gabriel said, “Do you detect any bodies in the wreckage?” Jen replied, “Yes sir, but only one.” Gabriel said, “One’s enough. Beam it directly to sickbay and warn the doctor to keep it in storage till we dock.” Jen looked at him puzzled and said, “Yes sir.” Jena looked shocked at the console and looked up and yelled, “Captain!” Gabriel and the others looked and saw on the view screen a warbird suddenly appeared in front of them and Gabriel yelled, “Fire!” Jen called out (as she looked up from her scanner), “Sir their shields and weapons are powered down!” Gabriel yelled, “Hold your fire! Commander scan them thoroughly!” Jen looked back down on her scanner and said, “Scanning.” Jena said, “Are they surrendering?” Jen said, “Their shields and weapons are down but...” Gabriel turned to her and said, “But what?” Jen suddenly looked up (as if shocked) and said, “I read one metal case inside emanating power that is growing rapidly!” Gabriel suddenly turned and yelled, “PHASERS FIRE POINT BLANK!” The warbird suddenly sped towards them on a collision course till a single phaser beam fired and hit the warbird directly on the command structure/torpedo bank and the viewer was filled with a large, bright, white light and the ship shook violently and tilted to its starboard side as Gabriel held onto his seat while many of the crewman fell onto the deck and the main lights went off leaving only the lights from the consoles and the red alert still on and/or flashing.

Outside the Yorktown was tilted towards starboard aft as the bridge crew struggled to get back on their feet and to their stations when the light came back on. Jena was able to reach the controls and she pressed a button that made the ship rightened itself as everyone else got back up while Gabriel and Jen were still in their seats. Jen said, “We lost all power to shields and we have reports of multiple electrical fires in several decks!” Gabriel said, “What’s the status on the Ptolemaios?” Jen replied, “She is surrounded by the KSF and the gundams are barely holding them back! Either they did not notice what just happened or the KSF are complete idiots!” Gabriel glanced at her and said, “Commander, language.” Jen sighed with frustration and said (with a hint of sarcasm), “Yes sir.” Gabriel sighed and said, “I guess we have to wait on getting that last warbird. Helm turn us about and head straight to the Ptolemaios’s location, full impulse power.” Jen looked at him as if he was crazy and said, “Sir we have no shields!” Jena also said, “But sir what about the last warbird?” Gabriel replied, “If anyone has any idea how to find it please say now!” There was silence and Gabriel said, “Then we are going in.” The Yorktown turned about and headed straight towards the random light and explosions.

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