Star Trek X: The Ka'Tula Conflict

Chapter 9

On the view screen in the Yorktown the bridge crew began to see the KSF mobile suits and ships as they fired upon the gundams and Ptolemaios as they fought back. Jena said, “Torpedo and phaser crews report ready sir but the shields are still down.” Gabriel said, “Prepare to fire on my m...” Jen spoke up from her scanner, “Sir I’m picking up Federation starships behind us!” Suddenly behind the Yorktown the Constellation, three Newton, Three Mayflower and one Armstrong class starships dropped out of warp while on the Constellation’s bridge Commodore Decker leaned forward on his command chair and yelled, “Fire!” The Constellation and all the other starships fired both phasers and torpedoes at the KSF mobile suits and ships firing upon the gundams and the Ptolemaios. On the bridge of the Yorktown the crew witnessed the KSF being ripped apart and Gabriel said, “Lt. Jena, commence firing!” The Yorktown then unleashed fire from all of its forward phaser banks and torpedoes into the fray. Jen looked down at her scanner and said, “Sir I detect five mobile suits approaching the 00 Quan T’s rear.” Gabriel said, “Comms notify Setsuna of the mobile suits.” Communications replied, “Yes sir.” The whole battle area was covered with beams of various colored lights as on one end the Federation starships fired both phasers and torpedoes while in the other is the KSF space carriers and mobile suits firing beam cannons, rockets and rifles as the fire from both sides crisscrossed each other in the middle before hitting the Federation starships shields or exploding the asteroids or mobile suits on the other while the Ptolemaios and the gundams on the other side attacked.

In the Constellation’s bridge the helmsman said, “Sir, we have three Balkai’s that are trying to form a picket line!” Decker replied, “Then fly in between them and maintain speed and distance. Fire!” The Constellation fired phasers at the center ship as it flew between the two space carriers and the main guns on one of them exploded as the phasers struck home. Decker enthusiastically said, “You did it! Hard about, go between the first and center ships and continue firing.” The Constellation then turned for another attack while on the Yorktown Gabriel said, “Commander find that last warbird. We don’t want any surprises.” Jen replied, “Yes sir.” Suddenly a GN-X III flew right in front of the main viewer and was about to its rifle on the surprised bridge crew when all of a sudden the mobile suit was swarmed with various human looking like silver drones with blue lighted eyes as they tore pieces off the mobile suit forcing the GN-X III to drop its rifle and tried grabbing onto the drones only to crush two of them before various parts of its armor plating was torn off and the mobile suit powered down.

The bridge crew relaxed and Gabriel said, “Whoever controlled those drones I owe him or her one.” Jen looked up from her scanner and said, “Sir I found it! It seems to be observing the battle from a distance and it’s cloaking device is not active!” Gabriel turned to communications and said, “Relay the coordinates to Commodore Decker and tell him we are pursuing the warbird.” The communications officer replied, “Yes sir!” Gabriel said, “Helm do you have the coordinates?” Jena replied, “Yes sir.” Gabriel said, “Proceed at full impulse power!” Jena replied, “Yes sir.” The Yorktown turned to starboard but then a blast from a mobile suit rifle hit the port side of the main body and the ship jolted to the right as the crew on the bridge were almost thrown from their feet. Jena said, “Sir we lost phaser power!” Gabriel said, “Prepare to fire torpedoes on my mark.” Jena replied, “Aye sir!” The ship jolted to the left and communications said, “Sir hull breaches on decks 8 and 12! Damage control teams are responding!” The Yorktown moved around the asteroids using them for cover as the Yorktown approached the rear of the area where the warbird was. Gabriel said, “Helm do you have a fix...” All of a sudden the back of the warbird decloaked right in front of them and fired a torpedo that struck the top front of the saucer section and the ship shook violently before the warbird disappeared. Jena said, “Sir we lost all forward sensors!” Communications said, “Hull breach on deck 3! Damage control teams are on the move!” Gabriel said, “Fire line of sight Lt!” Jena replied, “Aye sir!” A Balkai fired one of its main batteries and struck the port side torpedo room and it exploded blowing through both the port and starboard torpedo bays and fires raged in both torpedo rooms as crewmen screamed in the flames while others pulled out fire extinguishers to try to put out the flames.

The Yorktown shook violently from the impact and Jean yelled, “Sir we lost both torpedo rooms!” Communications said, “Large fires reported in both torpedo bays! Fire teams are now engaging the fires!” Gabriel breathed through his nostrils as he tried to calm himself but yelled, “Commander, tell phaser control to get those phasers back up now or we are all dead!” The warbird suddenly decloaked right in front of them and Gabriel yelled, “PHASERS FIRE!” A single phaser beam suddenly fired from the bottom center dome of the saucer section and hit the warbird directly at the forward command center/torpedo room. On the warbird the torpedo room exploded and caused a massive power outage and everyone (including the commander) was thrown from their stations as some of the screamed. On the bridge of the Constellation they saw the warbird hit on the main viewer and Decker said, “Target that warbird and fire.” The Constellation fired torpedoes at the warbird while the Balkai (that fired on the Yorktown earlier) the captain and the bridge crew saw the warbird and the captain yelled, “Fire main batteries on that ship!” The main guns on the Balkai fired on the warbird and two more joined in. Inside the warbird there were multiple large explosions that threw the crew about till they were suddenly consumed in the flames and debris as the warbird outside clearly began to buckle as it wavered till suddenly there was a large explosion and the warbird exploded. On the bridge of the Yorktown some of the crew cheered till they were suddenly silenced as Jen and Gabriel looked about, but Gabriel gave a satisfactory smirk and said, “Communications, get me in touch with Commodore Decker.” Comms replied, “Sir the Commodore is sending a message through all channels.” Gabriel replied, “Tie in.” On the intercom they heard Decker say, “All ships hold your fire! The KSF has announced a ceased of hostilities! I repeat, hold your fire!” Gabriel and everyone else smiled and breathed with a sense of relief and Gabriel said, “All stations stand down from red alert. All crews report damage and casualties.” Gabriel then looked down at the helm and said, “Helm, take us back to Moon Base.” Jena replied (with a sense of excitement), “Yes sir!” The Yorktown then turn to starboard and headed back to the Moon Base passing the Constellation and other Federation and KSF ships while on its way.

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