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Stethoscope love (The doctor's story)


Being a doctor can challenging and exhausting but not for Dr.Susan McClain, infact she likes being a doctor because it's her dream since childhood. She likes challenges,difficulties,work but not love . Not the same for Thomas Scott, being a F1 which he is, the most important thing in his life is winning,no matter what it is,will he be able to win Susan's heart or will he lose for the first time? Let's check out 😍

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

And now I would like to call on stage one of the most brilliant and excellent student, in the history of Denberk University ,who have mastered herself for the past three years in and as a cardiologist and is with us today to officially accept the title of a Doctor. I will now like to present on stage Ms. Susan Nicole Evans.

The room began to fill with applause. Everyone's gaze were intently fixed on me and no matter how much hours I have spent in the past practicing how I would react today ,it wasn't much of a help. A comforting hand touched my back and I came back to my senses,it was my best friend, Emily.

Hi everyone,I am Susan and today it is my hooding ceremony as a doctor ,I have dreamed of this day since forever and now it's finally my time but here's the thing right now I am nervous as hell but no one would probably stop the ceremony just because of my nervousness. So,after a few assurances from my bestie and some deep breaths,I stood up and headed towards the stage,on my journey I can see everyone was smiling at me . When I reached the stage,I accepted my certificate with a sincere and small smile and then reached the podium to give my speech.

"A heartwarming and respectful Good evening to all my teachers and my fellow classmates. Today all of us are gathered here to receive our certificate and our title as a doctor..................." Blah blah blah ,I kept on talking mostly because I had to and there was no way out. After talking my stomach out I said "thank you " and got down from the stage and went to reunite with my best friend.

"You talked a lot up there. What had gotten into you?"-she asked.

"You think I wanted to talk so much up there? I did it only because I had no choice"-I said

"I figured it out , honey"-she chuckled

"I don't know how long we will have to stay here"- I said

"Are you not enjoying yourself?"-she asked me

"Well yeah,but it's also kinda boring"- I admitted

"Then let's get out of here"-she said

"Can we do that?"- I said

"Look I am not a doctor but you can call me a fun doctor and it seems like an emergency to me"- she said

"It is an emergency"- I said

" Well then let me help my patient "- she said and grabbed my hand and practically we snuck out from the back door of the hall.


I seriously love you guys for reading this cause the truth is this is my first story . If you guys loved the story or hated it please comment below ,I am eager for your responses ,SO PLEASE COMMENT.

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