Hardships Come With Love

Chapter 2

Teresa's POV

I was wrong the whole time about Wicked. Everyone has the right to hate me. Wicked made a deal with me. They said that if they gave me the ability to communicate with Tom again that I would have to help them track him down. It was either that or Wicked said they would kill all the people they had taken prisoner right before my eyes. This situation has gotten so complex. Why couldn't I have taken the easy route of running away from everything with the person I love? I think Wicked has gotten too restless with their slow results and are jumping to dangerous conclusions, possibly hurting all my friends. Our society doesn't need to suffer any more. I'm done trying to stop the inevitable. The Flare is going to end our world for good. It is only a matter of time before we are completely wiped out. I need to focus on the time I do have left and should be spending it with the ones I want to be with. This catastrophe is much bigger than any of us.

I have until tonight to make a decision and have been pacing the room given to me in Wicked's new headquarters. My hands are sweating immensely and I'm grinding my teeth nervously. I am leaning towards helping them find Tom, but only because I think I can play them. I could probably warn Tom without them finding out unless they've created some crazy mechanism to read all my thoughts. That's impossible. Actually, on second thought, I wouldn't hold it against them to not have something ingenious like that. I have zero chance against Wicked! I care about helping Tom, but I can't just kill dozens of people for his safety. Who am I to decide who deserves to live more? They would probably find another way into manipulating me to find him anyway after they had killed all those innocent people. I've never been the religious type, but pray anyways to whatever God there is if there is one. I need help. I can't do this on my own. Tom would find some loophole. If only I could think like him…. My thoughts jerk into a crazy spiral of ideas. Maybe there's a way I can steal the device to make us have our telepathic connection again. That would work! Where would they keep it? Hmmmm. Lucky for me, I know nearly every nook and cranny of this building since I've been working for the enemy.

I formulate a plan that may or may not work. First, I will go into the security footage area. The main guard likes me, so I think it will be easy to trick him into leaving. When I get there I simply say: "I hate to see you working so hard. Anyways, I was told to tell you to have a break. Some people need to come look over some footage. It's no big deal. I can watch your place until they get here."

Without complaining, he rushes out of his seat with his childish packed lunch and disappears down the hall. I disable the security cameras in the whole left wing section of the complex. If I only disable the few rooms I have to enter, it will look much more suspicious. I lock the door securely behind me. Then, I hurry down the hall, getting deeper into the left wing. I enter my fingerprint that should open the door to the operating room. It doesn't work. I quickly crouch behind a cart in the hallway as someone approaches the same door from the opposite direction. It is someone I've rarely seen and can't place a name for. She opens the door successfully and I sneak in behind her as it shuts. The lady walks to a bed that has already been prepared for me; a card with my name is laying on the sterile white sheets. I study each item on the table next to the bed from a distance, unsure of what the memory-returning device should look like. No one has noticed me yet and I hope to stay that way in case I gain any insight as to where to find what I need.

Eavesdropping, I listen to her speak to the man in a lab coat, "I was sent from Dr. Paige to hold onto the memory pill."

"Ah yes. That's a good idea. You never know what lengths that girl could go through for this. Here it is," he says, gladly handing a gargantuan pill over.

"That's it. Thank you."

The man tilts his head down respectfully.

I watch intently as she closes the pill in her fist and leaves the room, head held high. I wait a minute until the doctor has retreated to the far corner of the lab, backside turned, as I dash out the door. She is walking hastily down the hallway leading back towards the security room. I see no one else around yet and rashly decide to charge her. I jump on her with as much force as I can manage, knocking her to the ground. She stealthily pushes me off to stand up and regains balance.

"You," she says snarling.

I smile back for only a split second before grasping for her clenched fist. She pulls away to turn around and sprint so fast that she loosens the grip on the pill, projecting it down the hallway a few feet. Fortunately, sprinting is my strong suit after being in the maze, having to escape from Grievers. I reach the pill first and tuck it into my bra securely. Then, I dart around the now red faced and panting lady. I just keep running, not daring to look back. I know that more than one person is coming after me. I slow my pace to dry swallow the pill. It goes down hesitantly, but I force it. I have no idea how long it will be before it takes effect. I change my pace back to a sprint as an alarm blares. I need to get out. Now. I reach the absolute end, a small door that reads: Exit. I push it open and wildly trot into the scalding desert. That wasn't hard. I sigh in relief. It's probably because no one would expect someone to be stupid enough to run away into the desert alone, leaving water and food behind, certain to die. I'm not alone, I assure myself. If this pill works, I have Tom with me, and that's all I need.

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