Malfoy+Diggory = Love Triangle


Eleonor Silvers has two best friends : Cedric Diggory, who is 3 yrs older than her, and none other than Draco malfoy, whom she has had a tiny crush on for ages. But what happens when both her best friends have a crush on her, but she only likes one ? Furthermore how will she react to all the drama and fights over her ? Read to find out.

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Chapter 1

Eleanor's POV

“Bye mum” I got on the train, searching for Draco or Cedric ; I quickly found Draco lounging in a compartment at the back. I entered the compartment, greeting Draco :

“Hey Dray, whatcha doing?”

He turned away from Crabbe and Goyle “Hey El”

I saw his eyes widen when he looked at me for some reason, I thought nothing of it.

Draco’s POV

I was talking to Crabbe and Goyle when Eleanor came in

“Hey Dray”

I frowned, her voice had changed .

“Hey El”

I turned to look at her and gaped damn, when did she get so hot. Last year she was still cute, like a little sister to me.

Eleanor's POV

My gaze quickly shifted from the compartment seat to Draco, I blushed, he looked so handsome, maybe he’ll ask me to the yule ball this year . No, I don’t think he likes me like that. Hell, I don’t even think I like him like that. We spent half the ride talking and laughing ; when the trolley came, I looked outside and saw Cedric

“Hey Ced, d’you want to come in ?”

He smiled “yeah sure”

When he entered and I hugged him, Draco looked jealous, probably because he knows I find him a bit attractive.

At that moment Draco quickly switched seats so that he would be next to me and Cedric next to Goyle.

“Uh hey, Cedric, Eleanor, want to play Truth or dare ?”

“Sure” I answered smiling, I was happy he was being nice, he doesn’t really like Cedric.

Cedric’s POV

When I entered, El immediately hugged me, when she let me go I saw her properly, and she was really hot. Like, she really changed over the summer. Then Draco asked us to play Truth or dare, I didn’t really want to but Eleanor said yes so I did too.

Draco’s POV

El hugged Cedric when he came in, so I whispered to Goyle ” I’m going to play Truth or dare, when it’s your turn ask Eleanor if she likes me if she says Truth, and if she says dare,just wing man me ”

He nodded. I quickly shifted to the seat next to Eleanor's, when she sat she layed her head on my shoulder.

Eleanor's POV

We started the game with Goyle :

“Eleanor, Truth or dare”

I said dare

“Okay” he started ” I dare you to sit on Draco’s lap for the rest of the game”

Draco blushed, surely because he was embarrassed.

I blushed too but said “Easy, we’re best friends”

I moved to Draco and sat on his lap.

He was blushing like crazy.

Draco’s POV

She was sitting on my lap!

I was blushing a lot, but she just blushed a bit then seemed cool with it, she put her head on my chest.

Then Cedric, obviously jealous said

" Okay my turn, Malfoy: Truth or dare?”

I said Truth

“Fine, do you fancy Eleanor ?”

She didn’t move from my chest just glared at Cedric, I smirked but turned red ” No I don’t” I lied nervously.

I saw a flash of sadness on her face so I felt really bad lying, she must have noticed something because she winked at me. I blinked in surprise and said ” I don’t fancy her right now” I looked at her nervously. She kissed my cheek!

I turned red.

Eleanor's POV

When Draco said he didn’t fancy me, my heart broke inside. I’ve liked him a bit since like, 5 years.

The I saw the dismay on his face and I felt he didn’t exactly say the truth, so I winked at him. He corrected that he didn’t like me right now, Cedric looked mad ; so I kissed Draco on the cheek , who turned red.

Cedric’s POV

Goyle made El sit on Draco’s lap, and for some reason, I was jealous.

So I asked Draco if he fancied Eleanor to embarrass him, sure enough he blushed like mad, but Eleanor glared at me, Draco said no at first, but she must have made a sign or something, because he smirked and said “not right now”

She pecked him on the cheek , I was so mad.

Eleanor's POV

I think both of them fancy me a bit, but I’m not sure. I asked Cedric and he said dare, I didn’t have an idea so I asked Dray , he leaned his face down next to mine and whispered

" Make him eat a random Bertie Botts flavor”

I giggled and said “Cedric, I dare you to take a random Bertie Botts flavor”

He chuckled and dramatically replied “Oh El, I thought we were friends, but now you have betrayed me”

He picked and made a face ” Eugh,grass” We laughed and played for the rest of the ride.

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