Fourth Year

James Potter had noticed a difference in the girls this year from last year. It was like in the three months away from school their bodies had...changed. Some had grown breasts while others had suddenly become curvy. The boys were definitely all taking notice, and James was no exception.

Some girls had started wearing the most alluring smelling perfume. While others wore make-up that made their eye's pop, and gloss that made their lips shine. James Sirius Potter had absolutely started noticing the girls this year.

It was a known fact that the girls had started to notice him too. They would often be heard whispering about him in the bathrooms and hallways. Suddenly James had a line of girls just waiting for him to take them to Hogsmeade or for a late night snog in the closest broom closet.

But it seemed Lina Abbet was the one girl in his year who hadn't changed that much over the summer. Her shape looked the same, although James would hardly know for she wears her shirts practically buttoned up to her neck, unlike other girls who seem to be unbuttoning theirs lower and lower. Lina also seems like the only girl immune to his charms.

Lina is sitting in the library reading a new book when she hears the chair across from her be pulled out and someone take a seat. She doesn't look up, but the black tuffs of hair sticking up over her book tell her it's none other than James Sirius Potter. It's impossible for her to read when she can feel his eye's practically roaming over her. She slams her book down on the table with a frustrated sigh.

"What do you want Potter? Because if you're just here to annoy me please leave I'm at a good part of my book and I'd rather not be interrupted by you!" She tells him hotly; to her great dislike he smirks at her. She wants to smack it off his alarmingly handsome face.

"Well it's good to see you too princess" He leans back in his chair while lifting his feet up onto the table.

Lina's heard all the stories of coarse, about how hot James Potter is or what a great kisser he is. She even heard that one time he took two girls to Hogsmeade and didn't tell either one that he had another date. Needless to say they both figured it out and he earned himself two good smacks on the cheek. Who does he think he is? Thinking he holds so much power over all us girls, that we just melt at his feet. Pffft git.

"You look good" She rolled her eyes at him, he wasn't getting anywhere with her.

"Why are really here Potter?" She folded her arms over her chest and glared at him, an act James found incurably cute.

"Well the next Hogsmead trip is at the end of the week, and since I figured you'd be free like always," he paused to look at her face. She was positively seething at him, her entire face had gone red from embarrassment or anger James could hardly tell.

The nerve of that idiot to suggest that she would even go with him because of course he was her only choice, and she should just melt at his feet. Fowl arrogant little toe rag.

"You should come with me" He finished off the statement with his signature smirk, as he popped his arms behind his head, looking perfectly at ease.

"No" her voice came out cold.

"No?" James smile faltered as he echoed her response. With that Lina packed up her things and stormed out of the library.

That day Lina, the only the girl to scare James Sirius Potter, also became the first girl to ever reject him.

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