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Blueberry Muffins

By Hisshiss_

Humor / Other

The Childish Marauder

Amy wandered around barefoot in her comfortable pyjamas. She had been yearning for them the whole night, even now she swore she could still feel her uncomfortable dress robes pressing tightly around her stomach. She hadn't bothered to remove the light makeup that her roommates Layla and Dominique had insisted she wore and her eyeliner was smudged under her hazel eyes. She kept to the shadows as she made her way down to the kitchen, listening intently for any sign of movement, for those shuffling footsteps so recognizable as Argus Filch's.

Amy wasn't an inexperienced person when it came to sneaking around the castle, after all she had a feeling that she wasn't made Head Girl for that reason alone. She had too many night trips to the kitchen for a prefect but she wasn't too worry about not being Head Girl; She was happy enough when the intelligent Gryffindor Lily Evans was announced Head Girl, and she wasn't as shocked as the rest of the school to find James Potter wearing the shiny badge of Head Boy their first day back, after the way he had stood up to the Dementors in Hogsmeade back in the end of their sixth year she expected nothing less.

The Ravenclaw girl stopped in front of the familiar painting that opened onto the kitchen and reached her hand towards the small pear, wincing slightly when the giggle of the fruit broke the silence in the desert hallway.

She took hold of the door handle that appeared and almost silently stepped inside still lost in her thoughts.

"Miss Amy! You is back!" Amy grinned down to the familiar small creature that hugged her legs just as the door closed behind her, she patted his head softly and waved politely to the rest of the house elves

"Pooky I see you've miss me" she told the house elf who nodded quickly while leading her through the crowd of busy house elfs. She was a regular in the kitchens since her first year and that meant that she knew the house elves well enough

"Miss Amy want the regular?" the elf asked her while she took a sit in a small circular table just a few steps from the door. Amy nodded still absorbed in her thoughts, only giving the elf a small smile before it disappeared into the crowd of small working creatures.

Amy wasn't sure if she was hungry or not, she just knew that she couldn't go back to her dorm, not when she knew that she wouldn't be able to escape her friends interrogation of how her night had gone. If she was a normal girl she would've want nothing more than to talk about how she had dance all night and laughed with her perfect date, but she couldn't lie to her friends.

Amy blinked twice when she saw a plate of maybe 5 blueberry muffins being placed in front of her and thanked the small house elf, the creature blushed and with one last bow went back to work. The girl almost called him back just to have someone close, but she then realize how stupid she was being

In record time Amy had eaten 4 of the 5 muffins sitting in front of her, her mind still analyzing every detail of her catastrophic night. Was it really all her fault?

She was just about to grasp the last muffin of the plate when she hear the pear giggling and seconds later the door being pull open, her eyes widen and she couldn't move a muscle. She had never been caught in the kitchens. In that second Amy wished she hadn't had a craving for her favorite snack. What if it was a teacher? With a fellow prefect it would be easier to talk her way out of trouble but she knew that prefect duties were canceled for the night and that the teachers were making the rounds tonight. Her heart was beating wildly even though she would know by now if she was about to get in trouble or not.

The dark figure straightened in the doorway and he stepped forward running a hand through his black shaggy hair, the dull orange light from the torches in brackets on the walls showed Amy the familiar tall boy with grey piercing eyes, and sharp features. He was yawning loudly not even bothering to cover his mouth as he yank his already loose tied.

When he finally looked up and his eyes meet Amy's who was still holding her beloved blueberry muffin as if it depended on her life, his eyes went wide and he stood for a few seconds unsure of what to do.

"Hand over the blueberry muffin and no one gets hurt" his voice cut through the thick air in the room and Amy fought off the urge to smile at his comment. Sirius Black was the guy who couldn't take anything serious

"I could take points off, you know" she said trying to sound indifferent as she finally took the muffin from the now empty plate. She took a smile bite of the piece of sweet blue food.

"And what would Professor Flitwick say if he knew one of his prefects was out of bed? What would Professor McGonagall say if she knew?"

Amy shuddered a little, she had always been terrified of the Head of Gryffindor House. "I won't tell if you won't" she offered, supplying a winning smile to seal the deal. Sirius pretended to think and then smirk as he advanced towards her table taking a sit in front of her.

"Seems fair enough" he replied as a small house elf came over to assist the Gryffindor.

"Is sir requiring food?" a house elf squeaked as it stopped in front of their table. "We still has plenty left from the feast or we can prepare something if sir would prefer."

"Could I have a plate of muffins, please?" Sirius asked politely.

"What sort of muffins sir? We has -"

"Blueberry, please" Sirius told the elf, then looked back to Amy who was quietly watching the exchange already done with her own muffin.

"And miss Amy?"

Amy thought for a second. She hadn't eaten the whole night, she had been too nervous and then too nauseous, she was aware of the 5 muffins she had already eaten but she was still hungry, and she just knew she needed something that would make her feel better. Food so good that she wouldn't care about the stupid ball and it's repercussions.

"Miss Amy?" the elf came closer to her, his big eyes watching her with worry. Amy smile at the familiar creature and shook her head lightly.

"Just...get me another round of the usual, please Pooky I need to eat these horrible feelings away"

"Yes miss, of course miss," the elf scurried away and rounded up several of his fellow kitchen staff to prepare their food.

Amy sighed annoyed at herself, she could already feel a migraine making its way into her head. Someone cleared their throat and she jumped in her chair glancing back at Sirius, for a moment she had forgotten he was even there. She wasn't sure a Marauder was capable of being quiet and still for more than a minute.

"What?" she asked feeling self conscious in front of the smiling Gryffindor.

"The usual?"

"I might spend more time in here than what I care to admit" she answer with an air of indifference. She didn't know why the infamous Marauder was even talking to her, she wasn't even sure he knew that she existed until now.

"Well I would have never peg you for the breaking rules kind of girl. Or the one that ate her feelings away for that matter"

Amy blushed and her jaw dropped. "I didn't mean literally!"

"I know, it would mean that you have almost no feelings, there's no way you would be so skinny if you felt like a normal person."

Amy rolled her eyes at the idiotic compliment. "Sweet talking will get you nowhere" she told him, in an attempt to be mature and save herself a little dignity, she didn't want to talk about her weight with a boy she had just actually met.

"You were the one who said it!" he cried out quite childishly, his grey eyes shining with mischief and Amy tried her not to clench her jaw, she knew that he was annoying her on purpose

"Grow up Black" she growled out to him, not noticing how their faces were getting closer to each other.

"Black?" he smiled widely at her and shifted so he was closer to her-"Why so hostile Williams?"-his voice was almost a whisper-"Don't I look like I'm already grown up enough"-his lips were millimetres from her ear-"What do you say uh?"

Amy inhaled deeply and ignored the fresh masculine scent that assaulted her nostrils. "I say that you've had far too many girls falling over your feet for just a second of attention. And I'm thinking that you've let it all go to your head."

He laughed gently and his breath tickled her neck, she fighted down a blush threatening to cover her cheeks.

"Wow" Sirius pulled away from Amy as if she had slapped him and she couldn't help but to give him a funny look, he looked dazzle and confused.

"That's the first time that's ever happened" he said in an awed tone, his eyes wide and staring at her as if it was the first time looking at her.

"You do that a lot?" she asked trying to act casual while looking away from him, she didn't feel at all comfortable with his eyes looking at her so closely. He shook his eyes and ran a hand through his hair once again.

"Never intentionally. Still, it's nice to know that someone other than the rest of the Marauders is listening to what I'm saying rather than just enjoying the view"

"You're very sure of yourself, I'll give you that" she reply as she roll her eyes at the boy in front of her, she crossed her arms in front of her and raised an eyebrow at him.

"You've shaken my confidence a little tiny bit, I give you that." he smirked back at her and she couldn't help but to smile back at him. Noticing her mistake she quickly cleared her throat and looked back to the mass of house elf working behind them

"I'm so hungry I could eat a Hippogriff" she said without thinking.

Sirius stared at her for a second very bursting out laughing and Amy sighed annoyed at being the object of this guy's amusement.

"I've never heard a girl say that before..." he mused mostly to himself.

"They are taking far too long with my food" she sighed and rubbed her temples with her fingertips, the headache already present. She knew that tomorrow morning she would have to go to her tutoring class with the horrible migraine drilling her mind every second.

"I've should've eaten at the ball" she mutter to herself as she run her cold hands down her face.

"Why didn't you? I know I saw Diggory eat like a pig beside you" Sirius said casually, but his eyes watching her closely.

"I wasn't hungry then" she replied, it wasn't an actual lie. She had been hungry the whole morning, after all the girls had kidnap her to pamper her up and she missed breakfast and lunch. But as soon as she met Amos in the end of the staircase she had felt way too many butterflies in her stomach to eat.

"Really? I don't remember seeing you in breakfast or lunch for that matter"

"It's none of your bussiness Black" Amy suddenly felt extremely irritated with the wizard in front of her, why did he have to question everything? Was he doing it for the whole purpose of annoying her?

"Chill out Williams, just making conversation" he raised his hand and lean back into his chair, his eyes still fixed on her face. Amy opened her mouth to reply but she was cut short when a house elf trotted up holding a plate above his head, a ridiculously large pyramid of blue muffins on it.

"For you, sir and miss" the house elf said in a squeaky voice, his large eyes going between the two teenagers as he rested the plate in the table.

"We hope you likes it." he said mostly looking towards to Amy, who smiled instantly and reached to grab one of her favorite threats

"Thanks" Sirius said, taking one of the blueberry deliciousness. Amy in between bites thanked the house elf as well and he went away with a grin his his small face

"I feel like I could live off these things" he said, carefully picking up the last bit of his muffin and finishing it in one bit, Amy nodded in agreement and took her second muffin off the plate.

"They're so good I would marry them" Amy said and with a final smile from Sirius they fell into silence as they both ate their blueberry muffins with small careful bites.

"Does Diggory know you're having a romantic affair with a blueberry muffin?" Amy couldn't help but to choke on her muffin, Sirius couldn't keep in mouth shout could he?

"I'm not having a -"

"Chill out, Williams. Merlin, anyone would think that you're on the verge of a nervous breakdown!" Sirius rolled his eyes as he grab another muffin

"Who says I'm not?" she hadn't meant to ask that out loud, but the Marauder had heard and before he could bit into his muffin he put it down and gave Amy a look that made her want to hide under the table. The smile had disappeared from Sirius' face and it was replaced by a concerned frown

"Are you?" he asked and Amy was taken back by the worry in his voice.

"What?! No, of course not! I'm just peachy" Amy told him, her voice slightly hysterical, she wasn't sure why but all her feelings just suddenly burst from her. "You know, in between trying to make sure my younger sister is staying out of trouble, dealing with the study group and my own homework, N.E.W.T.s, my mom breathing down my neck about becoming a Healer and dealing with her third divorce and oh! On top of everything having to push Amos away from me after he almost assaulted only a few hours ago. Everything is just so freaking perfect."

Sirius' eyebrows were raised so high that they almost met his hair. After a few seconds he let out a whistle and Amy cleared her throat looking away ashamed

"Sorry, you didn't need to know all of that" she said quietly, she never wished so hard for the ground to open and swallow her, not even when she was a first year and she had gotten one of the most silly questions wrong in an oral exam.

"Ball wasn't the perfect night you expected?" he asked carefully inspecting his muffin meeting her eyes only for a few seconds before he went back to inspect the blue piece of food.

Amy let out a snort and roll her eyes at nothing in particular.

"You could say that" she mutter darkly.

"So... Diggory was a disrespectful dick, while your younger sister, a Slytherin isn't? Is giving you a hard time; While your mother is trying to rule over your life because hers is way too unstable; And on top of that running that little study group you've started at the beginning of last year and the pressure of doing good in your NEWTs"

Amy nodded and Sirius watched her for a few minutes in silence.

"You're going mental aren't you?"

Amy shook her head.

"I wished" she mumbled quietly, suddenly her stomach was filled with knots and she couldn't eat anymore.

"Did you get away from Diggory in time?"

"Yeah" Amy realized how awkward he had been asking that question and she smiled to herself and shook her head, her brown hair dancing around her.

"How was your evening Mister Black? I'm not sorry to say I don't even remember you being there" Amy asked in a teasing tone. It was dumb but she felt a lot better now that she had told someone everything that was bothering her, specially the part about Diggory. She wasn't sure if she had overreacted or not, all she knew it was that she hadn't felt comfortable and her fleeting instincts had just taken over her

"Oh, that's because I wasn't there my lady" he said in a polish tone that seemed to go perfect with his aristocratic air.

Amy raised an eyebrow in confusion and looked at him with a deadpanning look. He was still wearing his dressing robes, sure she hadn't actually seen him there, but she wasn't looking for him either.

"Where were you then Mister Black?" she asked more of curiosity than anything else. He smirked and leaned into the table, closing the space between their faces.

"Would you believe me if I said that some fifth years cornered me and I had to hide back into my dorm?" Amy was aware of his proximity and rolled her eyes as she pushed his face away from hers

"I wouldn't doubt it" she said sarcastically. She was sure that he had been up to no good with some girl in his dorm and that's why he hadn't been at the ball.

"Ouch Williams! Watch the face, we wouldn't want disturb this masterpiece, now would we?" he said in an exaggerated tone, pointing at his face while glaring playfully at her. Amy chuckled at him and run a finger over the edge of the table.

"I would be making you a favor if I disturbed it" she inform him with a smirk. She didn't know what it was exactly but around Sirius Black she felt like she could breath a little bit better, like the end of the world wasn't over her shoulders.

He laughed at her cheeky response and stood up. "Time for bed, I think."

"Yeah" Amy agreed, even though she knew that she wouldn't be sleeping tonight, she had way too many things on her mind. When her barefoot touched the cold ground she shiver slightly

"Are you insinuating you want to come to bed with me?"

"Ugh, I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth at the idea" Amy said screwing up her face in displeasure.

"You're very bad for my ego" Sirius said pouting slightly and Amy couldn't help but to roll her eyes at the boy in front of her.

"Good, someone had to take you down a notch"

Sirius grinned and Amy was reminded again why he was the most popular Marauder amongst the girls of all ages at Hogwarts.

"Goodnight Amelia"

She looked up her eyes narrowing dangerously.

"How did you-" he pressed a finger into her lips and she gave him a concern look as he pressed his finger uncomfortable and smeared it like a little kid. She groaned at him and pulled away from him and wipe her lips with the back of her hand, the boy beside her chuckling while grinning like an accomplished little kid.

"The sorting ceremony, I have a good memory" she wasn't sure what he meant, until she thought back to their conversation only a few seconds away.

But before she could comment on it she heard the kitchen's door closing with Sirius Black behind them.

"Cocky bastard" she mutter to herself, but as much as she tried to deny it he had made her feel ten times better.

"Miss Amy is feel better?" the little house elf squeaked as it collected her tray and their plate. Amy smiled down at the creature and nodded thinking back at the childish Marauder.

"Yeah" Amy told the elf.

"I am, thank you."

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