Second Year

James Potter makes the Quidditch team, as chaser. He seems to think he's some big shot now. Youngest on the team, and the fastest. Whatever, Lina rolls her eyes when he describes again in detail how he out flew most of the other competitors in tryouts. God she should hex him right now before he opens his mouth again.

After the first match of the year Lina is going to meet a friend in the Gryffindor common room to talk about the latest transfiguration homework. She's met at the portrait hole with none other than James Sirius Potter and his ever-present partner in crime Fred Weasley.

"Whoa, whoa princess," James says sticking his hand out to block her entry, "you can't go in there now, it's an all Gryffindor party to celebrate MY win" He points to himself proudly. It seems Quidditch had given him an even bigger head than he had before.

"Bugger off Potter, and don't call me that, it's not my name" She glares at him fire alight in her eyes. When neither of the boys moves, she pulls her wand out and points it towards James's throat.

"If you don't move I'll give you a hexing even worse than the mash potatoes incident of last year" To her satisfaction, his face goes white as he moves his arm away.

Fred quickly scoots out of the way as Lina triumphantly stomps through the portrait and into the common room.

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