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The cop’s boy 🔞[MxM] [COMPLETE]


"Back the hell off!" "Or what, Ruben? You will call the cops?" He mocked. What Ruben never expected after that night is to run into him again.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

[Third person's POV]


" 911, what's your emergency? "

"Please help..there's so much blood..."

Ruben and his parents went out for dinner like they always did on the weekends but tonight it was more than a simple family dinner. Ruben was accepted into Preston and that deserves a celebration!

His parents sat in the front seats of the car while he busily typed on his phone with a smile in the back seat.

"Hey? Are you coming? We are home." His mum has said with a smile turning around in her seat to talk over her shoulder.

"We are really proud of you buddy." His dad cheered with a smile.

"Thanks dad." He smiled at his parents while they get off the car.

The moment they stepped into the house the lights came on while they froze in shock at the scene before them.

A fat man in a black suit sat comfortably in the sofa and on each side of him, stood two bulk men in suits with a gun in hand.

His mom gasped holding onto her husband's hand for balance while him and his father stared in fear and confusion.

"Who are you people and what are you doing in my house? How did you get_"

"_Doctor Pantong...why don't you and your family have a seat." The man cuts in calmly.

"How do you know my name?"

“Please, the sooner we get this started the earlier we will be done and it will be like we were never here.” The fat man has added.

"And what is the_"

"_You don't want me to repeat myself. Now. Sit, down.” The fat man pressed leaning over in his seat with his eyes going dark.

Dr Pantong directs his shaky wife and frightened son to the sofa and they sat down slowly their eyes glued on the men before them.

“That wasn’t so hard now, was it? Where was I. Right! You had a patient few months ago that was really in need of a surgery. Let me clarify. Facial reconstruction. That’s your specialty right? Don’t bother answering because I know exactly what you do. So I will like to know what he looks like now. Massimo Sanchez. That was his name.” The man finished with a creepy smile.

“We help people. People that had unfortunate accidents. We don’t give new identity or something. And I have a lot of patient so I have no idea who you are referring to and what is all this about?” Dr Pantong asked while his wife hid her face in his neck and he was squeezing his son’s hand keeping him from shaking.

“Well that’s a problem. You see, Mr Sanchez owes me a lot of money. And I don’t like to be made a fool of. Let me refresh your memory. He came to you after a car accident or something. His face pretty messed up. But what you don’t know is that he is a criminal. Just like me!” The fat man snickered.

Dr Pantong eyes bugged out when a light bulb went off in his head. He remembers the man. His face was so messed up, the nurses were scared to get his wounds cleaned. But he was rich. He asked for the best care and their most expensive surgery. He wanted a 3D facial reconstruction. When they were trough he looked nothing like his old self and he made them sign a contract never to reveal his new identity. Now that he thinks about it, Dr Pantong knew something was weird about that.

“Is-is that why you are here? Am not the one you should be asking something like this. Am just a doctor. I don’t own the hospital or anything!” Dr Pantong defended getting irritated.

“That’s where you are wrong. You are a doctor. And you were his doctor. You operated on him. I mean, you gave him a new face. And am sure you keep a file on all your patients, correct? I just need a look at it and we will be out of your hair.”

“Even if I do have a file, and am not saying I do, why would I show it to you? Patient and doctor confidentiality.” Dr Pantong argued back.

“Because the life of your wife and kid depends on it.” The fat man growls.

Dr Pantong swallows, “I don’t have it .” He mumbled.

“Dad?” Ruben called squeezing his dad’s hand.

“It’s going to be okay.” Dr Freeman whispered.

“Maybe you need a bit of a motivation. Who would you like to see die first. Your wife or the boy?”

Mrs Pantong let out a scream hiding her face in her husband’s neck.

“I want you to leave my house! I don’t know who you are talking about and you should leave before I call the police!”

“Go ahead.” The fat man replies calmly pulling out a gun to point it at Ruben.

Dr Pantong pushes him behind him and glares at the criminals in front of him.


“Where are the files Dr Pantong ?”

“I-I don’t have them! Please just leave us alone...”

Dr Pantong made a move to get up and the gun went off. The family froze. He felt his wife groan slightly and pulled her away from his chest to find blood gushing trough her chest staining her peach colored blouse.

“No! No! No oooo!” Dr Pantong jumps off of the seat while Ruben screamed as his father stopped in his tracks when another bullet got fired.

Dr Pantong fell face first unto the carpeted floor. Ruben didn’t know which parent to run to. He pulled his mum unto the floor with him beside his dad.

“Dad please wake up....please. Mum!?”

“Let’s get out of here. Fuck!”

“What about the kid?”

“He is just a kid. Let’s fucking move!”

Ruben was hearing voices around him but he couldn’t care less what they were going to do to him.

He picks up his phone with bloody hands and dials 911 with a sniffle.


" 911, what's your emergency? "

"Please help..there's so much blood..."

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