The Curse of Cupid


“Well, this is all terribly unorthodox,” Aphrodite muttered, finishing another cookie. “I can’t just go around helping anybody who knocks on my door.”

“I’m hardly just anybody,” Nico reasoned, drumming his fingers on the marble table. “I’m the king, you know I’m the king.”

“Honey, I really would like to, but-”

“Please?” Will pleaded, clasping his hands together. “All of our friends already have kids, it’s only right that we get one too!”

“This isn’t just a matter of fairness, Will, sweetie. It’s unnatural!” she pointed out.

“We’ve gone through so much together,” Will said. “So many hardships, so many challenges, can’t this one thing just be easy?”

Nico stared at Will and considered what an understatement that was. Returning to Camp Half-Blood was the first big obstacle. All of Nico’s friends were beyond angry with him, making them think they couldn’t be friends, but it didn’t take long for them to adjust to his return. He started switching between Olympus and camp, going back and forth every now and then. He couldn’t have been happier; he and Will together, spending time in his favorite place with all his favorite people.

Years passed, Nico’s power and love for Will growing stronger all the time. They lived together from then on, spending most of the time lounging around Nico’s palace. The proposal had caught Nico completely off guard, as Will popped the question out of nowhere. He could hardly say no, could he? He’d always dreamed of love, and there it was knocking at his door. Of course, finding a minister wasn’t exactly easy, considering nobody on earth even knew about Nico’s existence. Eventually they convinced Hera to work a little magic and legally marry them, but they had to jump through quite a few hoops to make it there.

And now, 20 years after they’d gotten together, he and Will were definitely ready. They wanted a kid or two. Of course, the logistics of that weren’t exactly...possible. It was Piper who came up with the idea. She was so happy with her triplets, she was the first one to jump on the parenting bandwagon. She reminded them that Aphrodite was the goddess of fertility. It might just be possible for her to pull a few strings and make them a real child.

Of course, Aphrodite had to be difficult about it. “Aphrodite, I didn’t want to pull this card, but I’m your boss,” Nico reminded her. “I command you to make us a child.”

“Nico, dearie, this isn’t just any magic, this is new life! Do you realize-”

“I realize everything, trust me. Do it,” he instructed. Aphrodite sighed, though she was smiling.

“If you insist,” she said, her voice bubbling with playfulness. She closed her eyes and her skin began to glow bright pink. Nico felt a strange pulling all across his body, and he saw a gray form emerge from his body. A clone of him, it seemed, though foggy and indistinct. He noticed a golden version of Will appearing too, and the two spirits turned to face each other. They drifted forward until they merged into one. There was a bright flash of light, momentarily blinding Nico. When the light cleared, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

It was a baby. A beautiful, perfect little baby girl, with a mop of dark hair and bright blue eyes. She was smaller than Nico had ever imagined, too small to be real, it seemed to him. This was his daughter. His flesh and blood. His child. His baby.

Will seemed frozen in shock, though his eyes were dripping with joy. Nico moved forward hesitantly, afraid that if he did anything too drastic the dream would shatter and he would wake up. His hand brushed against her skin for the first time and he realized that this was reality. He was a father, and he was cradling his incredible baby girl in his arms.

“Oh my gods,” he whispered. “She’s perfection.”

“She really is,” Will whimpered, reaching to feel her hair.

“The perfect mixture of the two of you,” Aphrodite said, gazing fondly at the new little girl. “Any thought on names?”

“We agreed already, if it was a girl,” Nico said, “we would name her Bianca.”

“Little Bianca,” Will chucked, holding her tiny hand in his palm.

“I guess you’ll have to add a nursery to the palace. I’m so glad to have helped, boys,” she told them, and Nico and Will walked dreamily from Aphrodite’s temple.

“We really have a daughter, Nico. We’re fathers,” Will exclaimed, taking Bianca from Nico’s arms. “Oh, gods, she’s so incredible.”

“Just like you,” Nico said.

“Pretty sure she got that from you,” Will argued.

“I guess she got it from both of us,” Nico decided.

“Well, if we can only agree on one thing, let it be this; we are incredible alone, but we are even better together,” Will told him. They leaned over to kiss, and butterflies erupted in Nico’s stomach.

They were incredible.

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