Who I Am


Golden rays smiled down on the bustling town of Magnolia. Trees had begun shedding their leaves, flowers had begun to die and the birds were flying away but despite all of that the sun was still smiling and the sky was as blue as it was in the summer. Not a cloud was in sight as people walked to and fro, wandering the city as most often did. Children ran into the streets, laughing and chasing each other around as Lucy walked down the street. A little boy squealed, chasing after a chicken with outstretched hands. A little girl followed behind him and as the boy cut in front of her the girl ran straight into her leg.

The orange haired girl stumbled back and fell, a small surprised yelp coming from her mouth. She looked up at Lucy with wide and frightened grey eyes. Lucy smiled down at the little girl with warm brown eyes and offered her hand to the fallen child. The little girl accepted her hand and pulled herself up. She looked at Lucy once more, smiling brightly and then took off after the little boy who was still trying futilely to catch the chicken. Lucy smiled at the oblivious children fondly. She was in a surprisingly good mood.

She had just gotten back from a short mission, no more than a day or so long. The quest wasn't hard, the only thing she had done was deliver a package. Of course, she had to go through a wooded area to do it but she didn't meet anything too terribly hard. After returning and having a warm shower Lucy had dressed and decided to enjoy a walk. She browsed through a few shops, occasionally buying small trinkets. Somewhere bracelets or other jewelry, other things she bought were just fascinating to her.

"Hello miss! What can I do for a nice lady on a nice day?" An elderly man waved from behind a counter, smiling as she entered.

"I'm just browsing." She called back to the man, smiling warmly.

The man nodded but didn't say anything else as she looked through shelves of items. She had entered an old antique shop which had caught her interest when she looked at the odd assortment of items in the window. Lucy stopped in front of a tiny ceramic dragon, about the size of her closed fist. It was the color of the ocean, each scale detailed and shaded with blues and greens. It's wings were spread, as if it were poised to fly. When Lucy looked closely she saw that the ceramic dragon was made with a chain around it's neck. A metal chain hung against it's back but was broken off, as if the dragon had broken free. Lucy smiled and ran a finger over it's back, feeling the scales.

"Beautiful isn't it?" The kind old man's voice said from behind her.

Lucy turned around and gave him a small smile as she held the little dragon carefully. "It's gorgeous."

The man held out his hand and Lucy handed over the tiny dragon reluctantly. "Watch." He murmured, holding up the little ceramic dragon to the light.

The scales shimmered and danced. They looked as if they were shifting colors, almost like the dragon was moving. The light danced off the scales and the metal chain, in that moment Lucy yearned to see what a dragon would look like in real life, she yearned to look at their beauty.

"That's...breathtaking." She whispered.

The man nodded, returning the little dragon to her open hands. He closed her fingers around it and smiled. "It's yours, for free."

Lucy gaped up at the man, her eyes wide. "Really, I can have it? I really would feel better payi-"

"It is yours." He looked at the figurine with distant eyes. "Back when I was a child these little things-" The man motioned to the little statue in her hands. "Were sought after by many. People who owned the dragons, or who were believed to own the dragons, were often killed, or robbed for it." The old man frowned. "It was not a good time for people who happened across them, or stole them. They were all clouded by greed for the statues." The man seemed saddened by the fact

"Why would people kill for them?" Lucy loved the little dragon statue but she did not see why someone would kill for such a thing.

"There are only five of these in all of the world." He said softly. "And there is a...legend... that the dragon statues could become alive, although how it is not quite sure. People were greedy, spiteful. The statues were rare and valuable, people wanted them for their significance or to sell them. Many of them though wanted to try to wake the statues."

"Is it even possible?" Lucy looked at the dragon statue in her hands adoringly, wondering if it might ever come to life one day.

"My father always said that the only way to gain a dragon's trust is through a pure, kind heart." The old man said, looking at her and smiling. "I believe if it is to ever happen the dragon will surely live for you, you seem very kind.

A light pink tinged Lucy's cheeks but she smiled brightly. "Your are very kind Sir."

"Please, call me Yami." The old man said, watching the girl as she kept glancing down at the dragon, softly brushing her thumb against its side, Yami had no doubt that he had given the dragon statue away to good hands.

"I'm Lucy." She said, smiling pleasantly.

The old man watched the blonde girl as she walked away, smiling brightly in the sun. He remembered the way her eyes marveled at the beauty of the dragon and he hoped that she would discover its secrets, for he could tell that she had already fallen in love with the little statue. He did not blame her, nor regret giving it to her. He had vowed many years ago that when the right person came along that he would not make them buy what they were destined to own. He walked slowly back to the counter and pulled out four other small dragons, before setting one back on the shelf behind the counter, carrying the other three towards the shelves.

"It's time I let you out into the world, to find someone worth having you, yes?" He murmured to the little statues.

He placed the three in different, slightly hidden spots in the shop, so that they would only be found by someone who was searching, or who had seen the slight glimmer of the scales, noticed the beauty of the tiny figures. He moved back behind the counter before picking the last dragon from behind the counter and holding it. It fit in one of his old hands and his knobby fingers tightened around the clear dragon with golden eyes instinctively, before looking down at it.

"I must leave soon, my life is almost over, I can feel it in every breath I breathe." The old man, Yami, looked down at the tiny dragon statue, which was no longer a statue but a tiny, translucent dragon that rasped back at him.

He smiled fondly at the creature as it rubbed its head against his thumb. "I've given the Queen of the Sea away."

The little dragon cocked it's head at him curiously. "Yes," Yami said softly, "I don't doubt that she will have a good home, and who knows, maybe the one who I have given it to will also find the others, and my father's wish will be fulfilled before I am to die."

The dragon made a small whining noise, pressing it's head to Yami's hand, a tiny golden tear falling from it's golden eyes. It looked up at his and made another rasping noise which Yami nodded at. " I will miss you my dear friend, I assume that my grandson will take over the shop," Yami frowned a bit, "but hopefully our friends will be gone by then." Yami said, referring to the other dragons now safe on the shelves.

But Yami's mind was troubled, for he was not sure what he would do with his own little dragon, given to him so many years ago. He had kept all the dragons safe but he feared that they would soon find themselves in the wrong hands. He was mildly comforted by the fact that at least one of the five would be safe, probably for a long time. The bell chimed as a balding man walked in, accompanied by a chattering young boy and Yami greeted them enthusiastically.

She finally found herself wandering into a weapons and armor shop, looking for something that might catch her eye. Two men were at the register, talking to the guy behind the counter.

"-help improve my speed in a month?" She caught the second man saying.

"He's got a race in a month, he want's to try to beat Kiba." The first man laughed, like there was no chance that the second man would be able to win.

"Well, I've got this set of arm and leg weights, if you wear them while doing daily jogging and training then you'll not only get faster but more agile and stronger." The cashier left and came back with a packaged box.

Lucy's ears had perked up at the cashier's words and she wandered closer, looking at the box.

"Really? I just have to keep running? How does that work?" The second man questioned, looking at the box skeptically.

"Well, there are different weights of the weights in sets of fours, for both arms and legs. The lowest weight is five pounds, which adds twenty pounds to your normal weight. By running around as usual you're adjusting to the extra weight. If you wear them all the time you'll adjust faster though. When you finally do adjust move up to the ten pound weights, then the fifteenth and eventually the twenty, if your race hasn't come by then." The cashier explained as both men nodded impressed.

They quickly paid for all four sets, which all together weighed over a hundred pounds. The first man carried the box of weights, as he was a lot stronger than the other man. They left the shop after thanking the cashier and Lucy slowly approached the man.

"Hi." She said softer than she intended.

"Hey there, how can I help you?" The man smiled politely, riffling through stuff behind the counter.

"How much were those things you sold to those men?" She asked, pointing at the backs of the men as they walked away outside, laughing.

"Hm? The weights?" He looked over Lucy. "Why would you want those?"

"So I can get stronger." She answered flatly.

The man didn't say anything else but brought back another box of them. "7,000 jewels."

Lucy mentally cursed them for being that expensive but complied and brought out the mans designated amount. He looked over her again.

"Can you carry these by yourself?" He seemed genuinely concerned and Lucy frowned.

"I didn't think of- Oh wait, yes I can." She perked up and searched for Taurus' key on her key ring. "Tada."

She summoned the giant bull-man to the surprise of the cashier who gave them to Taurus a little fearfully.

"Have a nice day?" He called out but Lucy was already walking away.

She and Taurus walked to the nearest Cafe where Lucy sat on an outdoor chair and opened up the box, grabbing the five pound set.

"Lucy-sama, what are these for?" Taurus asked, pointing at the weights Lucy was strapping on.

"Weights, to make me faster, stronger and more agile." Lucy explained, standing up experimentally and moving around.

The weights were heavy, not extremely so but they made her more sluggish and her limbs felt noticeably heavier. She walked in a circle, satisfied with the weights.

"Could you help me carry these back, please?" She asked Taurus who nodded enthusiastically, talking about protecting Lucy's beautiful body from struggling with the heavy box.

Lucy placed the little blue dragon figurine beside her bed, on a nightstand covered with a stack of books, pens and a few scattered papers. She smiled at it fondly and patted the little statues stone head.

"Welcome home." She murmured before heading into the bathroom to take a shower, for she was exhausted and slightly sweaty from a day of browsing and buying things.

Lucy walked through her apartment, heading towards her bathroom while thoughts of taking a warm, relaxing shower followed by a calming bath before she would get out and fall into a deep, calming sleep. She stretched out her arms above her head, yawning as she looked into her bathroom mirror at herself. She began taking the weights off, rubbing her wrists where they had been attached softly. it hasn't quite an aching pain but it a dull uncomfortable feeling. She raised the now weightless arm, smiling at how much lighter it felt. In no time, with training and exercise, along with the weights, she would improve drastically.

With that great thought in mind Lucy stepped into the shower, relaxing under the steaming jets of water she was being pelted with. She sighed happily, lathering shampoo into her hair. Her eyes closed as she relished in the relaxing warmth of the shower.

"LUCY!" A loud voice shouted, annoyingly familiar.

"Go away, I' in the shower!"She shouted back, now annoyed instead of relaxed.

Said owner of the voice promptly burst into her bathroom, grinning broadly.

"GET OUT!" Lucy shouted, shutting the water off and pulling the towel into the shower before wrapping it around herself.

"Aw, c'mon Luce." A pink- or, salmon haired boy said in whiny five year old voice.

Lucy emerged from the shower, glaring at him venomously with the fluffy white towel firmly wrapped around her body. "Get. Out. Of. My. Bathroom." She hissed, her voice deadly.

Said pinkette's grin faded away and he became slightly nervous as he gave a anxious chuckle. "I'll uh...wait in your living room." He pointed behind and smiled shakily at the blonde as he stepped back outside the threshold to the bathroom.

Lucy slammed the door in his face as soon as he was fully out of the bathroom and glared at the wooden barrier. She was so tired of him walking in on her whenever he felt like it. She loved him to death, as a friend, but that didn't give him the right to waltz into her house like he owned the place, not to mention the fact that he never even used the door, instead opting to climb through her window, which meant that he was always pulling the screen off and letting bugs into her house. She growled and ranted as she got dressed, her anger building instead of subsiding. She strapped the weights on last, deciding to keep them on all the time instead of taking them off when she was sleeping.

Even dressed in pink pajamas with smiling bunnies all over them Lucy Heartfilia looked as dangerous an armed Erza as she stormed out of the bathroom fuming. Her eyes flickered around her messy living room, courtesy of the pink haired boy who was feasting on all the food from her kitchen.

"Natsu Dragneel!" She shouted shrilly, stomping towards him.

Said boy paused in mid bite, looking up at her with black onyx eyes. "Er...Hi Luce."

He smiled nervously and was met with a kick into his face,. rendering him unconscious. The next time he woke Lucy was glaring down at him while he lay, slumped on her couch, shouting at him.

"-in my house like your the king of the world! Then to have the audacity to walk into my bathroom while I'm showering! Have you no manners? Not t6o mention you trashed my house and opened my window from the outside which I have told you, plenty of times, ruins it!"

He looked up at her groggily, his vision coming into focus as he stared into the angry brown eyes of his best friend, Lucy. He looked at her, heart shaped face, blonde hair, large eyes. Even when she was threatening to beat him within an inch of his life he still loved her, in the way that best friends do. He couldn't help but remember the way Lucy looked when she told him that she was leaving the team and he felt a small pang in his chest, feeling guilty for not paying any attention to her over the past month after the return of Lisanna Strauss, his childhood crush and previous best friend. Not saying that the white haired girl was not his friend, it was just he didn't hold platonic feelings for her and so she was more in the 'more that a friend' category. Lucy on the other hand, Lucy was his best friend.

"-so stupid! You never even listen when I'm telling you not to break into my house because you just go and do it again! I can't believe you! I doubt you're even listening to me right now." With that statement she whacked him in the head with her hand, making him wince as she stalked off.

"-so selfish, no respect for people's boundaries."

Natsu waited a few moments before getting up and quietly following her, knocking softly on her door. "Luce? I'm sorry, y'know, for walking into your bathroom. It was pretty stupid of me."

"It sure as hell was!" He winced but noticed that her voice was less venomous as before.

"Can I come in?" He asked, his voice still retaining a soft voice.

"I guess, since you had the decency to ask this time." Her voice said, almost completely void of any anger.

He walked in the room and was met with a pillow to the face, a grinning Lucy being the person to throw it. "You deserved that."

He grabbed the pillow, grinning madly as he pounced on her, hitting her with the pillow repeatedly. She retaliated by grabbing a large body pillow and smacking him straight in the face with it, causing his to stumble. He regained his balance and grinned mischievously, reaching his hands out and flexing his fingers. Lucy's large brown eyes got larger as she stepped back, hitting the opposite wall.

"No." She said as he crept forward. "Nuh uh. Back up."

Her words fell on deaf ears as Natsu pounced, tickling her in her sides. "No, omigod, Natsu! Stop!" She screeched, laughing and squirming.

"What's the magic word?" He asked, his eyes sparkling with laughter.

"Please! PLEASE! Oh god, Please, please, please!" She shouted at the top of her lungs, trying to breathe as he assaulted her sides.

"N-natsu?" A soft voice said from behind Lucy's closed bedroom, followed by a soft knock.

Lucy and Natsu both stopped and stared at each other with equally wide eyes. Lisanna. "Natsu? Uhm...do you want me to just go and come back later? It..uhm...it sounds like you're busy." The white haired girl trailed off, her voice trembling as she stood behind the closed door.

Natsu jumped into action, throwing the door to Lucy's room open and pulling Lisanna inside. Lucy leaned heavily against the wall, her hair mussed and her cheeks flush from laughing so hard. Her breathing was probably the loudest out of all of the people in the room as she struggled to return it to normal.

"Uhm..Hi Lisanna." She said, blushing after realizing that the girl must've only heard screaming 'the magic word'.

Said girl looked over at Lucy and blushed, despite the tears welling in the corner of her eyes after seeing Lucy disheveled form, and the fact that Lucy's pillows and blankets were strung among her room. "Maybe I should just go." She whispered sadly.

This statement was followed by two loud shouts of protest as both Lucy and Natsu began hastily explaining.

"-yelling about me walking in while she was showering." Natsu said hurriedly, earning a small pained noise from Lisanna.

"-yelling because he accidentally walked in and I was angry, he didn't-" she blushed. ;"He didn't see anything and I knocked him." Lucy said, trying to make it sound better but earning a horrified look from Lisanna.

"She knocks me out all the time-" Another horrified look from Lisanna."Anyway we were making up." Natsu explained.

"But not like..." Lucy blushed fiercely.

"-our relationship is-." Natsu said quickly.

"-Purely platonic, me and Natsu-" Lucy said hurriedly.

"-are just friends." Both finished, staring concerned at Lisanna who now stared at the two confused.


Lucy woke up the next morning at the crack of dawn and walked to a empty field. The grass was wet with dew and a low fog hung gathered around her ankles as she walked, her keys jingling softly as she walked. The stars were fading, the light of the sun creeping up and forcing night away. Lucy breathed in the cool, crisp morning air, smiling softly. The weights on her body, an extra twenty pounds all together, were not to much of a burden, although Lucy noticed that she tire a little quicker that she usually did and by the time she made it to the empty field she was slightly winded. She summoned Loke and they both sat in the wet grass while Lucy questioned on the best methods to train.

"Well, I'm not much good with training in general, it's more Capricorn's thing than mine but I can help you in hand to hand combat." He paused and then looked at her over. "I would definitely train with Capricorn on speed and building up your muscle before coming to me though,"

Lucy nodded and the spirit dismissed himself. He was quickly replaced by Capricorn.

"Lucy-sama." The spirit bowed and Lucy smiled.

"I need help training." She said seriously, the spirit nodded and they began speaking to each other about a daily schedule.

Laxus wandered around the town that was still bathed in the dark. A few tendrils of light were seeping into the black sky and forcing the stars away. He watched the sky in silence, listening as the world began to wake up. A few birds began chirping merrily, their beaks pecking the dewy grass for worms or other morning treats. Laxus walked on as the sun slowly began rising. pushing the dark away and replacing it with soft, morning light. He found himself walking aimlessly and when he looked up a slow smirk formed on his face.

Lucy heartfilia, Fairy Tail's resident celestial mage, was running laps around a field, her arms pumping as a man watched her from the center. Laxus smirked, what better way to start his morning than by ruining someone else's?

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