Third Year

Lina is on her way to Herbology while reading her latest book, something she often does in the corridors between classes. Not being mindful of where she's stepping, she hits Zack Zambini, a third year pure blood Slytherin with a particular dislike of muggle-borns, in the back sending him stumbling forwards.

"Sorry" she apologizes hoping to avoid a fight. He turns around, his face red and eyes narrowed into slits.

"Watch where your walking you filthy little mudblood, you have no right to touch me with your dirty hands." He pushes her back, causing her book to fly across the hall. A crowd has formed around the two, all trying to watch the show.

"Levicorpus" a voice from in the crowd shouts, and Zambini is lifted upside down into the air. Lina watches as James potter pushes himself through the mass of people wand raised, he comes to a stop under Zambini.

Never would Lina Abbet have thought that James Sirius Potter would ever come to help her.

"Apologize to her, apologize for calling her that ugly word" James says his voice stern. He glares up at Zambini. Everyone knows about James’s aunt, a very famous muggle born, and everyone who knows that also knows to never say that word in his presence in less their looking for a fight. No one in the Potter-Weasley clan takes blood matters lightly.

When Zach says nothing James unleashes Ginny Weasley's famous bat boogie hex.

Zambini screams as giant black snot covered creatures push their way out of his nose. The crowd is now howling with laughter.

"Alright! Alright! I'm sorry" Zambini screeches while trying to stop the creatures from coming out of his nose.

James lets him fall to the ground before picking up Lina's book and walking towards her.

"Looks like you lost something there princess" He smirks and hands her back the book before turning and walking further down the corridor towards the greenhouses without another word. She doesn't even bother calling out to him about the silly nickname, just stares at his retreating form.

Lina looked at him differently after that day, he was still as arrogant and annoying as ever, but something about him had definitely changed, or maybe it was just the way she saw him that had changed.

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